The Adventures of Susie QT - Episode 1 Suzie and the Space Pirates


*warning this story involve sex with a sex robot that looks like a preteen girl. If this offends you then move on. If not then read on and enjoy.

The Adventures of Susie QT

By Phoenix 5811

Year: 2187

Location: Io Fifth moon of Jupiter:

"Get Down!" Kyle called as another laser blast shot over head.

"What do you think I'm going to do go out there and get my head shot off?" Angelina shouted back at him as they both took refuge behind I pile of crates that stood close to their Starship the Phoenix. They were cut off from the landing ramp from a small group of officers from Port Authority. However the the group of officers were also stuck on the other side of the Phoenix behind a pile of crates of their own. Each time Rachel or Kyle had tried to make a break for it they were met by a barrage of laser fire.

“So what’s the plan Kyle?” Angelina said in an almost amusing tone. Kyle couldn't’t help but smirk back. They had been in spots like this before. And each time one way or another they had made it out. Kyle knew one of these days their luck would run out for himself or Angelina. But for some reason it didn’t feel like today. Such was the life of a smuggler in the United Solar System of planets.

“Ok, Here’s the plan.

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  ”Kyle replied with a grin. “I blast the energy tank on their lifter. When it blows up we make a break for the ramp while they are distracted. ”

“That would work if their lifter wasn’t solar powered. ”Angelina sighed.

“Oh. ”Kyle said as he risked a quick pick out from behind the crates. Sure enough Angelina was right the lifter was solar powered. Which meant it wouldn’t blow it would just sit there. He ducked back down as another round of blaster fire bounced of the crates near him. “I hadn’t noticed that before. Hmmmm I know how about. . ”

“Forget it. ”Angelina said as she pulled a smile slider grenade out of her pocket.

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  She smiled as she waved it in front of Kyle’s face.

With wide eyes he grinned as she said. ” Do think this should take care of the problem?”

“I knew there was a reason I kept you around. ”Kyle said as he nodded.

“I thought it was because of the fantastic blow jobs I give. ” She replied with a wink.

“That goes without saying. ” He shot back as he glance back over the crates again. “Anytime your ready babe. ”

With that Angelina threw the slider grenade like she was skipping stones on a pond toward the band of officers. With deadly accuracy the slider bounced only once then slide across the platform only to come to a stop mere inches from the crates they were hiding behind. A split second later the explosion it caused sent crates and officers in all directions.

Kyle and Angelina were practically to the ramp before the first officer hit the ground. Once inside the ship they then had the ramp up before any of the surviving officers could bring any arms to bear against them. Two minutes after that the ship was rising from the ground and heading straight out the main hanger for the far reaches of space.

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“That wasn’t so bad. ”Kyle said as he turned to smile at Angelina from inside the cockpit of the Phoenix. However Angelina’s eyes were glued to the front port as her hands worked the controls of the ship.

“Speak for yourself. ”Angelina snapped at him from the controls. “I knew we shouldn’t have taken this run. ”

“Hey, it was just a load of weapons. ”Kyle stated calmly.

“Yeah,”Angelina replied as she took the Phoenix into a dive. “For the Don. ”

“So. His money is just as good as anyone Else's. ”

“Yeah except that the whole united military would love to bust him!”Angelina snapped at Kyle finally looking at him now with a glare. “Face it Kyle. You fucked up big time.

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“Look we got a way right. ”Kyle said as he reached over and gently caressed her check. With that she smiled at him with those beautiful blue eyes of hers. “Every things going to be fi…. ”

The explosion of the cockpit being blasted in cut him off as he was thrown back into against his pilot seat. With a snap hiss the blast shield shot over the breach in cock pit forward window. As oxygen filled the cabin again Kyle gripped the controls and brought the Phoenix under his direct control. A glance out to the left of his ship revealed a Port Authority Blastcruiser mere meters away firing away with every thing it had at the Phoenix. The shields were barely flickering. The first blast had been with such force it had overloaded the shields and allowed part of the blast to hit the forward cockpit. Luckily for Kyle the it had only been mild damage to the cockpit and only shattered the window in. However with the shields as low as they were another blast like that would take out the whole ship. Without stopping to look at Angelina Kyle poured all the power into the engines and maneuvered the Phoenix into an inverted flip that made the Blastcruiser look as it it was spinning in the window. In mere seconds the Phoenix was up, over and past the Blastercruiser. As the massive ship tried to turn around in pursuit Kyle locked in the coordinates and hit the Einstein lever.

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  The ship jumped as time and space stretched before Kyles eyes. They were safe.

“Wow that was a little close. ”Kyle said to Angelina as he finally relaxed into the pilot seat. “Ok, maybe you were right. I shouldn’t have taken this run. But hey things could be worst we could…”

As Kyle turned to look at Angelina he realized things already were worst.

In the copilot seat Angelina was lifeless with a solid strip of metal, from the front viewport going neatly through the front of her forehead and cleanly out the back. Blue liquid seeped out from the back of her hair and was slowly creating a small pool behind the copilots chair. Kyle reached over and shook her but he knew it was useless. The main cpu for the love syborg was in her main skull unit. She was toast. And the worst part was he could have made a cpu back up for Angelina but had never gotten around to it. He always thought there would be more time. Not to mention that the cost was pretty high.

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  Thinking back now he knew it would have been worth the cost to just have Angelina back the way she was. But it was too late now. His only companion. Even if she was only a love syborg was gone.

3 days later

Location:Mimas (Alias –The Death Star)

“The original deal was for ten thousand!”Slease told Kyle as he held back the wad of cash he had been about to pay him.

“Yeah well, Angelina was worth fifty thousand. ”Kyle snapped back. “ So I think paying me twenty five is calling it closer to even. ”

“And where do you think you are going to unload those weapons?”Slease snapped back. “The earth?I doubt you have enough fuel to…”

“Pay him. ” A voice from the rear of the hanger said in a cold voice.

Kyle looked up to see the Don walking slowly toward them. Almost 2 meters tall, the dark man wearing a long black coat in sunvisers stared down at his toading Slease. Without wasting a second Slease paid Kyle the twenty five thousand and stepped away. Without taking his eyes off Kyle the Don snapped his fingers and a group of men ran up the ramp of the Phoenix to unload the weapons.

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Kyle didn’t take his eyes off the Don. The silence remained for only a moment longer before the Don broke it.

“Sorry to hear about Angelina. ”The Don said in an almost sympathetic tone. Kyle wasn’t sure if the Don was serious or not.

“Yeah. ”Kyle replied evenly. “So am I. ”

“You want to take one of my Love Syborgs as a replacement. ”The Don said almost casually.

