A Psychiatrist’s Fantasy


A Psychiatrist’s Fantasy
Being a psychiatrist, I am supposed to honor strict confidentiality with my patients. I had to get this story off my chest however, and it is one I couldn’t confide in my colleges so I am changing the names to protect the innocent. My subject is a young girl who I will call Candy. I specialize in working with youths, particularly in cases relating to sex. Being a man, I usually worked with boys, but I would get some girls who just felt more comfortable talking about sex with a man for one reason or another. It was a little unusual, but certainly not completely unique. I was one of the few doctors in the city who felt confident and comfortable enough to work with girls so I got most such cases that requested a man. I can tell you that I have heard some incredible stories in my years, but none quite like the one Candy told. I should say that I am happily married to my college sweetheart and I have always been faithful. And in all circumstances with my sessions I have kept the upmost professionalism. Until I met Candy. Her sessions unfortunately led to something more which I will get to. I will try to be detailed, but as brief as possible.
Candy was a high school senior, eighteen years of age. For this purpose I will tell you that she was very cute but not overly beautiful. She kept herself well groomed and was polite and honest from the first time I talked with her.


   She is 5'5" tall and weighs 105 lbs. She has short blond hair, a large bust, and an attractive figure. Still, though I originally considered her fairly average, there was a certain quality about her looks that made her as sexy as any girl I had worked with. It was a measure I used in my studies, that basically helps me in determining the whys and such of each case. I changed her rating after a couple of visits and could begin to see why she was attracting more attention from the boys in her school than I would otherwise have assumed. She was reluctantly sent to me by her parents at the request of her high school counselor. They wanted her to go to one of the women doctors in the office, but she insisted she could be more open and comfortable with a man. I took her case immediately thinking nothing of it. I read her case and in short, she had been caught in the boy’s physical education locker room during lunch break having sex with multiple boys in the shower. There were ten boys in all and she was well into her acts when an administrator walked in because of a tip he had gotten from a rival girl at school. To be more descriptive, she was caught positioned between two boys, being penetrated in the vagina and the anus simultaneously, while giving oral sex to another and masturbating two more with each hand. It was an incredible story in it’s own right, but only a part of what came to be known. She had been expelled until she sought professional help for her problem and I was it. On only our fourth session, I had found out much about her recent sexual encounters, of which there were many, and decided to go deeper into her past to get a grip on the origins of her sexuality. I was not too surprised to find out she had her first sexual encounter at the age of thirteen.

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   Many girls I worked with started young, some even younger, so this was not the shocking part. The shocking part was who she was having these encounters with and the circumstances surrounding them.
Candy’s parents I will call Rick and Pam. I found out in our sessions that Rick and Pam were heavy drinkers. They usually did their drinking at the home and Candy said that they were never abusive when they drank. In fact, she said she enjoyed them more when they had been drinking. She said they would not let her drink with them but she didn’t mind because she didn’t like it much anyway. She told me that she masturbated often. She had been masturbating since her twelfth birthday. She had been recently interested in it at that time and decided that would be the date. She loved it so much that she did it often, but after a few months she told me she felt like she needed more. She broke her hymen the first time she used an implement with masturbating. She had grabbed a cucumber from the refrigerator and put it in warm water until it was no longer cold. She began to use the cucumber going farther inside her vagina until she felt a sharp pain. There was a little blood, but not too much and to my surprise, she told me it didn’t stop her from finishing.

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   That went on for another month or two until she said she felt she was ready for the real thing. She had been given a pornographic movie by a friend of hers that she said showed, among other things, a woman sucking on a man’s penis. She told me this really got her hot and she had an uncontrollable urge to try it herself. It took her some time to get up the nerve, but by the time she was thirteen she finally made a move.
All of this sounded standard with other stories I’d heard, with some of the details being different, until she said something that completely caught me off guard. She told me that she was nervous about asking a boy in her school to let her perform on him so she got another idea. Her parents usually drank until they were very drunk and basically would pass out in their bed. She remembered how hard it was to wake them when they were in this condition as she had tried in the past. This got her to thinking about an opportunity that I’ll have to admit made me really sit up and listen.
An incestuous story was about to begin that I will never forget. She got the idea of trying fellatio on her father while he was unconscious from his drinking. She came home one day from school and it was a Friday. Being the weekend, her parents were already drinking heavily when she got home. The entire night she talked with them like nothing was out of the ordinary, but she was really horny and knew that this was the night. After her parents went to bed, she waited about an hour and crept slowly down the hall and into their room.

