At camp chapter 2


Finally the driver opens the door, and as people walk out they drop their dildos in the bin. At the door, a councelor with a clipboard asks me what my name is. "I'm Kaylee, and Im 16" I respond. "You are in cabin A5 with Kathlene as your councelor. " he responds, flashing a look at my boobs. I smile and walk on, finding a long row of cabins. Soon, I identify mine and walk in, to see a stunning sight. Right there are fuck toys. There is a huge walk in closet made into a fuck room. Tables and machines and buckets of toys fill the room and floor. Next is the bathroom, a disgusting room, except for the corner, which has a beautiful walk in shower, and a camera set up. I guess that sex films are made there. Next are the beds, which are purely amazing. They are bunkbeds, but all are queensized. Sitting on one of the bottom bunks is a young woman. She jumps up to greet me.

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   "Hi! Im Kathleen, you counsilor for the summer. Choose a bed, you are the first one here out of 6! I choose a top bunk and put my stuff in the bathroom. On my watch it says 11:15 so I ask, "Hey, is there anything to do? We have 45 minutes before we have to be in the square. She takes me into the fuck room and gives me a 6 inch dildo, and tells me to have a go. She is looking on with a clipboard now, so I ask why. "We are grading you. We need to assign you to your group, so I am rating you on how fast you orgasm, how fast you fuck, what your reaction is, so on and so forth. Just act like Im not here!"
I dont need to be asked twice. I take it away, fucking myself fast and furious to get to an orgasm. When I am done, she smiles and we walk to the square, where the rest of my cabin is just unloading off the next bus, which also had 90 boys in it. I smile and wave shyly. All of them walk over when the councelor points at Kathleen. All the girls, 60 now, line up across from the boys, and I see Brian. OHMIGOSH! I almost scream, barely retaining myself. I want him already.

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   Next I am assigned to my group of 3 guys.  I am with a 16 year old named Caleb, he is hot and has a 9 inch dick. I am also with William, aka Will, who is a woman pleaser, and all the returning girls from last year are jealous that I got him. I dont know why, his dick is HUGE! 13 inches is a lot to take! Lastly is Tristan. His eyes are a deep blue and he has a 8 inch cock. I got a pretty good group, and a girl named farna snarls at me from her group of 3 boys with 3 inch cocks.  My group and Danas, a girl from my cabins group all walk into the woods together. The boys talk while Dana and I go around and suck them. It feels good, and they are all laughing. Tristan stays Silent.
Finally it is time for dinner, I am amazed when we walk into a HUGE room, with tables all over, but each table bare! Jane walks up front and addresses the whole group. "Can the girls lie down on the tables, and the returning boys adjust for our ritual please!" She barks in her authorative voice. The bdsm freak in our group, Will helps me on and adjusts the table so that I am restrained in eagle position, with all my holes open and unprotected. He smiles at me greedily. "This is how this works, ladies: Your group will take turns fucking you in all holes.

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   When I whistle, it is over, and everybody may eat dinner!" Jane shouts, and blows her whistle. The boys pretty much attack me, and all my holes are filled, I don't think I have ever felt as satisfied. When it is over, We eat and head back to our cabins. After showering, we head to the square, where hide and seek is starting. Before shouting go, Jane makes an announcement," I know that all here want to have sex with people tonight, but I ask you to keep to your own cabin, just for the first night. " I hear groans, but I am please at having a chance to meet the girls and heve some sex with them. When the whistle blows I run and hide in a tree hollow. Soon a huge group of guys find me and I have a huge gangbang till the round is over. As I am running to find some guys in the next round, I notice something out of the ordinary. One of the treebranches, is a cock! It is really long, but I put my lips on it and deepthroat it for 5 minutes. When I am done, out steps Brian, shaking with the orgasm he had. I laugh and we fuck for the rest of the time, he whispering in my ear how amazing I was!
After Hide and seek, I walk back to my cabin with my group, but keep quiet about Brian. When we get to the cabin, Kathleen makes an announcement," I know that most of you like bdsm here, so raise your hand if you are a dom. " 3 girls raise their hands meaning that they like to be dominant. I am assigned to a girl with blonde locks of hair that flow down her back.

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   She smiles at me sweetly. " Ok, for tonight, these are your masters, you must be their slave. Masters, if you want to make a big show or something, please do so!" and the night begins. First, she makes me stick 12 inches of dildo in me, and won't allow me to orgasm. Next, she puts a large butt plug and dildo in me, and I join the others as we do fitness training, meaning jumping jacks, sit ups, push ups, and stuff like that. The toys are left in me as I am forced to lick out her cunt, and my bottom is red and raw after a good spanking. "Did everybody here enjoy their master and slave?" I nod yes, and kathleen continues," then these are your masters for the rest of camp, we will change every month. !" I secretly cheer, but my gag stops me. That night, I make love with my master all night with her using a strap on. I can't wait for the rest of camp!
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