Kyle looked at the lineup of twenty slender Love Syborgs that were leaning against the wall at the back of the hanger waiting for the Don to return to them. He looked back up at the Don. What was the Don playing at here. He was being way to cool towards Kyle. But then after a moment Kyle understood.

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  If Kyle agreed to taking a gift from the Don then it always came with a price.

“And I’m sure it comes with a catch right?”Kyle gave the Don a slight smirk then looked down to count his credits.

“Kyle, “The Don started smoothly. “You know I need more pilots for my fleet. And you’re one of the best pilots out there. I just hate to see that talent wasted on smuggling runs. ”

And there it was. If he took the Syborg he took the deal.

“Sorry Don. No deal. ”

“Kyle,”The Don said this time as he place a large meaty hand on Kyle’s shoulders and started walking him away from his ship. ” You are missing out on a chance of a lifetime. Things are changing in the Solar system and those on the right team are going to come out the winners. Now you tell me you want to be a winner or do you want to be a loser for the rest of your life. ”

“Look Don,”Kyle answered back with as much respect as he could.

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   “I appreciate the offer but I think I’m doing fine rightnow. And I have heard how big your operations have been going and I can appreciate that too. I just have never been a guy to take orders and I’m sure that you wouldn’t want a guy around that was a loose cannon would you?Of course you wouldn’t”

“Kyle I don’t think you realize how big and powerful my operation has become. ”The Don said as he stopped infront of one of the view consuls in the hanger. Punching in a series of numbers the screen came to life with a view of the area of space that Kyle had just flown in from. In view was the same large Blastcruiser that Kyle had outrun from Jupiter.

“Hey! Ididn’t know they were there!” Kyle started to exclaim. “They must have put a tracer on my…. ”

The Don cut him short with a wave of his hand.

“Relax. ”The Don then activated the external Com switch. Suddenly the whole hanger was filled with the voice of the Commander of the Blastcruiser.

“…. We have pursued the smuggling vessel here and demand that you turn over said vessel to us immediately. ”

The Don smiled then answered back into the com.

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“Commander you have entered restricted space return to your point of origin or prepare to terminal response. This will be your only warning. ”

“We know this is your space Don”the Commanders voice snapped back. “However we will no longer allow you to smuggle goods through our sector of space. You will there for turn over the…”

The Don flipped the switch over cutting off the Commanders tired in mid sentence. He then spoke in to the com again. This time obviously to his own command.

“Gunners, Take em out. ”

Suddenly the ground shook under Kyles feet at the same time a loud explosion was heard from somewhere off in the distance. Looking at the monitor Kyle suddenly saw a beam of intense light lance out and rip through the Blastcruiser. With another bright flash the space that occupied the cruiser was empty. Kyle was in shook. He looked up at the Don.

“Now they really can call this moon the Death Star. ”The Don said with an icy grin.



“Did that blast come from the crater?”Kyle asked in a cool voice.

“Of couse. ”The Don replied. “We have to stay true to the fiction don’t we?”

“You know the United Solar System of Plan…”

“Yes they will. ”The Don cut him off. “There USN’t enough fire power in the Systems fleet that can deflect my firepower now. And my fleet is nearly the same size as theirs. ”

The implications of the what the Don was telling him was starting to hit home. Soon there would be a new ruling power in the Solar system. A power controlled by the Don. And Kyle was being asked to join.

“While I appreciate where you are going Don. ”Kyle said in the most friendliest voice he had. “I’m still going to have to pass. Besides it’s going to take you time to take complete control of the system.

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  And in that time your still going to need smugglers.

At first Kyle thought the Don was going to be angry. But then the Don let out a big belly laugh and slapped Kyle on the shoulder.

“Kyle, when you are right you are right. ”The Don said as he led Kyle back toward his ship. “This will take time. And there is no reason to stop paying you for your runs. And who knows in the future you may change your mind. ”

“Yeah, You never know. ”Kyle replied as they reached the boarding ramp to the Phoenix.

“But don’t take too long. ”The Don suddenly warned, leaning in really close to Kyle. “I might change my mind. And you don’t want to be on the wrong side of the fence if I do. Know what I mean?”

“Oh I know what you mean.

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  ”Kyle said as he backed up the ramp a few steps away from the Don’s grip. “It’s like I always tell everyone. You always have been fair. ”

“Fair?”The Don repeated, then after a moments pause suddenly burst out into laughter. Within seconds the hanger with filled with laughter as the rest of the Don’s cronies joined in.

That laughter Kyle knew was due to the fact that everyone knew the Don was anything but fair. And as he sealed up the ramp behind him he hopped that laughter might one day not catch up with him.

Making his way back to the cockpit Kyle stopped to look at the empty copilot seat. After a moments pause he sat down in the pilots seat and activated the long distance com. After a moment a voice came through accompanied by a lot of static.

“Pluto one Milo here. ”

“Milo,”Kyle said with a grin. ”Good to hear your voice. ”

“That you Kyle?”The grainy voice said. “Why you calling me after all this time?”

“Why do you think?”Kyle responded.

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“Are you telling me you blew Angelina again?” Milo asked in an annoyed tone.

“I got caught off guard by a Port Authority Blastcruiser. ”Kyle explained. “But that’s not the worst part. Her cpu is shot. ”

“Now that is bad news. ”Milo replied. “I had a power surge about three months ago that fried all my back up drives. ”

“Are you telling me you lost Angelina’s back up CPU?”Kyle snapped his voice starting to rise.

“Not only that,” Milo responded with no attention to Kyle’s angry tones. “The A series and parts have been discontinued. I’m not going to be able to rebuild her. ”

Kyle had been worried that this might happen one day. He had always wanted to get a back up A series Syborg in case this might ever happen. But now it was too late.

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  There was no way he could get Angelina back. She was gone for good. After a few minutes Kyle sighed then asked the inevitable.

“How much for a new model?”

“I don’t think you could afford the new model Kyle. ” Milo responded with almost a laugh.

“I just finished a run. How much?”

“Well since you have always been a good customer and friend. I could lower my price to say…. ” After a few seconds and the sounds of some typing on a distant data pad Milo finished. “Forty-five thousand. ”

“How soon can you have her ready?”Kyle asked as he looked at the Twenty-five thousand he had in his hands.

“I can have her ready in one week. ”Milo answered in a very happy tone. Boy was he in for a surprise. “Must have been some run to earn over forty- five thousand.

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“Well I only got twenty for the run. ”Kyle said with a grin as he started to play Milo for all he was worth. “

But you know I’m good for the rest. “

“Now wait a second Kyle…. ”

“I thought you said I was your friend?”

“Well yeah but…. . ”

“And who helped you out of that bad situation back on old earth?”

“Well you did but…. ”

“And did you not say you always would owe me one?”

