one wish part 2


Meanwhile, Jake is driving Jennifer over to her apartment.
The trip is uneventful and painfully quiet. Mostly they just listen to the radio. When they get home, Jake walks Jennifer to the door, and there they kiss passionately, but Jake turns away afterwards as if to go home.
“Jake, where you going?” asks Jennifer, still with the door open. She can’t understand Jake, sometimes he has this weird sense of chivalry. “You know, my folks aren’t home. ” She bites her lower lip and strikes the sexiest pose she knows.
Jake may be chivalrous, but he’s not dense. He turns on his heel and walks inside with his hand on Jennifer’s waist and a lop-sided smile. He hadn’t wanted to pressure her, but if she wants to then, hey, you know?
Jenny leads Jake into the kitchen, where she takes off her clothes before offering him a drink. She has the most beautiful breasts, such a tight, flat stomach, and an amazingly neat and delicate pussy between her legs. Jake follows suit, though he can’t quite control himself and therefore sports a raging boner. Jake’s got the body of, well, an athlete. Well defined muscles, no fat, good proportions, the usual you know? His dick is an unusually massive ten inches, though Jake has no idea that he’s big. He assumes that he’s average.

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   Jenny smiles a quirky smile at Jake, while he stands there a little nervously.
Walking over to him, hips swaying, she kneels down as she reaches him and immediately starts giving him head. Jake can hardly stand on his feet as his knees nearly buckle. While mercilessly sucking on Jake’s cock, Jennifer also starts to fondle his balls, playing with the hairy things with her hands and causing Jake to moan and start to rock into her face.
“Oh god Jenny. ”
Jennifer just looks up at Jake with a smile, and redoubles her efforts. Jake can’t take it, he feels the familiar stirring in his balls as he is about to cum into his girlfriends mouth, and that thought only adds to the feeling. Jennifer starts sucking on his cock now instead of just playing with his head, drawing as much of him into her mouth as she can and letting him fuck her face. Then, finally, he goes rigid and right as Jenny sucks him into the back of her mouth he cums right down her throat. Three short wads of his seed make their way to his stomach.
Jenny sucks the rest of Jakes cum from his dick licking him clean.
“Now my turn. ” She says, smiling and taking Jake over into the family room. Jake’s bemused smile turns into a look of surprise but he follows. She lies down spread eagle on the carpet, and Jake kneels down over her.

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He doesn’t start with her pussy, even though it’s already dripping wet, but instead leans over her and starts sucking on her soft, round breasts. Her nipple immediately goes erect in his mouth, and he sucks like he were a man dying of thirst. After a bit he moves away from that nipple and kisses his way to the other one, to balance them out, sucking hard on her.
“Oh god, Jake please just eat me. I’m so horny right now. ”
“Oh, I will Jenny. I just want you to feel it is all. ”
He moves from her breasts after kissing all around them, then starts kissing and now licking his way down her amazing flat stomach. She arches into the air once to display her horniness and desperation, but Jake continues his torturously slow decent to her pussy, finally stopping right at the top of her slit, kissing her right above where her clit is beginning to poke out. Her pussy is now engorged with blood, puffed up so much that it has spread itself wide to display the deepening red of her folds. He continues kissing her right there, almost as if he’s waiting for something.
“For the love of everything Jake jus-“ she’s cut off by her own little squeal of surprise as Jake delves into her pussy and starts eating her out like no one ever has before. He licks her entire slit from top to bottom at first, going from her cute little hole all the way up ending with a little flick on her clit. Her entire body arches into his face, and immediately he changes tack to prolong the time until she actually cums, and therefore making the orgasm, when it finally arrives, more massive than any she will have ever experienced before. Now he’s digging his tongue as far into her love hole as possible, scooping out her juices and swallowing them.

