I want to be you. (Part 1?)


I always hated this part. . . I never was good at facing myself.

The mall was crowded that day. Sometimes I liked that, but today, I was in no mood for watching people. I just wanted to get this part over with, so I could get going. I knew I had duties to attend to though.

It’s really just sentimentality that makes me keep him anyway. Either that, or it’s that little fear in the back of my mind, that I need him, in order to survive.

Part of me feels like maybe he dreams, for all those people that I use. That while I do what I want with them, he holds their dreams in his head, and in some small way, that makes it alright.

It’s nonsense of course. Just random ideas that I’ve come up with, to make myself feel better about all this, but if the universe is balanced at all… If karma, or fate, or any of that shit really makes a difference in this world, then maybe…

I looked around one more time, to make sure that nobody was around, before I went in.

The family rest-room was much larger than an average stall, but it was filled with the smell of diapers, and missed efforts by small boys at the toilet. Luckily though, I didn’t need to be in there for long.

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   I pressed the lowest brick on the far right side of the wall, and then the second from the left, three bricks from the bottom, and the wall slid open, revealing the small elevator behind it.

I felt that familiar sense of guilt in the pit of my stomach as I got out of the elevator and saw him, looking so pathetic. I just hoped that this time he didn’t have bed sores. I always felt worse about it, if I found bed sores.

I looked down at the bed, and this man that I used to be so close to. I barely even knew him now.

He wasn’t bad looking I suppose, in his way… The freckles on his cheeks could be considered endearing, and when his eyes were open, they were a startling, bright blue. He was a little overweight, but at over 6 feet tall, he wore it fairly well I suppose.

Truth be told, I knew that I was his harshest critic, when it came to his looks. When he walked down the street, most people just saw an average looking guy, with a friendly face, and maybe they even thought his dimples were cute… But I only seemed to see the flaws, I guess. Too much familiarity tends to do that.

I looked at his sleeping face, and realized he hadn’t had a good shave in over a week. I’d either have to see to that, or resign myself to him having a beard. But that could wait until later anyway.

I untied his straps, opened his dressing gown, and removed the muscle stimulator patches from his body, his arms, his legs… I checked the read-out to make sure they had been cycling properly, and checked his body for sores, or other problems.

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   Thankfully, with the exception of a minor rash on his shoulder, he was doing well.

Hell… With the patches, he was probably in better shape now than when all this started last year.

I rolled his bed over next to the box, and put on his mask, lining up his eyes with the holes. I took a set of scrubs from the box under his bed, checked the size, and tossed them into the box, then I opened one of his eyes, and applied the theatric black lens. Finally, I rolled the external catheter off his penis, and closed his gown. He was ready…

I stripped, and faced the mirror.

This part was more of a ritual now than perhaps anything else that I would do when I visited him. I don’t think any of the rest of this was nearly so consistent… Something about this part made me feel more connected, than if I rushed it.

I looked beautiful. As I ran my hands over my body, I admired it once again. My long red hair hung delicately over my nearly perfect breasts, tickling my perfectly pink nipples. My pussy was plump, with a neat triangle of beautiful red hair at the top… Most of it was waxed off, but just enough was still there to show that my ‘carpet’ matched my ‘drapes’ and that I was indeed a true natural ginger. I turned a little, to look at my ass. Even with my beautiful red hair, my ass is what drew attention first, and my long legs, with perfectly toned calf muscles, were a big hit, when I went out wearing a short skirt.

Yes, my body was definitely prime.

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   I was 19 years old, and I could have just about any man, or woman, I wanted. Looking like this, I could have some real fun.

I tore my gaze from the mirror, and grabbed the key from the hook on the side of the box, and placed it under his pillow. I checked the latch on the box, checked that the intercom worked, stepped inside, and put on the scrubs.

No matter how many times I did this, it scared the crap out of me. I was pretty sure I could reach the key if I needed to, but this system was hardly perfect.

I took a deep breath, and closed the door. I heard the latch click, and I knew I was locked in. I’d been using this particular box for over 18 months, and not one person had managed to come even close to getting out. (Not that I kept them in there for long…)

I reached out the window in the side of the box, and looked at him. With two fingers I opened his eye lids, so I could see his blank black eye.

I really hated this part… Always the same questions, always with the screaming, or worse, the crying…

I stared into his lifeless eye. “I want to be you now. ” I said.

Her hand jerked back reflexively, and I heard her bump into the back of the box.

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   I reached up, and closed the window of the box, but not before I could hear the familiar. “What happened? Where am I?!?”

I stretched my legs, and found that my left leg was tingling badly, numb and asleep. I hate that. It’s one of the things I can never tell by looking…

I turned on the video receiver on the box, and angled the camera. She was banging on the walls, and crying. I hate that. Say what you will about me, but my conscience isn’t completely dead.

I pressed a button, and a screen came to life inside, showing her a video of herself, reading from a piece of paper. “Sara, this is to remind you, that you chose this. You signed up for this experiment. It is only to last for 5 days. Since I’m recording this before I go in, I can’t tell myself how much longer I have, but that’s the longest this will take. Please try to remember. You chose this. ”

The recording ended, and I watched, as confusion filled her eyes.

