The Other Side of the Coin Chapter 26


Saturday morning, I cooked a Japanese style breakfast to help makeSena more comfortable and then Guy took her up to L. A. to show heraround. They didn't get back until after 9 p. m. As I did theprevious evening, I listened as Guy plowed her back 40 before goingto bed myself following a nice diddle and orgasm. They were alsogone pretty much all day Sunday, too, since he squired her aroundDisneyland. I fell asleep before they returned. I checked on themwhen I got up Monday since they were still asleep and they werestarkers, Sena's little soft wedged shaped tits peeking out abovethe blanket. I put on a bikini and some sandals and took my dogsout for an early morning walk. Temperatures were going to be in the90's that day, so the sooner I took them out and siphoned off theirenergy the better.

By 10 a. m. , they still hadn't showed themselves and so I made myselfa little breakfast of a banana muffin and miso soup. Not veryculinary correct, but it got the job done. On the way to my musicroom, I put my ear to their door and heard the familiar sounds ofsex.

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   In fact, I could hear Guy's pubic bone crashing hard againstSena's ass and I pictured him holding her hips as she was on all foursand jackhammering his weapon into her. They finally emerged justbefore noon and we all had lunch together. She ate so primly, eachmovement of her chopsticks accomplished so gracefully, it was likeshe had practiced those movements as a gymnast does a floor routine. In my dirty little mind, this was quite a contrast to her takingcock gratefully like a particularly desperate whore.

Guy announced that he was going to take Sena to the beach since itwas going to be too hot to do anything else and suggested that shechange into a bikini. I volunteered to help. I went into theirbedroom with her and she pulled a nice white two piece bathing suitout of her suitcase. She stripped and so I finally got to see hernude. She had a neatly trimmed black bush. Her body profile was alittle more rounded than mine, but I remarked how cute she looked asI closed the backstrap of her top. "You're so elegant, Sena. Nowonder Guy is in love with you," I asserted.

She then asked me what I intended to do about my relationship withhim. I countered in Japanese that, "if you mean do I intend to marryhim, the answer is no because I don't believe in marriage. Havingsaid that, though, I intend to keep on loving him because he is sucha great guy.

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  " She then asked me if I get jealous of her (Sena). "Sena, there are limitless variations in this world as to how agiven person looks at love and sex. I believe one can love multiplepeople, so I harbor no ill wail toward you at all and hope we can begood friends. I know that you came here so that you can experienceGuy's love and I understand that. But I also know that he loves mejust as much as he does you. We shouldn't turn love into a badthing. Instead, we should be grateful that we are loved by anyone,even if we have to share that love with someone else. " She said mythinking was "kawatta," or "odd/oddball. " At the same time, though,she was glad I was being so cool about her dalliance with Guy. "Themain thing for me, Sena, is that Guy is happy and if that means heneeds you in his life for him to be so then I'm okay with that," Iexplained. The truth was, though, that I wanted to rip that bikinioff of Sena and lick her to so many orgasms she would be renderedbreathless.

Guy came knocking on the door, obviously having become impatientwith waiting for her to just put on a simple bikini. They took offand then were back about four hours later. They got dressed and hetook her shopping for gifts to give the folks back home ("omiyage"in Japanese). While they were away, Sandra came over.

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   I made dinnerfor the two of us and then we went to bed, where I munched hercarpet like a thirsty dog and then took it to her with a strap on. Once we were suitably relaxed, we jammed for a couple of hours. Guyand Sena returned, by which time it was just short of ten. Guy cameto the music room to tell me they were home. "Hey Sandra! How areyou babe?! he exclaimed, giving her a hug. He introduced Sandra asmy "kanojo (girlfriend)," which I thought was a pretty funny move. Maybe he wanted to get a rise out of Sena and she completelytook the bait. "Eh? Kanojo desu ka? Miwa-san ha bi?" "Hai, bisexualdesu yo," I informed her. "Sandra mo kareshi iru wa yo (Sandra alsohas a boyfriend)," I told her. Keep in mind that Japan is a deeplyhomophobic country, so I wasn't THAT surprised by her reaction. Shewas speechless. First, I tell her that Guy is at the center of whatamounts to a polyamorous relationship and now she finds out thatSandra and I engage in lesbian sex from time to time. Guy had a bigshit eating grin on his face seeing her reaction. I looked at himand said, "you're going to have to give her the 'sex isn't dirty andneither is pussy or cock' talk babe. " "Miwa, I don't think I cannecessarily communicate that well to her.