“Your cutting my legs out from under me Kyle you know I . . ”

“Well I guess I could always let your ex wife know where your holed up. ”

“Why you no good son of a…. . ”

“I thought you would see it my way. ”Kyle grinned even wider now as he reached for the com switch. “I’ll pick her up in a week and see if you can make her a little younger this time.

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“Kyle you’re nothing but a…. ”Was all Milo got out when Kyle cut off the com switch.

Kyle laughed to himself for a moment till he looked back at the empty copilot seat again. He would miss Angelina. That had been through a lot together. Now she was nothing more than dead weight. Weight he knew he couldn’t afford to keep around. Not if he wanted to keep his cost low. He looked at his navigation system and after a moment punched in a course for Ariel, Uranus’ twelfth moon. Angelina had always loved looking at all the cracks and valleys of the Ice moon. It was a good as a place as any to let her rest in peace.

Several minutes later the Phoenix left the hanger of the Don’s base and shot out in to space.

“Don’t tell me I’m too young. ”

-Voyager , enigma

1 week later

Location:Pluto – Milos private hole.

“Well, Well well, If it isn’t my good friend Kyle Manger.

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  ”Milo said as Kyle stepped off the landing ramp of the Phoenix.

“Milo. ” Kyle replied in kind. “Your keeping yourself in shape I see. ”

Milo looked back down at his short,round stubby body then backat Kyle. “Bullshit. You know I eat whatever I can whenever I can. ”

“I never said what kind of shape Milo. ”Kyle smirked back in reply.

“Ah,…… No,no you didn’t. ”Milo said waving a finger at Kyle. Then extended his hand palm out. “Twenty thousand lets go. ”

“What don’t I get to inspect the product?”Kyle asked while pretending to act hurt.

“Not when your getting her for half off you don’t.

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  ”Milo stated flatly still holding out his hand. “Come on. Hand it over. ”

Shrugging Kyle reached from behind him and slapped a stack of credit chips into Milo’s meaty palm. Not waiting a moment Milo starting counting the credits and started walking away from Kyle. After a second he looked back over his shoulder at Kyle. “Well come on and meet your new traveling companion. ”

“She better be worth it Milo. ”Kyle said as he fell into step next to Milo. They made their way across the small hanger to the main service elevator shaft. Stepping in Milo activated the elevator and they started their decent down to Milo’s main research lab.

“Oh She’s more than worth it. ”Milo said as he continued counting his credits. As he said this he started to chuckle softly to himself then added. “You might say she is one of my best units to date.

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“Then what’s so funny?”Kyle asked eying Milo suspiciously.

“Oh nothing, nothing. ”Milo said making a straight face. “You definitely are getting what you paid for. ”

At just that moment the elevator came to a stop and the doors opened up to reveal Milo’s lab.

The large room was filled with tons of computer equipment. Machines, parts and mechanical device. Hanging from the ceiling were arm and legs as well as torso’s and heads. Most were female. Though there was the occasional male heads as well. In the center of the lab was a small round platform in the center of the platform was a tall silver cylinder large enough to hold a full size love syborg. Stepping up to the edge of the platform Kyle waited for Milo to join him.

“This her?”He asked.

“Oh yeah that’s her all right. ”Milo said as he stepped over to one of the control consuls.

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  “Kyle I give you my greatest accomplishment to date. Suzie QT. ”

A loud hydraulic grinding filled the room as the silver cylinder started to slide up toward the top of the room. As it did Kyle could see the small white legs of Suzie QT as she was revealed slowly bit by bit. He looked at her slender legs that were smooth and silky but seemed somewhat smaller than Angelina’s had been, a whole lot smaller. Then Kyle was looking at her small tight ass that was only covered by a yellow G-string. It did seem perfect but as Kyle was noticing it seemed way too small. Up and up the cylinder rose while the base rotated revealing the front of Suzie QT’s smooth tummy but very noticeably flat chest that was covered by a yellow tank top. Kyle was starting to think something was up, but finally realized that he had been had when the last of the cylinder rose to reveal the face of Suzie QT. The face that had blonde hair in cute pigtails looked only to be about seven years old.

“Now wait a second Milo!” Kyle stammered as he tried to get a hold of himself. “This isn’t what we agreed upon. ”

“Sure it is!”Milo said with a grin as he stepped over to stand next to Kyle and put and arm around his shoulder. “You said you wanted younger. ”

“Younger, yes but not this.


  ” Kyle said angrily as he pushed Milo’s arm away and proceeded to poke him in the chest. “You knew what I wanted and I paid you good money for it. ”

“You get what you pay for man. ”Milo said crossing his arms. “And if you wanted a full size unit you should have said so. ”

“But this…”Kyle said as he looked at the closed eyes of Suzie QT. “I’m alone a lot of the time and I wanted a love syborg that could take care of my needs. But she…”

“Oh she can take care of your needs in that department buddy. ”

“She’s only seven years old!”Kyle practically shouted.

“In actuality she’s only a week old. ”Milo said as he stepped around Suzie QT to admire his work of art. “And there’s a lot of guys that get into the younger thing. ”

“That’s sick. ” Kyle said as he looked at Suzie QT again. “Not to mention still illegal on three moons and two planets.

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“You never know if you like it till you try it. ”Milo said with a grin.

Kyle groaned out loud.

“Look man, “Milo said as he stepped back over to Kyle again. “Keep in mind she is just a Syborg. She not real so you’re not doing anything illegal. Plus she’s not going to stay looking this way forever. ”

“She’s not?”Kyle looked at Milo his curiosity peaked.

“Of course not. ”Milo said with a grin. “I’ve installed the new growth cyber skeletal system. She is designed to grow every year till she is eighteen. After that her age stays the same. ”

“Eleven years is a long time to have to wait to get laid man. ”Kyle said again as he stared again at the child size unit.

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“You don’t have to wait man. ”Milo said again with a grin. “She can fill all those needs but…. . ”

“But what?” Kyle asked.

“Well just take it easy on her. ”Mile said as he went back to step up to stand next to Suzie QT. “I’ve designed her to be as real as possible. ”

“What does that mean?”

“That means she’s a virgin. ”Milo said in matter of fact voice. “So everything that a real person goes through she will as well. And she is designed to respond according to her age set up. ”

“You mean she is going to act like she’s seven?For Pete’s sake Milo how is she going to be able to copilot the ship?”

“Oh I’ve downloaded all the standard piloting routines. ” Milo replied as he started to disengage several cords that were attached to the platform.

“And if I’m in a tight spot?How is she going to help me out there?”

“Ahh now that is another matter.

