Tales from a Vampyr's Daughter


       She felt her muscles bunch beneath her and felt herself on a hairline trigger, waiting for the perfect time to leap at the unsuspecting intruder. He shuffled, and she used the noise to cover her slow movement, shifting her weight so she could come down her heaviest on him. She smiled and felt herself leaping into the air, propelled by her gigantic calf muscles, time seemed to slow down and she felt herself sailing through the air towards the person below, suddenly she was on him, but there was something wrong, he had turned and grasped her by the fore arms, she felt his strength and realised too late, this wasn't a human.         Using her body weight against her Eden threw theassailant into the crypt wall opposite him, he then leaped and landed with his legs straddling her body, sinking to his knees he had his teeth bared and ready to bite the figure lying under him, he felt puzzled as he heard giggling, he reached slowly to The long dark hair of his prey, pulling it back slowly he saw Erin’s familiar smile, he gasped when she poked her tongue out and giggled at Eden’s face. She had realised who she was up against as she had been thrown with such force into the wall. Eden took a second to fully work out what was going on, after he had gotten over the initial shock of seeing a familiar face he smiled at her,   
      “What the bloody hell do you think you are doing ?” he growled playfully.
    She smiled again, her fangs protruding because of her excited state.
     “Thought you was human” she stated trying to get her breath back.
    She saw his teeth were still elongated, meaning he was just as excited as she was, she smiled again and noticed for the first time, his hand was on her stomach, she felt a tingling where it was placed and looked into his eyes, now serious.           Eden felt her shift under his weight and wondered if she was uncomfortable, he looked at her face, framed by a dark halo of hair, she was actually quite attractive, he thought, he looked into her eyes and saw the passion bubbling under the surface, and realised it was he who had awakened the strong feeling, he flushed red as he felt his manhood harden, caused by the intense lust filled stare of the woman under him. She smiled as she felt the tell tale sign of passion, sliding her hand slowly from the ground, afraid she might frighten him off, she found herself grasping the hardness, feeling a surge of heat between her legs she realised she was very turned on by his manly weight pressed against her body.            He felt her hand grasping his manhood and gasped as she started slowly pulling on it, he felt himself lean forward and felt her hot tongue find its way into her mouth, they kissed passionately and fumbled with each others clothes until they was both naked and exploring each others bodies for the first time, she felt him enter her slowly, and marvelled at his size, he thrust into her depth and out again, while he kissed her breasts, she gasped as she felt herself reaching her peak,feeling him thrust into her one more time and feeling his passion rise to the peak. He exploded inside her, while she writhed in ecstasy underneath his crushing weight. She felt him relax and took the cue from him to do the same.
 Ignoring a stone stabbing into her back she reached up and grasped his firm buttock, smiling she felt weariness take over and felt herself sinking into sleep, she was hardly aware of the shift of body weight, meaning Eden had just got up.            He stood over her naked body and closed his eyes, what had he done ?, he picked his clothes up and quickly dressed, being silent, as not to awaken her.

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   He looked at her again, seemingly glowing white in the stark moonlight graveyard, he sighed and walked away from her sleeping form.
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