The Time Shifter Chapter 25


Wednesday, I went to the party Julie invited me to. It was solelywomen and all of them were at least ten years older than I was. Theywere also to a one lesbians. The 1970's may have been the let it allhang out and if it feels good do it decade, but both of those mottosonly applied to heterosexuals in reality. The music world wasEXTREMELY heteronormative. I showed up at the gathering dressed in ablack cheongsam with a skirt slit up the side, black pantyhose andfour inch black heels. "Wow, you look incredible!" Julie said. "Thanks, sweety," I acknowledged. "You want to dance?" She invited. I accepted and we staked out part of the livingroom and shook ourbooties. Patti came out of the kitchen with a glass of wine and Igave her a hug.

Eventually, I got introduced to everyone. Some of them were kindaboyish P. E. teacher types, others were definitely femme andbeautiful, and then there were a few in between. One of the P.

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  E. teacher-like girls, who was a blonde pushing six feet tall, asked meto dance with her. She had a little bit of an Anne Murray thinggoing on, masculine enough appearing to notify those looking for itthat she was gay but feminine enough to not seem totally butch. Shewas in her early 40's and had D cups. When the song finished, shewanted to talk to me and we did so over glasses of wine. If you'refamiliar with the great women's basketball coach Pat Summit, thiswoman, whose name was Robin, had a similar kind of ruggedintelligence, I guess you could call it. She definitely seemed superfocused, a quality I like in anyone, male or female.

Another woman joined us after I had talked to Robin for a while. Shewas about my height, but overweight and with, well, to put itcharitably, an unattractive face framed by short reddish brown hair. God, it sucks that anyone has to be ugly. Nobody deserves that. Nonetheless, Robin and I shared a similar attitude toward sex. Shewas lesbian only, but liked sex for its own sake as opposed to onlysleeping with women who she was having a relationship with. Julielater told me that Robin had bedded almost everybody in the room atone time or another, including her.

Later in the evening, I had a nice chat with Stephanie, a welldressed 30 year old waitress with glasses who wore a burgundy topthat hugged her B cups and slim hips.

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   I asked her how she dealt withmen asking her out  She disclosed that she wore a wedding band towork and that kept the number of suitors in check. She would alsosay that she had a kid and didn't have the time to date.

At the end of the night, Robin asked me to follow her home. Icomplied and, 30 minutes later, I pulled into her driveway rightnext to her car. She poured glasses of wine for each of us and werelaxed on the sofa for a little chit chat before she finally leanedover and kissed me. I told her I had been with, and mostly fuck,men, but she didn't care. I had been the only woman of color at theparty and Robin commented on it, saying that the gay liberationeffort needed to embrace non-white communities since it was anoverwhelmingly Caucasian movement. That was a rather obvious idea tobe sure. Robin unzipped the back of my top and pulled it off of meand then separated the clasp of my bra and tossed that aside, too. "You have such lovely breasts, Melody," she pointed out. I quietlythanked her for the compliment as her lips introduced suction to mynipples. I stroked the back of her head as she did that. Herrighthand slithered under the slit in my skirt and pressed into mycrotch over my panties and pantyhose. Her suckling of my milk ducts,and she really knew what she was doing, spurred me to moan and sighwith each pin prick of pleasure she elicited out of them.

"Come on dear, let's go to bed," she suggested.


   She grabbed my handand escorted me into her very neat sleep chamber. She pulled myshoes, pantyhose and panties off and buried her face between mylabia. She sucked and licked my clit like a master and my bodytrembled like jello when the first orgasm was given rise. The tip ofher tongue took side trips inside my pussy to slurp up more of myjuices before returning to my love button and lashing it repeatedlyuntil it gave in and straightened me up with more bullets ofeuphoria. She ate me like a famine victim at Hometown Buffet and Ipanted and gasped seemingly endlessly as I climaxed one time afteranother. "Wow, you're really orgasmic!" she noted. I giggled andcould only reply, "but I've also never been licked like that. "

She laid on her back and I rolled over and under her left leg togive her oral sex. Her pubic hair had bits of grey in it while thehair on her head did not, so she was obviously having her hairtouched up to hide another sign she was aging. I lapped my tongue upand down her slit a few times before going full bore on her clit. Her pants sounded desperate as I teased her girl penis and thensucked on it in alternate short and long intervals seeking to makeit pulse before whipping it again with my tongue. Her large hands(for a female) compelled me to make more forceful contact with hervulva as she began to quake with her first orgasm, which she endedin a storm of panting and gasping. For the next 45 minutes, Idrowned that pussy and clit in my saliva as I was her sherpa to theEverest of euphoria an unknowable number of times.

My mouth was now full of the taste of her cunt as I climbed on topof her and kissed her with conviction. "You're so beautiful,Melody," she said in a very pacified tone of voice.

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   "Thanks,sweety," I returned in a near whisper. She turned the lamp on thenightstand off and she held me as we went to sleep.