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   She put her hands over he mouth in horror, and then settled onto the small bed, with her arms wrapped around her knees.

I took off my mask, removed the theatrical lens, and scratched my balls and my prick… It always felt itchy after wearing the external catheter.

Now, what to eat?

I hated nutritious food, and if I didn’t need it, so that my body would be healthy while I was away, there’s no way I’d touch half the stuff that he… I mean I, had to eat.

I masturbated a little, watching the video feeds from the changing rooms, and took a shower, while my food warmed up in the oven. The smell of the vegan energy boost platter was enough to make me want to go back and kill the so-called chef that made it… but this wasn’t about taste, this was about vitamins, minerals, and all that other voodoo shit that keeps a body going. So I’d be a good boy, and clean my plate, so that I could have “desert” later, and not have to worry about my body.

A little maintenance for my body, a little for my lair… I had a phone call to make.

“Northbridge mall security office. This is a recorded line. My name is Anthony. How can I help you. ” Said a voice on my phone.

“Hey Tony, this is Michael. Hey, who told you to say all that? That’s a real mouth full…”

“Ms Harcher said that we had to. She says that we have to identify ourselves, and of course we have to confirm that people have reached the right office… And she says that some lawyer with the company told her we could get sued if we didn’t inform people that the line was recorded… I could cut out the offer to help, if you want though.

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“No, if that’s the way she wants it, that’s fine. ” I told him “I told her that it’s her responsibility to run the mall, so if she thinks you need to say all that, it’s up to her. Anyway, that’s not what I called you about, of course… Have you got any camera problems on your board?”

“No. Not that I’ve noticed. Camera G16 still can’t be moved by remote, but they’re due to fix that tomorrow morning, and other than that it all looks fine. ”

“I’m getting a no-signal screen on half the cameras in Dillards. Could you reset the web-feeds for those, and see if that helps?”

I waited while Tony flipped some switches, while I watched blank video feeds. Finally the video came through, and I could see the shoppers of Dillards, and of course, the all important changing room of Dillards.

“Much better Tony, thank you. I like to be able to see my shoppers. ”

“Especially the cute ones, eh boss?”

I smiled “Tony, didn’t anybody ever tell you not to imply the boss is a pervert, even if it is true?”

“Yeah, you did. ”

“Right. Anyway, thanks for the help. Oh, and Tony…”

“Erase this call, and log it as owner’s prerogative. I know. 


“Thanks. ”

Well, by the time I would be back, it might break again, but for now at least, I was set.

It didn’t matter much, I suppose, but I had worked hard to get this set-up right, and I didn’t want it messed up now.

People talk about 6-degrees-of-seperation all the time these days, but precious few have had to navigate through those 6 degrees. Particularly not using my method.

I had to go through a chain of close to 30 people, to find enough access to real money to set up a strong account in the Caymans. It had taken even longer to get enough to buy Northbridge, and be able to buy off enough people to ‘renovate’ so that I could have a simple apartment under the family rest room.

Redundancy was key… Internet lines tracing through from 4 different points, in case one got chewed by a rat, or something. 4 fully functional toilets, on separate septic lines, in case something happened to one, which I couldn’t fix. (I can replace a whole toilet, but I can’t get into the walls to replace the pipes. )

I even set up a private office, with remote access, topside, so that if people were to check paperwork, it wouldn’t seem odd to have an extra computer on the network.

All this, so that I could keep playing my little game.

I forced myself to run 20 minutes on the treadmill, and then I cooled down by cleaning up the mess that ‘I’ had made in the bed while sleeping, changed the sheets, threw the old ones in the washer, (Almost full. I’d have to do a load next time. ) and I lay down, checking to make sure the key was still in place.

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   I rolled on a new external catheter, closed my robe, put on my mask, and two black lenses, pressed the button to turn off all but the dim light next to the window, and opened it.

Inside, Sara got up from the bed, and walked over to the window. As she looked out the window at me I pressed the count-down button. The dial started at 60 seconds. She looked at me, silent and questioning, and I looked at her. Gazing into her eyes, I said “I want to be you now. ”

Outside the window, he slumped against the pillow, and I wiped the tears off of my cheek. I stuck my finger in my mouth, and tasted the salt of my tears. I wondered, not for the first time, how I could be so messed up in the head that I hated to see my hosts trapped and crying, but I was turned on by the taste of their horrified tears.

Settling him back onto his bed, I rolled him back over to the equipment. I was getting impatient now, but the last time I had neglected this, I had come back to find my body on the floor covered in shit, with dry blood on his head. I couldn’t risk doing that again.

I put on his muscle stimulators, and tied his straps down, and ran through my checklist to make sure he would make it through the next few days without me. I didn’t intend to visit for several days this time, because I would be in California, so I had to be sure it was right. I even hooked up the saline bags, on a timer.

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   This way, if I didn’t get back on schedule, he wouldn’t die of thirst. If push came to shove, I could leave him like this for up to 6 days.

