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My big sister was a bit of a social butterfly, always heading out with friends, going to parties, whatever struck her fancy. Tonight she and her cheerleading squad were holding a private get together organized by one of their mothers, spending the night at the house and playing games she’d never explain to me.
It was because there were about a dozen girls of very breedable qualities holed up in a private residence with little to distract that made it irresistible. I felt bad about leaving Mommy and little sis at home, but I knew I couldn’t keep fucking them. The size of my little sis’ tummy was proof enough that my cum volume was increasing with every ejaculation. It’d taken four times to fill Mommy that full, and several others to fill her stomach and cover her body. After breeding my sister as well, I only had to cum once to nearly drown her and Mommy in the cum bath.
There was something going on with me I couldn’t quite understand. But the answer was at that slumber party, and daddy was going to help me find it. I’d found him quite amicable after a bit of. . . “discussion”. A quick phone call offering to bring my big sis a change of clothes and whatnot, and we were off.
The house was really large, not quite a mansion but certainly big enough to be close to it. The house itself was fairly secluded, the nearest other house almost half a mile away.

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   According to Daddy, the woman’s husband had died a few years back, leaving her and their daughters quite well off from the insurance and investments. The woman who answered the door was a tiny thing, maybe a foot taller than I was and 100 lbs or so. She looked Japanese, or maybe Korean, with long, jet black hair framing her brown eyes, but all I really cared about was how hot she looked. I grinned a bit thinking of how much hotter she’d be painted white.
I was surprised to find out that she was actually the mother. She invited us in with no problems, walking us into the kitchen and pouring a cup of tea for Daddy. Her breasts were tiny in comparison to Mommy’s, but the handful they presented was more than enough for me. Her waist was thin, flaring out to a pair of hips that seemed inadequate for birthing a child or two. In many ways she seemed fragile enough to break in half if I was too rough, which only served to excite me more.
When she noticed me staring at her, not seeming to realize my look was one of predatory desire, I commented in my best little girl voice that she was very pretty, which drew a smile and gratitude. When I asked Daddy what he thought, she seemed to consider his affirmative response just the flattering of a naïve daughter.
When she’d handed Daddy his tea, she turned to show me where the girls were staying. The look on her face was priceless when Daddy’s strong arms wrapped around her, one large hand clamping her mouth shut and the other pinning her arms to her side. Her muffled protest was met with my hungry gaze, even as I knew full well the “other” me had taken full control yet again. I watched gleefully as she went from surprise to confusion to fear to panic in a matter of seconds.

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   She tried to get away by dropping down, only to find she was far too light to slip from Daddy’s bear hug.
As much as I'd've liked to watch her struggle more right then and there, I knew too much noise might have brought the girls attention before “I” was ready for them. My hands flew out and grabbed her kicking legs tight, her body all but immobile between the two of us. I nodded to Daddy, and we moved towards the living room. We could hear the giggling of the girls upstairs as Daddy sat back on the couch, the struggling woman still unable to get free and now sitting on his lap.
The gasp she let out and her widening eyes made clear she’d felt the bulge in Daddy’s pants. Her hands went down to her sides and tried to claw at his hips, but she couldn’t quite get through his jeans. She resumed kicking when I let go, only to be once again stopped as I tied each ankle and thigh to daddy’s leg with the curtain ties I’d commandeered.
It was about then, with her resistance un-faded after so many minutes, that I realized the other me had not released pheromones. Given how much her fear excited me, I understood why. Taking Mommy and my little sis with little to no effort had been fun, especially after how docile and willing they had become, but this was a different kind of enjoyment. I knew she’d become just like them eventually, but she’d do it willingly rather than chemically.
When Daddy spread his legs, hers were forced to follow suit, and I quickly took the opening. She squeaked in protest yet again as I tore the crotch off her pants. When she tried to arch her back, I pushed her down hard before tearing apart the flimsy silk that covered her kitty.

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   No hair. Excellent. I dove in, licking and biting as I enjoyed her attempts to scream. She had a bit of a tangy undercurrent complimenting the sweetness that leaked out despite herself.
Of course, she was not the reason I had come. I’d be more than happy to breed her as much as she could take later, but I just needed her out of the way at the moment. I stuffed three fingers into her kitty, letting her hips buck upwards at the same time, and swiftly released Daddy’s throbbing thing from his pants. It sprang upwards, the size having more than doubled in the few hours since I’d gotten a hold of it. From the base to the tip, it matched my arm from the elbow to the hand.
I wanted so badly to take it back in my mouth, to feel his cum shoot down my throat as something in my saliva made him grow even bigger. I did not, knowing there would be plenty of time for that later. Instead, I grabbed the base and aimed it at our captive’s descending behind. With little lubrication other than the slime leaking from Daddy’s thing, her wild flailing only served to impale her back hole a few inches on him.
Before she could react, I grabbed her hips and pressed down hard, sinking her over half way down without letting her adjust. Blood began to leak from around Daddy’s thing, but not much due to the incredibly tight seal her behind formed on it.

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   I could hear her quick, short gasps of pain, and held her down as I went back to munching away at the little nub above her hole for a moment. The muscles of her kitty cramped along with the ones trying to take Daddy’s thing, causing even more of her sweet dew to leak out.
With great effort, I tore myself away, having wasted enough time with this bit of fun. In the process of standing up, I pushed down hard, impaling her the rest of the way on Daddy’s thing, causing her eyes to roll back and her head flop to the side as she passed out.
Daddy took his hand away from her mouth, letting me stuff a cloth in there, taping her mouth closed afterward. He also released her arms, holding her shoulders as he stood up, her lower body supported by his thing. I stood on the couch, grabbed our plaything’s arms, pulled them under Daddy’s arms and tied them tight against his back. She wouldn’t be going anywhere until we said so.
I glanced at Daddy as he pounded away, the small woman slowly coming too as she screamed into the gag. After a few minutes, I saw him grunt in pleasure as he burst inside of her, and wished that was me so much. I shuddered at the thought of all that hot cum filling her backside, turning to head towards the stairs to begin the main event just as Daddy resumed pounding.

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