Haunted Mirror 3


The other side of the mirror was horrible, the smell of sulfure was thick in the air, while the heat baked upon the living flesh. Screams of torment echo'd all around, though in reality there was nothing physical just blackness.
Kathy slightly woke from her daze, but the blackness was so thick she couldn't see anything, just hear the screams and moans. Her whole body shook and it felt like she was being dragged by her hair across sharp stone work. The stones ripped her shirt wide open, and dug into her bare breasts causing blood to weld up from the scaped welts.
Kathy could feel the claws grip into her hair as they continued to pull her forward, and she reached up to grab the thick wrist. She could feal the leathery scales, the tight thick bones and what felt like sharp intrusions coming out of it's skin. She screamed even more, squirming and trying to pull away.
Finally after being drug for what seemed like forever she was lifted up off the ground and thrown down on what felt like a smooth stone slab. Her head was spinning and it hurt from being banged around so much. She felt metal chaines wrap around her arms and legs locking tightly around her body, she could also hear the creatures thick heavy breaths.
"Don't worry little pet, it will only hurt for a moment. . . then you won't care anymore. " The voice growled at her as her clothes started to be ripped off her body.

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   She trembled as she layed there, being exposed to the sweltering heat and the horrid smell of sulfer. "Soon it won't matter anymore, soon you will be in sexual bliss and torment. You are mine. " He continued to explain as the world around her started to take some sort of form.
She could see the blackish red stone walls, that seemed to bleed. The ground was sharp obsidian stone, it must have been what was cutting into her body as she was being dragged across the floor, and the stone slab she was on, looked to be a high table. The outside edges had a two to three inch wide channel around it.
She got her first site of the demon creature, he had huge thick horns that came out the side of his head like a angus bull. His face was more feline though, with large black smoldering eyes and sharp jagged teeth in his maw. His neck was thick, and his skin was an off red, almost like a burned charcole red. He was very muscular, far more then any normal man could ever be. His chest was hairless, thick and tight skin stretched over hard muscles. He narrowed a bit at the hips, then had thick muscular goat legs and a tail.
She trembled as she saw his smoldering eyes looking down at her naked form, it both scared her to death, but excited her body. Her nipples pressed up so hard right away, even with the blood dripping down her teenage body.


   "One more time little Kathy. . one more. . . " He growled as his hands smoothed over her breasts.
He moved her arms to the sides of the slab, pulling the chains so it forced her arms to remain wide open, and not at hersides. Her wrists were hanging over the space between the edge of the table, and the center where she was tied to. He then spread her legs wide, to the point her ankles were also over the trench in the slab. The move ment not only exposed her womanhood, but it stretched her legs out so wide she thought her hips would break.
He then pushed down on the foot of the center slab, it pushed down slightly, tilting her hips upwards and forcing her back to bend unconfertably. This movement forced her knees to bend so she was spread wide and forced open for him to probe and invade.
He then moved back down to her head, taking a hold of her chin in his hands. "Now I am going to make you mine. " He growled as he licked his lizard like tongue down the side of her cheek.

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   "I will brand and pierce you like a cow. . . fuck you until you can't handle it anymore. When you go back to your family you will have my seed growing inside your womb. "
He then pryed her mouth open, sliding a metal gag down inside. It forced her to keep her mouth wide open for him, almost like some nighmareish dentist's wet dream.   He then reached in with a set of tongs, small ones and forced her to stick her tongue out. She layed there in that vunerable open pisition with her tongue forced out. He took up a needle, a curved one that was thick and then slowly forced it into her tongue. She screamed and tried to pull back her tongue, but the tong was so tight she couldn't pull it back. He laced the needle all the way through, she could taste blood running over her mouth as she squirmed. He pulled the needle out, still holding her tongue in the tongs and slowly, very carefully slid a hot metal ring into it. Once it was clamped shut, he looked down into her eyes watching the tears stream down the side of her face as she screamed in agony.
"It will only hurt a moment little slave.

