Haunted Mirror


The sun was bright this spring morning, and many of the trees were blossoming already. Kathy stould infront of a mirror and looked over her naked body, her lovely round breasts, her tuant stomach and curvy hips. She slid her hand down to her little triangle tuff of hair between her legs and shuddered in delight. She shuddered slightly as her nipples stiffened slightly. "Oh. . . . " she purred softly.
Kathy had only started to explore her young body, learning how to please and tease it on her own. She learned that just by softly teasing her nipples and her little pussy she could make herself so wet. She turned slightly in the mirror and looked at her nice round ass, and purred again. She let out a long breath as she moved herself slowly twords her bed, and glanced at her alarm clock. "Hmm, I have an hour. . .

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   I can play. " she purred to herself before she layed back on it sideways and propped her head up on her pillows so she could watch herself in her full length mirror. She lifted her legs up onto the edge of the bed and spread them wide giving herself a good full view of her naked pink pussy. She let out another breath as her fingers glided between the lips as she let out a soft moan. Her eyes closed as her other hand moved to play and tweak with her nipples
She glanced at the mirror and purred softly a moment as she slid a finger into her little slit and swirled it around, her eyes were locked upon the site of her finger pushing into her body when she saw the mirror ripple slightly and her reflection looked as if there was something else overlapping. She gasped and sat up straight, her eyes locked on the mirror as she pulled her blanket over her body as her own image faded away and left behind the image of a very cute guy. This guy had a dark tan complection and wavy blond hair. She let out a scream as she bolted from her bed moving to the door.
The guy pounded his hands on the mirror as she tore out of her room screaming loudly, running smack into her mother. Her mother grabbed her by the shoulders and looked at her concerned. "Honey what is it?" "There is a guy in my room, a guy in my. . . " she pointed to her room and her mother went running inside looking around. All that was there was her empty mirror her bed, and her open window.

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   Her mother leaned out of her window looking down at the ground and saw no one. "Honey there isn't anyone here. . . Paul Paul. . " She yelled as Kathy's father came tearing in. "Paul. . . . Kathy says she saw a man in her room. . . " Her father waisted no time as he bounded down the stairs to check around the house.

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After several moments, and Kathy now dressed her father returned. "He must have gotten away, I'm calling the police, what did he look like. " Kathy gave a description and then sat on the edge of her bed, wrapping her arms around her stomach. She didn't dare say she saw him in her mirror, it was probibly just his reflection from the window anyways.
Her father made a report and that was that. Kathy went to finish unpacking the last of her boxes from their move here. She was left alone in her room now, after her window had been shut and locked. Kathy's mother talked about getting her some nice curtains so even if the blinds were up, no one could see inside.
Kathy stould a moment, inspecting her mirror, they had found it in the house and Kathy just fell in love with it, her mother said perhaps with some refinishing and a new stain it would look very nice, and agree'd to let Kathy keep the mirror.
Kathy slid her fingers over the glass, and then started looking behind it. "Yep, just his reflection from my window. She said simply as she pulled the blinds and moved to lock her door. "I'm so randy now. . .

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   christ. . . just a moment and it will be all better. " she murmered as she moved to slide on her bed. She undid her jeans shorts and slipped them off her hips, along with her panties.
Her fingers once again went down to her pussy, as she bucked her hips around impatiently. She was horny as all hell this time. Her fingers dipped right into her slit as she closed her eyes and started to push deep into herself as she gave a moan into the air. Her eyes opened again as she looked to see her finger and pussy in the mirror but again, there was the guy. She jumped and sat up quickly, her and moving away. Her eyes went to the window but nothing, there was no one there looking in, her window was closed, the blinds pulled. The guy placed his hands on the mirror from the inside, and looked at her with lust.
She felt herself grow wetter, as she shuddered and looked at him back moving to slide her finger over her clit now and watch him. He licked his lips and pressed against the glass more, pushing hard as his hands started to slide through slightly, and all Kathy wanted was to get closer to him.

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   She slid off the bed and walked slowly his way, her eyes never leaving his as she came right up infront of him. His hand reached out as far as it could go and grabbed her breast squeezing and pulling at her nipples causing waves of exstacy to course through her body. She let him continue to play with her breasts as she moaned and flicked her clit. For a while all she could do was feel his hands on her breasts, shoving and pushing them around as she continues to pound her pussy with her finger, then one of his hands slid down and batted her's out of the way.
His hand then slid down to her pussy, sliding over her folds as he went right to work. His finger pushed into her, while his thumb swirled over her clit, sending her waves of excitement to course through her body. It didn't take long before her juices were flowing down her legs and her muscles were spasming around his finger. She gave a gasping moan from her lips and shuddered leaning against the mirror, pushing her skin close to the rippling glass until she felt his mouth lock on her breast. She gasped and moaned more as he started to suck and flick her nipple with is tongue. His hand left her cunt and moved to her waist, holding her tightly to the mirror for a moment as his mouth teased her breast, then after a moment he turned her around forcefully, one hand bending her over at the waist while the other gripped her hip tightly. She felt his something nudge her cunt, pushing at her folds as she squirmed and gaspsed.
Half of her mind wanted him to do it, to push into her body, while the other half was screaming stop, don't do this. She felt so confused as he started to spead her pussy lips with his cock. She then pushed herself forward tearing herself from his grasp as she fell to the floor, crawling twords her bed. She turned around and looked at the mirror seeing him frustrated and angry, as his hands slid back through and started pounding on the mirror again until he faded.