Finally done with him, I turned to my bags. I got out the dress I had picked, and held it up against me. I still felt silly doing girly stuff like that, but I loved watching myself swish it back and forth in front of me. I always liked watching women be a little bit girly, and to be the woman I was watching was just that much better.

I removed the scrubs, and threw them in the washer, then admired myself one more time before I slipped on the dress.

Yes, this body was perfect. No bra needed, my B-cup breasts stood proud and firm, and my nipples showed that it was a little bit cold in my apartment.

I thought about masturbating, but that would have to wait, or I’d miss my flight. A wicked grin spread across my face, as I decided to go without panties, and get my masturbation in on the plane.

The nice thing about being somebody else is that I didn’t feel I needed to bother with shame. Oh sure, they might be embarrassed, if they find out what their body did without them, but by and large, I left their bodies unscathed, but for a blank page in their memories, and perhaps a few pictures on the internet that they don’t remember posing for. (I had my own private collection, but anything on the internet wasn’t put there by me. )

So it was in the security screening gate at the air port, when my bag set off the sensor, and had to be checked by a guard.

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“It’s probably just my dildos. ” I said “They’re always setting these things off. ” The guard, a heavy young black man, with thick glasses, stopped for a moment, and did a double-take. Clearly he was trying to imagine me playing with a dildo, and look like he wasn’t imagining me playing with a dildo, at the same time. He looked me up and down a couple of times, and then dug through my bag.

He found a vibrating anal probe, and a rabbit, and 3 boxes of condoms, before he was satisfied that I wasn’t a terrorist.

I stepped through the gate, and set it off. I had been looking forward to this part… He clearly didn’t know where I could be hiding anything, on such a form-fitting dress, but he dutifully ran his sensor over me, stopping when it beeped between my legs.

He began to sweat. “Um. Would you mind stepping over here Ma’am… uh Miss… I need you to. . . to lift up your skirt for me. ”

Without moving, I lifted the hem of my skirt, until he could see the small remote strapped to my leg, and the wire going into my moist pussy.



“Um… What is…” before he could finish I reached under my skirt, and pushed the egg out of my pussy into my hand. As soon as it came out, he could hear it vibrating. He blushed fiercely, and said “Um. Okay. You can put your skirt down. ”

I left the skirt up while I pressed the egg back into my pussy, grabbed a tissue which was conveniently on his desk to wipe my hands, and kissed him on the cheek. “You sure you don’t want to frisk me?”

He blushed ‘til he was almost purple, and his partner laughed at him openly as he went back to his post, while I grabbed my bag, winked at them both, and headed off down the hallway, swinging my ass as I went. When I looked back, his head was on the counter, and his partner was laughing so hard that he was barely paying attention to the scanners. It would have been a good opportunity for somebody to sneak something through.

I boarded the plane without causing much more fuss, and went to my window seat in the back row of first class. I thought for a moment and pulled out a wash-cloth from my bag, then stowed it over my seat, turned my vibrating egg up just a little bit, and sat down.

People milled around, finding there seats, and flight attendants buzzed between them trying to keep thing orderly. This section only had 6 sets of 2 seats, so I would only have one person between me and the aisle, and few people around me. The seat next to me was filled, by a fairly attractive man, in his early 40s. He was tall, and skinny, and had just enough gray in his hair, and his well groomed beard, to make him look distinguished, without the glasses I usually associate with such a status.

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As he found his seat, he was clearly happy with his luck for a flight companion. “’Morning Miss. ” He said, checking my left hand to be sure he was right about the ‘Miss’ part. “My name is Ken. It looks like I’ll be joining you today. Mind if I sit down?”

“Well, you’ve got a ticket, so it probably wouldn’t matter if I did mind. ” I said smiling. “Are you going to California with me, or just stopping over there?”

“Oh, I’ll be staying there for a while. I have business there all week. How about you?”

“Just a couple of days. I have to be back on Thursday. Until then though, I’m going to find every hot-spot in LA. ”

“Well, I go there 4 or 5 times a year, so maybe I can recommend some good hot-spots…”

The bullshit continued like this for some time. He recommended some places, I flirted, and suggested that maybe he could show me around… The conversation drifted to every cliché air-plane-riding topic that one could think of.

Pretty soon I knew he was divorced with no children, and that his company was a parts supplier for a nation-wide network of electronics stores.

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   He talked about his dog, and his business, and I was appropriately attentive.

A short time into the conversation, I had slipped the cloth up my skirt, to catch any dripping from my pussy, and after a while talking to him, I slid my finger on the controls to turn it up a bit more.

There are few things a subtle and powerful as the smell of sex. I managed to keep from showing my pleasure too much, but pretty soon, probably without knowing why, the smell of my juices, and the attractiveness of my body, had given him a noticeable hard-on. We were about 20 minutes from the air-port when I finally allowed myself to moan.

He stopped in mid-sentence, and raised his eyebrow. He could see on my face that I had enjoyed it, and I smiled wickedly at him. “Are you alright?” he asked.

