I want to be you. (Part 2)


It’s always harder to find your bag at the baggage claim, if you’ve never seen it before…

It’s bad enough of course if you happen to be one of the 5,000 black-canvass suitcase owners, checking for tiny details as you watch other people’s black-canvass suitcases go by… When you don’t even know what your own luggage looks like, it’s a whole new game.

So, I endure people thinking me odd, as I crouch by the carousel, looking at each tag as it passes, hoping to see a name that matches the one on my plane ticket, and ID.

Not surprisingly, security frowns on this method, and as I was asked to follow a security guard to her office, I felt no hard feelings… After all, I was the one acting oddly, not her.

I didn’t mind following her, for two reasons… Number one, she had fantastic legs, a shapely ass, and I was fairly sure that the only reason she wasn’t busted for breaking dress code was that whoever was supposed to complain to her about it was a man who liked to follow her down hallways as much as I did.

Number two, part of the procedure for detaining somebody at an airport is to have their luggage brought to the office.

“I really didn’t mean to cause a problem Ma’am. ” I said as we entered her office, noting a slight prickling of her neck as I called her Ma’am, “It’s just that I’m terribly forgetful, when it comes to stuff like this, and I bought my luggage right before I came here… Barely had time to pack… So the only time I’ve ever seen it was for a few minutes bringing it in and out of my apartment, and a few minutes checking it at the counter before I boarded… I just can’t remember what I got. ”

“No problem Mr. Santos. It’s just policy to check your bags in situations like this. Once they run it through the scanner again, and maybe do a hand check, they’ll bring it down here, and you can go. ” She waved for me to sit down, while she pulled a few forms from her filing drawer. I realized this would probably be more paperwork for her, than it was hassle for me. “You know how it is… Every thing is tighter since the World Trade Center. ”

“Everything?” I asked, winking at her, as she sat down and crossed her legs.

She looked at me, and after a moment she got the joke.

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   She rolled her eyes at me, but as she looked down at her papers as smile played at the corner of her mouth.

This was one of those moments when I envied women. One of the reasons I always would rather be a woman is because they have it so much easier. Sure, people think that if you’re a good looking man, and somewhat affluent, then sex must be just around the corner, with whomever you would like. But here I sat, tall, dark skinned, well groomed, wearing a suit that probably cost what most people make in a month, and in this encounter, the one who could have sex just by asking was a security guard working an 8 hour shift… not me.

I swear, if women ever realized the power they really have, men wouldn’t stand a chance.

I decided I didn’t stand much chance of making progress with this woman, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t have a little fun.

“What was your name?” I asked

“You can call me Miss Carna. ” She said, emphasizing ‘Miss’, without intending to “Or Maria if you like. ” She finally looked up from her paperwork, and smiled at me.

“I want to be you now. ” I said, looking in her eyes.

I watched Peter shift uncomfortably in his chair, looking around. As I lifted up for a moment and slid my panties off, he looked at his hands.

I never have figured that out… If people don’t know what just happened, they seem to have a progression… If they’re trapped and alone, as soon as they see where they are they start talking, usually questions like “where am I?” or “Is anybody there?” but whether trapped, or just confused, they almost always look at their hands, and then feel their head… Probably a good psychologist could figure it out, but I never have.

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I slid my panties off, balled them up, and held them out to Peter, who sat staring at me. “Come on” I said. “They’re not going to bite… I’m trying to make a point here, if you’ll just take these for a moment. ”

He stood up for a moment to take my panties, and looked at them in bewilderment as he sat back down. “Now just one more thing. Stick them in your coat pocket. ”

Peter sputtered in confusion for a moment, but then did as I said. “Good. And Peter, I want to be you now. ”

“I’m sorry what was that?” Maria said

“Well, of course, you’re just doing your job, and I’m stuck waiting for luggage. At least you’re making money sitting here, right?”

That smile played on the edge of her mouth again, as she answered “Not much. Judging by that suit you’ve probably made more than I have while we’ve been sitting here. ” I smiled and shook my head, as I stuffed her panties deeper into my pocket.

Finally a guard arrived with my one bag, a hard-case black Samsonite with a locking latch. I wondered briefly whether the key was in my brief case.

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   “Did you need a key?” I asked.