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  . . little cow. " He purred at her almost lovingly. She slow badly wanted to shut her mouth and let her saliva sooth the burning from the metal but the gag forced it to remain open. He moved down to her breasts, lifting a rag to clean them up, wiping the blood away. "Now we'll peirce your breasts my little pet, because when I call to you I want them to tremble. " He reached down and pinched her nipples hard, making sure they were as erect as they were ever going to get. He then lifted the needle again, and peirced the skin of her breasts, making her scream even more in agony. Her head was spinning again but the pulling and peircing was soon over. He clamped a ring through her brest, and then lifted hot metal pointed thing. She couldn't quiet tell what it was, but she felt it get touched to the ring he just pushed into her body, sealing the crease of the metal so they couldn't be taken out. She felt the metal heat up, and burn the inside of her nipples so bad this time making her pass out.
Kathy didn't know how long she was out of it, but when she woke up both of her breasts ached and hurt so bad. She could feel a thin chain laying cross her breasts and belly connecting the two nipple rings together.

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   She looked around and saw the creature standing back, patiently waiting for her to wake up. "Good your awake. . . " he murmered, his demonic like features had slowly faded away, until he was nothing more then a dark skinned bulky man. But she knew what he really was. "I was waiting for you to wake up before I went on. . . " he mused, his voice sounded more masculine and less demonic. He had black slicked hair, dark eyes and a long angular face. He wore what looked like a mad doctors uniform, long white lab coat with gathered sleeves, back from the fifties or fourties mental hospitals.
He stepped down to her lower portions, jutted up and exposed like that. His hands reached out as he stroke a finger through her lips. She couldn't help but shudder, and moan as his finger rubbed her sensitive skin so seductively.

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   "We have to get you nice wet. . . your clit swollen. " He explaned as he leaned forward and slid that snake like tongue over her folds.
She shuddered and closed her eyes, her mouth still forced open as he licked and teased her skin. His tongue curled around her clit, pressing up against it, then rolling it around as his mouth latched on for a good long time. She found herself trying to rock into his mouth, trying to get more of him as she felt herself getting so wet down between her legs.
When he pulled away she wimpered, though his finger rose up and pinched her clit tightly, causing her whole body to quake. She couldn't see what he was doing at this point, all she knew was her clit was on fire, she wanted to be fucked again. Though she couldn't say anything at all, the gag in her mouth preventing anything more then grunts, screams and wimpers.
Suddenly pain shot through her clit as something sharp pierced right through it. She screamed and pulled trying to sit up and pull away from him. The world started growing black again as she just lost it.
When she awoke again she had been moved around.

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   She was laying on her stomach, the lower half of the slab had been turned up to make her hips open wide and raised for him. Her chest was pressed into the stone, her breasts hurting and aching so badly and the gag was still in her mouth. She felt a breeze against her head and pussy, realizing he'd shaved off all her hair. . so she was completely smooth. And a collar was fastened around her neck.
She let out several breaths and tried to call out which of course got the attention of her captor. "Well your awake again. . . good. . " he mused as his hands glided over her hips and back. "You look so pretty now. .

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  " He continued as he came around. "Don't worry the pain will go away. " He explained to her as he came to her side, moving to side his hand in the trench that was now filled with blood. "In a moment, you will have my seed growing in you. . " He mused as he came around to her mouth. "But first I am going to test your mouth. " He pulled away the white lab coat exposing his huge hard cock to her, taking it in one hand. She squirmed and closed her eyes as he forced it into her mouth, pressing it down against her sore tongue. She so badly wanted to bite down on it, but the gag was preventing her from doing so.
His hands came around her head, holding it still as he started to forcefully fuck her mouth over and over. He'd pull his cock almost out, letting the ridged skin drag across the metal ball wedged in her tongue, making her wimper and cry in pain as it pulled against the skin. He paused once the metal ball was at the very tip of his penis, then gripped the sides of her head hard as he rammed his cock right back into her mouth until her lips pressed against the furry thick base. The head of his penis hit the back of her throat forcing her muscles to gag.
He pulled back from her mouth completley, which let her breath for a second, until his hand flew out as he backhanded her across the face.

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   "Damnit. . . your going to eat my cock, all of it and your not going to do that again. "
She felt her face sting and burn from his slap, then he gripped her head again and shove his cock right back down her throat. She wanted to gag so bad, the friction he was placing on the piercing was causing her to get dizzy again but she didn't dare let herself gag, or he might just hurt her worce.