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   Then he moves back up her slit and begins to earnestly teas her clit, making Jenny cries out as the he stimulates the sensitive organ without any of the restraint that she would have been force to use had she tried to pleasure herself.   Jenny is paralyzed with the pleasure, it’s all she can do to simply squeeze and roll her breasts, as much to help counter the mind blowing pleasure from her clit as add to it.
Then Jake changes tact again, but he doesn’t stop sucking and teasing Jenny’s clit. Instead, he adds to the mix my sticking two fingers up into her love hole, making her gasp anew. She’s clenching rhythmically and uncontrollably on his fingers, but he is still able to spread his two fingers apart a little inside of her, and then proceeds to rub a little walnut sized bump on the wall of her vagina that is right up against her sexy flat stomach.
“Then piss yourself,” replies Jake, releasing her clit for a moment then diving right back in. This is it, he tells himself. He’s got a second boner already just from watching poor Jenny convulse from the almost torturous affections he’s showing her without any kind of restraint.
At first Jenny resists the urge to pee, but it’s so powerful and she’s so hot right now that she doesn’t care anymore what kind of mess she makes. She’s always had a fascination with pissing anyway. However, when she finally gives up holding it in and tries to pee, she finds that she can’t though the urge to pee remains. She’s also approaching her climax.
“HOLY CRAP JAKE!” is all she can get out before she looses her ability to form rational words. Her breathing quickens and shallows, the contractions of her pussy become faster and more forceful. She’s covered in sweat, and groaning and grunting with every new stroke from Jake’s fingers and every mind-blowing flick of his tongue.

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   Finally she cries out like a banshee, he pussy clamps down like a vice on Jake’s fingers, and cum sprays out of her pussy all over Jake and the floor.
“Oh, God Jake. ” She says, rolling over in fatigue and about to kiss him. Then she is reminded forcefully of her need to pee. “OH GOD. ” She gets up and sprints to the restroom. While the sound of Jennifer pissing like a race horse fills the house momentarily, Jake notices his wish card sticking out of the pocket in his clothes.
Smiling to himself, he takes it in his hands, places his thumb against the diamond, then thinks. Finally he has an idea, he had been watching a little anime before coming over and there was this hot fox-woman that stood out in his mind.
“Ok, um… wishing cards. ” He begins, half sarcastically and half bemused. “I wish that Jennifer looked like that foxy anime I watched last night, and that we could have sex all night. ”
The peeing in the bathroom has finally stopped, and is replaced by light humming as Jennifer turns on the faucet. Looking back down at the wishing card, Jake sees that the red diamond has completely disappeared.
The faucet in the bathroom runs for a little bit as Jennifer no doubt cleans herself up, then shuts off abruptly.


“Huh, that’s odd,” Jennifer says inside the bathroom, which turns into a shriek.
“Jaaaaaaaike!” Jake runs into the bathroom, it isn’t locked, and is momentarily stunned.
Soft, red fur is running up Jennifer’s legs as she stands there staring at her hands. Her fingernails have become pointed, hooked, and sharp, and the same red fur is shooting up her arms a well. In no time at all she’s completely covered in red fur with an irregularly, though symmetrically, shaped white patch on her belly and chest and neck.
“Jake! What’s happening to me?” she looks so helpless even as her face pushes out to form a muzzle, and her ears migrate to the top of her head, at the same time becoming pointed and furry. Her teeth become tiny and pointy. The insides of her ears have white fur and the outside has red. Her brown hair begins changing to match that same shade of red.
On top of that, her feet start elongating, and though she not getting taller she’s being forced to stand on her toes, which have become the padded feet of a fox. She stands awkwardly now, her legs no longer familiar to her. Lastly an extremely long, bushy fox tail sprouts from her behind and trails to the ground around her, wrapping one around her feet. It seems very flexible.
She still looks like Jenny, but at the same time is now a fox, and an impossibly sexy fox at that. It’s Jake’s wish come true!
“Well, aren’t you bright eyed and bushy tailed tonight?” he says, laughing.