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   She was careful to be quiet, even though she knew they would not wake up. Then she went to her dad’s side of the bed and slowly pulled the covers back. She was glad to see he was naked under the sheets and she slowly began to feel for his penis. When she finally touched it, she said it got her so excited that she lost all her inhibitions about getting caught. Wasting no time, she quickly pulled the covers all the way back and put her head down at her dad’s crotch. She gave his crotch a few sniffs and was generally studying his penis and scrotum as it was the first real one’s she had seen. Then she took his limp penis and pulled it up with her fingers until it was raised in the air before lowering her mouth over the head.
I had to reassure her that it was all confidential and that I would not tell anyone about this story before she continued. I have to admit, I had gotten somewhat aroused from listening to girls stories before, but this one was really getting me hot. I tried to ignore it, but as she continued I found myself getting more and more aroused. I also found myself looking at her suddenly gorgeous body and her now incredible face and at the same time trying to remind myself that I was a professional. It really wasn’t working though, as this average teenage girl was becoming a tremendously hot and sensuous woman before my eyes as she spoke. I could see why she got the attention she did at school. Anyway, she began to suck on his penis like she had seen in the porn movie she had and described how he slowly started to get harder and harder in her mouth. She said it grew so much that she had to take all but the head of it out because it wouldn’t fit.

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   Then her dad began to moan and stir a little and she got scared and hurried out of the room. But it wasn’t her last visit.
She told me she had been scared at first, but realized she had to try again because she was enjoying it so much. She was horny basically and she rubbed herself to an orgasm before returning as it didn’t quench her desire. The second trip was almost identical to the first as his penis was flaccid again. She sucked him until he began to stir but this time she didn’t run away. Instead she began to quicken her pace and increase her suction. Then she admitted that she had no idea about what was about to happen until it happened. The porno hadn’t show that this was possible, but as she sucked him, he began to ejaculate his sperm inside her mouth. Shocked at the sudden feeling of his sperm in her mouth she pulled away but did not leave. Instead she stayed, memorized by the site of his pulsating penis ejaculating spurt after spurt of semen into the air and it landing all over his stomach. After he had finished, she suddenly became aware that he would know something was up when he woke if she left him a mess. She started to go to the bathroom and get a towel to clean up the mess, but then got another idea. Instead, she decided to lick him clean. She had almost involuntarily swallowed the first spurts of his seed when it happened in her mouth.

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   She now analyzed that it tasted good to her and made her feel sexy. So she began to work on his genitals and abdomen region, cleaning off the sperm with her tongue and swallowing it. She said she did a really good job and seemed very proud in telling me about it. She was very honest and descriptive about the entire thing. Just when I thought she was finished, she continued with the story.
She then began to tell me how sexy she thought it was and she couldn’t get to sleep after that. She masturbated two more times but now didn’t feel the same satisfaction and wanted more. The next night she knew her dad would be drunk again and so she planned for another visit. The test was to make sure he didn’t say anything the next day that might indicate that he knew something was up. After a long day of drinking that Saturday, her dad had not said anything that she thought indicated that he knew. So after he passed out again in bed that night with Pam, Candy proceeded with her plan. This time it was not oral sex she wanted as she described walking into his bedroom wearing only a long night shirt and pulling the sheets back as she had before. She did place his cock inside her mouth, but only until it became hard. Then she slowly crept onto the bed with them and made her way to his side. Being very slow and careful as not to move the bed anymore than necessary, she finally got into position by straddling his waist facing away from him.

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   She then pulled her shirt up until her naked vagina was exposed and lowered herself down until she could feel the end of his penis at her vagina’s entrance. Then she said she slowly lowered herself down, feeling the tip finally finding the entrance and continued until she was sitting fully on his lap with his penis inside her. It fit snugly inside her and she took the time to let her vagina adjust to the new sensation. Then she slowly began to move her hips, careful not to allow the bed to shake. She moved back and forth over his penis for a time before bending over and putting her hands on the bed at his knees and lifting her bottom up and down on his penis. This time she let him cum inside her as she figured the clean up would be easier. She was on birth control for menstruation reasons so she thought it would be fine. After she was finished, she slowly rose off her father and moved off the bed and crept back to her room where she masturbated several more times to orgasm. Then she finally felt satisfaction and went to sleep, showering immediately the next morning before going down and enjoying a great breakfast her mother had prepared. Again, her father was apparently oblivious to what had happened.
I must now admit my reaction. After she had finished the story, I could tell she was aroused. I wasn’t sure if it was only the story, or if it was the fact that she was telling another person about it. That is when I began something that I both savor and regret. I savor it because of what it is, and regret it because of my prior and continuing vows and commitments.

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   But to continue, my mind was racing as I simply got up from my chair and walked to the door of my office. I was consciously making no attempt to cover my erection as I walked. I opened the door and told my secretary that I would be extending my session and to reschedule the next appointment for whatever was convenient for the next patient. I was glad to hear that the next session had suddenly called to cancel only minutes before anyway. I was happy to hear this because I hated to do that. But I had more important business today. I then told her to take an early lunch and that there was no need for her to return as the session she was rescheduling was to be my last of the day anyway. She gladly accepted and immediately started to get her things together to leave. I closed the door again and locked the deadbolt.
I guess I have always had the fantasy of dominating a woman. Of being aggressive and forceful, but not physically harmful, during sex. And that the woman in the fantasy would strictly obey whatever I said or do whatever presented itself. I had never really fulfilled this fantasy because my personality doesn’t match that type of behavior. But now I was suddenly feeling like it was time to try. I had assessed that this might be just the thing Candy wanted and I was willing to give it a go.

