The Time Shifter Chapter 59


Around 12:30 a. m. , scattered around the livingroom floor in sleepingbags, we dozed off. Sometime later, I felt somebody's body next tomine. I opened my eyes and saw Denise Hawkes hovering over me. Shehad apparently opened my sleeping bag and then my pajama top. Shesaw me waking up and reflexively whispered an apology. She began toscoot away. I reached out and caught her body with my left arm. "Come here Denise," I said insistently in a low voice. "Dawn, I'm sosorry," she countered in a whispy tone. "It's okay sweety, relax," Iurged. I pulled her ear closer to mine. "I'm bi, honey. So I'm coolif you're gay," I informed her. "Come over to my house after weleave later this morning and we can talk about it.

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  " "Are you mad?"she feared. I chuckled. "No," I smiled. I kissed her, rebuttoned mytop and zipped myself back into the sleeping bag and carried on withmy slumber.

We all got up at 8 a. m. , groomed ourselves, got dressed and atebreakfast. I flashed Denise before finally closing my bra, whichmade her laugh. She was 17 and had a car, so she drove a couple ofthe girls home and then we went to my place. Denise was very much atomboy and my gaydar went off when I initially met her. She hadshort curly hair and usually wore jeans and longsleeve shirts. Staturewise, she was around 5'4" and 110 pounds with A cups. "Haveyou done that to any of the other girls?" I asked. "No. you  were sogorgeous that I just couldn't resist wanting another peek," shegiggled.


   "Likely story," I snarked. "I also thought how hot it wasthat your game is so powerful. " "Yeah, I had an inkling that youwere a lesbian when I met you. But it wasn't any of my business, soI didn't push it. Anyway, you're pretty cute. Are you usually thetop in the relationship?" "Yeah. I usually go for femme girls ratherthan dykes. " "Well listen honey, I'm not into relationships at thismoment. I just kind of like being a free agent. But you're welcomeinto my bed anytime. " "Great!" she smiled. She asked me what it waslike to have a penis inside of me and what I got out of being withboys because guys had never really excited her. She was out to herparents in middle school, though it was her mom who approached herabout it.

"Well sweety, do you want to go upstairs to bed?" I invited. Sheagreed and I led her by the hand up there.

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   "Where are your parents?"she inquired. "They don't live with me. " "So you live alone?" 'Yeah,but don't tell anybody," I implored. She assured me she wouldn't andwe settled into my bed, with her on my right. I turned on to my sideand snuggled up against her. She put her arm around my shoulders andour lips made contact, the softness of the pecks feeling emotionallysweet. She pushed me on to my back and straddled me, pulling my tanktop up to my neck and separating the clasp off my bra to see mytits. She placed both hands on those boobs and leaned over andresumed kissing me, her fingers flicking and rubbing my nipples. Shegently tugged on my milk ducts with her fingertips for a couple ofminutes and then moved her head into my cleavage, kissing andsucking on my sternum before sliding over to my left nipple, whereshe distended it very pleasurably by suckling it.

I yanked on the back of her shirt several times to get it out of herjeans and ran my hands underneath it to unsnap her bra while my eyesremained closed to focus on the sensations she was generating insideme.   She sat up and unbuttoned that shirt and tossed it on the floorbefore also shed her bra, exhibiting her very cute bite sizedbazooms. I fondled them and told her how beautiful they were. Sherubbed them against my headlights when she kissed me again, herlittle nipples bumping mine. She pulled away to peel my pants off ofme and subsequently added my panties to the pile of abandonedclothing, too, rendering me naked. "Fuck Dawn, you're even moregorgeous than I imagined!!" she burbled.

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Denise then did away with the garments that were concealing herhips, crotch and legs. She had a cute little curly bush that was thesame color as the hair on her head. She rearranged herself so thatwe were in a 69 position and we set about pleasing each other withour mouths and tongues, my licker trailing up and down her verticalsmile to sample the flavor of her wetness. It eventually slithereddown to her clit, where I attempted to dart my tongue at it and thensuck it. My tongue forced its way into her inner clit under herlabia and she enjoyed that a lot, as she started panting while I waswrithing from the tongue strikes against my own nubbin. I keptflipping my tongue at her clit and then tracing a trail  around thehood and pressing against it. She was doing an equally enthusiasticjob on mine and we were both definitely getting there, each of uspanting pleasurably at our ministrations.