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“This isn’t funny!” she cry’s, grabbing up her swishing tail. “Look at me! What the fuck happened? I can’t go anywhere looking like this!”
“It’d make a hell of a Halloween costume though,” says Jake, still smiling, though to his credit making a herculean effort not to laugh. “I can’t believe it worked. ”
Jennifer sharply turns to look Jake in the eyes, and her ears flick forward to point at him.
“You did this to me? Why?”
“I didn’t know!” defends Jake, backing up. Jessica follows him. “I was just messing around, and I made the first wish that came to mind with the wish card thing the gypsy gave us. ” Jake can’t repress a grin from spreading across his face again. “Oh, man. Just look at you. ”
“So you still think this is funny?” Jennifer swirls away from Jake and grabs up her own wish card from her pile of clothes. The color drains from Jake’s face.
“I wish whatever you did to me would happen to you,” and she throws the card down on the floor with a smirk. The red diamond on the card fades to nothing before their eyes.
All Jake can say is “oh shit” before the changes hit him.

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   It’s almost a warm feeling as fur spreads up his legs and belly, then continues all over the rest of him. His ears shift to the top of his head and his hearing sharpens exponentially as they become huge and pointed. His hands and feet become clawed, and his legs completely rearrange themselves like Jennifer’s did, forcing him to walk on his tip-toes, though not uncomfortably, and giving him a bit of a lope to his gait. His face pushes outwards a little, his nose and mouth form a short muzzle, and his teeth multiply and become needle sharp. Again, it’s all tied together when a tail explodes from his ass, feather soft and supple as a bullwhip. Jake finds that he has incredible control over both his tail and his ears, though when he takes his mind off them they move reflexively to the moment, his ears pointing at sounds and his extra long tail swishing back and forth to keep him balanced.
“Whoa. ” exclaims Jennifer. Her pussy, where before it had been hidden rather well by her fur, is suddenly visible as her mound pushes out and her slit opens up a little as she is struck by how incredibly sexy they both look, and by how unique their situation is.
“You’re wet,” observes Jake with a grin. Jennifer can’t help but grin back. He’s right.
“You’re looking optimistic as well. ” Jake looks down at himself. His dick is poking a little out of a near invisibly furry sheath of skin, but he frowns as he looks at it.

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   It’s not human, that’s for sure, and it’s  pointed. Looking at it only makes him randier, and his dick jumps another inch out of its sheath. Jake feels that his dick is even bigger than before, though no wider, and is a bright red as well. On top of that his entire dick seems to be resting inside of his body, but the knowledge alone that this is his dick is enough to make his dick shoot the rest of the way out of his sheath. Jennifer is up next to him in seconds.
They embrace, their tails entwined together and their soft bodies pressed up against each other. Jakes red, arrow shaped dick is presses between their warm fur. They’re both overheating and panting, but neither is about to stop. Jennifer’s pussy is now wide open and very wet.
“I want you inside of me Jake,” she pants.
“I want to be inside of you,” answers Jake, equally breathless. His balls and his penis are throbbing.
They part, and head for a bedroom. By the size of it and judging by its decoration Jake guesses that it’s her mom and dad’s bedroom. It has a very large bed. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

Jake lays Jennifer on the bed, kneeling on top of her, his dick sticking into the air. He lays down on top of her and in the same motion penetrates her, pressing himself inch after inch into her impossibly tight pussy. Jake once had a virgin who wasn’t this tight! Jennifer’s wetness helps though, and her pussy stretches over him as he pushes deeper and deeper into her until both of their pelvis’s meet flush. Jennifer’s breathing has quickened and is much sharper, but she can’t say a word. They just embrace each other, their tails having never untwined even as they had walked over to the bedroom. Jake then slowly pulls out, making Jennifer gasp, then pushes back in. In absolutely no time at all they’re both going at it, Jennifer arching into Jake’s thrusts while Jake makes love to her with mindless intensity.
Jake’s elongated shaft is hitting deep into Jennifer’s pussy, so deep in fact that Jake starts hitting a wall. What’s strange is that this wall seems to have a small, tightly closed opening in the middle of it, and that the tip of Jake’s penis is hitting it square on. Jennifer finds her voice.
“Jake, I need you deeper inside of me. Deeper Jake!”
Jake obliges, and starts hammering the wall in the back of Jennifer’s pussy. His dick must still be getting larger because even though he bottoms out with each thrust he makes a little headway. This is an incredible turn-on for Jennifer, the thought that Jake is still getting bigger inside of her, and she climax’s then and there, her pussy going from a steady, uncontrollable contracting rhythm to a  fluttering spasm shooting down her entire vagina. Jake keeps going, and finally pushes through the wall deep inside of Jennifer.