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   Do you want to take a runat it?" "Yeah, I guess, but I'm not sure she trusts me as much asshe does you. " "Sorry babe. I wish my Japanese was better. " "I knowyou can't help it sweety. "

I told Sandra just to hang loose for a few minutes and I seizedGuy's arm and dragged him into my room. Sena, of course, tailed him. I closed the door and asked Sena to have a seat on my bed. I said toher that like in our previous talk about how a person can love manypeople, some are born with the desire to be with both sexes. It'sjust part of the variations of life. And whether love is fromsomeone of the same or opposite sex, it is a wonderful thing becauseit makes people happy. Moreover, genitals and bodies aren't dirty. "You aren't a dirty person, right? So there is nothing dirty aboutyour breasts or vagina or mine or Guy's penis. So when I lickSandra's pussy ("omanko"), I relish her taste, her smell and theability to give her pleasure. When I suck Guy's thing, I find itreally erotic when it lengthens and thickens in my mouth and then Imake him spurt. Plus it gives him pleasure.

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   Therefore, I love tosuck him. "

"Have you ever had any lesbian experiences Sena?" She almostfrantically waved no with her hands. "Sena, you don't have to doanything you don't want to, but you know the Japanese saying that,"when you are outside of Japan there is no such thing as shame (tabiha haji kakisute)," right? Well, you can have a lesbian experiencewhile you're here if you want to and nobody back home would findout. Would you like to try it? Sandra and I can lick you and youdon't have to lick us if you don't want to. " Sena's face was red inembarrassment, which was kinda hot. She also seemed very confused. Guy told her in Japanese she didn't have to do anything. "Wait asecond, I want to think about this," she replied. Finally, shelooked at Guy and asked him, "so Guy, if I do this you won't thinkI'm dirty, right?" Guy walked up to her, hugged her, kissed her andsaid, "Sena-chan, it's impossible for anyone to ever call youdirty. " I was surprised that she was giving it seriousconsideration. But girls tend to love the dangerous and the daring, which is why they go for men who possess those qualities a lot.

"Okay," she agreed in a small voice. I turned to Guy and told himnot to get involved unless she asks him to. Then I informed Senathat if at any point she wants us to stop we will. Sandra had noidea any of this was going on, so she was gobsmacked when I walkedback into the music room and blurted that we're both about to eatSena out.

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   She smiled and followed me into my bedroom. I scooted upnext to Sena and caressed her left cheek in my righthand. I tiltedmy head a bit as I very slowly moved in on her with my soft, moistlips and tenderly kissed her. Sandra climbed into bed behind her andplaced her hands on Sena's hips and began kissing and nibbling herneck. Sena let out a puff of air like she had just swallowed a bug. I very gently placed more kisses on Sena's thick lips and shestarted kissing me back. I wrapped my arms around her shoulderswhile Sandra reached around and undid the buttons on Sena's blouse. "You're so cute," I remarked to Sena as Sandra loosened the snaps onthe 30 year old's bra. I helped Sena out of her blouse and bra,exposing her perky A cups. I toppled Sena on to her back and Sandraand I pounced on her nipples, licking and sucking on them as if theywere miniature Tootsie Pops. Sena's milk ducts were now as stiff asGuy's cock no doubt was from watching this. She was also moaning andI unsnapped the button on her khaki pants and slid the zipper down. My hand snaked its way under the fabric of her white silk pantiesand immediately detected wetness. I rubbed her clit as Sandra and Icontinued to double team her teats and her breathing was escalatingin rapidity and gaspiness. "Kimochi ii? (does it feel good?)" Iasked.

