LipStick Stains

Short Sex

This is something that i have never done before. Never envisioned being with a woman. But here she was in my bed touching me, leaving lipstick stains on my inner thighs. My cries, screams bring colorful light into the room as she presumes to lick me,suck me. Making my poetic juices flow like a river. Running her fingers through my natural she presses her soft body against mine. Kisses me. Mingling tongues with our flavor mixed, We taste sweet together, a flavor of unmatched proportions. Gripping her hips i deepen the kiss getting more in tuned with the scene. She pushes me down on my back and i spread once more and let her tongue move through me. And she licks. . . . . and licks.

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  . . . and licks. . . until finally my ocean meets the crest and coats her eager tongue. Exhausteda little ashamed i pass out fast asleep. I wake up with the sun in my face the next morning. I look around and realize that i am alone. "It must've been a dream. " I say. Shaking my head, I get up and go to the bathroom. When i cut on the light i stop at the door. With wide open eyes i stare straight at the the mirror.

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   Its covered in pink lipstick kisses and a message written in the same shade underneath. It said ' I enjoyed tasting you'. Dazed I walk to the mirror and read it again and again. I look down and see a phone number written on my thighs in black ink. Still standing, stuck staring at the bathroom mirror, i rub my eyes and walk back to the bathroom door. I cut off the light. Making my way i pause, and look down at my thighs again. I look around the room and spot a note pad with a pen. I walk over to it and quickly jot down the phone number. Then i crawl back in bed and drift back off to sleep. Dreaming of her and her lipstick stains. .