My Telekentetic Tale


It turns out she had to do some extra work. Our school was very under staffed, so we were the only ones there. She bent down to find some books, and I got another peek at her lacey thong, which sent my shriveled cock to a raging hard on. I used my powers to shut the door, and lock it. I used my mind to make her want to come over hear. I made a motion toward my leg, causing her to glance down at my pants, where she saw my cock that was huge. She looked at me with a discussed look on my face. She walked over to the wall that had nothing on it, so I took the opportunity, and followed her there. She noticed me and turned around. I made her body go limp, and I caught her in my arms, and made our lips meet. I held her tight, feeling her huge tits, against my chest, and felt her nipples getting hard. I took a chance by sticking my tongue in her mouth. She seemed to enjoy it, and I didn’t even use my powers to make her enjoy it. I thought that was a go ahead, to keep doing it. Now she was standing straight herself, and I saw her touch herself. My dick was rubbing against her leg.

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   I heard her giggle a little bit. I was exploring her mouth with my tongue, my dream was coming true. She looked at the clock, and pushed me away, and headed to the door, struggling to get it open. I ran over to her, grabbed her arms, and moved them against the door and held them there with my powers. Then I did the same with her legs. I stood back, watching her struggle and try and get free. It made me even more horny. I then started to lift up her blouse with my powers, revealing her black lacey bra. I then slid off her tight skirt, and saw the familiar thong. I moved back up to her chest, and undid her bra, to reveal her huge D-cup tits. Her body was struggling, but I could tell she was turned on because of how hard her tits were. I went over to her and started to French kiss her nipple, and sucked on her whole tit. She moaned. I kissed down her body, down to her wet pussy. I started to kiss it, and heard her say under her breath, “please don’t, get away, I’m still a virgin.

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  ” I didn’t listen to her and kept going. I inserted my tongue, and started to lick her clit. I heard her moan a deeper moan than before. A few minutes after sucking her pussy, she stared to cum right in my face. Her cum tasted so sweet. I drank my own cum before that tasted salty, but this was totally different, it tasted so sweet like honey. Some ran down her leg, and I had fun licking it up. Then I thought it was time, so I started to undue my pants. I revealed my cock that was an unusual size, a full inch bigger than before. I was huge because she was turning me on so much. I peeled off my shirt that was sweaty, from our body heat. She gasped at my body, looking at my six pack, and chiseled abs, then her eyes moved down to my cock, she was even more stunned at that sight, having not seen a mans dick before let alone one that was about 8 inches in length. I moved close to her, slowly putting the head of my cock into her pussy, seeing her wince in pain, that didn’t stop me, I kept going in and out, an inch further each time, using her left over cum as a lubricant. Now I started to move in and out of her faster and faster, by now my whole cock was inside of her, and I had broken her virginity, and she seemed to be enjoying it. So I started to hump her even faster than before, hearing her moan, and making me want to do it even more.

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   I felt my firm, wet from sweat balls sack slapping against her pussy. I could tell she was reaching her climax, and so was I. I yelled out, “I’m cumming!”, and we both cummed at the same time. I then used my powers to flip her over and bend down. I spread her legs as far as they could. I fisted the head of my cock inside of her, she screamed in pain, I pushed it in more, and I heard an even louder scream. Then I warned her that this time my whole 8 inch cock was going in. I heard shout at the top of her lungs, a blood curdling scream, that didn’t stop me. I didn’t feel bad, because I explained to her how it felt not to be listened to, especially by a girl he had a crush on his whole life. I then assured her that I didn’t want to make her pregnant, so near my climax, I turned her around, and made her start sucking my dick, I cummed in her mouth the biggest load I had ever done. I noticed that she was crying now, and wasn’t going to drink my cum. So I slipped out my dick, and walked to my pile of close. I heard her still sobbing in the corner. Now I stared to feel bad, and realized how much pain she was in, and realized that I had just raped her. I was so mad at her for never giving me a chance, that I didn’t listen to her pleads of pain.

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   After I was dressed I broke down to my knees, and started to realize the actual sizes of what my consequences would be. I walked over to her, and told her how sorry I was, knowing it wouldn’t help. I let her go, she got dressed, and went to the window. I unlocked the door, and heard her run out. My once hard on dick was now smaller than it had ever been, because, I was so mad at myself. I was looking out the window that felt like five minutes, but turned out to be 2 hours. I heard cop sirens, and then saw them speed down the street, and knew they were coming for me. I knew what I did was wrong, but I was sorry, and used my powers to transport me to a place that I felt safe, the high school football field. I spent the whole day there and saw a magazine blowing in the corner. I went over and picked it up, it was a porn magazine of fake celebrity pictures, Christina Augularia on the cover without a top on. I felt ashamed, but wanted to be there with her. I again heard the cops coming around the corner, so I had no choice. I used my powers to transport me to where ever Christina was. I was gone in an instant. ~The End~Hey, I’m new at this, there’s another continued story coming, hope u liked it, comment on the story.

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