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“Ahhhhgh!” cries out Jennifer, though not in pain. She has never in her short sex life experienced anything like what Jake is doing to her now.
It takes a moment before they both realize that Jake can no longer pull out of Jennifer, and the reason is apparent. There is a small bulge at the base of his dick, and it’s growing bigger with every passing second, stretching Jennifer’s small, tight pussy around it. It no longer can possibly fit back out the way it came, even though they both try to force it as Jennifer starts to cry out in pain for the first time this night.
“Ow, oh god Jake make it stop!”
“I can’t stop it!” though he doubts that he would have if he could. He had already stopped trying to pull out of Jennifer. As the bulge in the base of Jake’s cock grows their crotches are forced to meet flush while at the same time Jake’s dick grows longer and thicker as well, penetrating a further two inches into Jennifer’s womb.
The knot at the base of Jake’s dick is causing no end of pain and discomfort to Jennifer, but that doesn’t stop her from rising steadily and rapidly toward another climax, in fact it may be assisting it. Jennifer never though of herself as the kind who might enjoy pain in sex, but even as Jake’s cock is forcing her pussy wide around the now baseball sized knot she finds herself screaming in ecstasy and not pain. Jake, though he can’t withdraw himself, begins pressing against Jennifer rhythmically, and soon Jennifer’s pussy starts speeding up it’s contractions. At the same time, Jake feels a stirring deep down in his balls, and soon after his load starts shooting up his dick and into Jennifer. Jennifer can feel Jake expanding inside of her as his cum travels up his dick and finally erupts deep inside of her. First one thick gush, then two, then three pumps of Jake’s seed enter directly into her womb and the quickly pooling cum inside of her sends Jennifer rocketing over the edge. She clamps down hard on Jake’s dick and knot, squeezing them like a soft, hot, wet vice and forcing more cum out of his dick.


Jake’s dick pounds with each successive wave of cum, taking more and more out of him. He seems to have no end, and his cum is starting to build up in Jennifer’s womb. Finally, with a shudder, he is spent, and Jenny had long since stopped orgasming as well.
They lay on top of each other for some time, caressing each other with their tails and smoothing the fur on the sides of their heads and necks. After some time, Jake’s penis disappears completely back into the neat little sheath, hiding the bulk of his member in his body and camouflaging the rest with his fur. Looking at Jennifer, Jake can no longer see where her pussy is, and her nipples are hidden under fur as well. Her breasts, on top of that, are unusually perky, as if she were wearing a sport bra under her fur, but Jake knows that isn’t possible. Jennifer starts putting on her cloths, slipping her neat, pink panties on over her legs, followed by short shorts, but she cries out in frustration when she can neither hide her tail nor make it comfortable in the clothing designed for humans.
“It’s ok Jenny, let me rip a hole here and your tail should be fine. ” Jennifer takes her cloths back off and Jake takes out his pocket knife and carefully slices a hole in her shorts and panties. After delicately threading her tail through the holes, she finally gets fully dressed.
“Dam you are sexy, you know that?”
“Yeah, your not so bad looking yourself Jake, but this is bad. How am I supposed to go to school like this? What’ll I tell mom?”
“We’ll think of something,” reassures Jake, calm as ever. He cuts holes in his own jeans and boxers as well, then puts them on. They stand there looking at each other, appreciating each other’s sexiness, when they both simultaneously realize that their sexual appetite is not yet sated.