“No. ” said the guard “It wasn’t locked. You should be more careful Sir. ”

“Oh… Thank you. ” I said

“Well” Maria said “Another uneventful meeting. That’s my favorite kind, all things considered. ” She smiled playfully, as she escorted me out to the main terminal. As she walked ahead of me, she planted each step like a runway model, making her ass dance beautifully. I knew it was intentional, and smiled realizing that before I left, I was going to get the ‘upper hand’ in the encounter.

As we walked out of the service area, she shook my hand, and apologized for any inconvenience. “And if I could recommend one stop before you leave sir, there’s a shop on your way out called Martin’s, and they sell some rather nice luggage tags, in bright colors, so you can tell your bag from the others next time. ”

“Thank you Maria. By the way, did I tell you I’m an amateur magician? I’d like to show you a quick trick before I go. ”

Maria rolled her eyes, as I stepped back from her.

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   “Okay… But I really need to be getting back. ”

“It will only take a moment. ” I took one more step back, put down my suitcase, and looked at her, as if sizing her up for a photo shoot, doing the cheesy hand-framing thing. Then I put up my hands, and from my frame of vision, ran my hand down her hip, and did my best mime of sliding her panties down her legs, then holding them up in front of me. It took her a moment to catch on to what I was supposed to be doing, but then she smiled, and tried to look disapproving.

I took the mimed panties, and put them in my coat pocket, and then acted sorry I had taken them, pulled her balled up panties out of my pocket, and handed them to her, taking a slight bow.

She was holding the panties open in front of her, when she realized what they were, and closed her hands around them, then did a double take, opening her hand, shifted her legs back and forth, and stopped, standing still, and turning bright red. She ran one hand along the hip of her skirt, where she expected to feel the edge of her panties under the cloth, and her hand flew to her mouth in shock.

“Have a nice day. ” I said, as I turned and picked up my suit case. The last I saw of Maria when I turned around was her looking back at me nervously, as she went into the ladies room.

I hailed a cab outside front door, and asked how much to be taken to the beach. “About 25 bucks, if you’re paying cash… and if I forget to turn on the meter. ” He said, and I agreed, remembering a small wad of cash I had seen in my brief case earlier when I was at the coffee shop.

“Oh, I don’t think I could do that… I need to pay you at least 30, so you can get your meter fixed when you’re done today.

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  ” The cabbie, a man named Walter, according to his hack license in front of me, smiled and set off. It was getting on into the evening, but I figured I’d still have an hour or two before sunset, to enjoy the beach.

“That’s a nice suit. I guess the economic crunch didn’t hit you as hard as it did some of us, huh?”

“Well, I’m doing okay. I put most of my money into a rather large shopping mall a while back, and I pretty much just live off that. For that matter, I paid extra to renovate it, and I live in an apartment in the mall now. I’m just out here for fun. ”This certainly wasn’t Peter’s story, but I didn’t need to be somebody else for a 30 minute cab ride. I may have to keep most of my living arrangements a secret, but it felt good to talk about my own life once in a while, instead of somebody else’s.

“So, in that suit, you’re going to go to the beach? You look more like you’re going to a meeting. ”

“Nope, just going to walk for a while, before I find a hotel. I’m betting I can find somebody in a restaurant out there to watch my bags while I walk… You know. If I pay cash, and they forget to turn on the meter. ”

Walter laughed, and agreed with me, and we agreed that he could drop me off at a little restaurant he knew of, where the manager might let me stash my bags for an hour or two, if I promised to come back for dinner, and we generally just chatted as he drove. Aside from the fact that he sent a couple of text messages while he drove, he seemed like a good guy.

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“Hey, this part of the highway is always blocked this time of day. I’m going to take a couple of side streets. You mind?”

“You’re the driver” I said “Whatever works, works. I don’t mind. ”

He pulled off onto a side street, and then made another. Then he turned onto an alley, and finally into a garage. I was pretty sure at this point that he wasn’t using a short cut.

A tall blond man opened my door as we stopped, and waved a hand gun at me. “Sorry about this” Walter said “But it’s a recession, you know?”

As I got out, with my hands up, a dark haired man closed the garage door, then pulled out his own hand gun. I had been in just enough bad situations to recognize a bad smell in the air, and I began to doubt whether whatever dead body I smelled would turn out to be an animal. This didn’t seem like a first time go for them, and I doubted that they let people wander off after robbing them.

“So how many of you does it take to rob one business man?” I asked.

“We’ve never needed more than the three of us. With you, I think two of us could probably go take a break. ” Blondie said.

