The Other Side of the Coin Chapter 13


Jason got off of his knees and pulled Diana's body forward and beganto line his cock up with her pussy. "Jason, I can't. I'm not on thepill," she informed him. "Oh, okay Diana, no problem. Would you mindgiving me a blowjob?" Diana had never done that before. Because shewas so tall, she had some trouble getting boyfriends since most guyswere shorter than she was. She had kissed a number of guys, but thatwas usually as far as it went and she began looking at girls. WhenGerilynn, who had a voracious sexual appetite, hit on her, Dianaliked her take charge style and she appreciated even more the insaneorgasms that Gerilynn's expert tongue and fingers gave her. Gerilynncaused her to understand  vividly the nexus between sex and power,making her experience with her very erotic.

"Uh, okay, but I'm not really experienced with that," Diana toldJason. "No biggie," he reassured, framing her head with his handsand kissing her softly. "Just take it in your hand and run yourfingers up and down the length of it," he began. She tentativelygrasped it and felt its warmth and rigidity. This turned her on andshe let out an involuntary gasp. As her soft hand, which was largerthan that of most women, glided over the taut skin of his lovemissile, he began to moan and sigh. "Oh yeah Diana, you're doingfine.

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   Just keep doing that with a steady rhythm," he advised.

Gerilynn leaned down to Miwa's ear and suggested that they eat thetwo straight girls. Miwa smiled at the thought and they crept overin front of the couch, where Liv and Nina were kicking back on thesofa with their legs akimbo. Gerilynn and I suddenly grabbed theirshorts and jerked them and their panties off of them, exposing theirpussies, which were each covered with wispy patches of blonde pubichair. Both Gerilynn and i forced our mouths on their vulvas andbegan sucking and licking like we were obsessed. "Ohhh fucccckkkk,"Liv expelled, as my suction pulled on her clit. Steven began suckingon their nipples while the ministrations of me and Gerilynncontinued. Liv and Nina were holding tightly on to Steven, thesensations provoking tremors inside them, which gave rise to afestival of panting and moaning before they both came within aminute of each other.

There is a fascination within the gay community of being able toperform homosexual acts on consenting ostensibly straight people,most usually among men. For Gerilynn, whose natural inclination wasa preference for eating pussy, this made what she did to Ninaespecially delicious.

As that was occurring, Jason had instructed Diana on how to take hiscock into her mouth and use her lips and tongue to give himpleasure. She tentatively but earnestly bobbed her head to move hersoft, moist mouth petals on his engorged prong. "Oh yeah Diana, justkeep doing that babe. I'll let you know when I'm going to cum,"Jason rasped. Her senses paid attention to what her taste buds, jawmuscles and lip surfaces were relaying to her brain.


   "Okay Diana,I'm getting closer, so try to do it faster if you can," he told herin a somewhat choked gasp. She sped up the rate at which her neckmuscles caused her head to nod and soon Jason was warning Diana hewas going to cum. She pulled her mouth off of it and Jason took holdof his cock and spurted his load on to her chest.

"Hold on Diana, I'll clean that up," Jason said and loped to thebathroom to snag some tissues to wipe the cum off. "So how did youfeel about that?" Jason asked. "It was pretty amazing," she averred. "I haven't totally figured out my emotions about all this, but I'mglad for the experience," she explained. "That's good. . Just keep itsimple and remember to relax. Don't overthink things, okay?' "Okay,"she smiled. Jason hugged her. "Friends?' "Friends," she answered. "Great. I hope we see a lot of you, Diana.

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  " "Thank you, Jason,You're really sweet. "

Once everybody was spent, they all looked at their naked orsemi-naked selves and laughed nervously. "So did everybody havefun?" The verdict was unanimously positive. "Did you guys like beinglicked by women?" I asked Liv and Nina. "Well, I still prefer guys,but oh my God, that felt good," Nina bubbled. Would you want me todo it for you again?' I wondered. "Maybe!" she giggled. "I'll alwaysbe there if you need a little relief," Gerilynn smiled. "I bet youwill Gerilynn," Liv laughed.

