Amelia Chapter 4 - Our First Night


Topic: Amelia Chapter 4 - Our First Night This is the fourth chapter of a 61 year old man seducing a young girl of 13 years.   He watched her growing up from a little infant and through all her stages of development.   He never had any sexual inclinations towards her when she was younger because he considered her his granddaughter.   This all changed however when he visited his brother in law one weekend and whether it was by accident or on purpose he doesn’t know, but as he was watching TV, Amelia entered from the lounge and as she entered she put her hands underneath her T-shirt and lifts it up exposing her two beautifully developed breasts.   They were exceptionally developed for a 13 year old girl and must be almost a B-cup with prominent nipples. It was only for a second or two but was long enough to give him an instant hard-on.   He was dreaming from that day every night of making love to Amelia. In the previous chapter he gave her, her first ever anal penetration by means of his fingers.   To follow the story properly I suggest you start reading from chapter one.  
After showering we thoroughly drying each other giving again special attention to our genitals.   All that attention to my cock just makes it growing harder.   If Amelia carries on playing with my cock like this I am afraid I am going to loose all my self control and fuck her with my cock before we even go to bed. All the action makes me hungry and I tell Amelia it is time for her second lesson and that is to make something to eat for her lover to give him something to recover his strength. “Okay, seeing that you have given me so much pleasure I’ll be your cook and make us something to eat.   What about sandwiches and coffee?”“Are you mad?  I need something more filling than that.   I want meat, rice and potatoes.

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  ”“But I don’t know how to make anything but sandwiches and coffee. ”“That is where the looking after and experience comes in.   I’ll show you and next time you will have to do it yourself.   We’ll spend so much time practicing to make food that you will be an experienced cook after the next two weeks. ”“But I don’t want to spend my time making food I want to have sex.   I want you to fuck me till I cannot take it anymore. ”“I cannot just go on fucking you my little nymphomaniac.   Your cunt will become so sore that we will have to stop fucking for maybe a couple of days.   Let’s take it careful and let us both enjoy it every time to the maximum. ”Okay, we can do it your way but then I want to go and get dressed before we start our kitchen duties. ”“Why do you want to get dressed?  Surely you are not shy off me to hide your magnificent body behind cloths.   I think we put our clothes away for the next week and only get dressed when we have to leave the house.   We also make a rule never to wear any underwear when we leave the house.   When we enter the house we have to take our clothes off immediately.   What do you think about that?”“What about me going to school?  You want me to attend school without underwear?  What must I do when I am playing netball or going horse riding?”“You can take those tight pants you wear when going to school with you and put them on before you practice netball.

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    When riding horses you do not need any underwear because you are covered from your head to you toes.   Just imagine sitting in class on your naked ass and thinking what we are going to do when you return home. You might even want to masturbate during lectures.   Also imagine your cunt moving against your rough pants when riding your horse.   You might even experience an orgasm while riding your horse but just don’t get an idea to let the horse fuck you, his cock is way to big. ”“When you put it like that it sounds very exciting.   Yes, let us do it.   I suggest however that we put all our clothes that we are going to wear the following day in the garage and dress and undress only in the garage.   We do not wear any clothes at all in the house. ”“Good I agree, but let’s go and make something to eat otherwise you will have a dead cock on your hands,” I say and move to the kitchen to show Amelia how to prepare a dinner. I try to teach Amelia the secrets of preparing a meal but whether I have any success I don’t know because she is standing next to me the whole time and has just eyes for my hard cock.   She is also playing with it the whole time and let me tell you I really have to concentrate to keep my attention on the food. When all the food is on the stove I turn towards her, looking her up and down and placing my one hand on her breast and the other on her cunt and say, “Look to me as if you really want to have more sex before we had something to eat. ”“Yes, oh yes, please!  I want to feel your hard cock inside my hot, wet and ready cunt.   Please Hendrik fuck me with your cock.

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  ”“No my darling, I told you that we are going to have real sex once you now everything about foreplay and different ways of sex.    You still have to learn some more.   Thereafter we can start with real sex and different positions. ”While talking I slowly pushed my finger into her cunt and slowly moves him in and out while simultaneously rubbing her clit softly.   She immediately closes her eyes, sigh and presses her cunt tight against my hand. “Oh yesss Hendrik, oh yesss it feels so good.   Please keep on playing with my cunt.   I like it so much.   Please fuck me with your hand till the food is ready. ”We are playing with each other and enjoying ourselves till the food is ready.   It is hard to believe but neither of us had an orgasm.   We just enjoy each other and play with our genitals in a very relaxed manner.   Not really want to finish what we are doing because we just want to enjoy it.   But let me tell you we both are really wet. We eventually finished our supper after which we clean the dishes.


    We checked the program guide on the dish and decided that we want to watch an action movie.   We didn’t really see much of the film because we are to busy with each other.   Kissing and fondling each other the whole time till the end of the movie.   By this time we are so randy that I almost fuck her there and then.   I manage however to refrain from fucking her and when the film ends I say we must go to bed because it is much more comfortable than the couch.   Amelia immediately agrees and I think she also knows that the next session is going to happen once we are in the bed and how right she is.   I don’t think she is however prepared for what we are going to do.   I don’t think she took me serious when I said earlier that we are going to fuck each other with out mouths.   She is however so ready for it as she will ever be. The moment we are on the bed I pull her against me and start kissing her seriously.   She kisses me back just as enthusiastically and our hands immediately start playing with each other.   After kissing her lips for a while I slowly move my lips down to her throat and eventually down to her breasts where I first suck the one nipple and then the other.   I use my time to really make her hot so as not to think about what is going on.   After a long time I eventually moves lower with my lips over her stomach till I eventually feels her pubic hair under my lips.   I have in the meantime also start to turn my body around so that my cock is now right next to her face.