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  ”Milo said with a grin as he put his hand on Suzie QT’s small shoulder. “I’ve also downloaded some of the best martial arts subroutines as well as full firearms knowledge. Plus her reflexes are ten times quicker than the standard Syborg, so she will be able to handle herself out there. ”

Kyle took another look at Suzie QT while he was thinking it over. For a syborg that looked like a child he had to admit she was very pretty. But he still highly doubted he could bring himself to do anything sexual with her. He shook his head. “I don’t know man. ”

“Look she won’t always act like a child. ”Milo said as he unhooked the last of the cables then stood up to stand next to Suzie QT one more time. “She has a thinking CPU. She will act grown up a lot of the time especially when you need a little affection if you know what I mean. ”

“Ugggh,”Kyle said sitting down in the nearest work chair and putting his face in his hands. “I can’t believe this. ”

“Tell you what.

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  ”Milo said after a moment. “Try her out if you don’t want her after say two months fine I will replace her with a full model. But you have to pay me the difference. ”

Kyle took his head out of hands and looked up at the semi naked Suzie QT. She had milky white skin from head to toe and a cute childlike face with light freckles. “Who did you design her after?”

“Ahhh well as you remember I designed Angelina after that popular Actress from way back in the year 2000. ”Milo said as he walked over to a computer terminal and brought up some images of a small girl in scantily clad clothes that looked just like Suzie QT. “Well Suzie here I designed her after a Internet preteen model from the same time period. I even named her after her. ”

“Suzie?”Kyle asked.

“No QT. ”Milo said with another one of his grins.

“I don’t get it. ”

“I didn’t think you would. ”Milo said as he turned to stand next to Kyle again as they both stared at Suzie QT.

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“Two months huh?”

“Yeah but I guarantee if you give her the chance to prove herself you’re going to change your mind. “

“I doubt it. ”Kyle said as he stood up and walked over to the platform. “Ok fine but two months that’s it. ”

“Yeah yeah yea, we’ll see. ”Milo said as stepped back up on to the plat form and stood in front of Suzie but off to the right of her. “Ok Suzie Wake up. ”

Suzie’s eyes opened and Kyle could see that they were blue just like the girl in the computer monitor behind her. Suzie looked up at Milo then took a brief look around the room. After a moment her eyes came to rest on Kyle. Her expression on seeing him was almost instantaneous as she broke into a huge smile and ran forward and threw her arms around Kyle in a huge embrace.

“Daddy!”She exclaimed.

“Whoa!”Kyle said startled as he reached down and tried to separate himself from Suzie QT. He looked over at Milo who only chuckled. “Why is she calling me that.

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“Sorry . ”Milo said as he tried to contain himself. “I thought you might like that. Most guys who request a child unit usually ask for that. ”

“Yeah well I don’t”Kyle snapped back.

“Then tell her. ”Milo said a matter of fact tone. “She’s programmed to obey you. ”

Kyle reached down and held Suzie Qt by her shoulders and looked her square in the eyes. “Suzie I don’t want you to call me Daddy is that clear. ”

“Why?”Suzie QT looked up at him with those soft baby blues that said love me.

Kyle looked over at Milo for some help, but Milo just shrugged as if to say explain it to her.

“Because I said that’s why. Ok. ”Kyle said in a firm voice this time.

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“Then what do I call you?”Suzie QT asked.

“Call me Kyle. ”

Suzie’s eyes seemed to stare off for a quick second then she looked back up at Kyle with a smile as she opened up her arms for another hug. “Ok Kyle. ”

Kyle just backed up and sat back down in the work chair. After a moment Suzie QT put her arms down and looked back at Milo.

“I don’t think he likes me. ”She said in a tiny voice.

“He hasn’t gotten to know you yet Suzie. ”Milo said as he squatted down to her level. “Why don’t you show him what you can do to make him like you. ”

Suzie QT smiled at Milo than back at Kyle. Then she stepped back up on to the round platform as Milo pulled a small remote from his pocket and punched it. As soon as he did Music filled the room as Suzie QT started to dance on the platform. But it wasn’t the normal dance you would see from a seven year old little girl.

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  Kyle couldn’t help but have his eyes drawn to little Suzie QT as she started to slowly grind her little hips to the music that was playing. She kept in perfect time as she moved her small body in time with the music. Turning around and then bending forward to reveal her tight little bottom as she gently bounced it in rhythm. Then she was back up grinding her body to the music as she slowly got down on her knees and leaned back and slowly thrust her hips up. As Kyle watched all of this he could feel that he was getting hard and was surprised at himself. He had never considered himself a child lover and had always thought it was wrong. But after a moment he mentally slapped himself. Suzie QT wasn’t a child she was a love syborg designed to look like one. Still just the thought made him feel a little at ease with himself.

“Ok enough of that. ”Kyle said as he stood up. As soon as he had said that Suzie QT stopped dancing immediately and stood still as she looked expectantly at Kyle. He just stared at her. “Get dressed we have to leave now. ”

With that Kyle left the room.

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Suzie QT looked over at Milo.

“I told you he didn’t like me. ”She said as she sat down on the platform with a huff.

“He did Suzie. ”Milo told him as he started getting some clothes out a cabinet for her. “He just doesn’t know how to show it. You’re going to have to help him with that. ”

“How?”She said as Milo brought her a small military coveralls that she slipped into. In moments she was wearing small military boots, tan pants a white tank top with suspenders. She holstered the small military handgun he gave her she continued to listen to Milo’s advice.

“Just do what comes natural. Listen to him talk, be nice and try if you can to make him feel good. ”Milo said as he started to walk her toward the elevator.

“If you say so Milo. ”Suzie QT said in an exasperated tone.

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On the boarding ramp of the Phoenix Kyle waited for Milo and Susie QT. When the elevator doors opened and revealed Suzie in combat fatigues Kyle was surprised to find he was disappointed in her clothing. But what had he expected?He had told her to change after all. And besides she was seven. What was he saying to himself. She wasn't a real person. Still he didn't like the thought that somewhere deep inside he could actually be attracted to Suzie QT.

"Is this our ship?"Suzie QT asked as she looked at the Phoenix for the first time. Dropping her backpack to ran over to the hull of the ship and started to check out everything underneath. "Wow! 510 boast injectors!Pausee injection transdrive!This ship must really move!"

"My ship. "Kyle said as he stared in wonder at how she could know so much. But then it hit him of course she did she was programmed to know.

“Girl knows her ships. "Milo said as he stepped up behind Kyle.

“Of course she does.


  "Kyle responded. He watched Suzie QT as she continued to look over the Phoenix from top to bottom. After a few moments he turned to Milo. "Well I gotta get going. "

"Where are you off to?"Milo asked with mild curiosity.

"Ahh Well I heard big Ohmar is looking for someone to help him with a few runs. "

" You better be carefull I hear the Jackknifes have been stretching their territory. "Milo stated with serious look.

