Short Sex

This is completely Fake.

i was tied to the bed i had no idea where i was but i did know one of my male friends was standing over me.
i started shouting at his to let me go but he just said i was his now and i was not leaving.

he explained to me that i had been at a party with him and he had spiked my drink as he wanted to have sex with me but i had passed out soi he had brought me back here and tied me to the bed. he said now i was a wake he could begin. he went over to the cormer and brought out a big pair of scissors and started cutting away at my jeans and then my top leaving me there in my bra and panties then he cut them as the cold blade touched my skin i shoke. and he just laughed

then he took his hand and slid 2 fingers up my pussy i screamed as (i am a virgin and not even a finger has been up there) he laughed and said well i love being the first to go somewhere.

then he started riubbing my clit my body tensed and i started to sweat (i was enjoying this but i wasnt going to let him know that) then he tookall his clothes off and sat in from of my legs he started licking my cunt up and i (with out thinking) said would you please just FUCK me!! He smiled and rammed his 10" cock into my small virgin pussy. i maoned and i groaned intill he blasted his baby making seed in to me and i sprayed my juices all over him

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