The Time Shifter Chapter 52


The new Powerchain album, "Dessication," came out June 3rd while Istill had nearly two weeks of school left. Of course, I obtained acopy and learned everything off of it. So I heard it all about it,from "sucks donkey dick" to "fucking amazing!" The same day I tookmy last final, a limo picked me up at school while Mike and acontingent of the band's road crew loaded my gear on to a truck tohave it flown to Richmond, Virginia, where the tour would begin. Igot on to a private jet, along with four of my  guitars and theaccoutrements thereof, and it landed at LaGuardia Airport. I was metthere by an assistant for the band's management, who then drove meto my hotel. The following afternoon, the band had a rehearsal,where we ran through the pacing of the show. "Hey, did anyone tellyou you sound like Ann Wilson?" the bassist, Jeff Serafina, asked. "Yeah, I've been told that before," I acknowledged. "I was the leadsinger in my previous band. " "We're going to have to find a way touse that. " "Thanks, dude, but other than backgrounds, I don't seehow  in the context of this band. My vocal style is just too clean. ""Yeah, that's true. But it sounds epic. " "Thanks, sweety. "

The rehearsal went on for a few hours as the other guitarist, TonyYoung, and I attempted to mesh with each other.

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   The guys in thegroup were well known for stocking up on groupies backstage aftertheir shows, which is why I had a meeting with two of the fourfemale roadies. "During the concert I want you to go out into thecrowd and find me hot guys to fuck," I told them. I outlined ingreat detail what kind of boys/men I wanted and what kind I didn't. "Bring about half a dozen back and then I'll pick the one or two Iwant to do me," I explained. "If you guys want any of the leftoversthen go for it," I bubbled.

"Aren't you afraid of catching something?" one of the roadiesworried. "No," I said resolutely. "Life is short, so I'm going toenjoy it," I averred. "But you're only 15!" she countered. "Yeah,and you never know what will happen tomorrow that will put and end to your life. 15 year olds die all the time in this country. So Imight as well live it up," I advocated. "How do you feel aboutdrugs, then?" "Using drugs isn't living. You're not living if youanaesthetize yourself on a daily basis. That includes alcohol, too.

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  ""Well, I  hope you don't get caught like Magic Johnson or RobbinCrosby did. " "I have a pretty strong immune system, though. I neverget sick. So I'm not worried about STDs. " They shook their heads inamazement. "I'm actually more concerned about having a bad periodand then playing crappy because of it than catching something. "Naturally, if I didn't have Vishnu protecting me, I wouldn't be socavalier.

The day before our first show, we flew into Richmond. Already at thehotel were three tour buses, one for the band and two for the crew. The trucks with our equipment in them were already at the venue andwould load in the following morning. We had another band meeting andthen dinner. We went back to our rooms, only to be met with a gaggleof groupies. Ugh. I ignored them and went back to my room and playedguitar for a while. There was nothing on television, so I wentdownstairs to the bar and staked out a table while drinking coke andnibbling on nachos.

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   "Are you alone?" A tall slim businessman type,probably in his mid to late 30's, said, approaching me. He waspretty cute. "Yeah. " "You mind if I join you?" "Not at all," Ismiled. "Can I get you a drink?" "A beer would be nice," I answered. He ordered us a couple of Budweisers. " "So what brings you heretonight?" I interrogated. "I work for a parts manufacturer,  mostlyfor the defense industry," he revealed. "What about you?" "Oh, myband is  playing in town tomorrow. " "Oh yeah? What kind of music?""Nu-metal. Are you familiar with it?" "Not really. I usually listento Norah Jones, REM, stuff like that. " We talked for a little whileand then he invited me up to his room for more drinks.

As soon as he closed the door behind us, Bill, that was his name,walked up to me, put his hands on my upper arms and looked rightinto my eyes. "Holy shit, you're beautiful," he expressed and thenkissed me hotly.

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   I kissed him just as hard back and wrapped my armsaround his back. His righthand went  right up my tank top andunhooked my bra. He pulled both my top and bra off and then toppledme on to the bed, his mouth attacking my nipples and enabling me tofeel the pleasure of long, slow suction on them that immediatelymoistened my pussy. His already stiff dick rubbed against my moundwhile he got his fill of devouring my milk ducts as well as the softbreasts they were affixed to. He unsnapped my shorts and shoved hishand down into my panties, roughly running his hand over my clit. His horniness was aflame and his breathing rapid and ragged. Heinserted two of his fingers into me, pulled them out and put them inhis mouth to taste me.

I shifted my weight hard to roll him over and get him off of me. Istraddled his abdomen and unbuttoned his white longsleeve shirt andyanked it off of him, revealing a somewhat hairy chest and stomach. I slid myself down to my knees on the floor and rid him of his shoesbefore undoing the clasp on his dress pants and lowering his zipper. I reached inside the waistband of his boxers and, with three or fourjerks, peeled them off of him. His mouthwatering eight inch cockpopped out and waved back and forth in front of me. I sat up on myknees and gripped his weapon while I used my lefthand fingernails totickle his nutsack as my righthand glided vertically. He sighedcontentedly while I massaged his pole. I directed him to lay againstthe headboard so that I could get into bed with him.