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  She is so hot by now that she opens her legs by herself as wide as she can when I move my lips down to her cunt to make it accessible to me.   When my lips touch her slit I push my tongue out and slide it across her clit.   The moment my tongue touch her clit she lifts her ass off the bed and force her cunt against my face. “Oh my fuck Hendrik what are you doing to me.   Yesss eat my cunt eat her it is so fucking nice!!!  Ohhhh Shiiiiiitttttt!!!!!!” At the same time I feel something soft slides over my cock and immediately know that it is Amelia’s tongue.   She is licking my cock.  Oh how wonderful.   I was worried that I will have some problems getting her to give me head but there was no reason to be worried. I lift my body up, turn it around and place my knees on both sides of her head so that my cock is in the air right above her face.   I proceed then to eat her cunt with gusto. I place my lips over her cunt and push my tongue as deep as possible in to her cunt while at the same time sucking the juices out of her cunt. She moans continuously softly ,”ohhhhhhh yessssss, ohhhhh yessssss. ”Suddenly I feel her hands going around my body and something soft surrounds my cock.   Oh fuck yes, she is going to suck my cock.   Oh fuck can a man be so lucky.

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    I have never experience it that a girl sucks a man’s cock the first time she experiences sex.   Oh this is going to be wonderful. I can feel my cock going deeper and deeper into her mouth until it’s head encounters her throat.   She gags slightly and moves her head back again. All the time she plays with her tongue around my cock, oh shit it is a heavenly feeling.   She does it like an old cocksucker.   If she carries on like this I am going to come in her mouth very soon. I feel her hand going down to my balls which she gently squeezes while she slowly fucks my cock with her mouth.   Suddenly I feel her finger probing around my ass trying to find an entrance in my asshole.   Her hand is very wet from her saliva and my juices so that she doesn’t have a big problem in eventually succeeding to enter my asshole.    Oh what a feeling!  I can’t help to give a loud moan and press my ass down against her finger trying to get more into me ass. I also bring my hand around to Amelia’s cunt and force my middle finger into her asshole and start to fuck her asshole in sympathy with my tongue in her cunt.   This causes her to moan out loudly around my cock and was all she needs to push her around the bend and into a tremendous orgasm.   She just keeps on coming and coming and coming and coming ………. and also causes her to moan more and more around my cock.

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    I completely lost control as I feel the built up of pressure in my cock till it eventually forces my come out of my cock and deep into her mouth.   I couldn’t help myself and force my cock down her throat to the hilt and I feel my cock head enters her throat and my balls slap against her chin.   I don’t think she even realize what is happening because she is still in the throes of her massive orgasm which is still going on and causes her to squirm around on the bed and fucks my ass with tremendous vigor. It has to end however and eventually she quiets down and just lies still with my cock still in her mouth and her finger in my ass.   She is however still making weak little sucking motions with her mouth on my cock.   I also continues to softly lick her cunt slowly up and down with my tongue. Finally I decide it is enough and roll off her, turn around and take her in my arms and softly start to kiss her.   She also kisses me back but after a while she breaks the kiss and says, “I taste myself on your lips you know. Does it also taste for you as nice as it does for me?” “Yes my darling I love the taste of your cunt tremendously but tell me did you enjoy the taste and feeling of my cock in your mouth?  I hope I didn’t hurt you when forcing my cock down your throat because I couldn’t help myself. ”“No you didn’t hurt me but I must say it was quite a shock feeling your cock going down my throat.   There wasn’t even time to gag.   He was in before I noticed what was going on.   I must say I like your cock in my mouth.   Just a pity you shoot most of your come down my throat.   I hardly tasted any of it.

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    Only the last one or two spurts. ”“And what do you now say about oral sex?  Are you still saying I have to clean my cock thoroughly before putting it in your mouth?  Do you still want to see if you will do it?”“Okay man, I admit I was wrong.   This is the best sex I ever had and if the real thing is better than this I surely won’t survive it.   Did you like me fucking your asshole?”“Oh yes, that was phenomenal.   I have enjoyed it tremendously and it also increased the intensity of my orgasm tenfold.   I am glad you have enjoyed it because we are going to do it lots of times in the two weeks to come.   I am mad about eating pussy and also to have my cock inside a lovely lady’s mouth.   I think however that we must now go to sleep to regain our energy because tomorrow is just around the corner and I want to show you lots of things tomorrow.   It is going to be the big day when you are going to feel my cock inside your cunt.   Thereafter we are going to see how many different positions we can invent to have sex. ”“Oh hell Hendrik I don’t know if I am going to sleep now.   I am so full of energy now and I am also afraid that when I am going to open my eyes that I will realize it all was only a dream.   And above it all to think that the first night I sleep with a man we are completely naked and he has fucked me already to so many orgasms that my pussy is actually sore from it.   But I agree we must get some sleep otherwise we will never make it.   Do you mind if I hold your cock while we sleep?”“Of course not my darling if you don’t mind me holding your breast and cunt.

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  ”“Promise”, she says and turns on her back.   I turn on my side facing her and put my one arm under her neck and let my hand rest on her breast.   The other hand goes immediately to her cunt which I cover with my hand.   Amelia takes my cock in her hand and lying like that we eventually fall asleep. To be continued …………. .  
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