The Witch, the Bedroom and the Nightmares - Part 1


“Eat your cum darling,” cried the old woman as she held open her splattered pussy dripping with wet cum, my wet cum.   She was a prune naked and shinning white pale skin as I looked in her wrinkled withered hole and saw it slowly seeping out and I was drawn to it.
That’s what started my unending nightmare.  
Her name was Maria Averill born in Mesopotamia 4508 BC.   A child of the night and dark arts and the spawn of a priestess who mated with a force long ago called a myth.   Yet here she was and though she was old and withered, no one doubted she existed, only her heritage.
I had met Maria on my thirteenth birthday while my great aunt who raised me took me for a dinner in the city.   On our way back home our truck ran out of gas and we were forced to search the hillside for aide.   We came upon an old house nearly a mile from where we stopped.   Nestled up inside a grove of pine and oaks, it was dimly lit when we knocked.
Maria answered the door, and dressed in black carrying a candle that was black she greeted us with, “You have ran into some misfortune this evening, come in and let me comfort you through the dark night ahead. ”
My aunt was nearly sixty five and one very large old woman.   She was 5’11” 300 pounds and dressed in a navy blue tent that had been turned into a dress, so I thought.   Her thighs rubbed with the nylons on them making the sound of leaves whistling a rain storm as she lumbered inside.
Now Maria was five feet tall and a dwarf looking woman, she had long gray hair that sparsely fell all over her body almost to the floor.   Her hands wrinkled and knotted were the only thing other than her face exposed and in her dark covering one could hardly picture what terrible old hag dwelt under it.

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    Her face seemed to be twisted and tormented and her nose crooked and long as her hand raised to guide us in, I saw her dark eyes like black pools of night peer into me.
Aunt Camilla was so slow that she just flopped through the door and followed her finger towards a big huge dusty old sofa.   Once she sat down, that was it for her.   She seemed to have been glued to the material.   Panting from her labored walk, she asked, “We have run out of gas, may I use your phone to call for help?”
“No dear I don’t have a phone, nor a car or gas.   You may stay safely here for one night only,” she said as she turned to look at me.
I was just a bit taller than Maria, thin, pale and with a crew cut blonde head I seemed exactly what I was, a young boy.   She stood glaring at me from head to toe, as I asked, “Do you know the nearest person who does have a phone or car?”
My aunt was finally drawing on her reserve blubber as she added, “Yes maybe I could walk there tonight for help?”
Maria peered into my aunt’s eyes and if she were casting a spell, she slowly chanted, “Yes this you will do.   Walk out into the night.   Then as you see the path where the moon sets, you must follow it.   Stay to the light or find you a new life this night.   Once you reach your goal alone will you be and stay.   This child you give him to me and never more will you think of him again. ”
My aunt rose from her seat, looked into my eyes and said, “Stay here boy. ”  Then she left with the strangest blank stare on her face.

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    She was in a sort hypnotic state and for her that would have been an improvement, but she was unaware of reality then.   That was the last time I saw her.
I looked at Maria and asked, “Are you some sort of witch?”
Laughing at me she placed a finger on my right shoulder and said, “I am Maria daughter of Basra of old Esophagi in Mesopotamia.   I was born before the Hebrew slaves were freed and labored in birth before the great pyramid was robbed of its riches.   I have been with more lovers than hairs on my head and have more power than your small mind can understand.   In Isis was I formed and in her was my power forged.   My last husband Lord Averill gave me money and a name, but his life span waned quickly now I seek younger that I may endure.   For only when I consume my lovers life can I be the beauty of that woman there painted above the fireplace. ”
I spun and saw for the first time a huge life size painting of her.   She looked no more than twenty one in it and stood naked between two trees her hair as long was painted black like her eyes, her figure was luscious and wonderful and her large bosoms were firm and pointed and she was so beautiful.   Her face was perfect in the art work before me and as I stood drawn to the image I asked, “Is this what you looked like before you were old?”
She smiled and a sort evil laugh emerged and she announced, “No my child, this is what I will be like by morning. ”
I looked at her as she dropped her candle to the table, and in sort of glazed trance I watched her open her black cloak and drop it to the floor.   Under it was a wrinkled skinny saggy breasted old hag, with pale almost parched skin.   She had several lumps on her belly that was scared and withered and her nasty gray haired pussy.
As I stood looking at her, she took my hand and said, “Find yourself in me now.

