Anne and Alicia, What They Deserve - Chapter 4


“I forgot to tell you, man. I’ve got to be at work, at seven. ” He said, before standing up. “I’ll be back in a minute. I’ve got to go to the bathroom. ” He finished, heading towards the bathroom in the bedroom. “Uh, that one’s occupado. ” I told him, pointing in the other direction. He turned around and went towards the one in the hallway, while I lit a cigarette and took a seat on the couch, in an attempt to recover from the events that had unfolded throughout the night. Between Anne and Alicia, I was a nervous wreck. On the plus side, my back wasn’t hurting anymore. --Alicia left pretty abruptly. I was never quite sure if she left because she was pissed about not getting any, or what. Chris took Anne home a short time later, before going home to change for work. I went on to bed to get whatever sleep I could before the baby woke me up. --Fast forward, three weeks later.


  I’d gone on with my life, but never really got the imagery of that night out of my mind. As much as I had wanted Anne and Alicia, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. It had become a huge regret that I’d be sure to rectify, if I’d ever get the chance again. “I’m going to bed, are you going to be on the computer for awhile?” Heather asked me, as she kissed me, softly. “Yeah, I’ve got Jason on chat. ” I told her, kissing her back. “Well, alright. Come to bed soon, would you?” She said, and pulled away from me. “Sure. Goodnight, babe. ” I answered, before watching her leave the room, en route to the bedroom. My conversation with Jason had mainly been focusing on the night Anne and Alicia had spent the night at my house, and he was amazed at some of the things I had told him. So amazed, in fact, that he wanted me to drive the 15 miles to his house, to take him to meet Anne. I had declined, telling him that both the wife and kid were in bed asleep, and that although Anne had been quite interesting, she wasn’t all there. Of course, being one of the only four living people who knew the whole story of the interesting evening I shared with her, almost a month ago, he really didn’t care.

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   Any further resistance I had against his efforts was instantly shattered with the next three words he typed…“I’ve got beer. ”--I had managed to sneak out of the house without waking Heather or the baby, and even managed to get the car started without the infuriatingly-loud muffler catching anyone’s attention. I quickly pressed in on the clutch, shifting the car into reverse, and pulled it out of the driveway before shifting it into drive and turning the headlights on, when it wasn’t facing the bedroom window any longer. With the press of the accelerator, the car was off and on its way out of town. I drove for what seemed like forever, occasionally noticing the lack of traffic on the highway. I always loved it at this time of night, when there was nobody else awake or out and moving around. It was almost as if everything belonged to me, to do with what I please, while everyone else was asleep. Fifteen minutes later, I pulled into the driveway of Jason’s house and climbed out of the car. “Hey! Carl!” He yelled from the shadow-covered region of the front porch. I lit a cigarette and started walking up. “What’s going on, man?” I said, grinning. I extended my hand for a handshake, but was caught a little off-guard with Jason, my friend of at least five years, grabbed my hand and pulled me in for a hug. “Fuck handshakes, man. We’re better friends than that. ” He said, before finally backing up enough to let me breath.

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   “Here, hit the last of this. ” His hand extended, giving me a small pipe and a lighter. Although I’d told him a number of times that I’d given up marijuana since my son was born, it never seemed to stop him from offering. I instantly declined. “Fucking smoke it, dude. I miss smoking out with you. ” He said, before handing it to me. I resigned and lifted the pipe to my lips, before lighting it and inhaling deeply. Jason’s smile told me that he was satisfied with my actions. It was at that point that my attention focused on the car that was pulling into the driveway.
    “Who the fuck is that?” I asked, having never seen the car before. “Oh, I met these chicks about a week ago. She’s hotter than hell. I’ll introduce you. ” He said, as he left the front porch and walked out to the vehicle.

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       When the light came on, inside the car, I got a full view of who was inside. I choked on the drag I’d just taken from the pipe, as I watched Anne and Alicia get out of the car. Despite the fact that they’d pulled up right behind my car, they failed to notice that it was mine. “Hey, come on, I’ve got somebody I want you to meet. ” Jason said to them, as they closed the doors to the car and followed him across the yard. Both of them grinned when I came into sight. Alicia walked straight up to me and pressed her lips to mine, before sliding her tongue into my mouth. I flinched when I felt her hand grab the crotch of my jeans, and begin massaging my manhood. “Long time, no see. ” She giggled. “True that. ” I responded. “Come inside with us, let’s finish what we started that day before your wife walked in. ” Anne said, smiling, as she opened the door to the house, and was followed inside by Alicia and Jason. After the pipe went out, I went on in and found them nude in Jason’s bedroom, waiting patiently.

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       Jason had just finished setting up the camcorder when Alicia motioned me over to her. What proceeded will be in my memory until the day I die. .

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