The Other Side of the Coin Chapter 12


It was now Saturday afternoon and Jason and I were laying naked inbed after having sex again. The dogs started going nuts and I peekeddown the stairs to see what they were doing. they were jumping atthe door. "Shit!" I fumed at who it could be. Probably some assholesalesman or a Mormon missionary or some other aggravating dickhead. I hurriedly grabbed my terry cloth robe and busted ass downstairs. "I'm coming!" I shouted. I open the door and who is it? Marina! "DidI come at a bad time?" she asked, noting my robe. "Yeah, you kindadid, but come in anyway," I tolerated. I turned my back to her totell Jason who it was so he could get dressed, but instead, shegrabbed me, pulled the belt of my robe off and laid a hot,passionate kiss on me. "Marina, Jason's here!" I whined. "Didn't youthink seeing us together would turn him on?" she posited. "Yeah,but, God, I don't know. " She hooked my arm and started hauling me upthe stairs, my robe still open. She was so much stronger than I wasthat I had no other choice than to just let her drag me along.

When she entered my bedroom, Marina took her shoes off and blithelysaid "hi!" to a naked Jason.

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   "What the fuck are you doing hereMarina?" he blurted as he started to grab for his clothes. "Jason,have you ever wanted a threesome?" she wickedly queried. "Uh. . . . "Marina removed her top and then her shorts. She had no underwear onat all! So now she was completely nude. Jason was speechless and Icould see the wheels turning in his head trying to find something tosay without offending me. She violently yanked my robe off. "Go andsuck Jason Miwa!" she commanded. "Alright!" Jason happily snarked. "Jason, lay down so I can sit on your face!" she demanded. His jawdropped, but he did what she told him and she squatted her pussyover his mouth and dropped her hips. I walked over and kneeledbetween his legs and lapped at his cock and he came right toattention while his tongue flicked at Marina's beautiful cunt.

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   Icould feel Marina's eyes on me while my head bobbed up and down onJason's dong. His moans were muffled by Marina's muff on his mouth. She was moaning, too, and when he said, "I'm cumming" into her twatshe watched wide eyed as I took every drop of his semen in my mouth,showed it to her and then swallowed it.

She giggled and high fived me. She told me to get up on the bed andstraddle her face, which I did. She grabbed my thighs, pulled mypussy into her face and then I felt her tongue striking my clit likeshe was part cobra. My nubbin instantaneously stiffened. She wasmaking "mmmm" sounds as if she was eating a particularly deliciousbreakfast and soon had me orgasming HARD. "God Miwa, even your orgasm sounds are beautiful," she flattered.

She had me sit on the bed and got on all fours on the floor betweenmy knees and lit into my pussy again. "When you're ready Jason, Iwant you to fuck me," she requested. "As long as you don't tellSteven about it Marina," he asserted with some irritation in hisvoice. "Don't worry about that," she reassured him. For the next 15minutes or so, Marina focused on making me cum time and again. Thismade Jason stiff and he positioned himself behind Marina and shovedhis cock into her steaming snatch.

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   "Ohh fuckkkk," she sighed asJason grasped her hips and began to go to town on the moist pocketthat was in the middle of her heart shaped brown ass. Marinacontinued to lick and suck my clit as I became the terminus of adaisy chain. Now it was me who was feeling the sensation of somebodymoaning into her quim. Marina kept up her oral assault on my clitand I was having one orgasm after the other while Marina was rightat the precipice as Jason was hammering her for all he was worth. She suddenly whipped her head up and screamed in celebration of herclimax before returning to my clit. Ten minutes later, after Marinacame again, Jason spooged up her cock slot something fierce and shepulled her head out of my crotch and just lay there with her headturned to one side and her arms wrapped around my back.

"Fuck, did we just do that?" Jason wondered rhetorically. "What atrip!" he blurted. Marina went to the bathroom to clean her pussy upand then came back. "You have such a hot body Marina," I told her. "Fuck yeah she does!" Jason echoed. Jason sat in the middle of thebed with Marina and I on either side of him. "Thanks for letting medo this, Miwa," he said. "Sweety, I think Marina was going to makeit happen one way or another," I giggled. "So are you bisexualMiwa?" he asked.

