The Other Side of the Coin Chapter 24


Thursday morning, we went back to Guy's apartment so he could getready for another day at work. Now only six days remained before Iwould be returning home. "You know Guy," I told him on the train,"when I met you I really wasn't looking for a serious relationship,just someone to have fun with. But now I'm thinking we might growold together," I told him. "I know what you mean, Miwa. I'm justreally busy and not the best dude to have a relationship with. Butyou get more special to me with every passing day. I don't know thatI'll go as far as marriage, but we can always be together withoutthe paper. " "Yeah, I definitely am not looking for marriage. And I'mnot able to conceive, so I'm definitely not having kids," Iexplained. "Not that I actually like kids because, to tell you thetruth, I don't," I giggled. He chuckled and admitted that he justdoesn't have the patience to put up with all the bullshit that comeswith being a dad. "Kids are great only when they are other people's"is what he said.

This sucks. Or maybe not. Again, when I  made the wishes with thecoin, I was just planning to screw and suck my way around life.

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   Ididn't want any complications and I desired the freedom to just dowhat I wanted when I wanted where I wanted. But now I am a slave toa man I love and I genuinely like that because the evolvingemotional part of me that comes with being a woman has made me wantmore human connectedness. But what would he say in 50 years when Ihaven't aged one day in terms of my appearance? And that is only ifhe lives that long. Plus that is 50 years without being able to haveanyone else fuck me. Guy seemed like a such a comfortable fit, butmen just cannot get laid as easily as women and even if he agreedthat we could have an open relationship there was likely to be someresidual jealousy, whether he admits it or not. And I was not goingto go for swinging. Ewwww, really gross!

I went guitar shopping again that day, but didn't find anything Iliked that wasn't already in my collection. I went back to my hotelroom and waited for the time I could get back on the train and meetGuy after work. I phoned him right when he was scheduled to leavework and informed him that I would be waiting for him in front ofhis apartment building. Half an hour later, he came walking up. "HiMaster! Welcome home!" I exclaimed cheerfully. "Hi sweetheart. howare you?" he greeted, as we entered the building. "Bored andlamenting that I won't see you for a while starting less than a weekfrom now," I disclosed. "Sorry about that.

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   You know I would reallylike it if you could stay. " We took the elevator up to his floor. "Iknow you would. Shikata nai ne (it can't be helped). " "Yeah. I'msure your dogs really miss you about now. " "Poor babies," Isympathized as he put  the key in the door lock. We entered hisapartment. "I  need to take a shower babe. You wanna join me?""Sorry sweety. But there isn't enough room in there for two of us,"I snarked. "You're probably right. It's pretty cramped in there. "

I waited on his bed for him to finish cleaning himself up. He exitedthe shower naked and put on a pair of boxers and then jumped intothe sack with me.

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   He wrapped me in his arms and kissed me tenderly. "I love you Miwa. I'm going to really miss you. " "I'll miss you,too, Guy. But you still have my permission to sleep with Japanesewomen while you're here. I know it's unfair to ask you to go withoutsex for that long. " "Actually, I went a lot longer than that withoutit before I met you, Miwa. So I think I can wait until I get home. ""Sweety, listen, if you get the opportunity, just go for it, okay?It will be good for your learning process. " "I appreciate whatyou're saying sweetheart, but I don't want to fuck our relationshipup. " "Guy, I feel that whatever is going to happen is going tohappen. I don't want to hold you back. When you come back then wecan resume our relationship if you're still interested. " "That'sreally cool of you to make that offer, Miwa, but I don't think I canbe that cold. I kinda like to keep things simple.

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  " "Well, whateveryou decide, Guy, I'll support. I know you're coming from a goodplace about this. "

"By the way, cockslave, aren't you supposed to be naked right now?"he interrogated with an evil grin. "Sorry Master. Your cockslaveforgot. " "See that it doesn't happen again," he said, feigninganger. "Yes Master. " He then made long, slow love to me, kissing meall over my body, tickling me on occasion and then licking my pussyfor half an hour and bringing me off god only knows how many times. We subsequently united in coital bliss and he led me to my pleasurecenter again until he spurted his spunk up my pink gulley. We laidin the dark, my head on his shoulder and my left hand folded intohis right, the mutual warmth of our bodies insulating us from thelate winter cold.