"Who are the Jackknifes?" Suzie’s voice came from behind Kyle.

Kyle hadn’t noticed Suzie come up from behind them. Turning he faced her.

“The Jackknifes are a local pirate gang. ”Kyle explained. “Just a bunch of thugs who think that anything that enters their territory belongs to them. ”

“They sound dangerous.

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  ”Suzie said simply.

“They never have gotten bold enough to attack a whole station before and I doubt they are big enough to start doing so now. ”Kyle explained, and then kneeled down to Suzie’s level. “Don’t worry, there’s nothing to be afraid of. ”

“I’m not scared. ”Suzie said in that simple voice. “I was just concerned about you. ”

With that Suzie QT turned and started to make her way up the boarding ramp.

“Concerned about me!?!”Kyle exclaimed as he stood up.

Suzie QT stopped and turned around to look at Kyle again.

“Don’t worry. ”Suzie said simply. “I’ll protect you. ”

And with that she went up into the ship.

Kyle stood there dumbfounded for an instant.

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  He could hear Milo chuckling to himself behind him. He turned and faced him.

“Two months Milo. ”He said as he held up two fingers. “That’s it. Two months. ”

Then Kyle turned and made his way up the boarding ramp. Behind him he could still hear Milo almost laughing now.

“Well see buddy. ”Milo said in between breaths. “We’ll see. ”

“Learn to love, learn how to live”

-Out from the Deep - enigma

During the next week in einstien Suzie QT and Kyle slowly started to grow accustomed to each other. At most times Kyle would be working on a part of the ship and Suzie would come up to him and ask if he needed any help.

“Sure. ”He would say and then would start to explain what he was working on to Suzie.

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  It was then that Suzie would normally listen to everything he would say and then would perform whatever menial task that Kyle assigned her.

It was on the third day that Kyle found Suzie re digitizing the internal com system by herself that he got a surprise.

“What are you doing to the Com system?” Kyle almost snapped.

Suzie QT jumped then looked up at Kyle then went back to work on the com system with increased speed. “I’m sorry. I will put it back the way it was. That way you can fix it later and show me how to do it. ”

“Wait a second!Stop what you’re doing and let me see what it is you just did. ” Kyle snapped. Suzie QT stopped what she was doing and stood aside so that Kyle could take a look at what she had been doing. Looking at the Com system Kyle realized that not only had she repaired some of the minor problems with the unit she had the system running at 20 percent better than it was before. He had expected to find that she had been tinkering with it and had messed everything up. He hadn’t expected this. But what he didn’t understand was if she knew how to repair the com system then she most likely understood the entire workings of the ship. And if that was the case then why had she listened so intently to all the explaining he had been giving her about everything they had worked on together over the last three days.

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“Ok what’s going on here?”Kyle asked as he stood up and stared down at Suzie QT.

“I don’t understand. ”Suzie QT stated with an almost slightly frightened look on her small face.

“Yes you do. ”Kyle stated raising his voice slightly. “You seem to understand everything about this ship. And if you do why have you been having me explain everything to you if you already knew how to do it?”

“Sorry. ”Was all Suzie QT uttered in a quiet voice.

“Sorry isn’t an answer!”Kyle practically shouted now. “Now why did you do it!?”

“It was the only way I could get you to talk to me!”Suzie said as tears started to stream down her little cheeks. Then turning as fast as she could she ran from the compartment. Kyle stood there for a moment wondering what had just happened. First he was surprised that he had not done any other talking to Suzie QT besides explaining things that the two of them had been working on. But his even bigger surprise was to see Suzie QT crying. Angelina had never cried, she had never shed a single tear.

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  In fact her emotions had been limited to just laughing, listening, and loving. That was pretty much it. But this outburst from Suzie QT had taken him completely off guard. He hadn’t expected it at all and seemed to come out of nowhere. But then Kyle remembered what Milo had said.

“Everything that a real person goes through she will as well. And she is designed to respond according to her age set up. ”

With a sigh Kyle left the compartment and started to search the search the ship for her. It didn’t take long to find her. There are only so many places you can go on a starship. In the end she was laying on her small bunk in the sleeping quarters face down. Her head buried in her arms. Slowly he sat down on the bunk next to her. Resting his hand on the small of her back he gently rubbed it. He was also surprised how soft her skin seemed to feel beneath the thin material of her tank top.

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“Listen Suzie, I’m. . uh. . ”He started and stopped a few times. He really wasn’t used to having to consider anyone or any things feelings before. “I’m sorry. ”

Suzie QT lifted her head and looked at him with tear streaked cheeks. “Really?”

“Yeah, really. ”Kyle said as he reached up and grabbed a small wash cloth from the nearby washbasin. “I just wasn’t thinking about your feelings. I didn’t realize this must be a whole different world for you. ”

Suzie continued to listen as Kyle gently washed away the tears from her cheeks.

“And we don’t have to just talk about stuff we fix around here. ”He continued as he finished cleaning her up and went back to gently rubbing the small of her back.

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  “We can talk about whatever you want to talk about. Just ask me anything. ”

Suzie QT seemed to consider this for a moment as if weighing in her mind a question that had been on her mind a long time. After another moment she asked.

“What’s it like to have Parents?”She asked.

Kyle stopped to think about it a moment.

“It’s not that bad. ”He started as he leaned back against the wall next to the bunk. “They are always there for you. To take care of you. Feed you. Clothe you. Tuck you into bed at night.

As he said this last part Suzie QT rolled over and listened as Kyle took a blanket and covered part the lower part of her body just below her shoulders. She smiled as he did this.

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“What were your parents like?”She asked now.

“My Parents?”Kyle said as he thought about it some more. “Well my Dad wasn’t the most loving person in the world. But my Mom was great. She was always there to listen to me no matter what. ”

“Did you do a lot of stuff with your parents?”

“Oh yeah we used to do all sorts of things. In fact one time I remember…. .

And so it started for the next two days, with Suzie asking Kyle questions and him answering them. He went on and on, sometimes for hours recounting what is was like having parents growing up as a kid. Having his father leave at a young age. Going into the military. Then instead of reenlisting taking all of his money he had earned and buying his own ship. Suzie QT listened to all of this with an almost eagerness to learn what Kyles life was like.

“I wish I had parents.

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  ”Suzie said one day when Kyle had finished a long tale about going to an amusment park on the earth moon when he was younger. They had just finished working on the electrical system for the landing gear when she had said it.

It was then that Kyle realized that Suzie QT was not just listening to please him but to feel a longing that was inside her. Milo had designed her to be almost too real. He wondered if Milo had thought about the ramifications of that while he put down the tools and embraced Suzie QT in a warm hug. “Who needs parents when you’re having such a good time. ”

“Yeah. ”Suzie QT replied as she hugged him back.