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   "Yeah, totally," I disclosed. "But I'm much moreinto men than women. I'll always want cock, especially yours," Ichuckled. Then I wondered out loud how Steven might react to this. "If it is him, Marina and you Miwa I think he would get off on that. But me, Marina and you? Not so much," he snickered. "Doesn't Miwahave a sweet tasting pussy Jason?" Marina complimented. "No doubt,"he said. "How would you feel about me sleeping with Steven, Jason?"I had to know. "I guess I should let him, huh?' he averred. "Probably," I agreed. "Shit, let's just have ourselves an orgy,"Marina joked. "God, might as well," I assented hyperbolically. "Shit, if we toss in Debbie we could have some REAL fun,"Jasonlaughed. "Don't think Dylan would go for that unless he could getinto my or Marina's pants there Jason," I answered.

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   "Yeah,unfortunately," Jason lamented.

"How many girls have you slept with Miwa?" Jason inquired. "In thelast couple of years only two, Jason. Marina and this Asian girl Imet at a lesbian club in Hollywood. " "How was that?" he questioned. "It was fun," I revealed. "But she had a pretty shitty musicaltaste. " "Not everybody's a metalhead, Miwa," Marina riposted. "Andnot everybody likes that alternative crap, either," I shot back. "Now girls, don't fight unless there's some mud involved," Jasonjoked. "Ewww, gross!" I squealed. "What is it with you guys andseeing girls fighting in wet dirt?" Marina pondered. "That isseriously disgusting," I propounded. Even when I was a guy I didn'tlike that shit. I thought that strip clubs in general arenauseating, too.

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"So should we tell him?" I asked. "Should we?" Marina repeatedanxiously. "You're his first real girlfriend Marina and he'sprobably pretty insecure about losing you. You're totally hot. Imean if Jason doesn't mind, I suppose we could just invite him overhere and do him and then spring it on him when his moral positionhas been undermined," I proposed. "I just don't want to piss Jasonoff. " "I kinda feel I owe Steven one," Jason said. "Just don't  tellme when it happens and I'm good," he proclaimed. "So is that a planMarina?" I wondered. "I guess so," she offered. "What do you mean,'I guess so'? Are you getting cold feet about it now?" 'I don'tknow. It would be weird seeing my boyfriend's dick buried in yourpussy. " "This from a girl who just cheated on him twice to get atme," I snarked. Marina giggled. "Yeah, my bad," she giggled again.

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"Okay, so that's what we'll do then, right Marina?" "Yeah. " "Are yousure you're totally on board with this Marina? If you're not then webetter not do it. It's not like you're going  to lose him to me. Ihave a boyfriend. " "So am I finally your boyfriend?" Jason asked. "Yeah sweety, I think I might as well admit that you are. " "It'sabout time!" he laughed. "Yeah, sorry to keep stringing you alonglike I did Jason. But then again, the only person who has seen menaked more than you was my mom when I was an infant," I chuckled. "I'd definitely like to see Marina naked some more," Jasonsnickered. "Me too, sweety!" I agreed. "Sweet!" Jason rejoiced. "AndI definitely want to see Miwa naked again!" Marina burbled.

Two days later, Marina brought Steven over after school. I took themup to my bedroom and we all sat on my bed just talking.

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   I startedasking them how many times a week they were having sex and calledMarina a slut for Steven's cock and just generally teased the hellout of them. Finally, I guess Marina got horny enough looking at methat she asked, "so why don't you show us what Jason's getting,Miwa?" Now Steven had seen me naked before and even eaten me out andmasturbated me, so it was going to be necessary to up the ante up abit. "Only if you get naked with me Marina," I smiled. "Okay!" shelaughed and Steven had an astonished expression on his face as hesaw both of us removing our tops, our pants and then our underwearMarina grabbed me and laid an extended passionate kiss on me and myrighthand began fondling her boobs.

I peeked at Steven out of the corner of my eye and he was justfrozen, but I could also see his jeans going pyramidal. I dropped tomy knees on the floor and pulled Marina to the edge of the bed. "Eatthat pussy bitch!" she ordered and my mouth was all over her caramelhued vulva and she was soon moaning like she didn't care herboyfriend was there or not. I earnestly lapped up Marina's deliciousjuices as she held my head in her crotch, her thighs against myears. In just a couple more minutes, she started panting and diggingher nails into the bedspread as an orgasm rippled through her. Fiveminutes later I launched her into multiple orgasm land. She pushedmy head away. "Steven, I want to watch you fuck Miwa while she eatsmy pussy baby!" she asserted. 'Really?" "Yes baby. I know Miwa wantssome cock right now," she grinned. "That works for me!" I chuckled.