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   I positionedmyself between his legs and the tip of my tongue coasted up and downthe underside of his schlong, eliciting a series of moans from him. His cockhead had precum slowly leaking out of it and I lapped it upbefore circling my tongue all around the circumference of hismissile before I held it straight up and impaled my mouth and thenmy throat on it. He gasped hoarsely every time the head of his penisinvaded my esophagus. I gradually upped the ferocity of my headbobbing, which increased the speed between instances when he wouldfeel my throat clutching his manhood. He erupted prolifically,spurting a thick, rich load of semen that coated my entire piehole. I scooted on top of him only inches from his face, displayed his cumon my tongue and gulped it.
I rotated my body off of him, laid on my back and splayed my legs. He arranged himself with his face saying hello to my vulva. Hetucked into my pussy like a fat man who hadn't eaten all day. , hishot breath and rough almost cat like tongue spurring ever growinglevels of sensation inside me. "Oh oh oh oh fuck yesssss," I hissed,my face and chest becoming more flushed, my own breathing lurchingand panting ungracefully until I felt the piercing electricity of anorgasm run through me. He kept at it and I dug my nails into thebedsheets as I came over and over, my hips bucking back at his mouthwhile my pussy's lubrication was unceasing in preparation for thefinal act.

The string of orgasms made my sacred hall feel open and empty. I wasaching for his dick and puffed that I wanted him to fuck me. Hewasn't hard again yet, though. 

   "Let me suck it, honey," I ordered. He stood on the bed, walked over so that his prong was in front ofme and I accepted it into my mouth. "Oooooh shit," he gasped and,within five minutes, his magnificent love gun was ready for action. He stepped off the bed and nudged my legs around so that my pussywas open too him. I scooted up toward the edge and he snaked hisflesh hose into me, raising that stuffed feeling I so love. As heplowed my furrow, he looked into my eyes and then at my tits whilethey wavered with each collision of his pubic bone against my body. "Oh fuck, that feels good," I moaned. The more he cleaved myuprights, the more heat the friction created engendered me soontrying to suppress my screams of ecstasy when the head on crash ofmy climax shook me hard so that the people in the adjoining roomwouldn't be calling to complain. My vaginal walls were stretchedtight around his dick as it was jackhammered in and out of me. Theorgasms just kept coming like a freight train. He must have takenaround 45 minutes to finally unleash his wad inside me and we bothlaid in a heap for a while after he did.

He turned over and just fell asleep without saying as much as agoodnight. II got up, wiped my pussy and thighs down, got dressedand returned to my room. I showered and really slept well.

I got up at 8 a.

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  m. the following morning and ate breakfast withmembers of the road crew. None of the other members were up yet. Godonly knows what they were up to the night before. I returned to myroom and played guitar for a while with the tv on but the sound off. At noon, I went down for lunch and then walked around the grounds ofthe hotel just to get some exercise. There wasn't any way in hell Iwas going to use the     hotel pool. Believe me, nobody with anybrains ever wants to use a hotel pool.

Finally, 3 o'clock came and the band members assembled in the lobbywith other organization people and we headedm to the venue I had toact as if I had never done this before even though in previoustransformations I had played some pretty big places. My only fearwas not being sharp and letting the audience and the rest of theband down. Really, the only things I needed to beware of were theflash pots and bumping into the singer or other band members. Therewasn't any choreography to speak of. I just had to keep my eyesopen.

There were two opening acts, so we didn't go on until 9:30. I wasdressed in a red drawstring bustier, red mini skirt, white thighhigh stockings,
red platform heels, a red dog collar and mirror sunglasses.

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  Underneath I wore white panties. We walked out on the darkened stageand waited to be announced. I made sure my guitar was on and thenthe lights and pyro came up. We machine gunned into our openingnumber, "Mental Blockade. " Tony and I were pretty locked in and Iliked what I was hearing out of my ear monitors from our rhythmsection. For the next 90 minutes, we pounded, blazed and lopedthrough our set list. We ran off the stage and went to see what washappening under the stage. There were about two dozen naked womenand girls standing there along with the half dozen guys the girlroadies had chosen for me. They were still clothed. I told one ofthe road crew that I wanted those dudes naked before we came off thestage again. We walked back to the stage as the lights came back onto a huge roar. We did two more tracks, including one from the newrecord, and scampered back to the impending bacchanal that wasoccurring below decks. "Nice job girls!" I said to the responsibledetachment. The singer and the guitarist were kissing and groping acouple of the girls while I fondled the seven inch dick of the guy Iwas going to let bang me. I instructed the girl roadies to send thelosers off with consolation merch.

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We ambled back on stage and slammed out two more tunes and strodedownstairs. I saw a chick I liked. "Hey sweety, you into girls,too?" I asked her. "Yeah," she giggled. I kissed her hard and gropedher pussy before bringing my fingers to my lips and lapping at themwith my tongue. I kissed her again and kneaded her ass, too.

The crowd continued to clap and holler and we went upstairs one moretime for another pair of songs. That was thus my first liveexperience with Powerchain.

We all showered and now it was party time. I walked into thebackstage area naked, as did the other band members, and deepthroated the chosen one's schvanz until he blasted his jizz into mymouth. I then went over to one of the other girls and snowballed itinto her mouth. Our bassist had a girl half sitting on a table whilehe railed her hard. Yet another woman was bent over with her handsagainst  the back wall and was being plowed by our road manager. Oursinger stood between two women as they kneeled on the floor anddouble teamed his fuck stick with their fingers and mouths. Tony hadanother girl spread eagled on the floor and, after pouring a bunchof lube into her asshole, speared her there while grunting hisapproval of how it felt.

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I put my arms around the naked man from the audience and we madeout. He groped my cunt as we swapped spit. When I felt his cockstiffen again, I sat on another table, wrapped my legs around hiswaist and took his beautiful prick inside of me for the next halfhour and was bestowed with orgasms too numerous to count before hefilled me with his sperm. Unfortunately, I then had to take himaside and remind him that I was just 15 and he may want to refrainfrom telling others he was sucked by, and screwed, me. I kissed andhugged him, helped him collect his clothes,  loaded him up withmerch and had him ushered out of the building.
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