Charged with a burden, (part 8)


After the first month of summer I seldom went down into Mira’s lair, as I called it. My parents were home and every few weeks we received a letter from Mira. She must’ve thought far ahead. Each letter was like, ‘I miss you all, think of me always. ’ I chuckled a little because something like that was just her type of humor.

It was the fourth day of school and life was regular. I ate lunch alone, I walked home alone, I ate again, then did my homework. The I slept, went back to school, ate lunch alone, walked home alone, I ate again then did homework, slept then went back to school. That was my schedule. Boring as hell.

I was walking through the hallways, late to class. I was never usually late, but today I was kind of lazy. I decided to take the long route and went down one of those band-hallways. Every school has them and everyone knows of them but nobody but the band kids ever went there.

I raised my eyes from the ground for the first time that day and saw Mira standing there. She had grown, and now looked to be eighteen or so.

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   She had a more developed body too. Her other attributes like her horns, tail, wings, and fangs were hidden. Her strait black hair and dark tan skin were the same though. Her eyes weren’t black, because that would be a dead giveaway. But instead a light blue. He was wearing a mini-skirt and halter-top.

We looked at each other for the longest time. Nether of us made a move. It had been more then two months since we had seen each other and yet we were frozen solid. I blinked because my eyes were getting dry and when I opened them again she was right in front of me. I stepped forward and gently caressed her waist with one hand. I leaned in and kissed her lightly. Though we embraced and our kiss turned into a much more passionate one. Her tongue darted in my mouth and was a little longer then possible for it reached the back of my throat. A I used my free hand to sneak under her shirt and up to her bra.

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   I cupped on of her breasts and pinched a nipple. She made a soft grunt sound.

The bells rang interrupting us and Mira looked surprised and almost ready to pounce on anything that moved. I grabbed her by the hand and led her through the hallways of students, of which most looked at me with extreme envy. I smiled to myself because I knew how attractive Mira was. She was practically a goddess, well, a demon, but a goddess in her looks. I brought her to the gym and into the locker room. She looked around at everything but I brought her to the janitors closet there. She unlocked it with her magic and we went in, locking it behind us.

We embraced with passion. I was kissing her neck and she was trying to take off my shirt. I stopped kissing her long enough for her to pull my shirt over my head. I did the same with hers. I grabbed her bra and fumbled with it for a few seconds. She didn’t laugh, I had no experience with them, but instead she whispered, “We’ll work on that.

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  ” I finally got her bra off and her boobs were bigger then I remembered them to be, though they fit her body perfectly. I continued kissing her neck and I pushed her up against the wall.
I went down and kissed between her breasts, slowly making my way down farther. I had planned this moment for a month and I was going to do everything to show her I loved her. I started to make out with her belly-button while I pulled down her thong. Her fingers were grasping my hair and then I stuck my head under her skirt and started licking.

She gasped really loud and anyone in either locker room would have heard that. I flicked my tongue across her clit and stuck a finger gently into her pussy. I used my hands and fingers to make her cum right there. She moaned again. This time both locker rooms got quiet.

I kissed my way up her belly and chest until I reached her mouth again where I let her suck on my tongue and taste her own cum. She went down to her knees and unzipped my pants, though I pulled her up again.
“Not today. ” I whispered, and took out my cock.

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   It was twelve inches and ready to fuck. I placed it at her tight pussy, which was the exact same size as when she was in a thirteen-year-olds body. I pressed hard and it went in easier then before, though it was still tight as hell. She moaned and put her arms around my neck. I grabbed her ass and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I had four inches in and I figured that was enough for today. I pulled out three inches, then thrust in four and a half. I pulled out three inches again, then thrust it back in. Her back was against the ladies locker room door and each time I thrust into her the door made a bang sound. Mira was moaning with each thrust, and inhaling each time I pulled out. Eventually I came in her and she came on my dick. She pressed her lips to mine.

“I love you Max. ”
“I love you Mira. ”

Then we heard teachers in the boys locker room headed our way.

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   We dressed quickly and opened the door to the ladies locker room where the cheerleader team had open mouths as they saw me come out with her. I turned around and Mira magically produced a key from her pocket. She locked the door and broke the key off while it was inside.

We went out of the locker room together, the last thing I saw of the cheerleaders is they were all in envy of Mira. The heard, they knew, that she was just fucked hard and thoroughly.
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