Friday, I dressed up in another one of the cute outfits I had boughtat Guy's work. It made me appear just short of a schoolgirl. I tiedmy hair into a pony tail, which meant that the schoolgirl effectwould be complete. I got on the train and went to a guitar shopacross town I hadn't been to yet. I was looking at the axes hangingalong one wall when the manager of the store came up to me.

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   "Gakkosaboru na (don't ditch school)!" "Watashi, 22sai da mon (I'm someonewho is 22 years old)," I retorted. "Uso darou (you gotta be lying). "I could see his eyes get bigger when I pulled my American passportout and showed him my information. "Gomen nasai, okyakusama (sorryhonored customer). " "No big deal," I replied in Japanese. "I getthat all the time. " Then I asked him to pull off the second hand ashbody Telecaster he had on the wall and an amp to test it out with. Iimmediately went for Roy Buchanan and Albert Collins licks and thendid my best James Burton imitation. Great sounding axe. The managerhad stood near me the whole time. I gave him the guitar. "Haikaimasu (I'm going to buy it)" and he took it behind the counter. Then I asked him to get a Strat off the wall for me because now Iwas going to show off. I plugged it in and went into the Scorpions"Dynamite" and when I did the fast lead break in it, that attractedA LOT of attention from the other customers. "Sugoi (you'reamazing)!" one of them said.

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   Then I did Deep Purple's "Burn," whichactually resulted in restrained applause. "Do you play in a band?"one of the other patrons asked. I told them about being in aScorpions cover band (called a "copy band" in Japanese) and that theother guitarist was Nikkei like me. I asked if it was okay to playone more and they gave me the go ahead, so I did "Coming Home. " Allof that got me invited to a jam session at a rehearsal studio thenext night. The guy who invited me said they could bring an extraamp for me since all my gear was back in the U. S.

I didn't buy that Strat, but somebody else did and then they had meautograph it, which was weird initially until he told me that hewould give it to his toddler daughter when she was old enough tobegin playing. "Besides, maybe you'll get famous, too!" he kindlyenthused. "No chance of that, I think. Sorry," I giggled,embarrassed. He also had me take a picture with him. I did, though,buy a used pink Charvel they had for a little of that 80's glammojo. I did a Van Halen tune when I was checking that out. I paidfor my purchases and then took them back to my hotel.

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   I had theconcierge arrange for a limo to pick me up Wednesday. Guy got a kickout of the incident at the guitar shop. Then he fucked me up againstthe sliding glass door of the tiny veranda of his apartment in thedark with the curtains open.

Saturday, I bought shinkansen tickets for Osaka so we could have alittle day trip together Sunday. We went to the Ueno zoo. I lovezoos. We came back to Guy's place at around 5 p. m. after eating anearly dinner and I hung out with him for a little while before Ireturned to my hotel room to change into blue jeans, a whitet-shirt, a jean jacket, black heels and sunglasses, kindapseudo-biker, and then headed for the rehearsal studio the jam wasgoing to be in.

There were eight of us there and with the equipment things werepretty cramped. I chipped in for the studio rental, of course, andthen the one guy I had met at the guitar shop introduced me to theothers. "Ah, Suki-chan ni niteiru jan (man, she looks like SukiHakamada)!" "Sokkuri ne," another agreed. "Thanks, guys," Iaccepted. "So Miwa-chan, what can you play?" "I could play someLoudness if you want," I offered. They pronounced that "good" and Istarted the riff to "Crazy Doctor" on the Kiko Loureiro sig guitar Ibrought with me They complimented me for the way I pulled off AkiraTakasaki's lead break.

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   Then someone asked me to play a Scorpionstrack since I was in a cover band that did their material. I toldthem we could do the song we open our shows with, "Blackout," a songthat also left lots of room to noodle around. From there, we jammedfor the next four hours and it was fun. They were really impressedwith me and said my band should come to Japan. I said I wish wecould. They were especially intrigued when I told them that Sandrahad gone to Musician's Institute.