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I have no ideal how those words could have done to me what they did, but suddenly I felt the urge to strip naked.   I had no ideal of sex.   None what so ever, and in fact I had not even had a real hard on before this.   I took off my shirt and pants and threw them into the fireplace that was roaring.   My shoes and socks followed and then my briefs were the last thing to burn and as I stood naked for her, she clawed slowly down my chest with two boney fingers to my crotch and snatching it in one hand screeched out, “This is mine now. ”
My mouth opened and the words were my voice but her mind, “I give myself to you Maria, use me to live. ”
Smiling into my eyes she moved to kiss my cheek and whisper, “What else my slave child will you do for me?”
“What ever you command my mistress,” I spoke still enchanted and just about to be enslaved.
“Take this that I hold and place it in me,” she said as she moved down to recline on the floor.   I could see her naked wrinkled body clearly.   Her mass of hair twisted and warped strewn over her body but as her naked flesh lay there I was compelled to it.   I knelt and without knowing exactly what to expect I slid my hard cock up to her pussy entrance and inside it with ease.   My mouth fell upon her saggy droopy breast, which had nipples much like utters attached to them.   They were magnificent once as I saw them in the painting, yet now they were worn away and destroyed by time.   Her hard coarse skin grated on my lips, yet I could not stop sucking them.   When I began to pound her twat she suddenly began a mournful chant.


    It was so eerie to hear her saying, “Make me one with life and this one mine to devour, give me his force and him, his desire, take me now Isis my mother. ”
It seemed to spur me to greater action, as my small young four inch cock pounded inside her wet nasty old glory hole.   Sweat poured from my body as I was unable to control my reactions to her.   I do not know how long I rode her or how much power I used up, but I know that as I felt my first climax build I wanted more.   The first filling wave exploded from me without even slowing my rhythm at all.   I just kept pounding and pounding until I felt a second wave erupting in my soul.   It was so much more intense and deep than the first that as it began I bucked jerking my entire body which gave her much delight.   She laid cheering me on and spurring me to ride her more and yes I did.   I broke my gait only a moment while she brought my mouth to suck her nipples, and as I did I felt her skin grow softer in my mouth.   I saw her wrinkled flesh soften and in some places grow smoother.   Then I went into overdrive for the third time in succession.  
My body was rocking again very quickly and with each thump of her I felt as if her pussy were gripping and milking my cock.   It felt like someone inside it was massaging me as I fucked it.   I can’t explain it and I really wish I could have, but when my third blast left me, I collapsed in a wet pool of sweat and panting over her, she drew my mouth to hers and we kissed deeply.   Then as I withdrew, I asked, “What may I do for you now my queen?”
“Eat your cum darling,” cried the old woman as she held open her splattered pussy dripping with wet cum, my wet cum.

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    She was a prune naked and shinning white pale skin as I looked in her wrinkled withered hole and saw it slowly seeping out and I was drawn to it.
I began to lick her inner lips and folds and creases and as if it were candy I ate her.   I licked her until the white cream was gone then I began to notice how tired I really was.   Sometime shortly after that thought I passed out.
I slept for sometime, without care, but I dreamed too.   I had a nightmare about what had happened, and I dreamed that I saw my aunt fucking and being fucked by monstrous beast like gargoyles and enjoying it, even bidding me to join her.   The old woman was in my dream as well, urging me to devour her and not follow my aunt to the darkness.
I awoke in a dusty old bed, with soft sheets over me.   I was naked and nasty and cold, and I felt like I had just gotten over the flu as I ached all over.   I pushed up to rest on my elbows looking over the dimly lit room.   The curtains were almost drawn to block the sun, but I could see it in the sky line near the trees and the old room had nothing but a sparse emptiness.   It had a dresser a nightstand and one old chair.   I could see nothing else in it, except a pitcher and bowl on the dresser.
I stirred to rise slowly feeling light headed and dizzy, so I struggled to sit up first and when I stepped down to the floor I fell back on the bed for a second.   My eyes closed for what I felt like were just a few seconds and when I opened them up, the room was completely dark.