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“Great” I said “You two take 5, and I’ll stay here and get mugged by Walter. I generally prefer being robbed by the guy without a gun. ”

Walter laughed, and pulled out his own gun. “I’m covered if I need it. ” He said, putting it back in the back of his belt.

Walter went to the trunk for my suit case, while Blondie had my take off my jacket, and began going through my pockets with his free hand.

“Wow. ” I said “You’re impressive. I want to be you now. ”

Peter backed up suddenly as he felt my hand in his pocket, and saw where he was. I pulled my hand free, and turned around, shooting my armed friend before he could make a move. Walter picked his head up, and saw what was happening, and dove behind his cab, drawing his gun. “What the fuck are you doing Dave?! What the hell?!” shouted Walter.

I threw my gun over Walter’s cab, and he picked his head up so I could see him. “Walter, it’s not what it looks like.

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  ” I said “I want to be you now. ”

Blondie spun around in confusion, as Peter slowly backed away towards a parked car. “That’s right Peter” I said, pointing my gun at ‘Dave’ and coming out from behind the cab “Get behind the car, and stay safe. ”

Dave surveyed his situation, and spotted his gun lying on the floor. He dove for it, and I shot. He landed short of his gun, curled up around his wound.

“Peter” I said “Get out here. It’s time to run!”

Peter came out, and headed for the door, kicking the gun away from Dave as he went. “Wait!” I said “Hold on, you need your stuff. ”

Peter turned back, and grabbed his jacket, brief case, and suitcase. “Just one more thing… Just a second” I said. Peter froze, unsure of what to do.

“Hey Dave, you’re gonna love this part…” I said, looking at him.

I dialed 911 on my phone, and the operator answered. “Hey, this is Walter.

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  ” I said “You can trace the location of a mobile phone if you need to, right?”

“Yes sir” answered the operator

“Good. I don’t know where I am. I need you to trace this call. I’ll leave the line open. We’ve got one guy dead, another wounded, and I’m about to shoot myself in the leg. ”

I tossed the phone in the trunk of the cab, with the keys, and shut the lid. Then I locked the doors of the cab, and shut the door. I looked over, to make sure Peter wasn’t going anywhere. He stood frozen in place. Sitting down on the ground, I placed my gun against my own lower leg, and looked at Dave, as horror filled his eyes, and I shot myself.

I threw the gun across the room, and turned to Peter again. “I really… really want to be you now. ” I said.

Walter grabbed his leg in shock, as I grabbed my things, and walked out the garage door. I walked to the end of the alley, and hailed a cab.

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Finally, I was at Venice Beach. I hadn’t intended to take this long to get there, but I was there, and the air smelled gloriously of sea salt. I went into the restaurant that Walter had recommended, and put my stuff down by the counter. “I’ll be back in just a second. ” I said to a waiter, and grabbed a cocktail napkin. I leaned on the bar for a moment, to write “Your bags are by the door” and went to the back deck with the note in my hand.

It was a buffet. It was like this was a test, with no wrong answers.

After walking around for a minute looking, I noticed a man kissing a girl goodbye, as she walked out the front, and he went back to the bar, facing the ocean.

He was about 5’10”, with strong shoulders, and 8 pack abs. His black skin was shining with sweat, and his eyes slanted slightly. If I had to guess, he probably had an Asian grandparent. He was wearing black swim trunks, and around his neck was a chain with a small waterproof container about the right size to fit one or two credit cards, and a red and silver key, which presumably would open some locker nearby when he was done with his fun on the beach.

I walked up to him, and he stared at me. Obviously I was over dressed for this particular establishment.


   “Is that your girlfriend who just left?” I asked.

“Getting there. More of a girl I date at this point. Why?”

“Just wondering…” I said, placing my phone and pre-paid cards on the counter. “You know, I’d really like to be you now. ”

I stood up and grabbed my bundle, as Peter looked around bewildered, and found the note in his hand. “Wow. ” I said to him as I passed, patting him on the shoulder. “You don’t look so good man. I’d find a hotel and sleep it off. ”

I walked out the back door, and down the wooden ramp, at the back of the patio, and looked around. The sand was shining in the sunset light, and people were packing up their things.

I reached my hand down the front of my shorts, and felt around. Decent size, uncircumcised, trimmed, but not shaved. Not bad.