I got to my hotel about midnight, took a shower and went to sleep. Ipicked Guy up at 5 a. m. and we took the first shinkansen toShin-Osaka Station, and, over the course of the day, visited OsakaCastle, Koshien Stadium, which was in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture,the home of the Hanshin Tigers, as well as other points of interest. We circled back to Tokyo later that night and Guy picked up a changeof clothes and we spent the night in my hotel room. He cuddled metightly since I was only going to be able to see him two more days. We then had dinner together Monday after he left work and we fuckedeach other's brains out at his place. We dd the same Tuesday, exceptin my hotel room, and then the day I was supposed to depart came. Wewoke up at 5 a.

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  m. and I double checked to ensure I had everythingpacked and all my documents in my purse. Guy and I made out for abit and then I blew him, the last taste of anything in Japan for methis time being that of his cum. He helped me take my new guitarsand luggage down to the lobby. I checked out and kissed him goodbyeand he pissed off for work. The limo arrived half an hour after thatand took me to where I would board the private jet. Everything wasloaded up and we took off. When I arrived in L. A, I took anotherlimo to my house. I had gotten used to Guy being there and now hewasn't, so the house felt especially empty. I left for the kenneland picked my dogs up, who jumped all over me in elation.

It wasn't even noon in SoCal yet and it had already been a long dayfor me. I changed into a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and some flipflops and took my dogs to the park, where I let them drag me aroundfor a couple of hours because I'm sure they needed the exercise. Iwas exceedingly tired but managed to stay up long enough that Icould phone Guy before he left for work the next day JST. It wouldbe another two and a half months before I saw him again.

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Thursday morning PST, I arose at just after seven following 12 hoursof sleep. I had no idea I was that tired. You know that Police song,"This Bed's Too Big Without You?" That is how I felt when my eyespopped open and Guy wasn't there. He texted me to say hi before hewent to bed that night. The weather in mid-March in SoCal wasgorgeous. It was in the mid-70's and clear. I fed my mutts and tookthem out for their constitutional. Then I had to restart my life. Itexted Sandra and Terry and let them know I was back. Sandra phonedme on her lunch break and said she wanted to come over after she gotoff.

It was nice seeing her again. When I greeted her at the door, Ikissed her on those pert lips and looked into her narrow slit eyes. I took her hand and guided her to my bedroom. I hugged and kissedher again and asked if she wanted to lay down with me. She smiledand consented to that.


   We crawled into my bed and I cuddled herskinny body. I told her about my Japan trip with Guy and how I wasfeeling about him. She was frustrated about George's lack ofavailability because of his work and school schedule because shereally liked being with him since he was so kind and funny. Then Ireacted that I missed being with her and she said the same about me. We began kissing and rolling around. Of course, it had been a whilesince I had a woman in my arms and it felt amazing. She pulled mytank top up and disattached the hooks of my bra and  began to suckon my nipples, her little soft, wet tongue slathering them. I feltthe distension from the suction and moaned while my pussy received adrip feed of natural lubricant.

My fingers ran through her long, black hair while her mouth workedto heighten my ardor. She slipped her fingers under my shorts andpanties and rubbed my clit. "Oh God, Sandra, you have such greathands," I blurted. I pulled her little one piece dress up to herhips and kneaded her naked ass. She hadn't worn panties under thatrelatively thin dress! Her nimble fingers were chasing me up to thesummit of ecstasy while I unzipped her dress. Her fingers swirledand pressed on my nubbin and my hips bucked as I began to cum,grabbing her tightly while my body coped with all the heat theorgasm was imbued with.

She sat upright and pulled the dress over her head and then unhookedher bra, showing me those cute little tits of hers.

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   I pulled her alittle further forward so that I could suck on her nipples. Shecradled my head while I continued to force air into my mouth by hermilk ducts to give them the sensation of being tugged on. "God Miwa,that feels so good," she sighed. I dropped my righthand down andforced two fingers into her pussy. I felt the ridges of her g spot,her moist cunt warm to the touch. I fiddled those ridges and sheundulated her hips in response, fucking herself on them as Icontinued to bury my face in her miniature pillowy hills. The paceof her pants elevated and she swung her hips harder to grind herpussy on my digits before a wave of pleasure broke through hernervous system, causing her to emit a euphoric cry. I withdrew myfingers and licked her tasty juices off of them, smiling andgiggling as I did so.