Though Kyle was a little surprised at himself for initiating the hug, he was still not even sure he was going to keep Suzie QT, he didn’t completely mind it either.

The sleeping conditions on the Phoenix were another matter however. The first night out when Kyle went to bed he was surprised when Suzie started to hop up into bed with him.

“What do you think you’re doing?”he had asked.

“Going to bed. ”Suzie said simply with a yawn.

“Sorry I thought your kind didn’t need sleep.

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  ”Kyle said without considering the words as they came out of his mouth.

“My kind?”Suzie said as she crossed her arms angrily.

“Sorry I just. ”Kyle stammered for a moment as he thought about the situation for a moment. Milo had said he tried to make her as real as possible so perhaps she had come with a sleep mode as well. It wasn’t completely unheard of. Some of the older models had to go to a sleep mode so they could re energize the system. But since the upgrades, that was no longer needed. Milo must have thought by putting in a sleep cycle she would appear even more realistic. Either way that wasn’t going to get this little Syborg out of his bed. So he tried another approach.

“That’s not what I meant. What I mean is we each have our own sleeping quarters. ”Kyle explained. “I sleep here in the main cabin and you sleep in the guest bunks.



“But I’m not a guest. ”Suzie QT said in an almost sad tone.

“No your not. ”Kyle said sympathetically. “But I like to stretch out when I sleep and I don’t want to kick you out of bed on to the floor. That’s why you sleep in the guest bunks. ”

“Oh. ”Suzie QT seemed to ponder this for a moment. Then reluctantly got out of the bed. “OK. ”

And with that Suzie slept in the guest bunks with no problems.

How ever during the sixth sleeping cycle Kyle woke up hearing crying coming from the guest quarters. Getting up out his bed he made his way to the guest quarters to find Suzie QT still asleep but in the fit of some nightmare.

“No!Leave her alone!”Suzie QT cried in her sleep as she struggled in her bunk sheets.

This really surprised Kyle.

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  He had never heard of a love syborg having dreams before. Let along a nightmare. Before it could go any further he reached down and started to gently shake Suzie QT.

“Hey Wake up. ”He said as he shook her some more. “Suzie Wake up!”

At the mention of her name Suzie’s eyes snapped up and she sat bolt upright. Looking left and right she seemed to be trying to figure out where she was. Then after seeing Kyle she jumped into his arms. Holding her close he could feel her small body shaking all over.
    All of this was something he had never counted on. Just the same he tried the best he could.
    “Hey hey. It’s ok. What happened?”He ask as he gently rocked her back and forth gently stoking her hair.

    “I don’t know.

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      It seemed so real. ”Suzie QT said as she tried to explain. “I was having fun with this older woman. She was so nice. We were doing all sorts of things together. I think she was my mom. Only I don’t have a mom. Anyways suddenly these men in mask came and took her away. And I couldn’t stop them. ”

    With that Suzie continued to cry some more while Kyle held on to her. The strange thing was he actually felt bad for her. He really didn’t know what to make of his feelings at the moment but at the same time he knew he couldn’t just let her cry and deal with this by herself. So he just held on to her as her crying started to settle down. After some time she stopped crying and then looked up at him.


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      ”She started softly then continued before she could stop. “Is it ok if I sleep with you during this sleep cycle?I promise it will only be this once. ”

    “Sure. ”Kyle said without even thinking about it. His only concern at the moment was trying to make Suzie QT feel better.

    With a huge smile and one more hug Suzie lifted the sheets off her and got out of the bunk and started to make her way toward Kyle’s sleeping quarters.

    It was then that Kyle noticed that Suzie QT was only wearing her Tank top and G-string. He looked at her soft smooth body as well as her cute bare ass as she came to his quarters and hopped up into his bed. Laying on her side she looked up expectantly at Kyle. Kyle looked down at this half naked seven year old little girl in his bed. NO!Love syborg. She wasn’t real. Did that make it right?He didn’t know. But what Kyle did know was he liked what he was seeing as he slid under the sheets to join her in bed. As he laid down she cuddled up to him and he put an arm around her.

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      Her small head rested on his chest while one of her small legs rested on top of his right leg. The effect caused him to grow hard in an instant. Slowly he slid his hand down along her back till he gently touched her bottom.

    “Hmmmmmm. ”Was all sound that Suzie QT made as she seemed to go to sleep. Or at least into sleep mode.

    He wondered if she would be aware of anything going on around her while she was in sleep mode. As he did his hand seemed to have a will of its own as it slid down slowly to the small crack of her soft smooth bottom.

    She’s a love syborg!She’s a love syborg!She’s a love Syborg!He kept repeating this in his head while his hand slowly slid underneath the thin g-string and he found his fingers gently probing the crack of her ass going lower and lower and …. .

    “Kyle what are you doing?”Suzie QT’s voice startled him and made him jump. He pulled his hand away immediately

    “Nothing, Suzie. "Kyle said as he brought his hand back up to the small of her back. He silently berated himself for being so weak. But then again she was a love syborg he reminded himself.

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    So clealy he was not doing anything wrong. But if he wasn`t doing anything wrong then why did he feel so guilty about it?

    "It`s ok Kyle. "Suzie QT said interupting his thoughts. "In fact it was starting to feel good. "

    "Suzie I. . . " Kyle said as he looked down at Suzie QT. He stopped when he looked into her beautiful blue eyes. As he watched a wave of pink seemed to wash across her eyes. He remembered whenever that had happened with Angelina she was reverting to passion mode. Kyle knew that was what was happening with Suzie QT now.

    "Would you like it if I made you feel good too?"Suzie now said as Kyle felt her soft little hand start to gently run along the inside of his thigh. Kyle seemed to grow harder. It had been weeks since he had had any physical contact of any kind.

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      As Suzie`s little hand made its way up his thigh he felt it run along his under shorts. A slight groan of pleasure escaped his lips as her hand ran over the large bulge in his shorts.

    "Are you ok?"Suzie asked in a slightly alarmed voice. "I didn`t hurt you did I?"

    "No Suzie you didn`t hurt me. "Kyle said as he tried to get better control of himself. He had never intended things to go this far.

    "Then why did you make that sound?"Suzie asked, her small hand never leaving the rock hard bulge in his shorts. "You sounded like you were in pain. "

    “It was because you made me feel really good. ”Kyle said and realized his mistake after he had said it. Because immediately Suzie QT started to rub even faster along his hard shaft through the thin material of his shorts. As he looked down again he saw her smile up at him with an almost prideful look about her face that she had pleased him. Then a curious look crossed her face as she looked down at the bulge in his shorts.

    “Really?What is this?”Suzie QT asked as she looked down at his cock through his shorts. Kyle was having trouble talking from the pleasure he was receiving at her small expert touch.

