An Expatriates Young Love(Chap 2)



The next morning as I awoke I felt relaxed and happy, I became aware of my erection and then of being touched and stroked lightly. For a moment I was confused and disoriented but then became aware of the warmth of a body next to me and a head on my chest. I remained silent and still, enjoying the touch of another. It was a feeling I had not enjoyed for a very long time.

Anita’s touch was light, like she was afraid and unsure of herself. I assumed this was the first time she had ever seen or touched a man. I wasn’t even sure she pleasured herself. There was so much I didn’t know, so much for both of us to learn.

“That feels nice Anita,” I said very softly so as not to startle her.

“Buenos Dias Popi. ”

“Good morning dear,” I answered.

“Popi…. May I ask…” she started hesitantly.

“Yes,” I answered, not really sure where this was going but having a guess.

“Why do you get hard every morning?”

“Every morning? I queried, “How do you know I’m hard every morning?”

Anita grew silent as she immediately knew she had given something away. I was afraid she thought she was in trouble.

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“It’s okay,” I said, “I was just surprised that you had seen me before. ”

“I wake before you and sometimes need to go to the bano. You are sometimes not covered or your sheet is poked up,” she giggled.

I couldn’t help but laugh with her; the young innocence was so charming. I stroked her hair, running my fingers through it and feeling the thickness of the strands, but still how soft it was. I leaned over and kissed her, gently at first but each of us felt our passion grow. Her hand never left my cock and now her grip tightened slightly causing my hips to pump slightly increasing the pleasure I was already feeling. I moved my hand to her hip and slid it under her t-shirt to her breast. She had only small mounds but they felt so warm and soft. I lightly pinched a nipple and she responded with a moan into my mouth. Her nipple grew hard and I ran my fingers over it.

Anita let go of me, much to my dismay. But she sat up and in a single motion she pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it aside. I saw her bare breasts for the first time. They were lovely, slightly bronzed and the areolas were a dark, reddish brown, about the size of a nickel.

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   The nipple was pronounced, like a bead. I couldn’t resist and drew her to me so my mouth could taste them. I kissed and lightly licked the nipples causing them to harden even more and bringing forth more moans from my young lover.

As she grew accustomed to the sensation on one breast, I would switch to the other starting her arousal to build anew. She had never before experienced the intimate touch of another and her young body was overwhelmed by the feelings it was experiencing. Her moans started softly but grew with intensity; she arched her back pressing her breast to my face and brought an arm up to hold my mouth tight against her body. With each new wave of pleasure she became louder and soon her moaning was interspersed with cries of “dios mio.

For me, hearing those cries just urged me on and filled me with joy. Her breasts were heavenly and the texture of her hard nipples and crinkled areola against my lips and tongue were unlike anything I had experienced since my own days as a teenager.

As I continued sucking on her tits, my hand slipped down and began massaging her thigh, rubbing and kneading the inner muscles just above the knee. Slowly working it higher and higher up her leg and slipping under the hem of her dress.

When my fingers first touched her panties I found them soaked with her moisture. I lightly traced the leg opening with my fingers eliciting a shudder from Anita. I went slowly to let her experience and grow accustomed to these first time sensations.

From one finger along one leg opening, then a second tracing the other opening.

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   She spread her legs further and her breathing became much deeper. At that point I let my remaining fingers begin to glide over her panty front tracing up and down her slit; just going back and forth lightly. She was not even aware that she was moving her hips in rhythm to my touch.

I now released her breast knowing that other sensations had overwhelmed her. She had become primal as her brain overloaded with these new and powerful signals it received.

Sitting up I undid the buttons on her skirt and began trying to work it off along with her panties. She seemed to instinctively know and raised her buttocks to let me slip both down her legs.

After dropping both pieces of clothing next to her discarded shirt I turned back and took in my breath as I saw my beautiful Anita’s fully nude form for the first time.
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