I looked at him, then glanced down, and lifted the hem of my skirt for him to see. I even popped the egg out a bit, and pushed it back in with my finger before I dropped the hem again. “Oh my…” He said.

I laid my hand on the bulge in his pant leg, and gave a squeeze. “Oh my indeed. ” I replied. Judging by the bulge, he wasn’t terribly long, but his cock had to be about 2-and-a-half inches thick, and there was a small moist spot, where he was clearly leaking pre-cum.

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He looked around us, nervously. Some were resting, others watching the in-flight shows on the seat backs in front of them, still others typing away at their lap-tops. Almost nobody was talking, but nobody was paying attention to us.

I lifted my skirt again, and let him see me turn up my egg, to almost the highest setting. I started rubbing my pussy, and put my skirt over my hand, then I reached for his bulge again. I leaned over to whisper “I’m sorry, but that spot on your pants might get bigger before this is over…” and started sliding my hand up and down his cock.

He drew me in for a kiss, and I could feel his breath in my mouth, puffing hard and fast. I broke the kiss, so that we wouldn’t be noticed, and he pulled his tray table further forward, and lowered mine. “You’re… so… thoughtful…” I said, gasping for breath myself. A few moments later, he grunted, and bucked his hips once, involuntarily. “Kiss me… again. ” I whispered, and he leaned over, and kissed me, with one hand gently squeezing my breast. After over 3 hours of the vibrator on low, that was enough. I bit into his lip, and he stifled a whimper, as I came.

I slid the controls back to the lowest setting, without turning the egg off, and settled back into my seat.

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   I looked over, and Ken’s lip was bleeding, but he was smiling. “I’m sorry baby, did I do that?” I said, rubbing the side of his face.

“That’s okay. Really, it was worth it. ” He said smiling at me, then he hit his call button.

When the flight attendant came over, he claimed he had bit his lip eating a peanut, and asked if he could have some tissues. She gave them to him, with an understanding look at me, and he excused himself to the bathroom. “Don’t take too long. ” She admonished him. “We’ll be landing in just a couple of minutes. ” After he was gone, she leaned over to me. With a wink “I know a love-bite when I see one… You should be more gentle with your boyfriend. ”

“He’s not my boyfriend” I said “We just met when he came on board. ”

“Oh…” She replied, with a wicked smile “Well… Welcome to ‘the club’ anyway. ”

When Ken came back, and buckled in, we exchanged phone numbers… I knew I wouldn’t be calling, but I found that I liked it if my hosts ended up learning about different patches of their missing memories.

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So I’m a bit sick in the head. I think we established that already.

As we disembarked, I walked with him out the gate. Before we parted, I grabbed him for one more kiss, even though it made him wince with his newly broken lip, and said “Here. This can be your first souvenir from this trip” and I handed him my damp wash-cloth.

I had to laugh a little, as I saw him sniff it, while he walked away.

I looked around and saw a girl who had been on my flight, looking about 16 or 17 years old, with short brown hair, wearing a skirt and a t-shirt, walking into the rest room. “Hey, are you here with your parents?” I asked.

She gave me an odd look, and said “No. My parents are still in Iowa. Why?”

“Oh, sorry… I saw two people out there, looking for somebody, and the woman looked a bit like you, so I kind of assumed. ”

“Oh. No problem. ”

“Wow honey… Hey, I hope you don’t mind me saying so, but I work for a nation-wide fashion company, and you are so pretty! Have you considered being a model before?” This was a well practiced bit. I just had to get to where I could say the right thing, without her freaking out.

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   I was just glad I was a young woman… As an older woman, or as a man, this bit usually didn’t work.

“Um. I did some a few years ago, for a company near my home… But… Well, I tried out for a job last year, and they said I wasn’t skinny enough. ”

“Oh, but you’re lovely honey!” I said, honestly. “How old are you?”

“16 next month” she said.

I was a little surprised that she wasn’t older. Her breasts we only a large A-cup, but she with an air of maturity. I considered backing out, but I pressed on. “Listen, I’ve got to pee, but when you get out of your stall, stick around a minute, and I’ll give you my card. ”

“Um. Okay…”

“Hm…” I said, looking her over. “Really, when you’re done doing your business in there, I want to BE you. ” That was it… “But I’ll settle for seeing if my company can work with you, for some state-wide ads, once you’re back in Iowa. ”

She was a little bit creeped out by my necessary line, but she smiled politely, and went into her stall. I went into my own stall, took out a small bundle from my bag, and made sure the return ticket for this afternoon was sticking out prominently, pulled my dress over my head, and put it on the hook, then sat down. 

   As a final thought, I turned the egg up quite a bit.

As I heard the girl’s stream of pee stop, just before she could pull up her skirt, I tossed the bundle out of my stall, onto the floor.

My skirt was halfway up my legs, and the automatic toilet was beginning to flush behind me, as I heard the woman in the next stall let out a small scream, and mutter “What… Where…”

I calmly gave my new pussy one quick feel, before pulling on my panties and buttoning my skirt… I was either a really late bloomer, or completely waxed. What a pleasant surprise.