The next morning, we showered together and she ate my twat whilst onher knees in front of me. I held her head to it as my body jerkedwith each successive orgasm and the water washed over us. Overbreakfast, we discussed whether men or women were more satisfyingsexual partners. Robin had sex with men back in her teens a coupleof times and didn't understand what the attraction was. For her, asa child of the 1940's, she would no doubt have felt sociallypressured to sleep with guys like a good girl was supposed to. Butfor me, as a bisexual, I liked the strength of men and the feel of acock inside me. It also helped that Vishnu had granted me theability to be so orgasmic. Girls, for me, were just for somethingdifferent to do. Women are a big pain in the ass and there arelesbians who will admit that fact. Also, it was a turn on to havemen become so horny over looking at me. Yes, men can be awfullygross, boorish, violent, slobby and way too tolerant of ignorance. But when it is good, it is fucking great. With women, when it isgood it is merely very good because women just cannot relax enoughto truly enjoy life.

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   They always have to pick at themselves andoverthink EVERYTHING. They are constitutionally incapable ofpondering anything in a calm, rational manner. Everything has tohave some kind of emotional import. Being a bisexual male in afemale's body rocks. Bring a regular woman, though, sucks. The trickfor men is to not get swept up in the hellish maelstrom that is thefemale psyche.

Thursday, I got a call from Sonny. He wanted to come over. I flashedthe "welcome" sign and he showed up a while later. "Fuck, man, myjob sucks!" he complained. "Welcome to the real world, kiddo," Iremarked coldly. "Almost everybody you are going to meet who isemployed hates their job. So what do you learn from that?" I askedin a leading fashion. "Uh, find something you like doing and be thebest at it?' "By jove, I think he's got it!" I reacted in a reallyshitty British accent. "And pray tell, young master," I continuedsarcastically, "why do you need to be the best at it?" "Because tonsof other people are trying to do the same job and there are only somany slots open to be successful at it.

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  " "No shit Sherlock!"

"The other part of that equation, though, Sonny, is if you can'tsuccessfully do what you want then you need to have a backup so thatif you have to eat shit 40-50 hours a week you get paid the most youcan for it. Working at a 7-11 because you don't have a collegedegree ain't gonna get it. So my advice, sweety, is practice guitarlike mad while kicking ass in school. Major in engineering, finance,chemistry, chemical engineering, computer science, biology, physicsor get a law degree and you'll be set. " "Fuck, I don't know what'smore depressing: having to take that shit or working a crap job. "

I could see that he had a case of the Teenage Moodies. "Come onhoney, let's go to bed," I requested. That perked him up. I strippedhim and then undressed myself. I got into bed and he followed. I putmy head on his shoulder and caressed his cheek. "So after we get iton do we make plans for world domination?" "Yeah," he smiled. I usedmy lefthand to charm his flesh snake out of its slumber. He begankissing me and feeling my boobs. His engorged dick felt so warm andrigid under my soft hand while his fingers nuzzled my teats, firmingthem up.

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   He rolled me on to my back and beached the left side of hisbody on mine while he sucked my nipples. Oh yeah, fuck,  I lovethat! I was now stroking his love gun faster as my hand waslubricated by his precum. I directed his voluminous wad on to hisstomach when it cannonaded out of the tip. I licked it up andswallowed it with a giggle. "Fuck, you're such a fox," he praised.

I crawled on top of him and looked into his eyes smiling. "Do youfeel better now baby?" I asked sympathetically. "Better than I didbefore," he stated. "Look, you still have time to think things over,but the sooner you begin making plans, the better, honey. Now afteryou plow me with that gorgeous cock of yours, you want your firstguitar lesson?" "Yeah. Might as well get started," he sighed. "Here's the deal baby: you can come over and practice on a blackStrat I don't use much and, by the time you have enough money savedup for a pro level instrument you'll be technically good enough todeserve it. Deal?" "Deal," he happily assented.

I sucked him until he was hard again and then got on all fours. Heentered me and I told him to fuck me like he owned me.

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   He gripped myhips and jackhammered his spike in and out of me and, after Iclimaxed about half a dozen times, he filled my gash with his seed. I told hm to hold me tightly and we lay there in silence for a fewminutes until he got up to go to the bathroom. I wiped his cum frommy groin and dressed. "Okay Sonny, put your clothes on and  let's goto my music room," I heralded.

First, we went over the parts of the guitar and what they do in arepeat of my earlier then I showed him how to hold it and the properfretting technique, explaining that it will be a lot easier on thelittle muscles, joints, tendons and nerves in his hands and wristsif he uses a standard methodology. while keeping both hands relaxed. I showed him three chords, E, A, and D and told him to practicemoving between them, mixing them up in different combinations. Ialso tabbed out a first position C major scale on a piece ofnotebook paper and told him to work on that for 15 minutes a day. sfor the tedium of practice, I said that one incentive he could useif that potentially, two hours of practice now is two hours he won'thave to work when he's 30. "Let's see, two hours of practice todayor eight hours on a construction site in 100 degree weather when I'm25. " I went on to remind him, though, that being in the musicbusiness is work, but you get to be your own boss if you handleeverything right.

I also had a word with him about how he uses his money. His parentswere going to charge him room and board (which they should), so itwould be important that he carefully use the rest of the money hekeeps after taxes so that he could get what he wanted out of the joband then quit for something better. .
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