Adventures in Taboo 5


Topic: Adventures in Taboo 5I was having the time of my life. .   During the week I was banging my niece Brittany ( she was just a little over 2 years younger then me ) in every conceivable way ( and getting paid $100 a week to "watch" her from my sister ), On the weekend I was making pornos with my underage best friend Shyla and her hot milf mother Kate. . I was having more sex then a porn star and I was not even in Junior High yet. . This is when things stated to get weird with Shyla, Kate and me. . Every weekday I would call Shyla on the phone to talk to her. . Often Kate would listen in and we would have phone sex. . Well one day I called but they started not being home. . If that was not bad enough Shyla and Kate would start being busy on the weekends so I would not get a chance to fuck them. .

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   When I was able to fuck Shyla she was distant and even though she came a few times for me it was like she didn't enjoy it like she used to. . I was worried so I sat Shyla down and asked her what was wrong. . Shyla replied "I can't tell you, you would be mad". . I told her that she was my best friend and could tell me anything. . She was reluctant but she told me the following "Since you can't be here during the week, Mommy has been going out to met her needs. . She has been talking to some older men and she has been fucking their sons and daughters, but in exchange I have to fuck the fathers of these kids". . I was shocked and to be honest, I was also mad. . Even though we had no formal title I felt like Kate was cheating on me and making her daughter cheat on me also.

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  . I said "We need to talk to your mom". . Shyla was scared but I insisted on it. . We then we to see Kate. . I told her "I am not happy you are making Shyla fuck other guys, what you do is your own business but Shyla is my girlfriend and no guy can fuck her but me" Kate then replies "You have not been here to fuck us though and I need it, I need it bad so I arrange to fuck other little boys and girls, I have no interest any more in older men, I can only get off on little boy cock and little girl tongue, Giving those dirty old men Shyla was the only way they would let me do this, Plus I record them with her and me with the other children and watch them later when I am home at night". . She made me feel guilty and that it was my fault, right then I had an idea. . I told Kate "If I can arrange it that you and Shyla can come over my house and fuck me every day would you stop making Shyla fuck other guys?". . Kate then said "I guess but we know you can't because your niece would tell". .

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   I told her 'I don't think she will" and the explained what my niece Brittany and I have been doing for the past few weeks. . After telling them the truth I turned to Shyla and said "I hope you are not mad at me?". . Shyla replied "Not at all, I have wanted to fuck your niece even before I knew what fucking was and the thought of your cock in her pussy makes me so horny". . I instantly smiled. . Kate then turns to Shyla and says "Is this girl pretty?". . Shyla replied "Mom she is the most beautiful girl in our school. . All the boys and half the girls have crushes on her. . I am just surprised that John was fucking her.

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  . She is so innocent and naive and way immature for her age that I would never think she would do such a thing. . Then again with a cock like john', I can't blame her". . She then turns and puts her hand down my pant and gives me the most passionate kiss I ever had. . . Kate then says "Well I will make you a deal, If I can fuck your niece also and tape Shyla, your niece and you fucking I will fuck no more guys and Shyla would fuck no guy but you". . I look at Shyla (who was still jerking me off) and said "You have a deal". . The three of us then fucked hard and when we were done we made plans for Monday when we gave Brittany a new part of the game to learn. . Monday came and as soon as my sister pulled away, Brittany got undressed as usual.


  . I told her that she was in for a surprise. . She said "What, are you going to teach me a new game?". . I said "No, Just a new rule for this one". . I told her that Shyla and her Mom Kate were coming over and were going to join us. . She was a little apprehensive and the thought of fucking a girl was kind of strange to her but I told her to give it a try. . She agreed to try it. .  20 minutes later Kate and Shyla showed up. .

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   When they came into my room and say Brittany naked with her legs spread on the bed they both dropped their jaws. . In the past few weeks Brittany's tits grew to a B cup and with her hairless pussy looked like the sex goddess I was training her to be. . Kate waisted no time setting up the 2 cameras ( mine that I left at her house so She could tape the fucking there and one she bought her self). . I told Brit that she was going to get fucked by Shyla's mom  while I fucked Shyla. . She was a little upset but then I told her "Then After I get hard again I am going to fuck you and Shyla will join us". . That seemed to put a smile on her face. . Well Kate and Shyla got naked and all 4 of us went to work. . All apprehension Brittany had about being with a girl went right out the window as she started moaning and cumming for Kate in no time.

