The Awakening

Short Sex

THE Awakening

As you gently awaken in the early morning light, you lie drinking in the warm

sun rays that fall on our bodies still intertwined.

Your own inward glow which lingered through the night, still remains and you

turn to gaze upon me lovingly, lying there in my naked state.

Bearing a vague likeness to some precious figurine you reserve in your mind, my

creamy white breasts rise and fall as the ebb tide.

You gently stroked my still disheveled auburn tresses, from our previous nights

lustful activities, still aware of the faint aroma of perfume; your eyes happened

to notice the Mona Lisa smile that adorns my sleeping face.

You wonder what erotic dreams could possibly be filling my head, remembering

our nights passion.

Maintaining their longing for your touch my cherry stone nipples stand to

attention. Ruby red jewels sparking desire in your eyes.

Your yearning eyes travel downwards, where your lips had previously journeyed

and lingered last night, as you dare to run a fingertip softly southwards, your

gentle touch caressing my pussy and encircled my pink bud that peeps out with

need between the still wet lips.

The sensual events of the previous night bring forth a smile to your face.

Pearls of lingering love juice remain glistening on a few random springy curls

between my spread loins, framed by the wrinkled sheets from our emotions


Your heartfelt desire is to caress further, but hesitant to disturb my now light

sleep, you control your longings.

Instead, as I slowly stir, I detect your body heating up as you near me.

Anxious for your seductive sensations I edge toward you also, and as your hard

member rises, as blood rushes forth to create an engorged purple helmet.

Silently screaming for my hot lips to envelope it you can take no more.

You now have no control over your eager loins as you thrust toward my silky

smooth body.

I open my eyes slightly and bend to you fastening my mouth over your awaiting

sex, still encrusted with remnants of our previous nights cum, and now tasting

the beginnings of fresh salty cum dripping my tongue eagerly begins

ministrations, as feelings of desire are ever growing in my own pussy.

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You suddenly feel a soft hand already slick from you're cum take hold of your

cock, and enjoy the throbbing heat, rubbing till you are close to exploding point.

Orgasms subsiding, your own urgent fingers now move around my swollen pussy

lips, finding every erogenous zone in the surrounding area between knees and


My eyes are wide open now, as I moan and squirm with ecstasy.

What a wonderful way to wake I think.

I guide you inside my cavern, and wrapping my arms and legs around you,

I lift my face to yours and kiss you passionately.

As you thrust deep inside me I whisper in your ear;

"I love you darling!"

As you pause your thrust you lift my hips and reply;

"I love you too darling!"

Then, arms wrapped around each other, hot passion just like the previous night,

once more is repeated.

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