Enslaved by Passion pt. 1


Kelly was 14 and not yet blooming. Her breasts were a mere B-cup, her hips barely formed, her tummy perfectly flat. The stylish clothing of the generation was showing off everything without getting in trouble, and she did not miss the opportunity to 'fit in' with her peers. She was anything but normal, though. Kelly had a dirty little secret--she liked the thrill of bed beside her lonely daddy. When she snuck in under his covers, it was not for the chance to escape the nightmares, but instead to fulfill a few nasty fantasies.
Thought Kelly hadn't done anything so far, aside from squish her young body provocatively up against her daddy's sleeping figure until she rubbed him in just the right way and he muttered in his sleep the name of his last wife--her mother. When Kelly's mom, Sherry, passed away, Kelly's father had lived for Kelly alone, not dating or going out at all for his own benefit. Kelly wanted to make it up to him--and she wanted to ride her forty year old daddy's cock, too.
She went out to parties she didn't tell him about often enough, staying over at a friend's and sneaking out from there--this was one of those nights. Kelly walked through the crowd of gothic boys and girls in their black attire, some of which wearing ceramic fangs--it wasn't halloween, that was just the way this rave was supposed to be. For her own turn, Kelly was wearing a pair of fishnet stalkings that were hooked to a garter that did nothing to cover her little pink hairless pussy. Her skirt was short, barely hiding her tight little cheeks when she walked and it swayed. Her little b-cup breasts were held up by a studded leather bra and naught else. Aside from the gloves, the collar, the anklets, and the heavy makeup, everything else was bare.
Kelly felt so sexually frustrated.

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  . . again last night she had lain beside her father, and she had barely gotten the courage to reach back and fondle his balls through his pajama pants than he started to moan. Kelly had wanted to waken him, to slide her lips over his and then down to his thick prick, but she hadn't had the courage--after all, what if her father didn't like it? What if he refused her? Kelly sat down on a table nearby and pouted. She didn't want to dance.
Whether she wanted to or not, eventually someone approached her with a proposal and she accepted it. It was a senior from her high school, and Kelly rarely passed up the opportunity to dance with someone of such high merits. He wasn't any football player, but he wasn't bad looking, either. Kelly figured she could get her stress off with a little bit of moving.
"Do you believe in any of the horror stuff these people go on about?" The boy, whose name was Jesse, asked her.
"No. I'm just here for the dancing," Kelly felt a bit better to be talking. It gave her mind something to do.
"I bet I could make you believe. .

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  . " He said. There was a grin on his lips that she couldn't quite place--well, she couldn't place it until his hands caressed her ass and pulled her up against his 6' frame, grinding his hardon against her belly.
Kelly gasped--being roughly handled was never anything that had gotten her off, but this time, she felt a little aroused. It must have been last night, she thought, but it didn't matter. Kelly was still a virgin, and planned to keep it that way, no matter what kind of tease she was.
She was just about to tell him what he could do with himself when he leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "You want your daddy, Little Miss Kelly? I can give him to you. . for a price. "
How did he know? When he leaned away and set her down, she was dazedly staring up at him. When he turned away and began to leave the main room, she followed after hurriedly. She'd never told anyone, not her best friend, that information, so how did he figure it out? All this witchcraft stuff must have had a basis, then. Perhaps people really could read others' minds and things--she was interested in knowing exactly what he could do.
As they stepped outside of the dance hall, she almost lost him. He went into the dark cover of trees, and she was curious, but frightened.

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   Walking into the darkness with a stranger was possibly the worst choice of her lifetime, but the urge to know if he could help her drove her forward. When she passed the first few trunks, she stopped in front of a cabin. . . "This was never here before," She muttered to herself, but maybe she was just confused as to her setting? That had to be it. . she approached and pushed open the door. There was Jesse, bent over something he seemingly was very intent upon. His back was to her, so she could not see what the boy was doing past his veil of ebony hair.
"What can you do for me? And if it works, what do you want?" Kelly was bolder than she felt, and when he waved to a seat that looked like a bed in a psychiatric ward, she followed his direction and laid down as if she had no will of her own--no, something else moved her. . . her desire.
Jesse turned, holding a needle in his hand. It was a piercing needle, Kelly thought, with the way it was shaped and seemingly designed.