Once all the girls had gone home, I sat down with Jason and had atalk with him. "Hey look Jason, I don't know if you've realizedthis, maybe you have, but I have a bigtime need to be dominated. Tonight, I found out that Gerilynn is a domina and it really turnedme on. She asked me to be her slave, but I refused her because I'mgoing out with you. But she wants to continue dominating me onoccasion and I would like her to do that. Unfortunately, therereally isn't anything I can offer you in exchange for that.

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   What doyou think?" "What's a domina?" he asked. "It's a female dominant," Iinculcated. "So you need somebody to order you around and shit?' heguessed. "Well, it isn't that simple sweety. It's sort of likeeroticizing the power games within a sexual relationship. You mighthave noticed my fascination with using rope to tie people up. Well,I like being tied up, too and love the aesthetic that surrounds theuse of rope for restraint. And that is only the beginning," Iendeavored to elucidate. "So is that why you liked it when I calledyou names in bed and play raped you?" "Yeah, that's one facet ofit," I propounded. "God Miwa, you're a real trip sometimes," heevaluated. "Yeah, unfortunately for you baby. Thanks for putting upwith it. " "No biggie. I love you Miwa. " "I love you, too, Jason.

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After we showered and went to bed, he asked me if he could watch thenext time Gerilynn comes over. "I have no idea sweety. I have to askher. And you can say no to this if you have any misgivings about it. I don't want to endanger our relationship. " "I've really learned alot from you Miwa and our relationship has been quite an interestingride. I'd like to see where this might lead. I have an idea, too. ""What's that sweety?" "If I let you see Gerilynn, then I want to beable to see Diana," he negotiated. "I'm totally fine with thatJason. Just keep in mind  that because she's a little confused abouther sexuality she might just dump you all of a sudden at somepoint. " "Yeah, I kinda got that impression. So whatever happenshappens. " "So we have an understanding then?" "Yeah. We had onebefore, so same shit, different day.

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  " "Cool! Thanks sweety!" I said,kissing him. "You're welcome Miwa. "

I called Gerilynn and told her the good news, but emphasized that itwas more or less predicated on Jason's ability to access Diana. "Hemight also want to watch whatever it is you plan to do to me," Iinformed her. "That's fine as long as he doesn't try to getinvolved," she explained to me. "I'll tell him that. Do you thinkyou can get Diana to come over so she can see him again?" "I'll talkto her and see what she says. She's pretty confused as to where shebelongs," she posited. "Yeah, that was pretty obvious. I warned himshe might just one day stop coming around and he seemed good with itand that's only if she wants to see him at all and won't getpossessive and try to come between us," I said.

Two days later,  Gerilynn, who had a big bag with her, and Dianacame to my place. Jason was already there and I knew this was goingto be a very interesting afternoon. "Okay everyone, up to Miwa'sbedroom!" she ordered. When we got there, Gerilynn told me to stripand to lay on my stomach on the bed. I did so and then I heard herrustling through her bag.

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   Then I felt her drizzling lube on myasshole, followed a minute or so later by the sensation of it beingstuffed with what would turn out to be a vibrating butt plug. Then Ifelt him inserting a vibrating egg into my pussy. She had me kneelon the floor next to one side of the bed and put my hands behind myback. She bound both my wrists and ankles and anchored the hand tieto the ankle one. Then she took out a ball gag and put it on mymouth. Jason and Diana were sitting on the same side of the bedwatching all this. He had seen me tie other people up, but not mebeing bound and gagged by someone else. Then I saw her removeanother long piece of rope from her bag and wondered what she wasgoing to do with it. When I saw her start to wrap my breasts so thatthey stuck out like torpedoes my heart started doing back flips. Ithurt for them to be tied up this way, but it was more of an elbowagainst  the end of a corner table kind of pain rather than astabbing sort of sensation. She reached into her bag again andextracted what appeared to be a pair of alligator clips. "Holyshit!" I said in my head. She put the clips on my nipples. Theydidn't  bite  into my sensitive nipples too badly, but the clips hadlittle screws on them, too, and she started turning them, whichincreased the pressure on my milk ducts. When I started to writhe inpain, she stopped and looked down on me with an  evil grin.

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   "Willthat hurt her?" Jason asked, concerned? "Only temporarily," Gerilynnretorted.