    His cock continued to plunge in and out of her mouth, dragging over the piercing, she could swear it was getting bigger to the point it was so tight against the metal of the gag and her lips. He grunted and pound until finally he pushed all the way back again and let his seed flood her throat. He held himself there until his cock stopped jumping around, shooting out his sperm.
    When he pulled out he was panting heavy, but still hard. "Good girl. . . " he said softly as his hand rubbed over the top of her head, petting her as if she were a dog.
    He then walked around her, coming up onto the slab between her legs.

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       She shuddered as she felt him press forward, his cock rubbing over her sore aching clit as his hands moved to undo the gag in her mouth.
    She wimpered as the metal fell free onto the floor, finally relieved that it was out of her mouth. She closed her jaw several times, it was sore, and her tongue hurt so bad now.
    The next thing she felt was his hands gripping her hips, and his cock pushing right into her body. It stretched her like never before, and painfully so as it caused her lips to split open, and press against her aching burning clit.
    The demon paused as soon as all of him was shoved into her cunt, he was reviling in her pain as her tight muscles tried to force him back out. He then gripped her hips so tight as he started to ram into her with such force.
    She screamed and begged him to stop, she told him how much it was hurting her, but he didn't give up his heavy hard pounds. He'd pull back until he was almost out of her body, then slam right back in as far as his cock would go. She jerked, pulling on the chaines that held her down, her stomach getting shoved into the raised part of the stone slab, forcing the air from her lungs.
    His hands moved down to her legs, gribbing her thighs tightly as he started to pull her back into his shoves, grunting the whole time. The burning started to fade, as the rising desire started to cause her cunt to tingle. She moaned, and stopped fighting all together, just letting him fuck her as if she were a rag doll.
    He continued to plow into her body, thrusting with the same force over and over again as her juices started to leak down her thighs. As she started to revil in the pleasure he was pounding into her body he started to put forth more effort.


       She could feel him get thicker and more excited as his speed doubled then trippled to the point she couldn't tell if he was pulling out or pushing in.
    She found herself exploding inside, her whole cunt was spasming against his cock. She could feel each muscle go off, squeezing and spasming, causing her clit to burn even more, which to her felt so good. She felt dizzy, and she couldn't breath her eyes going black again as she passed out.
    Kathy couldn't tell how long she was unconsious this time, but when she woke she was laying on her back again spread eagle. Her breasts were throbbing, so was her tongue and clit. She felt sore all over. She felt pressure against her vaginal walls, something was plugged up there. Her stomach felt huge and swollen, she could see her belly sticking up as if it were a round ripe watermellon.
    "Oh good your awake my little cow. " The man's voice appeared again. "Your belly is full of my baby, and I am going to send you home. " He carerfully locked her arms, and then lifted her up off the stone slab. Her hair was still shaved off, and the silver chain connecting her breasts now hung down stretched over her stomach to her clit.
    He walked her down the dark hallway of blackness until she saw the outside of the mirror again, only her room was empty, nothing inside it at all.

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       No bed, no desk no nothing, just bare carpet floor.
    He glided out of the mirror, the only thing left in the room, and walked her right out of the house into the dark street. She was placed on her feet as he turned her around to face him. "I will come back for you soon. " He growled as his thumbs them pressed deep into her eyes, punturing her and causing her to bleed. She couldn't see anymore, and she was in so much pain she started screaming.
    Her screams were answered by at first dog barking, then the shouts of neighbors coming out of their houses. She felt a blanket wrap around her shoulders as she could hear people crowding around her. Even though she couldn't see anymore, the sounds of the world around her started getting fuzzy as she felt like she was falling backwards.
    _____________Templeton Gauzette___________________
    Kathy Franklen was found last night in the middle of the street after having been missing for seven and a half months. She was rumored to have run away, a troubled teenage girl who isolated herself after her parents had moved to Templeton.
    It's now suspected that Kathy was abducted from her bedroom by occult worshipers. Evedence shows that she was raped and beaten for the time she was missing, and returned pregnant, with her eyes injured. . .


    *This is the end of the third chapter, if you wish me to continue onwards let me know through feedback*
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