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   She layed there on the floor panting unsure what to do for a long moment, before she slowly slid her clothes back onto her body.
Kathy spent the rest of the day avoiding her room, she helped her mother unpack the kitchen items, then helped her father unload his tools. Soon dinner was done and over with, and the late night movie was over with. Her father stould up and yawned, pulling her mother to her feet. "Alright troopers, bedtime, we got a busy day tomarrow. . " he announced as he headed for bed. Her mother followed "Nite Honey, you sleep well. " Kathy nodded her head and slowly crawled to her room.  
The girl poked her head in first and saw nothing, so she slid in all the way shutting her door and moving to pull on her night gown. She watched the mirror like a hawk, afraid of something coming through it, though it was silly, she knew it was just her imagination earlier. . . she was just to involved in her pleasureing herself she let her mind get away from her. She rationalized it as she started to undress.

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As soon as she was naked, the guy returned and watched her with lustfilled eyes. But she ignored him, and pulled on her night gown, moving to her bed to crawl under her blankets. "Your not real. "She announced as she turned her back to the mirror and closed her eyes.   She layed there a long while as she shifted around trying to get comfertable, but at the same time not look at the mirror.
The hours ticked by and finally Kathy felt sleepy, and started difting off. The first thing she felt was a cool breath on her ear, and the sound of whispers. "I want you. . " it murmered to her, as she then felt the cool tickle of kisses on her neck.
Kathy moaned softly, her body unable to help it. The kisses moved down from her neck to her shoulder, as she felt hands press onto her breasts. Her nipples stiffened, causing her to moan some more as she rolled over onto her back, her eyes still closed. The front of her night gown unbottoned as the cloth was pulled away from her breasts, and soon her nipples felt as if they were being sucked upon. Kathy felt around trying to feel who was doing this to her body, but felt nothing at all.

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   The mouth sucked and pulled upon her breast and them moved to the next one, doing the same.
As the mouth sucked upon her skin, Kathy could feel her night gown being pulled up her body, moving to bunch around her waist, as a hand moved her panties aside so it could tease her cunt, and probe her insides. All she could do was moan and buck wildly against the touch as her juices started to drip out of her body again. The mouth then moved from her breast and lowered down to her cunt, licking past her panties to get at her folds.
All Kathy could do was moan, as the tongue flicked and drove into her clit and drove deep into her folds teasing her over and over again as her fluids started to drench her skin. "More. . . " she moaned into the air, bucking her hips over and over again as she gasped loudly.
    "More. . . more. . " was all she could manage to say.

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       Soon her lips were covered with a mouth, it felt like a mouth atleast but when she opened her eyes she couldn't see anything at all over her, kissing her and shoving it's tongue down her throat. She felt the cock again at her folds, pushing itself forward with out warning this time as it shoved deep into her body. It felt tight, stretching her and burning deep inside as she gave a muffled wimper over the ghost tongue that was swirling around her mouth. She wanted it to stop now, as the pain flooded her, it was no longer feeling good. She pulled her head to the side, but the mouth wouldn't leave her, it remained locked on her lips. The cock started to pound into her body pushing deeper and deeper into her as she started crying out in pain. It was burning deep inside, and hurt like hell, all she could do was cry and lay back as the ghost just pounded in her over and over again.
    Eventually the pain subsided and the burning went away as the cock had her so stretched, tingles shot through her skin, as she could feel the tightness rub against her pussy lips, now coursing her with pleasure. She bucked her hips up and started to rock her body as the cock went on and on.
    Kathy's muscles started spasming around the ghost cock, as she found her self exploding inside. She shuddered and gaspsed against the ghost mouth as it continued to lick at her tongue and suck on her lower lip. The cock continued to pound away into her tightly stretched folds, pushing her further and further along in her own orgasm.
    Kathy squirmed and thrashed around as she panted heavly, bucking against the cock over and over again as she tried to burry it so deep inside her body, as the cock continued to pound at her folds not stopping for anything.
    After a moment as she continued to plunge deep into her own orgasm, the waves of pleasure not letting up at all, she started to feel her breath get sucked right out of her lungs, as if the mouth locked on her lips was sucking deep at her soul. She squirmed and tried to get away now, as she couldn't breath, and felt as if something heavy was pushing on her chest.

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    Her hands grasped at the bedcovers as she tried to excape, and close her legs to stop the cock from pounding into her, but there was nothing she could do. Her head turned to the mirror now and she found it glowing red and flickering like it was on fire. She could see the reflection of the guy ontop of her, pounding into her cunt, with his lips locked onto her's sucking the breath from her body though on his head he hand horns, and a tail was coming out of his back end.
    As Kathy started to cry and the world started spinning the creature's reflection in the mirror leaned back, ripping away from her lips as she could hear a loud bellow into the air. It gripped her hips tightly and held her body to it's cock as she could feel it spasm and shoot liquid deep into her cunt. The creature gave one final hard thrust before pulling off her and vanishing back into the mirror.
    Kathy layed on the bed, dizzy and scared, curling up into a ball as she sobbed, then finally drifted to sleep.    
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