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   I stretched my legs. I had little doubt that I could run easily for a while, so I stripped off my shorts, tied the cord of my necklace around them, and my own bundle, and took off down the beach, carrying them in my hand.

Contrary to popular belief, most people aren’t scandalized by seeing a naked person. Most people laugh and point so that their friends will look, a few smile privately, wishing that they could do the same, and the few who are offended are usually few and far between, and quickly left behind if you are running.

I had probably run about 3 miles, at a well paced speed, before I noticed a 4-wheeler coming up the beach behind me, with a uniform sitting on top of it.

I stopped, and allowed it to catch up, while I walked back and forth to cool down a bit.

The officer pulled up along side me, and she dismounted, looking me up and down a few times. In turn, I looked back at her. Beach patrols certainly seemed to get the nicer looking officers, and with short brown hair, and a slim waist, this woman was no exception. I made no attempt to hide myself from her.

“Sir, I’m sure you know… this isn’t a nude beach. I’m going to need you to put your shorts back on. ”

“Why?” I asked, as I tried to bring my breathing under control.

“Because nudity isn’t allowed on this beach. If you put those shorts back on now though, I’ll forgo writing a citation for indecent exposure.

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I watched her eyes wander back down do my cock, and across the rest of my body. “Are you saying I don’t look decent?” I asked, winking at her.

She smiled for a moment, and when she spoke again, there was laughter in her voice. “Sir, please, I’d rather not have to take you in to the station, but if you don’t put on your shorts right now, I’m going to have to. ”

Still making no effort to cover myself, I saw her watch, as I was getting a little hard from the thrill of exposing myself to her. I pulled my phone and pre-paid card free, placing them on the top of my stuff. “You know what?” I said, handing my clothes to her. “I want to be you now. ”

My eyes were looking straight at his cock, as he looked around, and finally noticed he was naked in front of a cop. He held his hand in front of his groin, and I took my own stuff, and handed him his clothes. He pulled at his bundle, trying to get his necklace off from his shorts, so he could put them back on. “I’m sorry” he was saying “I don’t know what… I mean… I was just at the bar, and…”

“Don’t worry” I said “I don’t mind. ” And I untucked my shirt, and pulled it, and my sports bra, up under my neck.

He blushed but he looked anyway, and stared openly at my pierced nipples. I put my shirt back down, swung my leg over the 4-wheeler, and turned back to him.

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   “Be good. Next time I won’t be so lenient. ” I said, as I stuck my ass in the air, while I pressed the pedal to start the engine.

I took one last look, blew him a kiss, and rode off down the beach.

I seemed to recall seeing a patrol station, not to far back along the beach, so I went there, and parked my 4-wheeler along side of 2 others.

I walked in, and the girl behind the desk was clearly surprised to see me. I limped on my right foot as I walked over to her. “You all right Liz?” she asked. I smiled for a moment, thinking that this was the second time in 2 days I had been Liz. I walked over to the chair beside her, and sat down.

“Not really. I turned my ankle on some kids Frisbee sitting on the beach. Is there somebody that can get me an ice pack or something?”

An officer was walking by, and as my new friend started to stand up, he said “You stay there Mel. I’ll get something for her. ”

Mel called up my boss, and he came out to see me about the time my ice pack arrived.

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   Wincing when it touched my ankle was no problem, because when an ankle isn’t hurt, ice is annoying.

“You gonna make it Liz?” he asked me.

“No. I’m pretty sure this one’s fatal… Or at least it’s a pain in the ass when I’m shifting gears out there. ”

“Well then, your bike is probably out of the question too. ” He said. “You want me to find somebody coming off shift, to drive you home?”

“That would be nice. ” I said. Considering I wouldn’t have the first clue how to find my bike anyway, it was definitely out of the question.

I spent the next 10 minutes talking with Mel, about events of the day, and other bullshit. I told her about the hard-body that I had chased down the beach for streaking, and she said that she would have to bring up the idea of having cameras mounted on the 4-wheelers again. As we were laughing about that, a young tan skinned officer with sun-bleached hair came out of the back, and told me he was going to take me home.

“Go ahead and grab your helmet. I don’t have a spare. ” he said, as we passed a Ninja, heading through the parking lot.

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I took the webbing off what I hoped was my helmet, and limped behind him around a large pick-up, to his Harley. I only hoped that we were close enough that he would know where I lived.

“Your place, or stop somewhere to get pain killer first?” He asked, as he pulled on his helmet.

