Short Sex

It was summer. My best friend, Jessie, and I were lounging on the bed in her room, barefoot, in jeans and tank tops, and feeling kind of bored. Neither of us could come up with anything to do. Playfully, Jessie reached over to pinch my left tit. I squealed and was surprised.
"Just teasing you," she giggled.
I smirked and reached over to pinch one of her tits. She squealed too, and we both laughed.
"Well. . . it would be something to do," she said happily.
"What? Get it on together?" I questioned.
"It's not like the whole world has to know or anything," she remarked.
I was kind of surprised. I had never know Jessie to have any homosexual tendencies, and I had never thought of myself as having any.

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   Yet, right then, at that particular moment, it did sound especially shocking or anything.
I grinned and leaned over and kissed her. Jessie kissed me back.
It was wonderful and exciting to do this with each other as friends.
Neither of were wearing a bra, and our hands found each others breasts, fondling them through our tops. It took only a minute before we were tugging each other top off and squeezing and handling each other bare breasts, and then kissing and sucking on each other nipples. Our jeans slid off along with our panties. Our hands were dipping down, our fingers sliding through each others pubic hair. Jessie was rubbing my clit and I was rubbing hers. All the while with our mouths wetly locked together.
Within ten minutes we were giving each other a fabulous orgasm.
When we finished, we lay there catching our breath.
"Oh," Jessie sighed. "That was over too quickly. "
"Well," I said quite matter of factly, "it doesn't mean we have to stop.

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Jessie smiled and I smiled back.
It was quite remarkable. One moment we were two bored friends, and now here we were, being lesbian lovers. It was so sweet. .