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  He had his clothes off in a nanosecond and I felt him kneel behindme and his beautiful cock nuzzling my cunt's opening. I leaned myhead back down to tongue Marina's cute little nubbin again as hisflesh hammer pushed my vaginal walls apart, causing me to moan intoher muff. I felt his hands on my hips and then his dick beingplunged into me with some urgency, which made it hard for me toconcentrate on pleasuring Marina, so I just clamped my mouth aroundher clit hood and sucked and flicked it and she started writhing ina high, choked voice as the orgasm made her shudder and shimmy. Ipulled my mouth away from her twat and told Steven to fuck the shitout of me because I liked it hard and rough. He did just that and Iwas attaining sensual apogee while my mouth returned to addressingMarina/s open legs and her slot that was gleaming with her wetness. I came in a bacchanal of sweet daisy chained heat while I had Marinaclose again. I was moaning and screaming over her clit and she wouldecho that about three minutes down the road. This went on foranother ten minutes before Steven issued the alert for imminentinsemination. He let out a loud, desperate grunt and then I feltthat warm pooling near my cervix after a man has deposited his loadin it.

I grabbed my pussy and hobbled off to the bathroom to grab sometoilet paper and wipe the leaking cum up before it dripped on to thetatami mats in the room. Marina signaled him to get into bed withher and lay in her lap. I came out of the bathroom and leapt intobed with them, placing my head on the leg opposite the one Marinawas reclining against. "God, that was amazing, wasn't it honey?" sheasked Steven. "Hellz yeah!" he endorsed. "Should we tell him Miwa?'"Yeah, might as well," I affirmed.

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   "Steven, we did this with Jason,too," she confessed. "Really?" he said, surprised. "How do you feelabout it baby?" Marina inquired. Steven laughed nervously andaverred, "to be honest this was kinda hot. I got to fuck Miwa and Iassume then, Marina, that Jason did it with you?" "Yeah. " "Do youwant to do this again, except with Jason there?" Marina wondered. "Idon't know Marina. It would be kinda weird seeing you being plowedby another guy even if I'm doing Miwa," he revealed. "But be honesthoney, you've wanted to fuck Miwa for a long time. I mean, look ather! Who doesn't want to get into bed with her?" He laughed againand drawled a 'Yeah. " I smiled and thanked Marina for thecompliment. "I should bring a couple girls from the team and we canhave a real orgy!" Marina bubbled. "But aren't they strictlylesbians?" I pondered. "There are lesbians on the girls basketballteam?" Steven naively interrogated. "Oh come on Steven.


   WNBA,hello!" He chuckled and admitted she had a point.

"Yeah, they are, unfortunately," Marina acknowledged. "God, I'dreally like to get my mouth on Debbie's pussy," Marina swore. "Yeah,she's a little fox," I echoed. "I've seen her naked and believe me,she's gorgeous," I highlighted. "How did you see Debbie naked?"Marina questioned. "I tied her up and then Dylan fucked her," Iexplained. "Debbie's really into being tied up," Steven added. "Really? I love tying girls up!" Marina giggled. "I just love tyinganybody up or being tied up myself," I told her. "You're making metotally wet Miwa," she said, simulating fanning herself. "God, youguys are the hottest chicks ever!" Steven praised. "Thank yousweety," I smiled, giving him a quick peck on the cheek. "I wonderhow your lesbian friends would react to being tied up and then beingforced to watch you and I being fucked," I calculated. "Oh fuck,that would be super hot!" Marina squealed.

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   "Then you and I could eatthem out!" she proposed. "Oh my God," Steven blurted, surprised tohear us talking like this. "Girls are just as dirty as men Steven. We just don't tell you about it so you won't think we're the slutswe actually are," I giggled.

"Fuck, I'm so wet," I disclosed and began to rub my clit. "Yeah, metoo!" Marina said, likewise reaching down to her crotch. "Let's allmasturbate together," I called. "Steven, stroke your cock sweety. You can cum in my mouth when you're ready," I stated. He immediatelycommenced comforting his rigid fuck stick. Soon, we were all a pileof hot, panting bodies as we coaxed pleasure out of our rods, bothbig and small, with our fingers. I went off first and then got lostin my own little world as the number of orgasms mounted. That reveryended when Steven got on his knees on the bed, my head falling offof his leg, and positioned his dick at my lips. I opened my mouthand bid him enter before he let out a strangled cry and peppered mypiehole with his jizz, which I swallowed and then punched that imageup for him by licking my lips.