“Definitely somewhere with pain killers. ” I said. “I don’t think aspirin will work. Where can I get Jack and Coke?”

“I know the perfect place. ” He said “And it’s on the way to your apartment anyway. ”

The downside of a Harley of course is that conversation is pretty much out of the question, except for a few words shouted at stop lights, but what it lacks in conversation, it makes up for with vibration. I pulled my helmet on tight, and leaned in behind him tightly, with my pelvis angled down to the seat. As he pulled out of the parking lot, I wrapped my arms around his waist. He looked down, probably a little bit surprised that a seasoned rider would be holding on, but he didn’t complain.

We stopped at a small liquor shop, and the guy behind the counter knew us. Good thing, I realized, because until that moment, I hadn’t known Ryan’s name. I paid for the JD, a bottle of coke, and a few other bottles, with my prepaid card.

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   I already was shorting her on a few work hours for this week. I didn’t want to charge her for the booze too.

Ryan kept on looking at me, as we rang out, and I flirted with him shamelessly. By the time we left the store, he was grinning like an idiot.

We pulled up in front of a small house, and he parked. “Do you need help in?” He asked me.

“I won’t say no. ” I said, with a wink. “Oh, and sure, that would be great. ”

We walked up to the door, as I felt my pockets for keys, and found none. “oh please say I left it unlocked” I said out loud. I tried the door knob, and cursed. The keys were probably in some locker at the patrol station.

“Do you have your ID with you?” He asked.

I felt my pockets, and found a small wallet, with my ID facing out.

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   “Right here. Why?”

“Because I’d be really embarrassed if somebody complained about me breaking in, and you couldn’t prove you live here. ” He said, as he pulled out a lock picking kit.

I stood close to him, as he picked the lock, and tried not to let my impatience show, as he took nearly 10 minutes to open my door. Better than nothing I suppose…

He came in, and set the bag down on my counter. I intentionally kept my back turned to the freezer, as I said “How about you find some glasses?” and grabbed a tray of ice.

The third door he tried (That’s why I didn’t get them) had glasses, and He had me sit down, while he went about making some cocktails.

I was still riding the high of the vibrations from Ryan’s Harley, as I sat down, and watched him pouring the drinks. With the hormones flying around in my brain, he looked about 5 times more sexy than the attractive man I had walked out of the patrol station with, and I thought that if Liz really had hurt her ankle, and been given a ride home by this guy, things would have turned out the same as my game.

He walked over, his eyes tracing the curves of my body as he handed my drink, and he sat down across from me. He was raising his glass to his lips, when his phone rang. I was disappointed to see he was still so easily distracted, as he looked at the caller ID, and accepted the call.

10 seconds into the call he put down his drink, and 30 seconds into the call he was standing up. He hung up the phone and apologized to me. “I could be wrong, but I felt like this was going somewhere, and I’m really… REALLY sorry for this” He said, his eyes traveling from my breasts, to my hips, and up to my lips, which I’m sure were bright red just then “They just found 2 guys I’ve been tracking for 2 months, up in a warehouse.

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   One of them is dead, and the other is on the way to the hospital. He’s been stabilized, but they’re not sure if he’ll make it. If I want to find out about the rest of their crew, I have to try now. ”

I bit my lip, and did my best to look pleading.

He walked over to the door, and looked back at me. “I hope I haven’t missed my chance Liz. I’ll call you tomorrow. ”

As the door closed, I punched the arm of my plush chair hard, and stood up. I walked over to the nearest mirror, by the door, and took off my shirt, and bra. I had perky c-cups and a 24 inch waist damn it! This guy must be the most loyal cop in the city.

I threw her uniform on the couch as I went to find her bedroom. Her room was a mess. She obviously used the pile method of organizing, and it took me a minute to determine which pile was her clean clothes.

Between the pile, the closet, and the lingerie drawer, I found an outfit that suited my purpose, while I called a cab. I went out, and looked in the mirror.

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   I was wearing a loose blouse, which would swing free and give a nice down-blouse show, if I leaned forward at all, with a pair of high heals that laced up around my leg, and short denim skirt. Underneath that, I had the smallest pair of thong panties Liz owned, and a transparent push-up bra with no straps. Ryan may not be getting laid tonight, but I was.

