Haunted Mirror 2


Several weeks had passed since the demon in the mirror raped Kathy. The whole time she kept a blanket over the mirror, refused to uncover it for any reason. Kathy had started withdrawing into herself, wearing loose baggy clothes and dressing in layers. She stopped fixing her hair, she stopped masterbating all together. School had started for her, and she was also having trouble fitting in now. Before that night she would have had no problems making friends and fitting in, but now she was so ashamed and afraid that she would hardly speak to anyone. Every night the voice in the mirror would beg her to uncover it. It would beg and plead with her to let it out. Each night she would scream and cover her head with the pillows, crying as the voice continued to beg and plead. Half of her wanted to, her body would get wet and react, but her mind was so afraid. After a day at school that was hell, and an arguement with her parents that night Kathy locked herself in her room. She sat at her desk trying to study but the voice just kept calling to her over and over again. She couldn't concentrate as the mirror pleaded with her to uncover it over and over again. She finally slammed her books shut and went to lay on her bed, curl up and cry. The room was hot, and she felt dizzy. She finally sat up and opened her window, letting in the cool night breeze.

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   The voice in the mirror finally shut up, and she found herself drifting to sleep. The wind blew through cooling her body and getting rid of her headache as she fell asleep. The wind continued to blow, moving the blanket over the mirror slightly, exposing just a small part of it at first before it finally slipped off onto the floor. The creature slowly slithered out of the liquid glass surface and crawled it's way over to her bed. "So pretty. . . " it hissed as he slowly uncurled her body and layed her on her back. She was wearing a teeshirt and a pair of larger jeans she barrowed from her mom. The creature reached out a long talon and started tearing at the fabric of the shirt with a grin on it's lips. "I can't wait until I am strong enough to pull you into the mirror with me. " Once it had her shirt ripped open it's forked tongue slid out of it's lips and curled around her breast. Kathy shivered in her sleep, as the senation flooded her body, causing her to tremble. The demon moved slow for now as he didn't want to wake her up yet, he was feeding off her lust that was growing inside her. His lips locked to her little breast and started to suck as his tongue curled around her nipple flicking it over and over.

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   Kathy's body shuddered as her mind swirled in her sleep. She felt as if she were laying on a table and couldn't move. She kept darting her head around in the darkness of her mind hoping to see what was touching her, she could feel the licks on her breasts and the hands on her stomach. Her lips trembled as she let out a moan, the feeling was just to good. The creature smiled as he heard her moan in her sleep, her lust was growing more and more. His tongue slid down her stomach, licking at her skin while his talons cut away the jeans quickly. The creatures nose slid over her stomach slowly as he inhaled her sweet fragrance. He ripped her jeans away from her hips, leaning back in satisfaction. She had shaved her pussy clean for him, something he whispered over and over at night into her ear, even with the mirror covered he was growing more stronger. His nose slid down her belly, moving to the smooth clean hairless skin. It was intoxicating to him, her whole body vunerable to his touch as he continued to play with her mind. His tongue licked through her slit, touching the wet liquid dripping from her pussy lips and he gave a feral grunt. "Oh so lovely, I can't wait to have your soul. " He mused as his tongue again lapped through her pussy lips. Her hips jerked from his touch, she continued to try and peer into the darkness of where she was.

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   She tugged on her arms and found them tied by what felt like a rope. . . her legs too. . . she couldn't move at all. "Stop. . please stop. " she begged. Even in her dream state her lips were mumbling her plea's, though the creature didn't seem to care. His tongue drove over and over again through her skin as he continued to taste her sweet juices. As his tongue curled around her little nub, his tallon pushed right into her flesh causing her to wimper, and her words to change. "Don't.

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  . . stop please. . . " She begged now, her hips rocking trying to get more pleasure from him. Her juices were pouring down her body now as she stopped trying to see who was touching her.
    She panted heavy her eyes closed tight as all she could focus on was the tongue on her clit and the finger deep in her pussy. The creature finally pulled away, she was ready like last time. His hands curled around her thighs as he spread her legs wide apart for him. His huge black cock burried itself right into her with out warning, or much preperation, it splitting those lips apart as her muscles tried to push it back out. He was a creature of force, and this was no different. He didn't stop to let her ajust or become acustomed to it, he just pounded away, taking more of her as she cried out in pain. In her dream she was being torn in half by something large invading her body. She wanted so badly to shut her legs, but they refused to work now.

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      . they were being held open by something so strong. "Stop, oh god your going to kill me please stop. " she tried to scream loudly, but all that would come out was broken wimpers and tears that slid down her cheeks. She could feel his teeth on her breast, biting down around her nipple tearing at her flesh. She cried even more, as the pain started to turn into pleasure. The creatures cock continued to spread her and pound into her, it's grunts coming out so loudly as his tallons clawed into her sides trying to push her onto him just as rough. After several moments this way he pulled her off him, and flipped her over like a rag doll, pulling her hips up. She layed there unable to move as the dream world faded away from her. She could see her bed, and feel the tight grasp on her legs as his cock slammed right back in. Her hip jerked as she tried to push away, her body was just failing her now. He held her by her thighs, pulling her back onto his cock as he grunted. His claws dug in so deep they broke her skin, causing her to bleed. "Your my bitch now. " He growled as he pounded into her.

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