All in a Nights Dream


Mr. Conlan was waiting for her at the door. “Late again, Ms. Vondila. If you continue to be late, there’s going to be repercussions. ” Aislin made her way to her seat at Mr. Conlan began his mythology lecture. After class, Aislin began packing her things when Mr. Conlan asked her to speak with him in his office. That was the last thing Aislin needed. Mr. Conlan was already grading exams by the time Aislin got there. “Come in, Ms. Vondila. ” She sat in the chair opposite his, adjusting her short suede skirt which was obviously too short for a classroom setting. “Now, as you’re well aware, you’ve been late to my class all semester.

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  ” Aislin blushed a little at this flaw. “And I’d like to know why. ” Aislin twitched nervously and switched her crossed legs. “Well sir, I haven’t been sleeping well. And I know that’s no excuse. I’ll try to get to sleep earlier. ” Mr. Conlan put down his papers and looked Aislin over. His brief gaze only faltered as he looked at her skirt. “Ms. Vondila, why haven’t you tried this method before?” “I tried sir, but the spiders…” She stopped, realizing that explaining her dream would be a tad silly, given the circumstances. “What spiders, Ms. Vondila?” She flushed again. “Well sir, I’ve just been having some bad dreams is all. ” Mr.

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   Conlan seemed to perk up as she said it. “Tell me about this spider nightmare, Ms. Vondila. ”So she started at the beginning. She was in some great hall, naked and cold. The hall was as beautiful as it was creepy. A tall man, dressed in a long black robe, entered from a door that wasn’t there before. He was beautiful to say the least. “Come Aislin, it’s time. ” She always knew exactly what he was talking about and followed him willingly. She went into the next room, a well-lit room, full of tapestries and chandeliers surrounding a luxurious bed. She laid down on it and started touching herself. She started by playing with her C-cup breasts. Despite sweating, her nipples were extremely hard. She couldn’t stop herself from inching her hands down to her crotch and sticking her fingers inside her pussy.

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   She licked her fingers clean and stuck her fingers in again and again trying to get more of the sweet juice in her mouth like an addict. As she did this, the “black wizard” was watching her, smirking at her fevered attempts. She looked at him helplessly as he pulled off his robe to show a perfect, but almost inhuman body. He had what was obviously too large a dick for the purposes he intended. He climbed onto her, moving her hands away from her snatch and sliding into her in one graceful movement. To her surprise, he fit in perfectly despite his size. He half spoke, half sang the details of what he wanted her to do for him. “In the Shadow Mountains, there is the cave of the Malpreto, a species of spider created to guard the donkere draak crystals. They prevent the red wizard from returning to Lussuria. You must go there and destroy them. The red wizard is needed, no matter what the dangers may seem to be. Destroy them all and bring me any ashes of them that you can. ” He said little more as her moans prevented her from hearing him anymore. He started pumping her harder and harder, as they could enjoy this pleasure more since the ‘business’ was over. He rolled over, pulling her on top on him.

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   She bucked around uncontrollably, as an orgasm ripped through her violently. He pulled her off him and propped her, ass up, on the bed. He slid back into her and continued at the rape-like pace from before. He held her by her arm, using them to pull her onto him. The pillow in her face muffled her screams. He screeched in a completely inhuman manner as he came, falling on top of her. Shortly thereafter, she began her journey alone. The only things given to her, a cape and an odd looking pincher, which she had no idea how to use. The journey was long and winding. She stopped every day before dawn and always found a safe, secluded spot to rest. And every night she felt some dark spirit caress her, and it filled her with an incredible passion. The spirit was very familiar, warm and soft. She knew it like she knew how to love. It swept over her like a hot aroma. It kissed her neck and collarbone, down across her breasts, down her ribs and stomach, straight to her clit.

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   It pulsed and warmed her, making her body heat in oddly familiar ways. And then it embraced her, overwhelming any sense of mission or necessity. It gripped roughly at her breast, almost cutting the flesh. The strokes were even and deliberately slow. She felt the heat of an almost painfully hard orgasm beginning to rumble through her, making her scream so loud the mountains seemed to shake. And as soon as she was done, it was daylight again, and she was standing on the road as though the twilight had never happened. Before she knew it she was at the cave she knew contained the spiders and the crystals and the terror would come soon enough. But for now she walked into the cave and straight into a golden chamber, filled with light and soft colors. The 13 crystals were evenly placed through out the room, dark purple and glowing with evil power. She pulled out the pinchers and started to pull some of them out of the wall. They crumbled into dust and she collected the dust into a crystal egg that she found lying on a table. As she got through the first 12, she realized she was being watched and turned to see the “red wizard. ” He was transparent, but clearly visible. “What are you here for?” “Don’t you know me, girl? I have guided you to me. We have partaken of each others souls all along the way here.

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  ” He was almost in what must have been tears as he said it. But he wasn’t that familiar spirit. The taste of him, the smell of him was wrong. He and the black wizard had been lying to her. She took the pinchers and destroyed the crystal egg with all the ashes. The red wizard screamed like a boar being bled to death. She threw the pinchers at the last crystal, smashing it into oblivion. The red wizard became whole, but of course this released the spiders. She had to get away. The spiders only stopped long enough to devour the red wizard. Those that didn’t get a chance at the meat chased her. And that’s when the screaming for help began. That’s all she could think to do. “And he obviously did, didn’t he?” Mr. Conlan asked.

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   Aislin realized for the first time that she’d just been going on without thinking about anything she was saying, like when she was being “touched” by her spirit. “Yes, I suppose so. Never thought of it like that. ” She was a little dumbfounded and was sweating profusely. She looked around to realize she’d been there all afternoon. She’d missed her other class and, as she looked at the clock, “shit, I’ve missed the bus. ”“That’s ok Ms. Vondila, I’ll take you home if you need it. It’s no trouble after all the inconvenience I’ve obviously caused you. ” He smiled at her, something she’d never seen before. “Thanks Mr. Conlan. ” “Please call me Devlin, it’s after hours. ” “Well, thank you Devlin. I’d very much appreciate it.

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  ” “How about dinner then? I’m starved, and I’m sure you are too. ” He stood and grabbed his coat. She picked up her book bag and followed him out to his car. He took her to a Chinese restaurant and they spent the rest of the night talking. He took her back to her apartment at almost midnight. “Devlin?” “Yes, Aislin?” “Would you like to come up for some coffee or a night cap?” The step was unusually bold for her. “Sure, that’d be great. ”The brandy was enough of a kick in the right direction, and they kept talking until almost 2 a. m. “Well, I should get off to bed. ” Aislin had to make her move now. “Why don’t you sleep here?” The flickering in her eyes was suggestive. But his answer was still surprising, “That’s the best thing you’ve said all night. ”He kissed her and started peeling off his jacket and shirt. She unbuttoned her shirt to reveal a red satin bra.

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   Devlin pulled off his belt and unbuttoned his pants. He then unzipped Aislin’s skirt, kissing down her neck and breast and stomach as he did so. He unfastened her bra and pulled down her panties with his teeth. Aislin sat down on the couch as Devlin put her knees over his shoulders as he kissed and nibbled her clit. And I’m sure you all have enough imagination to figure out what making passionate love to your soul mate must be like. THE END.

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