I stuffed every condom I had found in her room into a small purse, with my phone and card, and her ID, and walked out to meet the cab. I leaned over at the passenger window, and let the driver have a good view down my shirt. “Where can you take me that has sexy single guys?” I asked.

“I know a couple of places. ” The driver replied.

“Good. ” I said, getting in the back seat. “And if there are good sexy women their too, so much the better. ”

I did my best to become a driving hazard, as the cabbie drove into the city. He spent more time watching his rear view, than the road, and it wasn’t to see what was behind the car.

I played with my breasts shamelessly, pulling gently on my nipple rings, and I managed to get myself keyed up enough that if he had just gone a few more blocks before he dropped me off, he would have seen me playing with my pussy too. As it was, I managed to produce a lovely musky scent, that would be sure to get some attention in the club.

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I paid with my card, which took much longer than I had hoped, and got out of the cab. There was a line outsides, but the bouncer saw me, and waved me through before I could walk to the back. An unfortunate part of his job was to make sure that it was a sexy crowd inside, turning away anybody who would detract from that atmosphere. Obviously, I looked old enough to drink, and hot enough to make the cut.

I walked in, and was accosted by a wall of sound. Talking clearly wasn’t a big priority in this place. I got a Jack and Coke at the bar, and started working my way through the room. I knew what I wanted now. It was just a matter of finding it.

I walked around the floor, playing with my hair, and watching people’s faces, as I drained my drink. On the edge of the dance floor, I found what I was looking for. He was about 6 feet tall, with short hair, dark brown skin, and his open shirt showed a great muscle tone, and small nipples that were almost pitch black. She had his knee between her legs, and her face against his chest. She was about 5’4” and had platinum blond hair.

Both of them gave me looks that said they’d like to eat me.



I put down my empty glass, and joined them on the dance floor. “Can 3 dance together?” I yelled, over the music. They looked at each other, and each took one of my hands, drawing me in.

I wanted to make sure that they were as open as they seemed, so I grabbed the back of her head, and pulled her in for a kiss. Her tongue flitted around my lips, and his hand moved down to my ass. I grabbed the edge of his shirt in a fist, and ran my hand along her hips.

We broke our kiss, and everybody was still smiling, so I went for him next. He leaned down, and wrapped his arm across my back, as he pulled my lower lip into his mouth, then let me suck his tongue into mine. She brought her hand around from behind his back, and ran it across my shoulder, down my chest, and placed it on my breast. Fair enough. I was testing what they wanted, she was testing what I wanted. I squeezed both their asses at the same time, as the song ended, and we had just a few seconds while the DJ blended into the quiet start of the next.

“Clearly we’re people of action. ” I said. “Shall we go back to your place?”

The man turned, with one hand leading each of us, the exit.

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   As we got outside, he put one arm around each of our shoulders, and we walked into the night. As we walked, Marcus and Jessie introduced themselves, and we exchanged a few more kisses. I expected to go to a car of course, but they lead me past the parking lot, and down the block, to an apartment building, and we went inside.

Marcus left us for a moment as we went inside, to make some more drinks, and Jessie and I made our way to the couch. She kissed down my neck, and across the top of my chest, as she caressed my breasts. “Hmm. Pierced… You naughty girl. ” She said, smiling at me. “I should probably ask. How do you feel about marks?” She looked at me, and bit the air, grinning.

“As long as my boss won’t see them, with my uniform shirt on, I don’t mind. ” I replied.

“So nothing on the neck then. ” Said Marcus, handing us our drinks, and settling in next to me. “Pity.

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   It looks good enough to eat. ”

He kissed my neck, as she put her mouth to mine again. I could feel Marcus reaching around behind me to caress Jessie’s neck, as he ran his hand up my leg, and around it under the edge of my skirt.

Jessie broke the kiss, and guided Marcus’ head around to take her place. She ran her hand along my stomach, and up into my shirt for a quick grab, and then she stood up to unzip her dress. I broke the kiss with Marcus, and let him kiss my neck, so I could watch as she pulled the dress off her shoulder, and then slid it down to the floor.

Her c-cups sagged a little, as she took off her bra, and began to play with them for us. She was almost as toned as Marcus, with generous hips, and long slender legs. She hadn’t bothered with panties, and her shaved pussy revealed just a little bit of labia peaking out, bright pink, and glistening.

Jessie sat down on the other side of Marcus, and they looked to me. Clearly it was my turn. I stood up and turned toward them, running my fingers through my hair.

