The Time Shifter Chapter 30


Thursday, Sonny spent the entire day over at my house trying topractice and absorb as much as he could. I very gradually guided Lizthrough her lesson and counseled her on mental tricks and bulletpointed facts that would keep her from getting frustrated. I alsoplayed to her vanity by underlining how much attention she wouldreceive being an excellent guitar player.

Jessica had nothing better to do and so when Liz' hands got tired,she took her into the livingroom and gave her a singing lesson. Thefirst issue was learning to generate power because Liz had such asmall sounding voice since she wasn't breathing properly when sheattempted to vocalize.

Friday, we sold out the Led Zep tribute show. I had to subcontract asecurity company to do that for us since Bobby and Nick were nolonger available due to Bobby's relationship with Sharon. Thisraised our costs and definitely hurt our profit margin, but at leastwe didn't lose money. Jessica sang quite well and was especiallyeffective on "Going to California" and just overall displayed a lotof promise.

I was very pleased at how well Pete and  our new drummer,Kelly, meshed and the latter exhibited a lot of taste in terms ofhow he accented certain parts of songs. Joe and I destroyed and moreand more, he was surprising me with the level of authority he wasthrowing out there for somebody as young as he was.

We had a band meeting Sunday to go over our performance and to getready for doing our regular sets. Boston had just released its debutand after I played it for everyone we decided to learn, "More Than aFeeling," "Smokin'," "Peace of Mind" and "Rock and Roll Band. " Thefirst of those also went right into our set. Both Joe and I gotpretty much drunk on Tom Scholz' tone.

Al Stewart's best record, "Year of the Cat, was also issued and Ipicked  up "On the Border" from it.



Monday, a lot of the schools in the area  were scheduling theirclasses that week, so I hustled around to many of themendeavoring to find noontime gigs. The following week, I did thesame for local colleges. I was pretty successful and we had much of September booked as a result plus a Halloweendance that would pay us actual money.

It got even busier when a local club owner phoned us desperate tofind a new band to cover a few nights. Their house band hadapparently broken up just that week and they were stuck. The clubowner's kid had been to one of our park and rec hall gigs and stillhad the flier from it. So he passed it on to his father. I remindedthe guy that we only did hard rock and not disco or Top 40. We werealso going to get our $500 guarantee up front in cash before load inor we wouldn't play. He agreed to our terms and couriered thecontract over to me. Pete and I signed them and I went to the clubto look at their facilities and to get a feel for what the owner waslike. We would have to do four one hour sets, with half hour breaksin between, a piece of cake.

Pete, Joe and I went over a bunch of songs we did in the firstincarnation of the band with Jessica and Kelly. They learned ninesongs in three days, which was commendable indeed.

That Friday, I collected our fee and we loaded in.

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   We used up all ofthe entire second set playing nothing but Led Zeppelin songs, whichwent down extremely well.

We did the same sets Saturday and Sunday, too, and the club ownerappeared pleased with the result . They were closed Monday andTuesday and we used that time to keep expanding Kelly's andJessica's repetoires via long rehearsals. Unfortunately, that alsomeant I couldn't give Liz and Sonny their guitar lessons other thantelling them to practice some scales.

Wednesday night, I was standing around outside with Joe after ourthird set just to get away from the bad air in the smoke filled club(yes, times really were different back then) when two British guyswalked up to us and said they liked our band. They were both prettycute, spoke with regular London accents (as opposed to those fromthe East End of the city, for example) and were on holiday fromtheir jobs writing for the tabloid rock paper Music Tripper. "So youguys write about music and you came out to hear a cover band on aWednesday night?" I teased. "Well, we already did Disneyland, MagicMountain, Sea World and all that shit. We're actually disappointedwith the lack of nightlife here. The concierge at our hotelrecommended this place and we thought, what the hell. Beats stayingin the hotel watching 'Happy Days or some shit like that. " Iconfirmed that there was very little real nightlife for the musicmaven in Orange County at that time and gave them a list of placesin L. A. to check out. I then said that Joe and I had to do our lastset.

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   "Would you like to have a drink with me sometime?" the bestlooking of the pair, Derek, asked me. Sure, I'd be up for that," Iaccepted and gave him my number.

So what happens? Even though I'm a musician, Derek called me at10:30 in the morning. Jessica and I were both still in bed. "Hello?"I said in a sleepy manner. "Hi Melody. Did I wake you up?" I laughedbecause if you have to ask this question the answer is always yes. "I'm sorry dear," he apologized. I needled him about being a musicwriter and yet calling me before noon. "Yeah, in retrospect it wasrather dumb on my part," he admitted. "Are you sure you actuallywrite and you're not just some dude on the pull?" "I wouldn't beEnglish if I wasn't on the pull, dear, but I am being truthful abouthow I make a living. " I asked him about the Deep Purple debacle withTommy Bolin and he gave me a bunch of stuff I hadn't read beforeabout it and it sounded plausible.

