Charged with a burden, (part 13)


“Yes!” she screamed. “Thank you Max thank you Max thank you thank you!”
She was bouncing on my stomach and her pussy slammed down on my flaccid dick again and again getting hard as she clapped her hands.
“You wont regret it max – or should I call you master from now on, or Lord, or what?” she leaned in close to me and her breath was intoxicating. Her lip were a little above mine. “I think you would like it if I called you lord, wouldn’t you?” she kissed my lips and slowly made her way down to my twelve inch dick.

I felt her lips kiss its tip. “I’m sorry about earlier today Lord, I wanted to spice things up, but I made you jealous. ” She licked my dick head. “I only want to see you smile. ” She said seductively. She kissed the under side before licking down its length. “Lord, I want to help you rape those ten virgins, if you would, then I could collect more cum for our daughters. ” She wrapped her lips around the head and sucked like a pro.

I moaned. She fit the head in her mouth and she started to deep-throat another inch. As she sucked I felt my forcefulness coming on.

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   I ran my hand down her hair and then slipped my fingers in it. I grabbed a fistful of hair and pushed her head down on my dick. She didn’t make a choking sound but instead took more of my dick.

I felt a smile as she sucked my cock. I used more force and I was up to four inches down her throat. “You like that slut?” I said and she made an ‘um-hum’ sound. It was so hot.

I came in her throat and pulled out. No cum followed.
“Bitch, I like to see it,” I said and she smiled devilishly. She opened her mouth and my load of cum was there almost flowing out of her mouth, but she greedily swallowed it. “I expect you to take my cock next, slave. ” She slowly made her way up and over me and positioned her hands on the headboard of my bed. I got and my knees and turned around. My dick was positioned at her entrance.

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“I want you to fuck my cock slut. ” I said, and went to shove it in her pussy but instead I grabbed her tails and she screamed in ecstasy.
“Whore, if you want to survive this night you will answer my questions exactly, do you understand?” she whimpered and nodded.
“When I raped you in the ass the first time, and only time if I remember correctly, I felt something suck my cock and balls dry of cum inside your ass, what was that?” She didn’t reply, I yanked her tails and placed my dick at her as entrance and pushed slightly.

“Fine it was your first daughter, I planned to have kids with you before you consented, I’m sorry Max!” I pushed a little harder on her asshole and she moaned loudly. “Please don’t rape me, please, your daughter’s not ready, if you rape me now, she will be in love with you instead of attending to her succubae duties!” I pressed a little harder. “And if you do this now then with your consent she could overthrow me!” I stopped pressing and she released a big breath. “Thank you, Mast-“ I slammed my dick into her ass and got three inches in my first push. She screamed louder then I had ever heard her scream. She worked to slam her ass back. I remembered the feeling from last time and how she did everything she could to get more of my dick in her ass. I let go of her tails because it was safe now. I grabbed her hips and held her still, though I could feel her doing small movements trying to fuck my dick so I wouldn’t notice.
“Whore, I love you. ” She moaned at that and tried to slam her ass back, but I remembered when she was like this she had no strength.

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   “I want you to know that, but I would never give the say so for her to dethrone you, But I feel making our first child more powerful then the rest would be smarter, don’t you agree?” she tried to move her ass back but couldn’t, she agreed with a moan.
“Whore, you will teach our first daughter how to please her father, wont you?” I finished and Mira didn’t respond. “Slave, forget the pleasure your feeling for the next twenty seconds then I want you to feel it all at one time, and you will also answer every question I ask these next twenty questions completely and truthfully, understand?”

“Yes Master. ” She responded and I kept pumping her ass.

“Mira, why don’t you want to teach our first daughter how to fuck?”
“Because I don’t want her pleasing you more then I can. ”
“Do you really love me with your heart and soul?”
“Yes. ”
“Do you like it rough during sex?”
“Very much so. ”
“What did you think when I pulled you off of that guy and then placed my dick at your mouth?”
“I wanted you to forcefully rape me right there, and show me not to be a naughty girl. ”
“Was that one of the reasons why you were mad, because I didn’t?”
“Yes. ”
“When we are done fucking slave, you get to ask me any questions and I will completely and truthfully answer them. ”

The next second her asswent tight and my six inches that where in her ass felt suffocated. Her pussy came more then any time or instance, that I have heard of, seen or felt from her. She screamed and moaned and screamed and moaned and I shoved another inch into her ass making her moan louder. I felt the little suction on my dick again and my balls were slowly getting drained. I pushed with all my strength and I felt a little tear and then I flew back out of her ass and off the bed.

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   I hit the ground with a thump and my head was spinning. I looked down at my massive dick and there was two tiny prick’s where a dot of blood leaked out of each. Cum was mixed in with it but my balls still felt empty.

A few minutes later Mira crawled on the floor next to me and kissed my cheek, but giggled.
“What is it love?” I asked, looking at my bleeding, empty dick.
“She likes you, I had been telling her about you and she said she was glad you were her daddy, but it seems she likes, or just like her mom, loves the taste of your cock and cum. She bit into your dick because she didn’t want you to pull out. ” Mira giggled again.
“Anything else?” I laughed along with her.
“Yes, thank you, for not feeding her everything, just enough to make her happy and be more powerful then her sisters. ”
I kissed her cheek. She kissed mine.
“Slave, fill up my balls with cum. ” She smiled and straddled me on the floor.
“Lets make love this time, Max.

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  ” she spread her wings wide so they were touching each wall and she opened her mouth wide then looked at me.

“I love you, my Lord. ”
“I love you, my Goddess wife. ”
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