"I can't believe this is happening!" Steven declared.

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   Marina and Ilaughed. "Yeah, you can tell your grandkids about it, sweety,"Marina cracked. "How about that really tall girl on the team youwere telling Jason and I about Marina, is she gay or is shestraight?" "She makes my gaydar go off really loudly Miwa, but she'stoo hard to read to be sure. " "Can't you just ask her?" "I don'tknow Jason. She may not be sure herself. " "Man you guys, how wouldyou feel if I was getting together with other guys?" Steven posed. "Why Steven, are you bi, too?" "No, but what you guys are doing istechnically cheating. " "Yeah, it is sweety. Sorry. And to answeryour question, I don't care if guys I'm with are sucking dude'sdicks, but anal is another matter because of the possibility forvaginal and urethral infections unless you definitely use condomseach time and they don't break," I said. "Have you ever let anyonein your backdoor Marina?' I asked. "No. I've been licked andfingered a little bit there, but that's about it. " "Yeah, I hear youthere," I concurred.

I heard a knock at the door.

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   I swiped my robe off of its hangar andscurried downstairs. It was Jason. "Hi honey!" "Hi babe. Are youguys done?" "Yeah. You wanna come upstairs?" "Yeah. " I brought Jasonupstairs and I thought that Steven was going to shit himself. "Don'tworry about it Steven, I knew about this. It's cool bro," Jasoninformed him. "Thanks man," he countered, relieved. "The rest of usare naked Jason, so you might as well go with the flow," I joked. Hechuckled and lost his attire. He went over to Marina and kissed herafter saying hi. "Why don't you guys relax and watch some tv orsomething and Jason and I'll make dinner for you," I offered. "Cool!" they harmonized. "You might want to call your parents totell them, though.

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   You too, Jason. "

Steven and Marina had sex while we were cooking dinner because Icould hear them even downstairs. "Fuck me you bastard! Fuck mehard!" she shouted at one point, causing Jason and I to crack upwhile we tried to avoid tripping over my dogs, who were angling forscraps. When the entrees were on the stove and Jason had them undercontrol, I fed the dogs their dinner.

We sat down and ate dinner. "God Miwa, you're such an outstandingcook," Marina flattered. "Jason isn't too shabby, either," Ireminded her. "Maybe I can have you cook for the team sometime," shehoped. "I don't know Marina, as much as I might like accessing thepussy on your team we would be pretty much hindered by yourcoaches. " "Miwa, our coach is a total lesbian. Unfortunately, sheisn't very attractive. " "Yeah, I don't want some ugly dyke coming onto me," I grumbled. "From what I've heard, she has a girlfriend butthere's no way I would be licking that cunt," Marina averred. "Well,you can invite the ones you know are gay over and maybe bring acouple straight girls for Jason and Steven," I posited. "That wouldbe pretty tricky, though, Miwa.

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   What if one of the girls fell inlove with one of them?" "Yeah, good point. " "How does your schoolfeel about gays Miwa?" 'Well, as you know, religion is pretty much adead letter as far as social influence, so when they startinveighing against them everybody just rolls their eyes and looksout the window until they're done. I mean the only reason thoseschools still exist is for the excellent education they offer. Otherwise, they would close tomorrow like almost all of theprotestant schools have. "

"Do your parents know you're bisexual?" I asked Marina. 'Yeah, my mom does. My dad is totally oblivious, though. He doesn't reallycare about stuff like that. "Is your mom hot?" I asked. "Steven calls her a milf, if that is anything to go by," she chuckled. "Great!" I smiled.

Marina subsequently organized a get together at my house thatFriday. She brought five people over from her basketballaggregation. The two lesbians were Gerilynn, 16, who was  5'9"totally flat chested, skinny and with long blonde hair and a littlebit of a dominating presence. She was attractive, but in kind of asevere way.

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  , and extremely smart. I wondered if she was into tyingother girls up, too. Then there was Mary, also 16, who was stockier,about an inch shorter than Gerilynn, dark brown hair barely to hershoulders, C cups and kind of an average face and intelligence. Marina also invited the tall girl, Diana, 17, who was probably150-160 pounds with dishwater blonde hair and b cups. She seemedfriendly enough but was a little hard to get to in terms of selfdisclosure.