I was immobilized on my haunches with my breasts and nipples boththrobbing, sensations I had never felt before. The endorphinsstarted to flood my system and I could feel myself begin to fadeaway. She slapped my breasts a couple times, which hurt A LOT. But Iwas also becoming super wet. She took the gag off of me. "Mistress,I'm concerned about what this is going to do to my  breasts and mynipples," I blurted. "Miwa, you will be punished for doubting yourMistress' competence to lead and use you.   You will remind me of thecorrection due at the end or your punishment will be doubled. Do youunderstand?" "Yes Mistress," I said, resignedly. "Okay, now the onlything you will use that mouth for is pleasuring your Mistress untilfurther notice," she commanded, and grabbed my head and, after shesat on the edge of the bed, pulled my mouth on to her pussy. Imoaned as she forced me to lick and suck her clit . In the background, I could hear Jason kissing Diana and the rustling ofclothes, telling me that he was taking them off of her, which madethe atmosphere even more sexual charged.

My tongue darted at the head of Gerilynn's clit and then rolled overthe hood before I sucked on it and I could hear the pace of herbreathing escalating. "Oh God Miwa, oh shit," she exclaimed,moaning.

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   She pulled my head tight against her vulva to the point itwas hard to breathe and then she convulsed and I heard her breatheout an uhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh before she screamed out in ecstasy. "Ohfuck! Jesus Christ!" she shouted, as the orgasm rent her body. Ikept lapping at her love button and then I gave it a long, graduallyincreasing suck and, when I let it go, she went over the edge,panting like a steam locomotive that was about to blow up. She justkept cumming one after the other in the wake of it. "Oh fuck oh fuckoh fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck," she celebrated. "God Miwa, I've neverhad anyone eat my  pussy like you do," she complimented. She started the vibrators she left inside me at half strength and I feltthat very pleasant resonance inside me as I inhaled Gerilynn's muskyscent and tasted her flavoful juices and my ears enjoyed the soundof her protestations of deliverance to pleasureland. I began to moanas my clit stiffened under the vibrations. "Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuckYES!!!!" she screamed again, wacking up the vibrators to full,pushing me closer and closer to my own climax. The more she wasgetting off the more intensely I went at her clit with my lips andtongue. I could hear Diana having her first orgasm of the day asJason tongued and fingerfucked her while Gerilynn shuddered yetagain and then screamed out, "OH MY GOD!" and then panted rapidly tocope with the degree of pleasure injected into her body. I waspanting now, too,  and was not far off having my own orgasm.

Gerilynn pushed my head away and I began to moan and twist as thevibrations had pushed me to the edge of ecstasy. "You will not cumwithout my permission Miwa or you will be severely punished," shenotified me. I tried to let my body go limp to dull all thesensations I was feeling, but that is only so effective and inanother five minutes, I was begging Gerilynn  to allow me to cum.

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  "Not for another five minutes, Miwa," she said. I was desperate now. I didn't know how I was going  to be able to hold off. I was amoaning, grunting and lubrication secreting mess. I felt flushed andmy breasts and nipples were aching. Gerilynn watched me struggle tostave off my orgasm, but I couldn't and I started to cum realy,really hard. I felt her hand spank my breasts. "You are going to besorry for that Miwa!" she sternly declared. I heard Diana cum again,whjch upped my own horniness  that much more. "Mistress, may Iplease cum?" I pleaded. "No, you are no longer permitted to cum. Godhelp you if you do," she snarled. I could feel the heat risinginside me and I was desperately attempting to fend off the orgasm,but it was hopeless and my eyes  rolled up in my head and my bodyfelt like it had been possessed by a rolling, neverendingearthquake. All of a sudden, I felt the vibrators being turned off.

"Mistress, I'm sorry," I apologized with begging eyes.