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   "Kimochi iiiiiiii (it feels sooo goooood)," she sighed. Ifrigged her with more conviction and brought her to a panting,shuddering climax.

"Do you want us to continue?" I asked Sena. "Yes," she dreamilyconsented. I got up and took my clothes off and then pulled Sena'spants and panties off, revealing her muff. I admired the shape ofher legs and the beauty of the skin that they were encased in. Islowly kissed my way up them to her inner thighs, which I nibbledand tickled with the tip of my tongue. Sandra removed her ownclothes and kissed Sena passionately, telling her in Japanese shewas cute while my tongue was darting against Sena's clit and thenlapping at it, making her jerk as the jolts of electricity hit her. Sena started fondling Sandra's own A cups as I pushed her up thehill of pleasure with my mouth. The flow of natural lubricant fromSena's pussy was increasing markedly the more I worked on her clit. "Ahhhhhhh, ikisou (I'm going to cum)!" she whimpered and emitted along stream of pants before I slurped her over the edge with aprolonged suck and then several short ones, her voice quaking as theorgasm subsided. "Kimochi yosugita (that felt too good)," shepanted. I turned Sena's pussy over to Sandra and laid on the edge ofthe bed with my legs spread. "Guy, come here and fuck me," I begged. "I thought you'd never ask," he cracked and shed his attire.

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   I wassoon treated to the sensation of his love missile targeting my innerreaches. The room was beginning to fill with the smell ofeverybody's juices. Sandra brought Sena off just as I was climaxingtoo, our cries of ecstasy resounding off the walls.

I told Guy to pull out and fuck Sena. Sandra came over and sat on myface as Guy entered Sena and from there the scene was a mixture ofentangled bodies and the sound of juices being stirred and thendeclarations to the deity and muttered curse words, the crescendoreached when Guy's guttural growl signaled the release of hisballjuice onto Sena's stomach when he pulled out of her unprotectedtwat. "Well, here's to  hoping that you're not pregnant, Sena!" Guylaughed. She had her period two days later, so she wasn't, as itturned out. But it did mean no more sex for Guy and her before shehad to go back to Japan.

"So how did you feel about this?" I asked Sena. "It was exciting!"she giggled. "I didn't know being with girls could be like that!"she elaborated. "So are you interested in girls now?' Iinterrogated. "Not really. But at least I understand more aboutlesbians and what they get out of what they do," Sena allowed. "That's too bad, Sena.

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   You're super cute!" Sandra bubbled. "You're alot prettier than I am," Sena modestly retorted. I walked over toSena and hugged and kissed her. "So Sena, " I said in Japanese, "arewe friends now?" "Yes, I think so," she said, smiling, in brokenEnglish. "Sena, Guy and I are going to visit Japan next summer afterhe graduates from college. I hope we can see you there then," Iproclaimed. "Me, too," she said. I just made up my mind right thento do that. "Until then, please come and stay with us again," Iinvited. "Thank you," she said.

Guy pulled Sena up from the bed and hugged her. "Daisuki yo (I loveyou) Sena-chan!" he declared. "Daisuki!" she swore to Guy with anaffectionate smile. Sandra once again remarked as to how cute Senawas and how lucky Guy was to have found her. "So Sena, do you wantto go to bed with Guy now?' I teased.

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   She giggled and he took herhand and led her to their bedroom. Sandra and I took a showertogether and then went to sleep.

