The Linen Room


Ring. . . . ring. . . . Ring. . . . "Hello""
"High Tom. This is Jeff"High Jeff, What's up?""Actually that's why I called you. I started a new job last month. ""Good for you.

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   Where do you work?""I work at Pardee's Nursing Home. I take care of all the linen. ""That's cool do you like it?""It's a lot of fun. What is really great is this woman that I met there. ""So, not only did you get a new job but you also got a new girlfriend. You lucky guy. ""It's not like that at all. You see that it all happened the second night that I started:It was my second night on the job and ( just got finished bringing down the last of the dirty linen for the 12O'clock runs. I was in the linen room setting up the carts for the next night when this woman said hi andStartled me.
"Hello, my name is Samantha. I see you're new around here what's your name?""My name is Jeff. I just started the other night. How do you like it so far?"It's OK. Just very boring. I know I used to do this job about two years ago.

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   Would you join me in a cup of coffee?Sure, I have plenty of time to finish this later. We talked for almost an hour before I decided that I had to get back to work. We said our good - byes andSamantha left.
The following night around the same time Samantha came back again. This time she brought coffee with
her. She asked me if the job was getting any less boring and I told her NO. She then told me she had a
way of making it a lot less boring. She turned on my radio and started to do a strip tease. She first removed her blouse and bra. Then continued dancingand eventually removed her skirt. There she was just dancing in her underpants and me with an erection that wouldchoke a horse. Samantha then beckons me over to her. We are both dancing and she starts to unbutton my shirt. Myshirt hits the floor and she starts to pinch my nipples lightly. Then she proceeded to remove my pants.

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   After we are
both completely naked we made a comfortable spot on the floor with some blankets. She had me lie down first.
Then she laid down on top of me and started to kiss every inch of my body. She started at my forehead and
continued right down to my toes.
Let me tell you by this time I was so horny I thought I was going to cum right there on the spot, but she had other plants. She touched a spot on my inner thigh that made the feeling of cumming go away. She then started to lick her way back up to my groin. When she got there she very gently and lovingly took one testicle in her mouth, licked it
sucked it, and then did the same things to the other one. By now that feeling of cumming was starting to return. Samantha must have sensed it because she touched that spot on my inner thigh again and the feeling went away. Shethen proceeded to lick all the way up to the head of my cock. When she got there, she inhaled it all the way down to
the base. She licked my cock like no other woman has ever done. The noises, the sucking, and the licking had me
close to cumming again. This time she let me cum and cum I did right down her throat.

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   I couldn't believe it, she
swallowed every last drop.
After she was done with my cock, she moved up so that her cunt was right over my mouth. Needless to say, I was only too happy to return the favor. I started to lick and suck her outer lips. After they opened on their own, I moved to her inner lips and again licked and sucked them until she was moaning like crazy. That was when I started to lick, suck, and nipple on her clit. She started to buck and whimper, but I kept going. I then started to knead her ass cheeks
with my hands. I even slipped one of my fingers up her ass. Let me tell you when I did that she came so hard I
thought I was going to drown. By this tie I was hard again. Samantha also noticed this and proceeded to sit on my cock. She started out moving up and down really slow, then she started to move so fast and hard I thought she was going to rip my cock off As we approached another orgasm, she let out a yell I thought could be heard on the eighth
    Thank god no one heard a thing.
    After we both came and relaxed, we both got dressed and she helped me finish my work, gave me a kiss and left.

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    That was the last time I saw her. If I don't see her tonight, I'm going to ask my boss what happened to her.
    Well Tom, I have to go for now I'll call you and let you know what's going on.
    OK, Jeff talk to you later bye
    See ya
    That night at work again Samantha again did not return.
    This is crazy I thought Samantha and I had a good thing going, why wouldn't she come back. It's now 6:50am and my boss has just arrived. George can I ask you a question?Sure Jeff what's up?For a couple of weeks now a woman named Samantha has been coming down here and helping me with the linen,but for the last week I have not seen her or even heard from her. Does she still work here?Jeff, the last Samantha we had working here died about two years ago. She even had your position. There must be a mistake. This girl was far from dead. Come with me. We went to the personnel office where he had copies of all of the id badges. Is this her?Yes that's her. So, her last name is Johnson.

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      I don't know what you are talking about she has been dead for two years. . . .

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