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   "I can give you something of power--something that will make your daddy do whatever you think you want him to do. . of course, it costs, like I said. " He approached her with the needle, "Firstly, you'll have to be pierced--because the objects just happen to belong in certain. . . places. " The wind blew her skirt up as he looked at it, as if he commanded the very movement of the air around her.
Kelly blushed and pushed the skirt down, looking up at him with wide eyes, "You're going to pierce. . . "
"Your clit, Kelly, my dear. " He smiled and sat down beside her with a develish grin on his pale features. His eyes were the color of molten gold, and Kelly bit her lower lip, weighing her options.
"What if it doesn't work?"
"Then you take out the piercing--easy.

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   On the other hand, if it does work, you'll owe me your body. . I won't take it until you've seen what my power can do, of course. . "
". . . " Kelly was quiet. The piercing would hurt, certainly, but nothing else was severe and she would get a chance to perhaps get her wish, right? If it didn't come true, she'd just take out the little ring he inserted and call it even, "How painful will it be?"
"Not at all, Little Kelly. I promise it won't hurt at all. " Jesse was convincing, even though Kelly knew logically that couldn't be. She lifted her skirt up, spreading her legs and closing her eyes.
"Do it. "
She felt the seat move as Jesse shifted around, and when he got down close to tweak her clit she cried out and almost pulled away, but something seemed to hold her to the seat. "Hey! I never said you could play with me!"
"Kelly, Kelly, Kelly.

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  . I can't pierce it without touching it. Trust me. I'll do this the best way for you, and I promise, your hymen will go to your daddy. "
When his tongue ran across her sweet little cuntlips, she shuddered, but this time she didn't speak. His breath was hot on her clit as he sucked at it and bit softly. Her little hairless pussy was caressed until it was wet, her little clit coaxed out of its sheeth where he positioned the needle at its side and pushed it through. A sharp, fleeting pain did pass through her, but a few licks from his tongue cleared that right up. Usually, she guessed, that would be unsanitary, but this was magic. . or wasn't it? She hoped so.
Everything began to faid out, even the sounds of slurping. It was like he was a mad dog, lapping up milk from her pussy. When she opened her eyes, she was in bed. .

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  . her bed. Was it just a dream?
The phone rang, she picked up and held it to her ear. It was Carol, her friend who had gone with her to the rave. "Hello?"
"Kelly, you bitch, where the hell did you go off to?"
"What do you mean?"
"I was looking all over for you after the rave tonight. Why did you go home?"
"I must have passed out. . I just woke up here--someone must have taken me. . . " Kelly blinked. What? She was at home? The rave had happened? She lifted up the sheets quickly--she was still in her clothing from the rave, but when she lifted up the hem of her skirt she stared in awe. . . a little silver hoop hung through her tiny little clit.

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   "I have to go, Carol. "
"What? Kelly, what's wrong?"
"Bye. "
She hung up. There was nothing else to do. She just had to wait. She didn't want to risk failure, so she laid down. Tonight she'd sleep in her own bed--she felt too tired to change her clothing.
She woke up the next morning groggy. When she slipped out of her bed and threw a tee shirt on over the attire she had been wearing, she just called it even and headed downstairs. The fishnets were nothing new--her dad had allowed her to buy them, and she had slept in them before when she was too lazy to take them off. The tee shirt fell all the way down to her knees almost. It was like a little dress on her.
She slipped into the kitchen and grabbed her breakfast, but her dad was there at the door, eyeing her up. "Why are you home, young lady? Weren't you staying over at Carol's?"
She blinked. She had completely forgotten.

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   Busted. "Yes. . . but . . . we had a fight. . . and I came home. "
"Well, then, you aren't going anywhere today, are you. Get up to your room. "
When Kelly began to whine, the mandate only became firmer. No TV or music.