The next morning, the alarm went off and I roused Sandra so shecould get ready for work. While she was prettying herself up for herbosses, I made her a Japanese breakfast since she hadn't had one ina long time. She then hustled off to work. Guy and Sena woke up acouple of hours later. I told them I already ate, so Guy and herwent to a local restaurant for breakfast. When they came back, Iapologized to Sena that it was so hot that week. She smiled andnoted that at least there wasn't the humidity she would experienceat the same time in Japan, where it was monsoon season, so the heatin Southern California was more comfortable. In other words, "it's adry heat. " But that was like saying it was better to be baked alivethan steamed.

Sena decided that she just wanted to hang out with Guy at homeanyway. So I asked her if she had ever tried bondage. She said shehadn't. I inquired as to whether she would like to experience beingtied up.


   She looked at Guy like, "what should I do?" He told her totry it and see how she felt. "Okay, as long as it won't hurt. ""Don't worry, it won't," I pledged. I had her put her hands behindher back and tied them together. Then I bound her ankles andanchored the hand tie to them, which left her immobilized on herknees. I remarked in Japanese that we could now do anything with herwe wanted. That idea made her moan! She blushed when she was foundout. Guy and I looked at each other and smiled knowingly. Withinevery outwardly conservative person lies the heart of a freak.

I undid the hand tie and had her stagger to her feet still bound atthe ankles. I retied her hands in front of her and anchored it tothe ankle ropes again. "You like this, don't you?" I smiledwickedly. "Yes," she admitted in a small voice. "Do you spank her inbed, Guy?" I  wondered. "Not yet," he chuckled.

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   "Supanku saretai (doyou want to be spanked)?" I pondered. She giggled. I gave her aplayful slap on the ass and she yelped and laughed. I whispered inGuy's ear to tickle her, which he did and she screamed and giggled. I untied her and asked her what she thought. "It was stimulating,"she offered. What she REALLY meant was, "It got me really wet. " Thatnight, Guy tied her up spread eagle without any resistance at alland had lots of fun with her. But she got her period the nextafternoon and so the pushing of her bondage limits was terminatedfor the time being. He babied her for the rest of that day and theday after before he and I took her to the airport. "Sena, both of uslove you. Please keep in touch, " I said to her. She said she wouldand her and Guy separated after a long, deep kiss goodbye.

"God, I can't believe we got away with that shit," Guy laughed onthe way home. "You're such an instigator, Miwa.

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   Those bondage andlesbian moves were fucking epic!" he grinned. "Yeah, weird how thathappened," I giggled. "Yeah, but it kinda sucked that she went onthe rag right when it seemed like she was finally relaxing andenjoying herself. " he lamented.

Once we got home from the airport, Terry called and told me she hadbooked some gigs for us. We were going to play the biker bar againand a club in Long Beach we had gigged at before. Guy's school alsohad us back for a noontime show. She cleared it with Sandra, who wasable to get a three hour window free from her work for it. And thenwe were going to play an all female tribute band extravaganza in SanDiego at a theater/concert hall there. We were going to be second onthe bill before a well known Iron Maiden cover act, which amazed me. However, members of a couple of the other bands didn't want tofollow us and so they took lower slots even thought they had biggerfollowings than us. Talk about a compliment!

The upshot of all that was that we were in rehearsal all of thefollowing week and then played the bar in Long Beach the Wednesdayafter that and killed. We headlined and played for two hours,including encores, to a full house of about 200 people and had agood old time. We hung out until closing time and got a lot of emailaddresses. The day after that, we papered both L.

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  A. and OrangeCounty for our other shows, too.

The week that Guy started back to school, we played the biker barand, again, filled the place. Guy was able to come to the gigs andhelp with equipment and setup. As soon as we hit the stage, thecrowd was going bananas and I recognized a lot of the faces from thegigs we did there the previous year. Just a great night musically,though we overheard some of them talking about "which of those chinkbitches do you want to fuck?" That kinda made us a little nauseouspersonally.