“Leave the heels on Honey. ” Jessie said kicking up one of her own heel clad feet. “It helps keep Marcus… energetic.

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I unzipped the side of my skirt, worked it past my hips, and let it free fall to the floor. My shirt slipped over my head, and I leaned over, and guided Marcus’ hand to the bra clasp, between my breasts. He opened it easily, with one hand, and as I pulled off my bra, I turned around, putting one leg between each of their two legs. They got the hint, and each grabbed one side of my panties, pulling them down for me.

I turned again, and took Marcus by the hand. It was his turn.

As I sat down, and pulled my panties off my feet, He slipped his shoes and socks off, and stood in front of us. He slid his shirt off his shoulders, and flexed his muscles for us. It was cheesy sure, but his toned chest, and abs, and arms, looked beautiful, glistening in a light coating of his sweat. He stepped forward to Jessie, and she leaned in to open his belt. Then he put up one hand for her to stop, and moved over to me, so that I could unbutton and unzip his pants. As I did, I reached up, running a hand across his chest, then digging my nails in slightly as I pulled down his stomach. I kissed his stomach, as I opened his pants. Both Jessie and I reached around to guide his pants down past his beautiful ass, giving it a squeeze along the way, and he bent over to pull his pant legs off, kissing me on the shoulder.

Now it was down to his boxer briefs, and the little tent they were beginning to make at his crotch.

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   Jessie nodded to me, giving me the honors, and as I felt her kissing her way across my back, and reaching around to fondle my tits, I played with Marcus through his underwear, kissing through the cloth, and cupping his balls. Finally, I hooked my fingers into his waistband, and pulled his underwear down.

His un-cut cock rose up to meet me, as the waistband released it, and I kissed it, as I pulled them down.

Jessie put one hand around his cock, as she came around to kiss me again, and I ran my hand up the inside of his leg, resting it just below his ass. (This is something I’ve always liked for women to do to me. )

I stood up, and lead Marcus around so that he could sit on the couch, and I began kissing down his body. Jessie took the hint, as I bent over, with my ass in the air, and came around behind me, dragging her nails across my back as she knelt down.

As I stroked Marcus cock, watching it expand to a thick 7 inches, she rubbed my pussy, dipping her finger between the folds of my pussy lips, and sliding back and forth, teasing towards my clit.

I bent low, and cupped Marcus’ balls, rubbing them, as I slid my tongue from the base of his cock to the tip. I gently sucked his foreskin into my mouth, and then slid my lips around his cock, as he put his hands on my neck, rubbing out to my shoulders and back. (It’s so nice to find a guy who doesn’t shove my head down on his cock. ) As I pulled his cock into my mouth, and ran my tongue around it, he ran his hands along my arms, and intertwines the fingers of his right hand, with the fingers of my left. He turned sideways on the couch and stretched out, so that he could reach my tits, and run his hands all around them, letting his fingertips pull at my nipple rings gently as they passed.

Jessie, behind me, was licking from my pussy, up to my anus, and back.

I pulled my mind out of the fog just long enough to remember to be safe for my host, and grabbed my purse from the couch.

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   I slide his foreskin back, as I popped a pineapple flavored condom in my mouth, and looked him in the eyes, as I slid it down his cock with my lips. About halfway down, I discovered that Liz had a strong gag reflex, but I suppressed it, swallowing the tip of his cock, as I rolled the condom down to the base of his shaft. Marcus groaned, as I held my breath, and did my best to swallow his cock whole.

I decided to be courteous to my hostess, and guided her finger out of my pussy, to bring her around. She kissed her lover on the lips, then faced me as he turned, and she mounted him, while she kissed me and played with my pussy.

Jessie clearly had lots of experience with fingering a pussy. Her nails were groomed short, so she didn’t give me the uncomfortable scraping some women (and men) do, and as she slid 2 fingers into my pussy, she rubbed my clit gently with her thumb, and she found the sensitive spot, just within reach of her fingers, in no time.

She wrapped her other arm around me for support, as she slid up and down Marcus’ cock, and first sucked, then bit into my shoulder, causing me cry out in delicious pain.

I looked down at Marcus, as I dug my nails into Jessie’s back and ass, and he put his hands under her legs, stroking her pussy, and pumping his hips. I couldn’t see for sure, but I think he was also fingering her ass.

