The Other Side of the Coin Chapter 4


The following day was Saturday. He would be in town until Wednesday. He decided he wanted to engage in a little roleplay and had me dressup in a Japanese schoolgirl uniform, which, in this case, consistedof a plain white blouse, a checkered, pleated skirt, white kneesocks and tennis shoes. Well, come to think of it, that probablylooked more like a Catholic school girl uniform because I didn'thave any of the sailor style uniforms in my wardrobe, but given thatI looked Japanese the leap of faith could easily be made.

I left the house and took a walk around the block and then went backthrough the door at my place. "Daddy, I'm home!" I shouted. "Heyhon, why don't you come and sit in daddy's lap. " "Okay daddy!" Ichirped happily and joined him on the couch in my living room. "Sohow was school today?" "It was okay. " "Did any boys try to fuckyou?" "Oh daddy, they're always trying to fuck me!" "So did any ofthem succeed?" "No daddy, but I did give one boy a blowjob in theboys bathroom during lunch. " "How was it?" "Daddy knows how much Ilove to suck, but his cock wasn't as big as daddy's dick. " At thatpoint, he began unbuttoning my blouse and I could feel how hard hewas through his pants underneath me.

"Daddy wants to see your breasts. He never gets tired of looking atthem. " "Daddy, I know how much you love me. Yo know you can see mybreasts anytime you want!" "That's my good girl.

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   Daddy is proud ofyou. " Now I could feel him unhooking my bra and pulling my shirt andthe bra off of me, my boobs springing out. Then I felt his hand onthem. "Does my Miwa love it when I rub your breasts/" "Oh yes daddy. It feels so nice. " My nipples stiffened under his palm. "Daddy is soglad to have such a beautiful daughter. " He pulled me closer to himand began to suck on my teats. "Oh God daddy, I love it when you dothis. It feels so amazing. "

I felt his hand slide up my right thigh and rub my pussy through mywhite cotton panties. "hee hee, daddy, that tickles!" God, I was sowet after the extended sucking he gave them. "Well here honey, let'ssee if this feels better," he said, slipping his hand under thewaist band of my panties and finding my pussy. I let out a moan. "Oh, my daughter likes that," he teased.

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   "Oh come on daddy, you knowI do," I puckishly smiled at him. He rubbed my clit, causing me tosquirm on his lap. "Now Miwa, sit still or I will punish you," hewarned. "Sorry daddy," i whimpered. He increased the friction on myclit and I soon climaxed, hugging him as I felt the sensationsripple through my body. "My daughter looks so beautiful when she'shad an orgasm," he observed. "Would you like to feel my cock insideyou sweety?" he asked. "Please daddy?" I pleaded. "It's feels sospecial when you do that. "

He got up and stripped and then pulled my skirt and panties off,leaving me in just my knee socks. "Here it comes baby. Open yourlegs for daddy!" I watched as he pushed his cock into me and I letout a sigh and a little squeal. "Does it hurt baby?" "Just a littledaddy because you're so big. " "Don't worry, I'll be gentle with mydaughter. " He slowly thrusted his thick six inch cock into me andthen withdrew it, repeating that over and over.

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   "Is it feelingbetter now Miwa/" "Oh yes daddy, it feels so good! Please fuck melike a whore daddy!" "Daddy likes his daughter's enthusiasm!" Withthat, he began to more vigorously assault my love tunnel. "FuckMiwa, your little teenage cunt is so tight! Daddy loves it so much!"I was panting now. "God daddy, oh God yes, please fuck me harderdaddy!" "God, my daughter is such a little slut. " I felt the heatand tension building inside me as he continued to pound his fat fuckstick into me. "Oh God daddy, I'm going to cum! Please fuck meharder daddy!" He began ravaging me as hard as he could and then Iwas gasping and writhing before it felt like a bolt of lightning ranup my spine and into my brain. " "Daddy loves seeing his daughterlike this," he grunted. "You're going to make daddy cum, sweety. Fuuuuccckkkkkk!" and wifh that, I heard him panting as he dumped histesticular cargo into my hot box.

"You were such a good girl," he finally rasped. "Thank you daddy!Yay! Daddy fucked me again!" I bubbled. "Daddy loves you very muchMiwa. I love how devoted you are to me. " I got up and kissed himquickly on the lips and ran off into my bedroom giggling.

The daddy-daughter thing was his biggest fetish among the many hehad and we roleplayed that a couple more times before he went home. It was fun having him around.

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A couple of days later, John phoned me and told me that he wasthrowing an after work party the following Friday at his house andhe wanted me to be his date for the evening. He was having itcatered by a company that did a lot of corporate soirees so it wasdefinitely going to be high caliber stuff.

I got there a couple of hours before anyone else to help him withthe final details wearing a black Cheongsam with dark red borders onthe neck and sleeves. It was slit up to mid thigh, so underneath Ihad black thigh high stockings, four inch open toed red heels anddark red bra and panties. With my long, straight black hair hangingover this ensemble, I was dressed to kill and John was groping meevery now and again.