I stepped out of the stall, and could hear Sara inside whimpering in confusion, and putting on her dress. I almost laughed out loud when I heard her whisper “oh… my… god… what the hell?” and knew she had just gotten past her confusion enough to finally notice the egg.

I picked up the bundle, with the pre-paid credit cards, and my personal pre-paid phone, left the ladies room, and went straight into the family rest-room. I dropped my new bag, and looked for papers. I wanted to know something about my new host, beyond that she did a little modeling a few years ago…

In my bag, I found a spare pair of ‘sensible’ panties, and a few other just-in-case items, before I got to what I really needed. Wrapped in a rubber band were my ID, (No license. I could use a taxi if I needed to though…) round-trip tickets, luggage claim, and a note from Mom.

I was Elizabeth Martin now… And I had lied about my age! She had acted very mature for her age indeed, considering I was only 14. (Not even 15-next-month. My birthday wasn’t for almost 3 months yet. ) The bitch had played me like a fool.

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   If I hadn’t been lying through my teeth to her, or if I weren’t about to use her as a host for a while, I might have been a little upset.

Mom had written a nice note about how she would miss me, and to be good for Uncle Fred this month, then she had written some nice crib-notes, such as which gate to go to, and at what time, in order to get here on time, and so that I (Or by that time, she) could find her way when went home.

She had also given me $20 to get lunch, and shop for a couple of souvenirs, because Uncle Fred wouldn’t be here until he got off work at 3:30PM, (or 15:30, as I preferred. ) so I’d have to sit around for a while. Part of me wanted to call Mom on my new phone, and tell her how expensive stuff was in the air-port, but I decided that would be rude.

There was a note to call when I arrived though, and I hadn’t seen her calling when she got off the flight. I decided that I would be more likely to avoid anybody looking for Liz too soon, if I did for her.

I looked for ‘Mom’ in her phone, and called. A woman answered, and I put on my best bull-shit. “Hey Mom. You said to call… Well, I’m here. I made it. ”

“Oh good. Hey George, it’s Liz. She made it.

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  ” I heard George, presumably Liz’ father, mumble something. “Yes, I know George… Did you get your bags yet Liz?”

“No, not yet. ” I said. I needed a quick out, but luckily, Mom could probably already hear the ringing of the echo in the rest room. “I’m going to do that next. Hey Mom, I’m actually calling from the ladies room, and I think I’m starting to annoy some of the girls in here… I’ll call you back later, okay. Maybe after dinner tonight. ”

“Okay honey. I love you. ”

“You too Mom”

I now had about 4 hours before my Uncle would show up to claim me. I double-checked that his phone number was in my new phone, before I decided that I might be elsewhere when he showed up, and Liz could find him later if I took that long.

If Liz wanted to be older than she was, I was going to let her play the part.

I used my own phone, to find the number for the air-port Hilton, and called to say that my Daughter was going to stay with her older cousin, but he got into an accident while she was still in flight, and could I book a room for her, for just one night, until her Uncle can come and retrieve her?

The desk clerk was very understanding, and promised to give my daughter a good room when she arrived, and I informed her that I was adding money to my daughter’s pre-paid credit card online, so she could pay when she arrived, and… who should she ask for when she arrives?

30 minutes later, I had gotten my bags from the claim, and was walking over to the hotel.

I passed Sara on the way. She was talking to a security officer, and obviously had been crying.

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   He was holding her return ticket in his hand though, and I knew she’d make it back okay, so what’s left of my conscience felt better.

I stopped for a moment, to put my pre-paid credit card in the bundle with my ticket, and walked into the Hilton, trying to look like I had just heard that my Cousin was taken to the hospital.

At the desk, I asked for Ms. Bent, and a much younger woman than I expected came to the desk. Ms. “You can call me Lori” Bent was about 22 years old, with black hair tied back in a pony-tail.

She helped me get checked in, and told me that if I gave her just a minute, she’d even show me where my room was, and make sure I was settled.

She stuck her head into the office behind the desk area, and told her boss where she was going, then came around, grabbed the handle on my suitcase, and told me to follow her.

Lori showed me to my room, and told me she had arranged for me to order room service for lunch and dinner, without charging my parents extra, and I thanked her.

“I’ll check in on you before I leave at 8:30 tonight, okay? If you need anything between now and then, just dial zero, and ask for me. ”

Great, now I had another deadline for my use of Liz… But I’ve always let things play out, so I thanked her again, and closed the door.

I ordered lunch, as she had suggested, and while I waited, I looked through my suit-case.

Not much in the way of sexy… A few conservative bikinis, one short dress… all sensible panties and bras. I would have to go shopping a bit, if I stayed in her for more than a couple of hours.

I had a horrible thought… I stripped off my skirt and panties, and lay down, wetting my fingers as I did.



I pressed in, and I was stopped. SHIT! It would be that I’d find the one virgin teen left in the world… There went my ideas of seducing a guy in the hotel lobby…

You may find this surprising, but there is still a short list of things I don’t do. (Well… I almost never do them. ) Among them, I don’t cause damage to my hosts’ bodies, I don’t create situations where straight people will be approached by people who have had gay sex with them later on, or vice versa, I don’t risk getting anybody pregnant, and I don’t break a girl’s hymen.