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   She was a teenager and my patient no less, but that really didn’t matter to me at that moment. As I turned away from the now locked door, I began.
"Now Candy," I said, "the story you just told was obscene and atrocious!"
"What doctor?" She shyly replied, looking very stunned by my words and tone. "I thought you wanted the truth? You told me to be fully honest and detailed in what I told you. "
"You seem to be a hopeless nymphomaniac and I think what you need is some real discipline. Discipline that fits the crime so to speak. I’m going to try to help you but you have to agree to want to be helped, no matter what methods I use. " I said.
"Well, I guess so. I mean, I really want to be better but I can’t seem to help myself. " She cautiously replied.
As I began to undress, she wildly asked me what I was doing. I told her to sit back down and not to speak unless spoken to or told to do so. I told her that I was in charge and that she must embrace my methods of treatment if it were to work. She still had apprehension in her eyes, but her silence was an indication that she was at least apprehensively willing.

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   After I was completely naked I began making my demands. I started by ordering her to remove her clothes and sit up on the edge of my desk. She slowly and shyly did as I said, looking my body over as she worked. She seemed very uncomfortable but I didn’t care about that. She surely knew by now the nature of my so called ‘treatment’ and she had not made any attempt to stop me. Without a word, I quickly walked right up to her at the desk and dropped to my knees. I then began to slowly kiss and lick the inside of her thighs, keeping eye contact with her the entire time. She kept that contact, even though she was shivering with nervousness and girlishly covering her mouth with one hand while futilely trying to cover her ample breasts with her other. When I finally touched her labia and clit with my tongue, she quickly moved away. I demanded that she return and she slowly abided. Then, as she was back in position, I urgently went to work giving oral sex to her. She made low, uncomfortable sounding noises at first, but quickly began to soften and change her sounds into louder, more sensuous moans. After several minutes I could tell she was nearing orgasm and I stopped and stood up in front of her.
"Now it is your turn to lick and suck me, Candy. " I firmly stated.


"Yes sir. "
She was not as shy now as she moved more quickly to get on her knees before me and begin to jerk on my penis with her hand. That played right into my fantasy.
"I didn’t say to touch me or stroke me with your hand, Candy. I distinctly told you to lick and suck my penis. Now do as your told or I’m going to have to be more forceful with my instructions. "
She said ‘yes sir’ again before finally placing my cock into her mouth. It felt more exciting than anything I had ever experienced. It was so taboo in so many ways and the thrill of it was getting me more and more aroused by the second. My penis was harder than it had been in years as her skillful techniques made me shoot my sperm into her mouth. Like a good girl, she swallowed every drop before I finally told her she could stop. I was out of breath and felt shakily weak as she pulled away and sat down onto her heels, looking up at me eagerly for more instruction.
"Ok, now stand up and bend over the desk. I am going to have sex with you from behind and I want you to run your fingernails all around my hips as I do so. " I demanded.


Without a word she quickly got up and positioned herself as I had instructed. She was seductively looking back at me, guiding my penis toward her with her eyes as I moved forward into position. My penis was touching her labia for several seconds before I finally inserted it inside her vagina. This heightened the anticipation for both of us and was incredible. She did as expected and the feel of her fingernails on my skin was amazing. I quickened my pace as I felt my orgasm nearing. That’s when I got the most devilish idea. I had never given anal sex to anyone before and truthfully never gave it much of a thought. But now I felt an overwhelming urge to do just that to Candy. I knew she was not a stranger to anal sex, but I was and I deemed this as my one shot at experiencing it because my wife strictly forbade it. Without warning I stopped my thrusts and pushed my middle finger inside her anus. She looked back at me with desire as I stuck a second and then a third finger inside her. She was completely relaxed now. My penis was still inside her vagina, pulsating with pleasure as I used some saliva to give her anus some lubrication. The time was right after a couple of minutes and I quickly pulled out of her vagina and pushed hard into her incredibly tight anus.

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   It was undescribable what I felt, having my penis inside a woman’s ass. Especially with it being Candy and the forbiddenness of it all. Within a few slow strokes, my orgasm was near again. The intensity of the tightness around my shaft was too much as I began to ejaculate once again, this time inside the teen’s anus. She hit the height of her own orgasm almost simultaneously. I leaned over her body and grabbed her firm breasts as we finished, kissing her on the neck and cheek before finally embracing in an erotic kiss on the mouth. Our tongues explored each other as we delighted in our sexual embrace. After I finished I demanded that we stop and get dressed. She was disappointed at first.
"But doctor, I don’t think I’m cured yet. I have more to do. Anything you want. " She said.
I assured her, "Don’t worry Candy, this is only the beginning of many more treatments to come. "

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