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   She was to go up there and go to sleep.
She flopped herself down on her bed and sighed. So much for magic. He was irritated with her, not infatuated. It wasn't the same thing at all. She made a note that she'd hit Jesse when she gave him back his stupid piercing. . . but that wasn't to be.
When Kelly woke up, it was night already, and she was not in her room. No, she was in her father's room--maybe she had sleepwalked here. She was already cuddled up close to her daddy's erection, which pressed itself deliciously between the cheeks of her ass. . . wait? What?
Kelly took inventory--she was still in her clothing from the rave, but without the shirt over herself.


   She had cuddled up to her father this way? What an embarassment. She'd have to get out of here, right now. She tried to scoot away, but her father's arm was draped over her and he pulled her closer. Her daddy's prick was big when it tented in his pants, and it pressed against her thigh and cheeks warmly. She bit her lower lip and tried to grasp the fingers that were grasping her tummy and pull them away, but he muttered softly and his hand just slipped from her own, falling across her hip. He was still asleep, or so she assumed. .
She was so nervous, she didn't move. Her father moved instead.
Kelly could swear he bucked against her slowly when he shifted in the bed, rubbing his hard erection against her thigh like he was feeling for the hole that wasn't to be found there. He muttered a name, her mother's again, she thought, but this time he wasn't still afterward. His fingers moved up, those soft pads sliding over her tummy as they pushed up the leather bra that barely clung to her breasts and touched a nipple there.
Kelly moaned, she couldn't help it. It urged her father's fingers on, the soft pads circling her hard little nipple and then tweaking it. "Yes, Daddy," She hissed, softly, not able to contain herself.

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   Was it really working? She wanted him to kiss her like she was his first love. . .
He turned her over, rolling his body over hers and placing his lips over hers. His tongue danced over her lips before it slid between the parted petals, playing with her tongue as he squeezed her little breasts. Kelly felt her little cunt moistening beneath her skirt and the sheet they shared.
"Yes," She sighed when he lifted his lips from hers, she opened her eyes to find that he was not asleep at all, but staring down at her with a mixture of lust and surprise. She turned bright red, but he caressed her soft little breast and shushed her softly as he leaned in. Kelly arched her back as he took her soft nipple into his mouth, torturing it as she groaned, "Yes, yes, Daddy!" She hissed, holding his head down by his  brown lockes.
When he pulled his lips up, he straddled her young chest and pulled the elastic band of his pants down over his raging hardon. It stood out a full 10 inches, the head pressed against her cheek as he grinned, "Come on, Kelly. . suck your daddy's cock. " She loved the sound of the words. Her mouth slipped around the head and she began to devour it like a piece of candy.

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   She sucked his head and bobbed up and down on the hardened shaft. He tensed, bucking his hips to her ministrations, his daughter's tongue driving him crazy as he fucked her mouth. When he pulled out, his head was purple and his balls tightened. He groaned.
"Come here, Daddy. Let me get you off. . . " Kelly hissed naughtily, spreading her cunt lips with her fingers as she sat up. Her father stared in awe a moment, but finally dove atop her, though not in the way she intended.
He slurped like a madman on her tight little cunt, and she cried out as his tongue slid up and down her slit and over her little clit until she writhed on the verge of orgasm. He bit the ring and pulled on it, sending waves up her spine as she arched to him, shudders succeeding her cum as it poured out of her from her hefty orgasm. By then, he was like a man possessed, his tongue jabbed in and out of her tight little cunt like a mini prick, spreading and taking her juices into his mouth until she was very wet. When he finally mounted her little pussy, it was with primal lust that he shoved his whole 10 inches into her up to the hilt.
He didn't stop pumping her, even though she screamed in pain.

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   Her hymen broke and left blood across the sheets, his ten inches pounding her cervix and knocking her little body around on the sheets. "Daddy! Daddy, stop!" But he didn't, he kept riding her until his cum spurted into her tiny little hole, filling her up and bringing her up to a painful climax once more. Though the pain had been immense, she found herself devilishly delighted when he lay his weight upon her body and fell asleep inside of her. . his cock slowly softened, but never fully, not through the night as her little cunt squeezed him warmly. . .