"Well listen, sweety, I have five hours until load in. So what doyou want to do?" I wondered. "Well, how about we meet for lunch?" heoffered.

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   "I think the best I can do is about two. I'm still prettyout of it," I asserted. "Alright love, two it is," he relented. "Sounds like a date, Derek. " He told me what hotel he was staying atand I hung up after taking the information down. Unfortunately,Derek and I had contradictory agendas. He wanted to fuck me and Ijust wanted to hang out and talk about music.

I was so knackered the previous night since I didn't get in untilnearly 4 a. m. that I didn't even bother to shower before I went tobed. I tthought about going back to bed, but I was awake enough nowto make that choice inoperative.   I showered and then did my hairand makeup. I went  through my closet and picked out a redcheongsam, black thigh high stockings, red heels and black lacyunderwear because I wanted to knock his socks off. I ate a bowl ofice cream for brunch since I didn't want anything else at thatmoment and was still hungry by the time I left for Derek's hotel ata bit after one. I also brought one of my stage costumes with me forthe gig.

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Once I found parking, I entered the hotel about 15 minutes beforethe scheduled meeting time. He had apparently just come down beforeI arrived because I immediately saw him. "I must say Melody that you look exquisite," he commented, kissingme on the cheek. I thanked him for the compliment. I was knocked outat just how  good looking he was now that I got a better view. Hewore a shag hair style, had very alert brown eyes and was slim andmaybe 6'1". He was shocked I was only 18 and I was the first personof Korean extraction he had ever met. Like most American girls, Iloved his accent and he was quite articulate. He took me to arestaurant called The White House, which is really good but alsosomewhat on the expensive side. I initially told him, in fact, thathe didn't have to take me there, that I knew some places that weregood but cheaper. He later told me that this was the first hint thatI was the girl for him.

As we talked over dinner, I found myself becoming more infatuatedwith him. The meal was killer and he flattered me that I wasn't justthe best girl guitarist he had ever seen, but one of the bestguitarists, period. Time whipped by and I announced that I had toget back to my car and then on to the club. He asked me if he couldsee me again and recommended that I come to England sometime so hecould show me around.


   He was leaving for home the next day, soseeing him again was pretty much impossible. I hugged hm and let himkiss me on the lips at my car before I got in and headed to theclub. I put all this down as a nice experience and didn't expect tohear from him again.

Monday, the band was in the middle of a rehearsal when he called me. "Oh my God Derek, this must be a really expensive call for you!" Icalculated. "Quite right," he confessed. "I couldn't get you out ofmy mind, though, Melody and wanted to talk to you again. " "Derek,I'm not blowing you off, but my schedule is pretty packed for thenext two months and I don't want you wasting your money attemptingto ring me. We usually knock off for the year in November, so unlesssomething drastically changes, call me back then and I'll have moretime for you. " "I can understand your position, love. It's the lifeof a working muso. " "Yeah. Sorry honey. I feel guilty about havingto cut this short. If you still have time for me, though, call methen and we'll go from there.

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  " "Okay Melody. I'm sorry to interruptyour rehearsal. " "No problem, Derek. You take care. " "You do thesame, darling. " He hung up and I thought that was the end of that. Iwas sure he would find another girl closer to home.

We kept working on tracks that Jessica and Kelly didn't know yet orjust songs we wanted to do so that we could change up our set. ThatWednesday, we kicked our night off with "Jailbreak" by Thin Lizzyrather than "Now I'm Here"/"Stone Cold Crazy. " and followed it withAlice Cooper's "Elected" since it was a presidential campaign yearand we went on from there. Everybody in the band liked finallymaking some money with the music we played even if we were deadtired afterward. Playing the tunes was easy,  but at 2 a. m. , whenthe adrenalin was no longer pumping, you crash land.

The club owner kept bringing us back and we were in residence foranother two months.

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   During that stretch, we added "Dirty Deeds" and"Big Balls" from the "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" AC/DC album thatwas out in Australia, "Don't Believe a Word" from the new Thin Lizzyrecord, "Rock and Roll Never Forgets" by Bob Seger," "Crystal Balll"by Styx and "Carry on Wayward Sun" from Kansas.

For the college students in the band, and that was everyone but me,while the money was nice, it was nonetheless fatiguing to work fivenights a week and go to school during the day. Thus, in mid-October,we notified the club owner that we were going on hiatus for the nextfew months. We played there through October 30th (we had theaforementioned Halloween dance to do elsewhere) and while we wouldcontinue to rehearse 2-3 days a week after that, we wouldn't do anylive gigs until at least February.
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