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  . Shyla also was fucking like her old self as she rode me reverse cowgirl as I Fingered her ass hole. . I was also watching Kate and my niece go at it and loved the look on Kate's face as Brittany squirted for her. . I then said "A nice surprise isn't it. . Mommy?". . She swallowed my nieces juices and agreed and went right back to work on Brittney's hairless pussy. . . It didn't take long for me to cum into Shyla then we all rested and took a break. . I asked my niece how she liked her first pussy licking by a girl and she said "I loved it, Let's do that every day".

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  . . It only took a few minutes and I was hard and ready to fuck again. . . When I came in Shyla I made her lay on her back and keep her legs up to keep it all in her pussy. . I wanted her to save it for my niece. . I told Brit to get on her back. .  I was going to fuck her and at the same time she was going to eat out Shyla's cum filled cunny. . Brittany was scared and said "I don't know what to do?". .


   I told her to lick Shyla's Pussy like she likes her to be licked and that she was a fast learner so she will be alright. . I got my cock and teased Brit at first. . just the head, then a little more and making her beg for it all. . When I was finally all the way inside of her I told Shy to sit on Brittany's face but facing me so I could kiss her and suck on her tiny tits ( She was an A and as long as were were fucking she never grew bigger but I still loved them any way ). . As she did her and my cum oozed out and right into Brittany's mouth. . With out missing a step my niece swallowed it all down and I started fucking her as she started sucking on Shyla's clit and tonguing her pussy. . In no time Brittany was a pussy sucking master and something special happened. . I guess it was the mixture of me sucking on Shyla's nipples and my fucking my niece moan loudly causing vibrations as she was eating out Shyla's cunt but it made Shyla squirt for the first time.

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  . It was a mind blowing experience and and did it a few more times before I finally shot my cum into my nieces pussy once again. . I was king of the world that day and Kate was there with a camcorder in one hand and playing with her pussy with the other recoding the whole thing. . I never got to watch that tape and god I would have loved to. . After I had Shyla and Brittany 69 and Kate licked the cum off my cock. . What a great day. .  From that point forward the four of us fucked every day of the week and some times Brittany would spend the night at Shyla's on the weekend and we fucked all night long ( Night time fucking with those 3 girls out in the back yard or the pool was the most fun for me ). . We continued like that until abut a week before school was going to start again. .


   It was like any other day and we were just starting out lunch time orgy when my mom came home early from work. . It was a Friday and she was not feeling well so she left work for what she thought would be a relaxing day. . Well we must have been really into it because we didn't hear her come into the house or walk up the stairs. . When she opened up my bed room door she witnessed me fucking Shyla Doggy Style as she ate out her moms pussy with my niece sitting on Kate's Face. . She screamed and yelled and pulled Brittany away from us all. . We got dressed and my mom called the cops. . Next thing you know I am part of the Biggest sex sting in the state. . It appears that all the video tapes and pictures Kate took of us were being sold world wide.

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  . She has over 200 tapes of not only me having sex with Brittany, Shyla and Kate but also of Shyla having sex with older men as Kate fucked his kids. . Over 40 people got arrested in my state alone. . I had to testify on the stand and to save my self from getting further in trouble I had to say that Kate made me do all of this and I didn't know what I was doing. . My sister took my niece and moved to a different part of the state. . I was not aloud to see her any more and my sister still won't talk to me to this day. . I never even got paid for babysitting that week. . Shyla also was sent away to a foster home and I never saw her again. .

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   Kate was sent to jail for 27 years with out parole. . I was also forced to go to counseling 4 times a week. .  It was like hell. . I was having amazing taboo sex every day and having the time of my life. . now it is over. .  Even tough no names of underage children were released into the news papers the kids in my school knew it was me that was having sex with an older woman and her daughter. .  I don't think they figured out I was also fucking my niece though. . Either way I was the most popular kid in 7th grade that year.

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  . Unfortunately I was not getting laid and I hated it. . I went a few months in school until I met Christina. . But that adventure is for another chapter. . .

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