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      He knew he had to stop this now. Suzie QT’s small hand now ran up to the top of his waist band as she grinned up at him. “Can I see it?”

    “Suzie QT?”Kyle know said with as much authority he could put into his voice at the moment.

    “Yes. ”Suzie QT asked as she looked up at him with an almost lustful look in her little eyes.

    “Go to sleep. ”

    Instantly Suzie QTs small hand stopped what it was doing and laid flat against his tummy. Suzie’s small head rested against his chest and a snore came from her mouth after a few seconds.

    Kyle breathed a sigh of relief mixed with sexual frustration at what had just happened. He knew that ordering Suzie QT to go to sleep would stop everything instantly because she was programmed to do whatever he said. And even though he loved what she had been doing he still was at a conflict with himself. He had always believed that being with a child was wrong. And the thought to be with a child had never entered his mind till now. He was truly shocked that he was finding himself strongly wanting to do just that. Over the last week he couldn’t help looking at her body whenever he could.

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      He still remembered the sensual dance she had preformed for him when he had first met her in Milo’s shop. It was the dance that had started those feelings inside him. And now he found himself wanting more. And at the same time almost hating himself for it. What kind of human being was he?He wanted to be with a child. But no. That wasn’t completely right. He wanted to be with Suzie QT and she really wasn’t a child. She was a Love syborg designed to look like a child. This was all too much he thought to himself as he reluctantly rolled himself over facing away from Suzie QT so that she was behind him. He lay that way for hours knowing that she was there and that at any time he could roll over and take her. And she would let him. That’s what she was designed for. And it was perfectly legal. Because she wasn’t real.

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      And yet he stayed as he was till he eventually fell into a very troubled sleep.

    “Pleasure without love?”

    -Sadness- enigma

    Kyle woke up with a start. Was he having a nightmare?He couldn’t remember. He looked around and saw that Suzie QT was still sleeping. He looked at his watch. They were due to come out of reversion into real space in the two hours. Kyle slipped out of bed careful not to wake Suzie QT. He wasn’t sure why he was being so careful. She was a syborg after all so she didn’t really need sleep. But just the same he did. It would be nice to have a little time to himself anyways. As he got undressed and stepped into the fresher he thought about what had occurred during the last sleep cycle. Why had he reacted so strongly to Suzie QT when she had gotten into his bed?Maybe he just missed the sexual activity. He knew for sure he missed having Angelina around. He finished cleaning himself and waited for the auto-dry to finish it’s cycle.

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    Stepping out of the fresher he got dressed in to some clean clothes. Even though they would be reverting soon it would still be an hour and a half before they reached planet. He went to the cockpit and sat down in the pilots seat. He still hada half hour till reversion so he couldn’t do anything on the controls till that time.

    He thought about Angelina again as he pulled upa video pic on the ships monitor. As he looked at her full pouty lips and beautiful face and nice body he thought about all the times they had spent together. It had been fun while it lasted. Normally before reversion Angelina would enter the cockpit dressed in something skimpy and proceed to go down on Kyle just before they had entered real space. It always got him really hot. Just thinking about it brought a small rise in his pants.

    “Do you miss her?”Suzie QT’s voice came from behind him.

    Kyle jumped at the sound and turned to see Suzie QT in the access way leading into the cockpit. She was wearing a blue robe that covered most of her body. How did she manage to keep sneaking up on him?He looked back at the Vid for a moment before he shut it off.



      I guess I do. ”Kyle said as he turned to see Suzie QT sit down in the copilots seat.

    “Does it make you sad?”Suzie QT continued to ask

    “I guess so. ”Kyle said without thinking about it, as he looked out the front viewport.

    “Is that why you don’t like me?”Suzie asked with a fearful look in her small blue eyes.

    “Suzie. ”Kyle started as he turned to face her. “I never said I didn’t like you. I just had to get used to you. And even with you here it doesn’t take away from the fact that I still wish I had Angelina here now. We spent a lot of time together. ”

    “So you do like me?”Suzie QT asked with a small smile.

    “Yes, I like you Suzie QT. ”Kyle said with a sigh as he went back to looking at the controls. “It’s just there are some things that Angelina used to do that you can’t.

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    “You mean go down on you while we are coming out of reversion?”Suzie stated plainly.

    Kyle almost chocked in surprise. He turned to look at Suzie QT who just stared back at him as though there was nothing at all wrong with what she had just said.

    “How do you know that?” Kyle asked when he was able to find his voice.

    “I read it in Angelina’s private log I found. ”Suzie QT said as she reached down and punched it up on the control councils monitor. Kyle leaned over and looked at it.

    “I’ll be dammed. ”Kyle said to himself as he read the entry. There it was in Angelina’s own log. He hadn’t even known she was keeping a log. He wasn’t sure at what he was more surprised the fact that she had been keeping a log. Or the fact that he had never paid enough attention to notice.

    As he read the entry it described a lot of the things they had gone through and things they had down. But the entry he was looking at described what she had been done for him each time they had come out of reversion.

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      He turned and looked at Suzie QT as he cleared the screen.

    “You shouldn’t be reading this. ”He said as he leaned back in to his seat and went back to his controls.

    “I just wanted to see what she did to make you happy. ”Suzie told him.

    “Why would you need to do that?”Kyle asked not paying to much attention to what Suzie QT was saying or what she was doing. He was now starting the pre reversion check list mentally while he looked at the controls.

    “So I could do the same for you. ”She said in a soft voice. As she said this some soft almost soothing music started to fill the cabin. It was almost erotic and religious sounding at the same time. Suzie Qt must have turned it on. Kyle concentrated on the last statement that Suzie QT had said.

    “So you could what…. ” Was all that Kyle got out because when he turned to look at Suzie QT he had found that she had stood up and had opened up her robe and was shrugging it off her shoulders to let it drop to the floor.

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      Underneath she wore only a light pink almost transparent yellow g string and a matching halter top. Kyle was speechless as he looked at her soft beautiful prepubescent body. He found that he could not bring words to his mouth as he saw that same pink hue flash across her eyes again.

    Suzie I didn’t mean you had to…”He started to say as she kneeled down

    beside him and start to rub the growing bulge in his trousers. She looked

    up at him with a look that was almost pleading yet demanding at the same

    time. Kyle groaned once more from the pleasure she was giving him. Taking

    that as a sign to continue Suzie QT started to unbuckle his pants.

    "Suzie I didn. . . . "Was all that Kyle got out as Suzie QT finished opening his pants and slipped her small soft and to feel his hard member.

    The touch sent shivers up and down Kyles spine.

    "Aaaaah. "Came from Kyle as Suzie QTs hand gently started to stroke up and down.