   "Pleaseforgive me," I added. "If I forgave you even after you disobeyed methen that would call into question my dominance over you Miwa," sheadvocated. "So a correction is in order. Now what am I about topunish you for?" "Me doubting  your ability to bind my breastssafely and cumming when I wasn't supposed to, Mistress," I admitted. She reached into her bag again and pulled out a head harness thathad a big o-ring cut into the center of it where my mouth wassupposed to go. She buckled it on to me, which kept my mouth fixedin an open position. I could feel myself already begin to drool. Sheundid the rope that anchored my hands to my ankles and stood me up. I saw both Diana and Jason naked and she was giving him a blowjob. He was apparently close, too. She had me bend over the edge of thebed, which made me press my bound breasts into it, which appliedonly more pressure to them. I heard her searching in her bag andthen a silence ensued.   Then I felt a paddle on my ass, causing meto yelp. Jason knew I enjoyed this and wasn't concerned. I couldhear that he was about to splooge his seed somewhere.

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   It turned outto be in Diana's face and he covered it with his white, snottyglaze.

Gerilynn smacked my butt even harder with the next swing of herpaddle and then continued to do so until my ass was sore, stinginglike a bitch and hot. I sighed and went deep into sub space and nolonger cared what Gerilynn wanted to do to me. She could do whateverand I was fine with it. I faintly heard more rifling of her bag andthen the smell of a candle. She was now dripping hot candle wax onto my back and I flinched every time I felt a drop make contact withmy skin. I was in ecstasy as the catalog of sensations mounted. Shealso dripped some on to my sore ass, which made me scream in pain,but yet I was now good with her doing that. I was so far into subspace now you would need the starship Enterprise to retrieve me. Thewax just kept coming and and my back and ass were now flecked byshards of it. I was panting because of the constant flinching I wasdoing, too.

I heard her blow the candle out and I could see Jason and Dianawatching. "Are you okay Miwa?" Jason asked. "You are not allowed tospeak to her without my permission Jason. Miwa, if you say anythingto him without approval you will receive 50 swats from my paddle,"she asserted.


   She now had a whip in her hand and began to lightlyflick it over my legs and ass. While the individual strikes weren'tenough to hurt in and of themselves, the building irritation of theskin they exerted made each succeeding flick increasingly painful. It was just like what Kevin had done to me, a kind of Chinese watertorture of whipping. This went on for 15 minutes and by the end ofit, the entire backside of my body was on fire and I didn't want tomove. But I also felt a great peace inside me and just wanted torest for a while.

But Gerilynn wasn't finished. She slid a strap on on and kneeled infront of where my head reclined on the bed. She took my jaw in herhands and forced the gel dildo attached to the strap on into mymouth and into my throat and began skullfucking me. "You lovesucking sock, don't you whore?" she bullied. "You would love to feelsome cum being spurted into your mouth right now, wouldn't youslut?" she continued. I nodded my head "yes" to both propositions. She kept reaming my mouth and throat for a bit. "You should see howyou look so desperate for cock," she humiliated. "You're just aliving pleasure toy now, aren't  you?" I once again nodded in theaffirmative. "Fucking slut," she said in a disgusted tone and thenpulled the dildo out of my mouth, which was followed by a stream ofdrool.

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  She unbuckled the head harness and I took a big gulp ofrefreshing air, but I felt a little groggy from the endorphins. Shealso removed the ropes from my body.

"So now you know not to defy me Miwa. Will you be more obedient andshow more respect now?" "Yes Mistress," I uttered dreamily. She saton the bed and cradled my head in her lap. My backside was stillthrobbing and stinging. "Is she okay Mistress?" Jason inquired. "Yesshe is Jason. She is in sub space right now and her body will need alittle time to recover. "What is sub space?" he asked. She explainedto him that it  was a state of total surrender and often generated akind of high for the submissive. I felt Gerilynn stroking my head,which felt amazing. "I will make a good pet of you one of thesedays," she promised.

Jason was hard again now. "Mistress,  may I fuck Miwa?" "Jason,ordinarily I would say yes, but her experience with being punishedlike this is pretty much non-existent and I think it would be bestto just let her recover.

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   Besides, just touching her is going to bepainful for quite a while. " "Okay," he said, disappointed. Jasonrenewed his attentions on Diana and buried his face back into herpussy. Gerilynn stood me up and put my face in her hands and startedkissing me. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her back, ourtwo soft, wet mouths slipping over one another with occasional pecksin between. I was so grateful to Gerilynn for taking my submissiveside out for a walk and wanted to do it again, except that I wasn'tgoing to be able to sit down for at least the next 24 hours. Sheordered me to make everyone some lunch and then her and Diana left. .
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