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    I was still naked and now I was very much hungry, dirty and worse of all horny like you could never know.   I rose to stand and waver in the dark room, I stumbled across the floor and to the door an opened it and as I walked out the old woman stood at the end of a small hallway.   The fire light from behind her lit her outline but not her face or body.   I could see her hair had been smoother and combed and gathered into a long train that fell behind her but nothing else until I staggered into the room.
When I drew within a few inches of her, she whispered out, “Now my young lover needs me.   I feel his passion inside his heart stir.   It bids his soul to make love to me again, does it not?”
I slowly blurted out, “I want to. ”
She fell back into the room and as she reclined upon the floor, her face still withered and worn was much less and her body was nearly unwrinkled.   Even her dropping boobs had regained a great amount of form and her nipples now bright red and pointed were large but desirable.   Her legs spread wide and as I knelt and began to caress her it too was much more attractive, even beautiful, so much so that my mouth attacked it first.   With each lapping swirling action it gave her, she murmured, “Eat this that desires your attention and devours your strength. ”
I have no ideal how long I went on adoring her twat, but I felt her twitching and tasted her squirting juices again and again before I pushed my rock hard cock inside her pussy and began an intense ride of passion.   As I fucked her I began confessing to her, “I need you Maria, I want you, please use me.   Keep me as your pet, your child, your toy. ”
Laughing as I passed my first load inside her, she quipped, “And if I deem you worthy, may I fuck you again and again my slave?”
I was rocking quickly and briskly and feeling my cock harden almost immediately as I replied, “Yes my mistress use me as your slave.

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She held me inside her with only the glistening twinkle in her eyes, somehow when I peered into them I got my strength back.   I pounded her through a second and third wave almost back to back before I began the fourth and final fuck of the night.   When I finished she placed my worn tired body on the floor and began to caress and kiss it and when she found my cock I felt her mouth swallow and swirl it in her mouth.   Then a few seconds later and she twisted her body into the sixty-nine position and well I ate her until I passed out.
Nothing felt better than that and as I fell into my nightmares once more horrible images of creatures attacking me, my aunt and her filled my mind.   I saw my aunt being brutally fucked by these winged demons and worst of all I saw myself being double fucked by them as Maria sat cheering and letting them lick her own body.  
When I awoke it was light the curtain open and the sun well overhead.   A silver tray with warm soup and bread and a glass of water greeted me and I swallowed it all down.   Then afterwards I stirred and walked out into the hallway, the open bathroom door and the drip of water attracted me and I found a warm bath waiting and I fell in and washed completely.   After I dried I felt tired and returned to my room and collapsed face first on the bed.
When I awoke the stars filled the window along with the moon.   I had fallen midways over the bed but awoke with face down on the fat pillows and my legs wide open and exposed.   I looked around and saw nothing then I stumbled off the bed and out the door.
She stood at the end of the hallway once more lit only by the fireplace.   This time I could see a real change before I neared her, her legs were tight and firm and figure was more like the painting.


    When I walked into the room and saw her fully, she looked marvelous.   It was almost as if she had stepped out of the painting with only a small blemish on her face and belly.   Her breasts were almost identical and she looked to be 40D-28-36 and now more than 30 at most.
I fell to my knees and begged to make love to her, and she lifted my head kissed my forehead and sweetly whispered, “Take me into the room where you sleep and make love there unto me for as long as you are able. ”
I led her to the bed and on it and as my mouth kissed her lips and for the first time willingly explored her mouth, my hands caressed and explored her body as she did my own.   When I mounted her and gave my cock a nudge it slid firmly in but this time met a slight resistance and a welcomed firmness.   I rode her like a wild man and when I came not once or twice but a sixth time that night I fell asleep in her arms.
The next day I woke still resting in her arms.   She smiled and as the sunlight struck her face it seemed to me that she was no more than 18, if that.   I kissed her sweet wonderful face gladly as she pulled me to her and began to caress me and then she whispered; “Now you need to rest and then eat and bathe.   Tonight I will thank you properly for the work you have done. ”  With that I fell sound asleep.
 I did all she asked and after my bath I walked out into the hallway and found her waiting for me.   She led me into the great room but then out the door into the yard.   The sun had set and the moon now began to rise in the east.

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    Her swollen breasts were back and her soft flesh and long luscious black hair sparkled under its glow.   She frolicked and skipped us along a path that led us into the forest near her home.
When we had come unto a large open area under many tall pine tress she stopped, and asked me, “How may I reward you?  What would you ask of me for the beauty your life has restored to mine?”
My mouth opened and I spoke, and I still was not sure if it were me or her, as I said, “To be your slave and make you happy.   To make love to you and with you and make you love me. ”
“Then you will be my slave,” she said as she held my face in her right hand and added, “You will be mine to enjoy and mine to use and you will be quite enjoyed by my other slaves. ”
Those words froze me and as I looked in her eyes, I saw the evil return to them as I asked, “What will you do to me?”
Laughing loudly and in an terrible rush of evil, she said, “Anything I will slave!”
With those words from her something wicked came from the darkness behind me.   I can not say what as I was quick to close my eyes.  
If you want to know what happened next, just ask me.
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