Jessie released my shoulder from her mouth as she cried out, and then bit into me again, screaming around her teeth, as I dug my nails deeper into her back. Marcus closed his eyes, and dropped his jaw, as he put her legs down, and dug his own nails into her hips.

Jessie leg go of her bite on the top of my tit, and smiled at me, as I heard the wet pop, of Marcus cock coming out of her pussy.

“Don’t worry” She said, as she scattered kisses across my lips “He stays hard through a few times. ”

She turned me around, and I found that she was absolutely right.

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   There was a bit of cum in the condom, but he was still just as hard as before.

Jessie lay down on the couch, and I knelt between her legs. As Marcus came around me, and knelt down, I licked Jessie’s inner thighs, tasting her sweat, as I moved up to her pussy. Marcus spread my pussy with his fingers, and pressed his cock inside me. My pussy was tighter than I expected, and I felt a wave of heat, as his cock pushed me open.

Marcus reached one hand around my hips, as he began to pump his cock in my pussy, sliding his finger tip across my clit. I opened Jessie’s pussy with two fingers, smelled her delicious musk, and began eating her pussy.

Marcus slid his cock in and out of me slowly, pulling my hips to him, and burying his cock down to the balls with each stroke, then pulling out almost completely before he pressed back in.

I stuck two fingers into Jessie’s pussy, and bit her thigh to keep from crying out. As I felt her flesh pinch between my teeth, she cried out instead, pulling her nipple with one hand, while she gripped my hair with the other.

Marcus, encouraged by her scream, picked up pace, sliding into me faster, and still pulling out slowly.

As he pulled out he would run his finger down into my pussy, then back up to put pressure on my clit as he pushed back in. The rhythm of it pounded through my brain, as heat flowed through my body, and I tried to keep treating Jessie well, while this strong man pumped my body… Hard… so hard…

I screamed out loud, as the rhythm crashed through me, and into the pleasure center of my brain, and I was left shaking, with my head in Jessie’s lap, and Marcus still pounding me, until he finally dug his nails into my hips, pulling me onto him again, and relaxed behind me.

3 hours later, I finally left, carrying my panties and bra in my hand, as I got into the cab, and read the address from my ID to the cabbie, so he could take me home.

As he dropped me off, I turned to him, and blew him a kiss.

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   “When I get settled into bed, I want to be you. ” I said, and he drove away, thinking that I was drunk off my ass.

I walked in, and stripped immediately, leaving my clothes in a heap on the kitchen counter as I passed.

I went into the bathroom, and took a quick shower, feeling sorry for Liz, as I winced in pain when I ran the soap across the scratches Marcus and Jessie had left. I took my time, washing my hair, and letting it dry after I got out, while I watched the late-night news, and played with my pussy, as much to sooth it from the pounding it had gotten, as to feel good.

My heart skipped a beat, as I saw Ryan on the screen, with a picture of James in his hand, saying that he had passed away in the hospital earlier that evening, and calling for people to contact the police with any information regarding James Winter’s accomplice, who shot a cabbie in the legs. Walter was in stable condition.

I turned off the TV and stretched my legs. I thought about getting a drink, but realized that it wouldn’t make much difference to me, because I’d be leaving momentarily.

I combed out my hair, so it wouldn’t be too much of a mess in the morning, and then took off my towel, and lay down in bed, feeling Liz’ smooth satin sheets on my naked body. For a young women, even one with a cluttered room, she was living a pretty good life, I thought.

I pulled the sheets around me, settled my head onto the pillow, and gripped the steering wheel.

“Well?” said a voice behind me, after a few seconds.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?” I asked my passenger.

“Can you break a 50?”

“Let me check.

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  ” I said. I was parked in front of an apartment building, and the meter read $25. 30. I found a money bag tucked into my seat, and made change appropriately. He didn’t give me a tip, but who was I to complain? I had no idea whether he even got good service. I looked at my ID, to see that I wasDavid Morgan, and checked my log sheet to find out my dispatch number.

I called in to say I was taking a long lunch, and flipped off my ‘available’ light.

I spent some time lurking at a motel, before I finally found somebody single, alone, and tired going into their room. I took my bundle from where I had stuffed it in the back seat, handed it off to the tired patron, and watched David drive away confused, before I went in, and settled down for the night.

As I fell asleep, I thought about my adventures, and decided that tomorrow I would find my way back home. My only concern until then was how soft this motel’s pillows were, and how comfortable the bed.