I forced Denise on to her back and slipped down toward the end ofthe bed and dove in to her moist slot before replacing my tonguewith my fingers and vacuum sealing her clit wit my lips. I strummedher g spot and, slid my tongue all over the good spots and mixed insome sucking action. She was back at the tipping point bothvaginally and clitorally. She took a deep breath like she had thewind knocked out of her and expelled an equally large volume of air. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck!!" she testified as the rush ofsensations tore through her like a prairie fire on a breezy day.

She scooted her body toward the headboard to get away from my mouthand fingers while directing me to lay down on my back. She slid inbetween my legs and docked her cunt on mine. We rocked and pumpedour hips, her pubic hair tickling my barren groin as we mutuallystimulated our clits, my breasts bouncing and swinging, which I'msure was a very seductive sight for Denise.

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   Her slim body anddarling little tits was pretty hot for me, too, and up, up, up theheat within us rose until the waves of pleasure broke on our shoresand flooded our senses with endorphins.

"Do you have a strap on, Dawn?" Denise asked with a wicked smile. "No, but if you want a penis I can get one here in about fiveminutes," I laughed. "I guess the next time I see you I'll have tobring mine," she rejoindered, giggling. We cuddled each other for awhile. It was now getting to be almost noon. My cellphone rang. Itwas Ryan. "Hey babe, how was your sleepover?" "It was fun, sweety. What are you doing right now?" "Just vegging. You want to comeover?" "Yeah, I do. I have some good news for you, too. " "What'sthat?" "I'll tell you when I get there. I'm going to bring one of myteammates with me. Is that okay?" "No prob.

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   See ya in a few. " "Byehoney!"

Denise and I dressed and went over to Ryan's. "Oh, hey Denise! Howare ya babe?" "Good, Ryan. How about you?" "Not too shabby. " "Youguys know each other?" "Yeah, she's in one of my classes. So what'sthe good news, Dawn?" We sat down on the livingroom couch. "Well youknow Lisa James? She totally wants to get with you," I giggled. "Yeah, I've caught her staring at me occasionally, but she's nevertried to talk to me, so I didn't know for sure if she was into me. ""She has pretty awful musical taste, though, sweety. "Yeah, mostgirls do," Ryan acknowledged.
    "But she's pretty cute. Thanks for thehook up, Dawn. " "No biggie, baby. We can talk more about it later. ""Cool.

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    "So what's the deal with you guys?" Denise wanted to know. "We'regood friends and fuck buddies, basically," I told her. "Yeah. We'reinto some of the same kind of music and she's really chill, so evenif we weren't bumpin' uglies, we would still be friends. ActuallyDenise, it's too bad you're gay because you're pretty cool, too. Iwish you were straight so I could take you out. " "So you knew shewas a lesbian?" "Duhhhhhh. Unless you're a complete dumbass it'spretty obvious, don't you think?" "I don't think it's THAT obvious. There are tomboys who are straight. " "Whatever. Come over and say'hey' at school sometime, Denise. " "I will, Ryan. Thanks. "

    Ryan took us up to his bedroom. While he looked for a cd to put on,I sat up against the headboard in his bed and had Denise parkherself next to me.

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       I put a pillow between my legs and had Ryan layhis head on it. The cd was Between the Buried and Me's "The GreatMisdirect. " Denise wrapped her arms around my hips and leaned herhead on  my shoulder. We aimlessly chatted for a few hours and thenwe went over to my house, where I made them and me dinner. Denisereturned home and Ryan spent the night in my bed. I also talked tohim about handling Lisa and what part of her attraction to himlikely was, that because he was able to sleep with me he didn't seemdesperate to get with anyone. I also impressed on him that if he andLisa became a couple he and I could no longer sleep together.

    Monday, at practice, I hipped Lisa to the fact that Ryan wasinterested. She was stoked. I told her to just go up to him afterthe class she had with him and complete the hookup. She did soTuesday and they were holding hands at lunch when I joined them,Ronnie and Dustin. We had an away game that night and, afterannihilating our opponent, I talked to her on the way back about howto not be a pain in the ass to Ryan.

    We won our conference's title and I was named both league and countyPlayer of the Year. To get a little ahead of the story, though, webuzzsawed through the county tournament, but got our clocks cleanedby the representative for the L. A.

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       region during the statetournament. They had players who were bigger and just as strong as Iwas, except more of them. Thus, we got some of our own medicine,having done to us what we did to our local rivals. We went into theloser's bracket and trounced our second opponent of the tournament,but then lost the match after that in five games and were sent home. If you're realistic about your abilities, this result was perfectlypredictable. I didn't like losing because, who does, but that'slife.
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