But as long as I wasn’t wearing any pants…

I went to the bathroom, to see if there was anything that could pass as lubricant, but as I was going through the courtesy items, rubbing my pussy, keeping my fingers wet with my spit, I soon found I didn’t need it. I could make more than enough on my own.

I threw a towel down on a plush chair, and slouched down into it, with one foot on my bed. How on earth could she keep such a sensitive pussy virgin?!

I looked down at myself, and decided she didn’t wax. There were a few stray hairs on my pussy, but not a single hair in my ass, or on my legs, or in my pits. Razors had probably never had to touch my body.

I wished that I had handed over the rabbit, or the egg, with the rest of my stuff, when I left Sara. I could use it now.

I couldn’t really finger-fuck myself of course, but I could get a finger in a couple of knuckles deep, and my virgin clit was on fire.

I stood up, stripped my t-shirt, and found that I was wearing nothing underneath. My nipples stood out hard, and deep red, against my milky white little tits.

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The one thing I always hated about having tiny tits is that my own tongue can’t reach them. I longed for somebody to run their hands all over my young body, while sucking on my nipples. Maybe I wouldn’t give up my cherry, but we could still 69. Right?

My fingers were tapping out a rhythm on my clit, and my barely-there labia, when I heard a knock at the door. “Room service… It’s me. Lori. ”

She couldn’t have come at a worse time… But I gathered the towel across my front (With another woman, I didn’t even care about pretending to be modest) and opened the door.

She eyed me up and down as she came in, and I closed the door. As she looked at me, I saw a glimmer in her eyes, and took it as a sign of opportunity.

“Great” I said, dropping my towel on the bed “I’m starving. ”

Lori averted her gaze, while she lifted the lid on the cart. “Um… I hope it’s not presumptuous of me, but I brought my own lunch from the kitchen too. I thought you might like some company… But if you’d rather be alone…”

“No, please, stay. ” I said, not covering myself at all. “Listen, if I’m way off base here, okay.

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   I can put something on, and we can just hang out, but I came to LA to have some fun… So… Well…” I put my hand on her cheeks, and kissed her open mouth. She was shocked for a moment, and then she melted into my arms, wrapping her arms around my neck, and leaning in.

She broke the kiss, and sputtered “You’re… You’re 14. I can’t… and you’re a girl… and I’m a girl… I…” I knew she was only trying to convince herself, so I put my hand on the back of her head, to draw her in, and kissed her again.

I didn’t need to push. I just needed to kiss. Her hands fluttered, as her mind rebelled against her desire. I could feel her inhibitions fighting against her passion, as her hands danced around me, and she backed away, while her neck craned downward to keep her lips on mine, her tongue pressing into my willing teenaged mouth. Her feet pulled her towards the door, while her arms pulled me closer to her. She broke the kiss again, and I just held her, staring into her eyes, and biting my lip.

She craned her neck down again. What might have been protests lost their power as they became humming and light moaning against my lips. Her body melted again, and her hands drifted down my body, until she was kneading the flesh of my perfect teen ass, and one of her legs drifted between mine, so that we melted together.

She was done protesting.

I broke the kiss, looked in her eyes, and drove out the last of her inhibitions.

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   “I want this. ” I said. “I want you. Just for your lunch break, and then I’ll let you go as if nothing happened. I want to be with you. ”

She smiled, terrified by her own desire for me. I could feel the heat radiating from her body, as she breathed hard and shallow, more exited than she had been in ages. Maybe more exited than she had ever been in her young life.

I reached back, and pulled the hair-tie from her hair, sliding it onto my wrist. I ran my fingers through her hair, and began kissing down her neck. Her hands slid up and down my body, always returning to caress my ass. She traced one finger up the crack of my ass, and circled my anus for a moment. I thought she deserved a reward for that one, so I slid the cloth of her blouse to one side, picked as spot that I knew would be covered when she left, and bit into the flesh of her shoulder.

Her knees shook for a moment, and one of her hands flew up to the back of my head. Her fingers grabbed my hair for a moment, and I thought she was going to pull me off her, then her hand flattened, and pressed me into her shoulder.

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   I released my bite, found another spot that I knew would be covered, and bit again. Her drew in her breath, looked up, and said “Ohmygod… oh”

I let her go, and looked into her eyes.

“You are way to over dressed. ” I said with a smile, and began unbuttoning her blouse. She unzipped the side of her skirt, and pulled it down, while her eyes passed over my body.

I could see in her eyes her own disbelief at her actions. I was so young after all. My small tits still had a hint of puffiness in the nipples, my cheeks still had a bit of baby fat. And yet, she continued to undress in front of me.

As I slid her blouse off her shoulders, I took in the sight of the lacy bra she was wearing, constraining two perfectly round globes. The cleavage between them was so perfect as to leave just a small spot in the middle that could be called chest, not breasts, and she was blushing so deeply that the flesh on her breasts was turning bright pink.