I pushed her off of me and leapt on top of her. I kissed her hardand declared that I still loved her. She said the same about me andwe spent the next 15 minutes or so lip wrestling and becoming wetterand wetter. "Fuck me Miwa," Sandra begged. Then I got a kinky idea. I reached over to my nightstand and grabbed my purse. I took out mycellphone and speed dialed Guy's number.

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   It would be just after noonand Guy was at lunch. where he was. He picked up and sounded sleepy. "Hi Master, this is your cockslave. " "Hi sweetheart, what's up?" hemuttered, trying to recover his cognition. "Baby, I'm here withSandra right now and we're having sex. We're just about to fuck. Does Master want to listen in?" "Oh yeah!" he assented. "Sandra hasher legs spread right now and I am moving up between them with myleft leg under her right and my right over her left hip. I'mscooting up and now our pussies are touching," I announced like aplay by play man. I pushed my twat against Sandra's clit and she didthe same for me. I held the phone next to our battling slits while Irocked my hips. I love the sensation of Sandra's love channelagainst mine because it's so soft. It's like rubbing my clit against velvet. Both of us were moaning and Sandra pleaded with meto rub her harder.

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   I looked at her thin form while I sought to useher pussy for my own pleasure. I put the phone to my ear as Icontinued to pant. "You hearing all that, baby?" Oh yeah, I can heareverything Miwa. I'm stroking myself right now in a bathroom stallimagining what you two are doing. " I told Sandra what Guy was doingall the way in Tokyo while we played with each other on the otherside of the ocean and she giggled before emitting more moans. I feltheat beginning to rise through me and I pumped my hips harder andfaster against Sandra's and both of us were loudly cursing andsighing. My breathing was choked off for a second as the sensationsattained their apogee and then it seemed to shatter and spread infragments into every pore of my body. A minute later, Sandra let outa squeaking gasp and then a series of low screams. I pushed harderinto her endeavoring to make her cum as much as possible.

The redness on her face and chest were so beautiful against herotherwise pale skin and I kept at it, causing both of us to cum in ahail of profane declarations and gasps. I fell on my back exhaustedas I heard Guy say, "Oh fuck!" and shoot his sperm on to his chestand stomach. I sat there for about two minutes breathing hard intothe phone and he did the same. "Oh my God Miwa, that was hotter thanshit," he evaluated. "Your cockslave is glad her Master enjoyed it,"I smiled. "You're such a good girl cockslave.

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   Your Master is sorelaxed right now," he notified me. "Your cockslave is gratified toserve her Master that way. " "Well, I have to go back to work. Thanksfor that Miwa. I love you. " "I love you, too, sweety. Have a goodday at work. "

Sandra and I cuddled each other. She informed me that we had bandpractice Saturday and Sunday  because we had a show the followingFriday at a bar in Manhattan Beach. Sandra and I got up from bed andjammed with each other while still starkers for an hour or so. Thatwas so much fun. I looked forward to the rehearsal Saturday becauseit had been over a month since our last one and they were all suchgood musicians.

Friday, I did the grocery shopping, walked my dogs and jammed on myre cent guitar  acquisitions. Around 8 p. m.

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  , I called Guy and hadphone sex with him. That relaxed me and I went to sleep about anhour later. Just a nice mellow day.

Saturday, I rehearsed with the band for four hours as we worked thekinks out from the layoff. It was a good laugh and really fun. Itold them about the jam session I had been a part of in Japancompletely by accident and how the one guy mentioned we should cometo Japan. "God, i wish we could go there," Denice said. "That wouldbe a blast. " The logistics of that, though, would be quitedifficult. I had no idea how to make that happen. Oh well.

Sunday's rehearsal was a lot smoother and we felt like we were backon the bicycle, as it were. I phoned Guy early that morning andthere was no answer. It went to voice mail, which made me worry. Hereturned my call several hours later just before he left for work.

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  He apologized for not picking up and would explain to me why afterhe got home.
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