The first guests arrived, which included clients as well ascoworkers, and within an hour it was in full swing, though themellow jazz music he had over his sound system imbued the affairwith a mellow vibe. As I expected, the food was excellent and Ipartook liberally. Their were more than a few "Real Housewives ofOrange County" types there dressing too young for their ages andshowing off their rather obvious Breasts by Monsanto. I can't evenbegin to imagine what it must be like dealing with those bitches ona day to day basis and idly wondered how many of them were beingcheated on with younger hotties such as me.

At one point in the evening, a couple walked up to me and just flatout propositioned me as to whether I would like to have a threesomewith them sometime. I begged off even though the wife apparentlyreally dug me. That got the wheels in my head and I decided to havea little fun. I went home and got a long length of rope, a gag and ablindfold and some scissors and stuffed them into my handbag andwent back to the party. I sidled up to John and explained whathappened and told him what I wanted to do.

John then went over to the husband, Mark Stone, who was one ofJohn's subordinates, a well paid and high performing project managerin fact, and told him to act like he was real downcast while Johnlaid things out for him.

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   Mark was definitely up for it and John thenshot his wife, who was in a group of other wives at the time,daggers with his eyes.

:"Uh honey, John wants to see us upstairs," Mark told his spouse,trying to come off as if he had just seen a ghost. "What's thematter Mark?" she asked, concerned. "I think we REALLY scewed up. Anyway, we better go upstairs and see what John wants. " John and Ihad already made our way up into a back bedroom on the second floor,where there was a four poster bed. I sat on the edge of the bedwhile John stood trying to work himself into an angry state of mind. The couple came through the door and John had them sit down on thebed.

"So I understand one of you guys made a pass at my girlfriend," heopened his gambit. "You know Mark, I could fire you so fast forsexual harassment it would make your head swim. You know what thepossible legal consequences of propositioning women in a companyenvironment are, even if it is at an off site party and it wouldeffectively poison any shot at obtaining another position ofresponsibility behind the counter at Burger King, let alone with amajor player like us. " Mark, putting in the Academy Awardperformance for Best Supporting Cuckold, begged John and me toforget that this happened, that it was in a moment of weakness andthat it will never happen again. "Uh huh," John sneered. His wifethen tried to take responsibility for it, but John shook that off.

"Okay, I'll tell you what: Miwa here wants to exact some revenge foryour imposition on her dignity.

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   You guys have to do whatever shesays or you will be clearing out your desk tomorrow Mark. And youknow what that means, right? No more shopping sprees at DiamondIsland Mall and meals at five star restaurants here for your wife orgolf at the Shining Sea Country Club. So what do you say?" Marklooked at his wife and analyzed, "honey, they have us by the ballshere. I don't see how we have any choice. " His wife Chelsea,apparently caving because she so wanted to stay on the gravy train,merely uttered an. "okay," with a great deal of evident trepidation.

I stood up and ordered Chelsea to take off all of her clothes. "Nowwait a second!" she started to object. John then reminded her thatthe only thing that stood between them and their high flyinglifestyle and living in a trailer park in some crappy RiversideCounty town was her obeying me. With a huff, Chelsea  started todisrobe. First her skirt and her little jacket, then her blouse andher slip. She was wearing panty hose and rolled them off. She had anice pair of toned legs from daily work at the gym and a decentbelly for an American woman in her early 40's. Then the bra came offand my heart fell. Fake tits.


   "Wow, that is a really bad boob job,"I spat. "Where did you go to have them done, Mexico?" I twisted theknife further. "Do you have any sensation in those nipples?" Chelseawouldn't answer me.

She was now naked and I had her position herself between the postsof the bed. I bound her hands to each of the bedposts so that herhead was now facing the floor. I then bound her ankles and tied themto the bed posts, too. Now she was spread for anyone who wanted totake advantage of her. I slipped a blindfold over her eyes and thenforced a ballgag into her mouth. I reached around her and pulled andpinched her nipples, causing her to moan. "Wow Mark, your wife hereis a freak, isn't she?" She tried to protest that she wasn't, but Ithen put my fingers inside her and extracted a lot of wetness out ofit. I licked my fingers off. "Wow Chelsea, if your pussy was arestaurant your juices would be a first class appetizer," i bullied. "Okay Mark, take your clothes off," I ordered. I watched Mark as hisclothing gradually disappeared. Nice seven and a half inch cock,circumcised and shaved.

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"Okay Chelsea, you need to be punished for the actions of you andyour husband," I continued. John, let her have it please. " Johnwound up and then hammered her ass with a hard slap. Chelsea criedout with the impact. "Keep going until I'm happy with this phase ofthe punishment, John" I urged. He kept slapping her until her asswas red deep red and sore. Mark, continuing his performance, actedlike he was pleading for me to stop, that this has gone far enough. "Shut the fuck up, Mark," I said, winking at him. I stuck my fingersinto his wife's snatch again and she was wetter than before. "FuckChelsea, this is getting you off, isn't it? Are you a pain slutChelsea?" I asked with some venom in my voice. Mark had his cock inhis hands and was jacking off now.