As she slipped off her short heels, and stepped out of her skirt, I put one arm around her, and leaned forward for another bite, on the top of her left tit, and her nails dug into my back.

“Careful” I said to her, while unclasping her bra “I swim in a bikini. I wouldn’t want my uncle to see anything that could get you in trouble, if he started investigating. ”

She pulled her nails from my back, and began rubbing instead, as I cupped her right breast, and licked it, as she walked me over to the bed, and we fell onto it together.

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   I licked across the bottom of her breast, over to her left breast, where I had left a mark. I kissed my bite mark, and then took her nipple into my mouth, and sucked on it greedily. Liquid sprayed in my mouth, surprising me, and I heard Lori gasp, as she covered her face.

“I’m sorry. ” She said.

I pulled her hands away from her face. “It’s okay. ” I said “It actually tastes good. How old is your baby?”

“She’ll be 5 months tomorrow. ”

“Hm… She’s lucky to be fed so well. ” I said, and leaned down to suck some more milk from her tit.

Lori’s breaths came in short gasps, as I felt her hand slide up my leg. She spread two fingers, rubbing the sides of my pussy, and then let one dip in between. I was still wet, from my activities before she arrived, and her fingers slid easily over my pussy, making me whimper, as I drank eagerly from her breasts.

She put a hand on my shoulder, and pushed me up towards her head.

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   Clearly, it was my turn. I just wished I had some milk for her.

Her tongue danced across my breasts, and my puffy nipples were aching beautifully, as she took them each in her mouth. Her finger sliding against my clit, and her tongue on my breast, I moaned openly.

She pulled her lips from my breast, and put her finger to her lips, with a smile. Her lips now were a deeper red than any rose I had ever seen, and her body was trembling beneath me.

I smiled, and rotated myself around, swinging one leg over her head. I slipped my thumbs into the sides of her panties, noticing that the crotch was soaked, and smelling divinely of aroused woman, and I slid them down her legs. She brought one leg up enough for me to pull them off of her foot, and we left the other leg of her panties wrapped around her knee.

My hand slid between the lips of he pussy, and let my finger travel into her vagina, as I licked my around her pussy, circling down to her clit. She was so wet that her pussy welcomed my finger, greedily squeezing it, and almost pulling it into her. I pulled my finger out, and put it in my mouth to taste her, as I felt the first trembling touch of her tongue, on my own pussy.

We matched movements then, as I craned my neck upwards to press my tongue against the slit of her pussy, she craned hers down to do the same to me. We seemed to be imitating each other, simultaneously. I felt a tickle of barely there stubble on her pussy, sliding against my tongue and lips, as I felt her kissing and licking my hairless mound. 


We each got to the clit at almost the same moment, and I felt her curl her tongue around mine, sliding my hood out of the way, and fucking my clit with her tongue.

I sucked her labia into my mouth, to keep from screaming with pleasure, and slid two fingers into her pussy. I closed my eyes, as tears filled them, and a wave crashed through me. I could feel, as my orgasm flowed through my body, that I was a squirter, and I hoped that she didn’t mind having to shower with me, as I sprayed on her face.

The knowledge that she had given a 14 year old such a powerful orgasm had a definite effect on Lori, as I felt her pussy clench around my fingers, and her legs straightened off the end of the bed, her toes curling, and her pussy gushed forth (Somewhat less than mine had) around my hand.

We both collapsed then, and then I pulled myself around so that I was parallel with her.

Taking deep breaths, and holding me next to her, she looked over at the clock, and groaned. “I wish I could stay with you all day. ” She said “But my lunch is over in just a few minutes…”I lay silently, running my foot up and down her leg, with my hand rested on her stomach. “I don’t know what made you decide to do that… But this is the best surprise I’ve ever had at work. ”

In response, I simply lifted up on my elbow, and leaned in for another kiss. We lay there making out for a moment, then I pointedly licked some of my fluid off her face, and said “I think we need to take a quick shower before you leave. ”

She sat up, and wiped her face with her hand. “Oh my god…” She said “But, if my hair is wet, they’ll notice!”

I looked over at the lunch cart, and the food we hadn’t touched. “That’s easy.

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  ” I said, and picked up the side of sauce for my onion rings. “Mind if I mess up your blouse just a bit?”

She looked at me quizzically, as I laid her blouse on the bed, carrying the sauce. “We’ll clean most of it in the sink… But if we make a little spot then you can say I tripped and spilled it all over your head,” I explained, putting just a bit of the sauce on the shoulder of her blouse. “and that I was nice enough to let you shower to wash it out. ” I picked it up, and headed for the bathroom. “Coming?” I asked.

She brightened up, and got up to join me. “I already did. ” She said.

We wet the blouse, and rubbed the sauce a bit, making a subtle but noticeable stain, (I’m sure it could come out later) then we got in the shower.

We didn’t have time to really have sex again, but we made out for several minutes, with the water running over our bodies.

She began to get dressed, and I noticed for the first time, as she put on her bra, that she had nursing pads in it. “Can I have one more taste before you go?” I asked with a wink, and she shrugged her bra back down around her elbows for me.