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    "It feels so hard and soft at the same time. "Suzie QT marveled as she pushed down his pants with her other hand. With that Kyle`s erect cock sprang into full view for her. Kyle was still trying to put up some resistance he found it difficult to get out any words at all. He looked down to see Suzie QT gently stroking his hard cock while looking at it in fascination. She then looked up at him with a grin. “Do you like this?”

    “Yes…… Suzie but…… I……. I…. really need you to …. ”Were the only words that Kyle got out as Suzie QT went back to stroking him. He knew he was losing his own battle of self control as a small drop of pre-cum seeped out the tip of his cock.

    Suzie leaned in really close to look at the droplet. Then gently slipped out her tongue and licked the pre-cum off the head of his cock. Kyle nearly shook all over from the contact. Wither Suzie QT was too interested in trying to decide if she liked the taste or she was just ignoring Kyle’s reaction he couldn’t say.

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      However when a small smile spread across Suzie QT’s face Kyle knew his internal battle of will was lost. Turning back to his cock Suzie QT lifted it up to her small mouth and gently slipped the head in.

    “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”Kyle groaned from the pleasure.

    Slowly but surely Suzie QT proceeded to take more and more of Kyle’s now rock hard cock into her mouth. Her small hand barely able to fit around the base she slowly began to stroke the shaft up and down. Kyle was unable to do anything but enjoy the pleasure he was receiving all pretense at stopping Suzie QT gone now. The only thought going through his head was she is a love syborg!She is a love Syborg oh dear god She is a love syborg!He looked down and watched as she started to now gently suck him with that small soft mouth. Her head started to slowly bob up and down on his manhood as she moved more and more of him into her oral cavity.

    Just watching the little blonde face with pigtails go up and down on his cock was enough to make him want to cum right then and there. However he tried to gain some sort of control to try and make it last as long as possible. Reaching down he gently placed his hand on the back of Suzie QT’s small head and start to gently push her head down a little further.

    Suzie QT while keeping his cock in her small mouth turned to look up at him and gave him a wink as she pushed almost more than half of his seven inch cock in to her small mouth. This only caused Kyle to groan in pleasure more as he pushed up with his hips to meet her tiny sucking mouth.

    Slowly he slid his hand down across Suzie QT’s small neck and down her back as he looked at her small body in an effort to keep himself from cumming right away. Down and down his hand went till his hand now rested on her small little ass that was covered with only that thin little G-string.

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      Sliding his finger under it he slid his finger down between her soft cheeks, down between her little thighs to that soft little puffy lips. Slipping his finger along the slit he started to gently rub up and down causing Suzie QT to pull off his cock for a second and emit a soft moan of pleasure.

    “HHMMMMMMMM. ”She said as her small back arched.

    Kyle continued to rub up and up till he found the tiniest little nub and rubbed against it. The reaction was almost instantaneous. Suzie QT Groaned even louder and pushed her small virgin pussy against his probing fingers causing Kyle’s finger to slide inside her about an inch.

    “Aaaahhhhhhhh!”She cried out now as she leaned down and took Kyle’s hard cock back into her mouth. This time she pushed her head down till it went more than half way down to the base. Kyle threw his head back from the pleasure.


    Sensing Kyle was getting close Suze QT alternated hands and started stroking faster while her other hand reached down to gently fondle his balls.

    Unable to contol himself any longer Kyle pushed his hipps forward as he felt the beginning of his sperm start to spring from his balls. While continuing to slip his finger in and out of Suzie QT his other hand gripped the arm of the pilots chair. His whole body starting to go tense as he felt Suzie QT’s small lips clamp down on the base of his cock as her small hand worked the remainder of the base up and down.

    “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!”He cried out in pleasure as his cum shot out of his cock into little Suzie QT’s soft sucking mouth.

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      Her little head slide up and down causing her little pigtails to bounce slightly as she swallowed each burst of cum that shot from his hot rod. The gently squeezing she gave to his balls caused load after load to shot deep into to little Suzie QT’s waiting mouth only to be quickly gulped down. Finally when Kyle thought he could shoot no more Suzie QT slowly slid her mouth up and gently started a soft sucking on the head of his cock causing a last few squirts of semen to come out.

    Kyle lay there panting as Suzie QT proceeded to gently lick and clean his cock with her small mouth and tongue causing his cock to stay hard. After several more gentle licks she lifted her head up to look up at Kyle.

    “Hmmmmmmmmmm That was good. ”She said with a smile.

    Kyle only smiled down at her as he gently reached up to stroke her hair.

    “But I think I want more!”Suzie said as she suddenly thrust her mouth back down on to Kyle raging hardon.

    "Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh!" Kyle exclaimed as Suzie QT proceeded to thrust her small mouth all the way down till his whole cock was burried all the way down her small throat. He could feel the tip of her small nose gently touch the top of his ball sack as her small hand gently stroked his balls. The pleasure he was feeling was incredible.

    “Jesus!!!!”Was all the Kyle could get out as Suzie QT proceeded to slowly slide her mouth up till just the head of his cock was in her small mouth. Slowly she slid her lips off and started to slowly swirl her tongue around the head.

    “Oh my god that feels soo good!”Kyle muttered as Suzie QT slowly moved her small body around till she was first straddling Kyle’s leg till she was able to position herself between his legs.

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      Kyle was amazed that her mouth never left his hard cock for a second. As he looked down at her Suzie QT looked up at him with those soft blue eyes as she slowly slide her mouth all the way back down to the base of his cock.


    Kyle felt SuzieQT’s small nose now nuzzling his pubic hairs while her small hands continued to gently squeeze his balls. Once again she slide her mouth back off his hard cock and proceeded to circle the head with her tongue once more as her small hand gently stroked his shaft up and down. Then slowly Suzie QT started to lick the outside of Kyles cock and proceeded to move her way down to Kyle’s balls.

    “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”Kyle groaned as Suzie QT slowly started to suck one testical into her mouth and gently roll her tongue around it. Her small hand continued to pump his hard shaft up and down while her small mouth moved over to the other ball sack.

    Kyle was in heaven. Angelina had given him blowjobs before but it never had been this amazing. The pleasure Suzie QT was giving Kyle was something he had never experienced before. Even though he had just blown his wads moments before he could feel he was already on the verge of another climax. His breathing started to become quicker as he once again gripped the arm rest of the pilots chair.

    Once again Suzie QT could tell that Kyle was getting close and quickly moved her head back up to the head of his cock. Slowly she slid the head back in and started a gentle sucking motion as one small hand stroked his rod up and down while the other continued to gently squeeze his balls again. The whole time Suzie QT’s eyes never left Kyle’s.

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      It was like she was telling her with his eyes she wanted to taste his full load again.