"Well, you look like you're offering yourself up to be used. John,will you please do the honors?" Mark stopped stroking himself onlylong enough to express more fake concern for his freak of a wife. John placed himself at the opening of Chelsea's cunt and then droveit into her. "That's it John, just fuck her like the slut she is.

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   Ibet she is really loving your cock right now like I have. " The Markwhispered into my ear that he was about to cum. I knelt down and lethim shoot in my mouth so as to not make a mess of John's rug.

I removed all of my clothes and made sure that the bedroom door waslocked. Chelsea was crying, writhing and panting. "Look at thisbitch. She's going to cum. She loves this," I insisted. God Chelsea,you're such a whore," I accused. She shuddered and started to cum asJohn's grunting was deepening, meaning he was about to go off insideof her. And he did, Chelsea's cunt squeezing his milk out of him. Mike then got on his phone and called in a buddy of his. The buddy,Colin, was upstairs in a couple of minutes after tearing himselfaway from a conversation with a coworker. He knocked on the door andas I teased Chelsea that we had some more cock for her, Colin walkedin and then went, "holy shit! What's going on here?" he exclaimed. "Mark's wife is taking on all comers, he explained to Colin.

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   I justhad her. You're second if you so wish. Mark gave him the "ok" signwith his fingers and Colin lined himself up and was soon balls deepinside another man's wife.

"Now Chelsea, while you fuck a stranger, I'm going to have yourhusband do me. What do you think of that bitch?" I cackled. Marklooked at John like, "is that okay?" Mark gave him two thumbs up andleft the room to get more guys for Chelsea. I stripped and told Markto lay on his back with his head next to the foot of the bed. He waserect again. I climbed on to him and pointed the tip of his cock atmy opening and then sunk my hips, feeling his cock slowly burrowinto me. "Fuck yes. God Mark, your cock feels so good inside me," Ideclared. "Now I'm going to use your husband's dick for my pleasureright in front of you Chelsea. Does that turn you on?" There wasdrool hanging from her gag as she said something unintelligible,which was hot. I began to pump my hips and John's battering rambegan to glide in and out of me. Shortly after, Chelsea had ashattering orgasm, the air passing through the gag making loudrasping sounds as it blew her senses.


   Colin had a good rhythm goingand was manhandling Chelsea's tits as he approached his own launchdate. Five minutes later, Chelsea had another gooey payload in hercock closet.

Two more guys entered the room and, one of them immediately grabbedChelsea's hips and knifed his dick into her fuckhole. Mark's cockhad already given me one orgasm and I was well on my way to anotheras the room filled with the scent of sex. "Oh fuck God oh yes," Imewled as I bounced up and down on Mark's member. Your husband isgoing to make me cum soon Chelsea. That gets you off, doesn't it youcunt?" I snarled. I felt the first wave of what would be multipleorgasms, as I screamed for Mark to not stop. The third guy didn'ttake long to erupt at all and guy number four replaced him insideChelsea's cum filled twat. Mark's stamina was impressive and Iremarked to Chelsea that I might have to take him for myself as shewas being invaded without end.

Finally, Mark rifled his sperm up into me. I stood up when he wasfinished and straddled him, allowing his cum to drip out of me on tohis stomach. There was another knock at the door as Mark fakeasserted that he couldn't believe we were making him and his wife dothis. Randy, who worked in the financial department, strode in andwaited for his turn. "Hey, more cock just arrived for you Chelsea.

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  Aren't you lucky?" I said. Mark was obviously enjoying this as hegot cuckolded over and over by his coworkers. He would be humiliatedby them when he went back to work Monday. And he liked it.

The guy inside Chelsea unburdened himself and now it was going to bean even half dozen for Chelsea, as Randy took the reigns. "God,she's loose," he complained. "Yeah, she can't get enough cock,that's why," I insulted. Randy pinched her nipples hard, causingChelsea to see stars. He was inside of her for about 15 minutes andmade Chelsea orgasm before he finished and left. I took theblindfold off of Chelsea, who was exhausted. "God Mark, look at yourwhore wife. She has cum leaking out all over her backside. Johnisn't going to like his rug being stained with cum, so you need tolick up the mess," I ordered. Mark dutifully began lapping theeffluent that was pouring out of Chelsea's swollen pussy up. "Cleanher from head to toe," I added.

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   'Look Chelsea. Your husband'spathetic. Licking up the cum of other men after they fucked you. Youguys are total freaks," I piled on.

John returned. "Well, Mark, I have to hand it to you. Your wife isas good a performer as you are for us. So your job is safe. Butwatch your ass, you understand me" John said angrily. "Yes Sir,"Mark submitted. I untied Chelsea and removed the gag. I wasexpecting her to cry, but she didn't. Instead, she had this blanklook on her face, like she was in sub space. She got dressed and sodid Mark and they left the party.

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