The two hetero girls were Nina, a 16 year old 5'4" 120 or 130 poundshort haired blonde who was a really nice girl, but nothing specialintellectually or in terms of life experience. The other was Nina'ssister Liv, who was 15 and a carbon copy of her sibling bodytypewise, but a little cuter. Again, Jason and I made dinner and thetwo hetero girls were digging a man who could cook. I gave Jasonpermission to go after whatever poon he could get out of the deal,while Steven hung with Marina and talked with the other girls as themeal was in development. I made dessert earlier in the day, aregular cheesecake.

"Wow, a man who can cook. You're lucky Miwa!" Gerilynn cheered. "Youjust gotta know how to train 'em sweety," I winked. She smiled at that remark. "Do you like to cook Gerilynn?" "I can take it or leaveit," she dismissed.

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   I asked the other girls in turn. The twostraight girls and Diana both said they did, but Mary wasn't so hoton it, either.  

When we brought them the entrees, they were all totally blown away. "Jason made most of it," I informed them. "He's got a real good feelfor this dish, so I concentrated on just doing more of theperipheral stuff. " "Oh my God you guys, this is awesome!" Ninaburbled. "Seriously Jason, you should do this professionally,"Gerilynn complimented. "So are you as good in bed as you are on thestove?" Liv leered. "Liv, he is all that AND the entire snackaisle," I riposted. "Ooh, you lucky girl!" she squealed. Jasonsmiled like he had just banged all of the Pussycat Dolls.

"How about you Steven?" Mary asked. "Nah, if I can't microwave it Ican't make it," he fessed up. "But he can cook in bed, " Marinasaved.

When they were done eating, I brought out the dessert, which theyalso liked a lot.

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   I mean, who doesn't like cheesecake? I also made abatch for Marina to take home to her mom, dad and brother.

Once they were all done, I took everybody up to my music room andsnagged my Ovation acoustic-electric, plugged it in and then playeda few love songs and power ballads such as "Still Loving You" byScorpions, "Sister Golden Hair" by America (I was looking directlyat Gerilynn when I sang that), an acoustic version of the Childrenof Bodom cover of Britney Spears' "Oops I Did it Again," and Heart's"Crazy on You," among others. That helped get everybody in a moreemotional and loose mood. Then I just popped the question to Marina:"so who here have you slept with?" "Gerilynn, Mary, you, Jason andSteve," she giggled. "Oh my God Marina, you're such a slut," Ninacharacterized. "That's me!" she brightly sang. "Marina's reallygreat in bed, though, so it's a shame to limit her to just oneperson," I joked. "True dat!" Steve said. "How about you Nina?""Nobody. I'm still a virgin," she professed. Then I asked Diana. "Just Gerilynn," she admitted, blushing. "How was it?" I proddedfurther. "It was nice," she answered rather blandly. "So are youbisexual like Marina and me or a lesbian?" "I don't really knowyet," she claimed.

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"Jason, why don't you kiss Diana and see if she likes it," Isuggested. "Okay!" he smiled back at me. He got up off the floor,where he was sitting next to me and scooted next to Diana on thecouch, put his arm around her and slowly moved his head toward hers. She shyly looked up and  their lips met and then she pulled awayquickly. "It's okay Diana, go for it!" Marina urged her. His lipsgradually approached hers and then he put his palm on her cheek andkissed her lovingly with only a hint of tongue. "Wooooh!" Marina andI reacted, doing t he "raise the roof" hand sign. "How was itDiana?" I asked. 'It was okay," she quietly responded. "What, okayas in 'meh' or okay as in 'oh yeah, I could do with some more ofthis'," I pushed. "The second one," she sheepishly said. Jasondidn't need more encouragement and treated her to a passionate,heated bit of lip wrestling. When she broke the kiss, she sighed andwent for more.

In the meantime, I sat next to Gerilynn and put an arm around her. She looked down at me and put both of her arms around me and ourlips touched.

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   I tried to unbutton her blouse as she deep kissed me,but she pushed my hand away. Her kisses were pretty powerful andhardly delicate. I felt her hand go up my t-shirt and unhook my braand then her long, well manicured fingers on my breasts and mynipples. I tried to unbutton her blouse again, but she pushed itaway. This was actually making me kind of hot because she wastacitly telling me she was in control. Her manipulation of my softglobes and her brushing of my nipples had me wetter than a dogcaught in a hurricane. She pulled my shirt off of me and then thebra followed shortly thereafter. "You have lovely breasts, Miwa,"she commented. I smiled up at her. She returned to kissing me,entangling her tongue in mine.