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   They both immediately start undressing each other yet again, and are in for a very long and very wild night.
“I had no idea you were so flexible Jenny,” says Jake, laying on his back in the early morning night fresh from another fuck.
“Neither did I. Did you like it?”
“Hell yeah, we’re gonna need to try this one next time. Looks fun. ”
Jenny pulls the book over, and looks at the position that Jake is pointing at. They had found the book in Jenny’s Dad’s bookcase. It was very useful.
“Yeah, next time Jake. It’s nearly six thirty, we need to get ready for school. ”
“School? Looking like this? You’re nuts. ”
“You did say we’d think of something right? I still want to become a biologist, hopefully a field biologist. See new places and new animals. ”
“Ironic, it suits your new look. So… any ideas? I mean, I was going to become a biologist too and I’ll be dammed if I let something like this get in the way.

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“We could shave all the fur off, and pull our tails around our bodies. ” She demonstrates by wrapping her fluffy tail around her waist several times.
“No good on shaving, it won’t help disguise our faces, but I like the tail thing. ” Jake tries it himself. “You know, maybe we should just go into class like this, and say it’s a costume, or surgery! Surgery is good!”
“I like surgery, be a bit hard to explain to my folks, but then again I could just say it was a rebellious thing. Wait, how did we pay for this?”
“We didn’t, it was experimental to make sure it worked or something. Very confidential, we can just refuse to tell who did it, you know?”
“Wait,” Jennifer interrupts. Her tail and ears had been perking up and her fur had been standing on end, giving away her excitement, but now they fall down. “What if someone wants to examine us, you know, like the government. I don’t want to be locked up forever under observation. ”
“That’s easy, we’ll just have to go to the media, but first school. The fed is pretty slow to pick up on stuff, we can go to the news after school, or maybe they’ll come to us. We’ll be untouchable then. ”
With that settled, they once again get dressed in their usual outfits with the necessary holes cut into them, and after a big breakfast both of them head to school in Jake’s car. The bedroom is left an absolute mess.

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The drive to school got weird looks from their fellow commuters, but nothing like when they walk into school all light on their feet with their tails trailing out behind them. Since their shoes no longer fit them in any sense of the word they walk barefoot in the cold autumn air, but because of the tough, supple pads on the bottom of their feet they don’t feel the cold at all. They both are treated like mascots, or like someone’s idea of a practical joke and warm greetings hail down on both of them. They both smile and make their way quickly to their lockers, sticking close together.
“Holey…” the word is left hanging as David walks up and realizes what had happened to Jake and Jennifer.
“We had an interesting night,” agrees Jake. “Be careful with the cards, they’re…”
“Real? Yeah, we found out the hard way too. Mel here wished I was hung like a horse, and voila. My man-bits are now horse-bits. Mel got herself a horse coochie too. ”
Jake turns to see Mel standing a bit back, but practically hanging on David’s shoulder.
“Dave’s still got his card,” she says. “Do either of you still have your card?”
“Nope,” pipes Jennifer. “Jake used his on me to make me a fox woman, and I used mine to do the same to him as revenge. ”
“Well that was stupid of ya,” says Mellissa.

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   “Now tell David to use his wish to undo all of this. ”
Jake and Jennifer look at each other, and in that moment an understanding passes between them.
“Um, I’m not so sure I want my wish undone. ” says Jake.
“Me neither. ” adds Jennifer, standing by Jake. They’re holding hands and their tails wrap around each other again.
“Well that’s all fine and dandy for you two, but I-AIEE!” Mellissa freezes up and starts breathing hard. “Oh shi-AHH! It’s happening again Davi-OH!-d. Oh god. ”
Meanwhile, the instant that Mellissa started having her pussy spasms again, David started to become epically aroused once more by the smell of Mellissa’s pussy, which while bearable before, now is overpowering and his horse’s cock starts to slip out of it’s sheath against his will, pressing out against his shirt on it’s way up, horribly visible to the rest of the world.
“I guess you weren’t joking,” says Jake, backing a little away.
“Oh shit,” exclaims David. “Not here. I can’t do this here.


  ” With a shaking hand he pulls out his wish card.
More to cum next time. Send in ideas for what should happen to Jake and Jennifer! I have ideas, you know the usual snakes, vines/tentacles, rape, and public nudity/sex/horniness, as well as many other ideas for the alteration of the foursome’s bodies, but new material is always welcome.
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