As I drank at little bit from each tit, she held my head, in much the same way she probably held her baby, and she rocked gently. “I should thank you for this too.

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  ” She said. “Usually by the time I finish a long shift my tits are killing me, because I haven’t nursed. I’m sure they’ll be fine today. ”

I smiled as I stopped drinking, and she finished putting on her blouse. We kissed deeply one more time, and she looked into my eyes. “Maybe I’m a pervert now…” she said, kneeling down “But I want just one more taste to remember you by too. ” She lifted the edge of the towel I had wrapped around me, and her tongue dove into my pussy, digging for some of my teen juice. She licked just a few times before she stopped. She stood back up, looked at me in the eyes, and then opened the door to leave. “This is the best lunch break I ever had. ” She said with a grin, and she left, licking her lips.

She had left me turned on, with that last tongue lashing, so I dropped my towel, and lay down on the bed, recalling her feel, and rolling the last drops of her milk around in my mouth, as I finished the masturbation she had interrupted earlier.

I must have fallen asleep after that, because the next thing I knew was the sound of Liz’ phone ringing. (What kind of 14 year old has “Hello Dolly” as a ring tone?)

The caller ID read “Uncle Fred” and I decided to answer.

“Hey Darlin’ sorry I’m running late.

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  ” He said “I hit traffic just as I came out of work, so I’ll be a little longer than we thought. I should be there by about 4:45 though. ”

I looked at the clock. It was a 24-hour digital (My favorite) and it read 16:19. That left me a 26 minutes if I wanted to trade out and let her meet him. I decided that I did.

“No problem. ” I said “I’ve been having a great time, just wandering around. I’ll see you in a few minutes. ”

I picked up the clothes I had been wearing earlier, and put them back on. I decided to leave a little surprise for Liz though, in my otherwise perfect redressing.

I sat down at the desk, and wrote a quick note.

“Dear Ms Lori Bent,

My Uncle was able to get here sooner than expected, and I’m about to go meet him at the front doors. I just wanted to thank you before I left, for making me feel so welcome.

It takes a special person to be so comforting, when you find out somebody is alone in town, and I especially thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty, by spending your lunch hour with me, so I wouldn’t be alone.



Please feel free to show this letter to your boss too. I want him to know that you made this day far better for me than I expected, when I got the news that my cousin couldn’t meet me.

If this is any indication of how you normally are with people, I envy your baby the kind of life that you will give it, filled with your love, and you’re special brand of comfort.

With thanks and love,

I looked it over, to make sure that it was nothing that would cause suspicion, but that the meaning was clear for Lori. She could indeed show it to her boss, and even with the XOXO at the end, he would only see that she had helped a young girl through a hard day, and probably be quite pleased with her.

I folded the paper, wrote “Ms. Lori Bent” on the outside, and taped it to the back of my “Please Service This Room” sign, which I hung on the door as I left.

I made my way back to the restroom where I had first met Liz, looking for a candidate on the way. I saw an attractive man, sitting alone at a coffee shop near the rest rooms, and I stopped to talk to him.

“Hey. ” I said “You may think this is strange but… What’s your name?”

“Um… Peter. ” He said.

I looked him up and down a couple of times. He was in his early 30s, with dark Hispanic skin, a neatly groomed goatee, and a tailored business suit. “You’ll do.

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  ” I said. “When I’m done in the ladies room… I want to be you. ”

I walked away from a very confused man, but sometimes lies and explanations weren’t needed, and I only had about 4 minutes to do what I needed to in the ladies room, if I wanted Liz to get out to the curb in time.

I stopped into the family restroom, and left my pre-paid cards, and phone tucked into the back of the sink plumbing, so I could get it later, then I went into the ladies room.

I went to the same stall I had been in when I left Sara, parked my luggage in front of the door, and wrote on a piece of paper “SURPRISE! BTW, you better get to the front door. Uncle Fred is almost here. ”

I put it on top of her luggage. Too bad I couldn’t have the same hand writing as her… That would just make it more interesting.

Part of me wished I could see her confusion as she came out, but this would do. I went in the stall, shut the door, and reached under the door, pulling her luggage close enough that she would have to bump into it to get out. I sat down for about 20 seconds so that the toilet would flush when I stood up, and then got up, pulling up my skirt. It was at that moment that I was in the same position that I had been when I started with Liz, and so I knew I was done in the ladies room…

Looking across from the coffee shop, I waited, and a minute or two later I saw Liz come out pulling her luggage behind her, re-reading my note, and looking very confused. She checked the time on her phone, and picked up her pace, headed for the door. I wondered how long it would take her to realize she didn’t have panties on…

I checked through Peter’s brief-case. It contained a change of underwear, a lap-top, and brochures for several gentlemen’s clubs in the area… This was not a man who would be late for any meetings today, and his return ticket wasn’t dated for nearly 4 days.

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I finished the mocha in his cup, and ordered another, and a slice of pie, to enjoy while I looked through his things, and figured out where to claim his baggage.

I doubted I would stay with Peter for long, but he would get me somewhere easily enough… My trip was just beginning.