The tribute band concert was the weekend following Labor Day. Theaudience was super supportive. The show began at noon and we came onat 5:30 after an AC/DC cover band, who kicked tons of ass, by theway. When we were ready, the lights went out and Terry stood atopthe double bass drum kit as Sandra and I crouched with our backsagainst each other and as soon as the announcement was made, weblasted into "Blackout" and Terry jumped from the drum kit 80'sstyle  as Sandra and I separated and was running all over the stagelike she was on crank before the first verse came up. When wefinished the song, Terry greeted the crowd and complimented theother bands before we launched into "Dynamite," with Sandra posingand preening up a storm as she unloaded a screaming lead break onher Flying V while I did the rhythm guitar part on my Explorer. Wethen segued into "Lovedrive," with Sandra doing Michael Schenker'ssolos and then we kicked  into "Picture Life. " Since we only had 60minutes for our basic set plus another 15 minutes for encores, wedid "Still Loving You" and "No One Like You" before sliding intowhat was otherwise the end of our normal set, "Another Piece ofMeat," "Don't Make Promises (Your Body Can't Keep)" and "Rock YouLike a Hurricane. " We got called back for an encore and used up theentire 15 minutes with "Speedy's Coming," "We'll Burn the Sky" and"Coming Home. "

We hung out with the crowd afterward still dressed in our stageoutfits and tons of guys wanted their picture taken with us and,again, we got more email addresses to send announcements to.

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   Guydrove the equipment truck home that night because Terry was justknackered from the energy she had expended at the show and hadn'tgotten much sleep the night before anyway. The girls in the IronMaiden tribute group were really cool and they played a blinder of aset. We did a couple more shows with them that fall as their openingact.

The thing that sucked, though, was that Guy was in class when we didthe gig at his school. We also had some technical problems thatslowed things down and it was pretty unsatisfying.

Two weeks after that, we opened for that Iron Maiden cover act andwe pretty much blew them off the stage. It was just one of thosenights when we were especially tight and crisp and they were havingan off gig which happens to everybody. A month later, we opened forthem again and while we played very, very well, it only seemed topush the headliner harder and they absolutely destroyed, definitelyfiring on all six, as it were.

While all that craziness was going on, Guy was dealing with school. I thought he would slack off his guitar practice and workouts due tothe academic grind, but he somehow kept at it. He said that when hereally wants something he obsessively focuses on it. He wasbasically at school from 8-5 every day and spent time in the libraryon the weekends here and there, too. But we basically had theevenings and weekends free for him and me to spend together and hewas able to get  to sleep at a reasonable hour. I was super proud ofhim. We were still having some form of sex every day like we didafter he returned from Japan, somethng that definitely wasn't truewhen he was still working the previous year.

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Sena continued to keep in touch, too. She notified Guy she was goingto come here during the New Year's holidays in Japan, which isbasically congruent with the Christmas holidays in the U. S. I hopedthat I could get another shot at getting my mouth on her snatch andhelp her explore her submissive tendencies a bit more.

When November came, the band shut it down for the rest of the year. Thefour straight days Guy had off from school during Thanksgiving helpedhim decompress from the stress of school as well as the daily commute. He went home for a few hours on Thanksgiving Day to have dinner with hisfamily and then hightailed it back to my place as soon as he could makea graceful exit.

The first couple of weeks of December, though, we barely even  talkedbecause he was finishing major term papers. He stayed up all night acouple of times to finish them because he didn't want his train ofthought interrupted by taking breaks. So it was a huge relief for ourrelationship and for him when he was able to turn them in early and bedone with them. Then he had to cram like a fiend for finals ahead oftime because Sena was coming over the holidays and he wouldn't have thatmuch of an opening in his schedule to hit the books then. I tried tostay out of his way because I understood what he was going through andjust looked forward to cuddling in bed and, when it happened, sex. Wewere in the home stretch, though.   Guy would have one more semester leftuntil graduation and then he would enroll in a teacher credentialingprogram, which would take another year or two to finish, I wasn't sure,but it would be a lot easier to handle psychologically for him than itwas for him as an undergrad. In the meantime, he and I looked forward tohow we were going to handle Sena.

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