I felt her hand popping the button on my jean shorts and then herhand crawling into my panties. She groped for my clit and began tostimulate me with alternate soft and hard rubs that had me pantinginto her mouth. My stomach seemed to tie into a knot and then aflood of pleasure mowed my insides and I had a hard, convulsingorgasm. She stopped and I looked into her eyes wondering why shehadn't continued. I thought maybe this was my cue to remove herblouse, so I braced the top button of it between my fingers.


   "Stopthat," she firmly commanded. My heart leapt  seemingly ten feet upand then back down as if it was on a trampoline.

While all that was happening, Marina had sat next to Diana and wasalternating kisses with her and Jason. Jason had her blouse open andwas opening her bra. Steven sat between Nina and Liv and plopped hisarms on their shoulders and looked Nina in the eye and kissed herand then pulled off and kissed Liv. Marina, conscious that Mary wasbeing left out, got up and kneeled on the floor next to where shewas stationed and began  to plant soft kisses on her.

Gerillynn had me stand up and she pulled my shorts and panties offand then told me to slowly spin around so she could get a look at mybody. She was basically inspecting me and as this seemed to creepcloser to BDSM territory the more sopping my love canal became. "Come on Miwa, let's go  to your bedroom," she suggestedpurposefully. I took her hand and led her there. "On your kneesMiwa," she directed. I folded my legs, which then became one withthe floor. I gazed up at her. "I was very pleased with the meal youmade for us tonight," she announced. "I'm glad you liked itGerilynn," I retorted.

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   "Why did you go to the trouble of making thatmeal, Miwa?" she interrogated. "Because I thought it would makeeveryone happy," I revealed. "So you like making others happy?" sheinquired. "Yes I do," I rejoindered. "So you like serving others?"she insinuated. "Yes I do," I confessed. "I could tell from whatMarina had told me about you," she reported. Gerilynn, who hadremoved her shoes before she entered my room, told me to help hertake her ankle socks off. I reached inside the top of them and shepulled each leg up and off they came, leaving her in her perfectlycared for bare feet. "Kiss my feet," she said in an almost menacingway, making my heart skip a beat. I leaned my head down and placed akiss on the top of each of her feet near where they join with herankles. She sat on the bed. "Okay Miwa, massage them," she insisted. I reached for her left foot and began to press my thumb into thearch and for the next 20 minutes I rubbed them as best I could. "God, that feels heavenly.

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   You have a nice touch Miwa. much betterthan Marina's. "Marina has massaged your---" she cut me off. "Youwill not speak unless I say something that requires a response,understand?" "Yes Ma'am," I responded. "That's a good girl Miwa,"she complimented. I could feel myself begin to slip into sub space.

"I was impressed with how you kissed, too," she offered. "So let'ssee how well your mouth can manage my clitoris" she previewed. "YesMa'am, I agreed.   Her shorts glided down her long legs and off herfeet. She folded them neatly and placed them next to her. Her whitesatin panties were next and when they were gone, she was left with aglistening well trimmed blonde thatch concealing her slit. "I willdemonstrate to you how I like my clitoris treated," she announced. She grabbed a handful of the hair on the back of my head and shovedmy face into her crotch. I started flicking my tongue up and downher slit, which was drenched with her natural lube.

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   "Now dart yourtongue right at the head of the clit," she ordered. "She flinchedseveral times when I did this. "Now suck it in alternately long andshort sequences," she instructed. After five minutes of that, shewas cumming hard and loud. "Oh fuck Miwa, I have never had anyonemake me cum like that!" she claimed. She had me carry on and herbody shuddered, convulsed and spasmed as orgasm after orgasm hit herwith tornado force, my face smeared with the wetness she wasemitting. When she finally pulled my head away from her crotch, hervoice sounded rather placid and sated. "You are a rare creatureMiwa. I must claim you for my own. " "Sorry ma'am. While I loveproviding pleasure to you I am not interested in a longterm 24/7 D/Srelationship," I let her know.

She stood up and removed her blouse and her bra. Her A cup breasts,albeit with very nice nipples I could suck all day if allowed,weren't exactly enough to persuade me to be her slave. "I am verydisappointed by your refusal  to accept permanent obedience to me,Miwa. I know you have a need for submission," she propounded.

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