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My 2nd attempt. When I first met Angela she came across as a polite young lady. Very pleasant, unlike so many of todays young adults. She came to the door one day and asked to use my computer, sure I told her no problem. I didnt think anything about it at the time. She spent 3 hours on the internet. When she was done she thanked me and left. About 2 months later, I heard a loud banging noise coming from the stairs outside. I opened the door and there was Angela stomping down the steps. She looked different. Lipstick and blush were applied perfectly to her sweet young asian face. I asked if that was her making all that noise, she smiled and said I'm sorry. I smiled back and said it's ok. I talked to her for a while. She told me about moving here from Vietnam, and that she was lonely. While we talked, I was checking her out.

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   She had on a very short pair of gym shorts, a halter top,and no bra. She didnt need one either, but I could see the clear outline of her small budding tits. Her shorts reveled a tight plump looking pussy. She kept pulling at her crotch, trying to get her shorts to not ride up so much. It was no use. By now I was pretty much staring at her, and I didnt care that she noticed. I felt a twinge in my pants as I gawked at her lush little body. She is maybe 5' tall, 85 lbs, not fat at all. Black hair and eyes. As we talked she moved a little closer, and touched my arm. I asked her how old she was, she said I'm 15, I chuckled knowing she was lying. But I said cool. After about 15 minutes or so, Angela asked me if I knew anything about DVD players, it seems that theirs wasn't working. I said sure I know a little bit, can you see whats wrong with ours she asked. Yeah I can do that I told her.

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   She said follow me as she turned to go back upstairs. I was stunned at the sight of her ass as she went up. It was perfect and tight. By now I wasnt really thinking about a DVD player, I was thinking something else entirely. We went inside her place, mom and dad were both at work she said. Ok, wheres the dvd player I asked, over here, she bent down and looked at it. I could see the outline of her little cunt as she bent, she was gorgeous. She said that there was a movie stuck in it. Starring at her cunt from behind, I said what? she turned and said the DVD is stuck, oh ok I stammered. I got the player to come on, when I did, the stuck movie started playing, and to my surprise it was a porno. Angela was embarrassed when the movie came on, a man had his cock buried in a small black pussy. I tried to stop the movie, Angela said it wouldn't stop. I started to turn the TV off, but Angela stopped me. wait she said, I like this part, as the man pulled his large cock out of the girls pussy and blasted a big load of thick cum all over her stomach. We both watched as he covered her with his cum.

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   My cock was hard as a rock now, and Angela noticed my bulge. She asked me if that was real, pointing to the tv screen. I said of course it is, it makes me feel kind of funny watching that she replied. She went on, saying she wondered what it would feel like to have that done. Are you a virgin I asked, whats that mean she asked. It means have you ever had a cock inside you like that, oh. . no she smiled. I want to feel that, but my dad is very strict about who I see. Well if you like I could show you how it feels, she looked at me and again smiled, for real? Of course. . . ok, what do we do? My main concern was her parents coming home and catching us. She said that they wouldn't be home until around 7:00 pm, it was 12:00 noon. Lets go to your room I said, she took my hand and lead me to her bedroom.

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   I closed the door behind me, and locked it. I said, ok I will do all the work, and you just have to go along, ok? She was nervous, but I assured her that she was going to really like this. She smiled that smile of hers and said ok. I took her hand and pulled her to me. Her nipples were showing thru her top. I said ok lift your arms, up they went, I slipped her top off and saw a beautiful pair of small tits. I took one in my hand and the other in my mouth. She moaned. I suckled her small breast licking and sucking it, then switching to the other. She moaned, "that feels good". My mind was racing with thoughts. I pulled her shorts down to her feet, she stepped out of them. Standing there fully nude, she looked like a goddess. Very well proportioned. A small patch of hair was visible on her little pussy.

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   I told her to lay down on the bed. She asked if she could see my dick, and was it big. She sat on the bed. I dropped my pants and my bulging cock sprang out, "wow its big" she said. I was proud of my thick 8 inch cock. "Can I touch it" she asked, of course you can. She wrapped her hand around my shaft, mmm I moaned, your hand is hot I said. She tried to pump it, but was unsure of what to do. I wrapped my hand around hers and pumped my cock with her hand. Soon she had the idea, and started pumping it like a jack hammer. Pre cum was oozing out, Angela asked what it was, I told her, and said go ahead, taste it. Her sweet little pink tongue darted out and licked the clear cum from my cock. It's sweet she said, yes it is I replied. She took the head in her mouth. I almost blew my load right then.

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   But I wanted more than just a blow job. I asked her to stop or I was gonna cum. Whats cum? I said, that's what we watched on tv, when the man squirted stuff on the girls tummy. That's sperm, but its called cum, Oh ok I want to see you do that. . I couldn't take it any longer. I threw her back on the bed and forced my head between her legs. I rammed my tongue into her moist little cunt. I licked her pussy and tasted her sweet sweet pussy juice. She arched her back and moaned, it feels funny like when I rub myself. I opened her legs further as I tongue fucked her tight cunt. She started to cum, I stabbed deeper into her. She squeezed her legs around my head as she came. Juice ran into my eager mouth. I could have drank it from a cup if possible.

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   My cock was throbbing, pre cum soaked the bed where I lay. I licked her for over an hour, sucking up every bit of her cum I could get. She lay there as if in a trance, legs wide open. Her pussy hair was soft as velvet. I asked if she was ready for this, as I grabbed my cock. mmm hmm, she moaned. I moved up her body untiil I felt her hot wet pussy against the head of my aching cock. I rubbed her pussy lips with the tip. Slowly I parted he cunt, and began working my shaft inside her. She was so tight I almost came before I was inside her. She tensed up a bit, I said to relax it may hurt a bit. I could feel her ease back on the bed. I continued pushing into her, half way there. I lay still trying not to cum. She was like a vacuum around my cock.

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   I worked it in and out slowly until I just couldnt take it any more. Ok, I'm going to put it in all the way, she nodded and smiled. I pushed hard and my cock slid in to my balls. I began grinding into her, she was moaning loudly. Does it feel good I asked. . . Yes don't stop, please don't stop. I pounded deeply into her small pussy. It was so wet, it felt like wet silk as my cock slid in and out. Angela started cumming, she screamed and her body shook. She came HARD, I was there to. I pulled my cock out and exploded hot cum all over her pussy and stomach. Oh my god I moaned, cum shot out for what seemed like minutes, thick streams. Angela watched as I covered her with my seed.

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   She was mesmerized by the sight. Cool, just like in the movie, she giggled. I told you it was real. It's hot she said. I moved up and told her to lick it from the tip. She slurped the fresh hot sperm, then she took it in her mouth and sucked it dry. Yummy she said, it's salty, but tastes good. I was drained. I weekly stood up, she lay there, her cum running out of her still wide open legs. I couldn't resist, I dropped back down and sucked her soaking wet pussy dry. Then I rammed my cock back into her and fucked her hard. This time I blew my steamy load deep inside her. She came again. We lay there, still joined at the hips. This was the best sex I ever had.

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   Since then we sneak away at least twice a week together. I asked her once, "c'mon, how old are you really? She said, well if you really wanna know I'm **. I couldn't believe it. But I just smiled and she smiled back. .

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