Babysitting Becomes Interesting, Part 3


Now, for anyone who hasn't just recently read the past two parts, I'm going to back up a bit.   When our last story ended, the van had just arrived to pick up Katie, Rachel and Emily.   As I hurried to get them out the door and on their way, Jason was still sitting, naked, on the couch.      Once the girls were gone, I thought back to that.   I walked back into the house, and into the living room, where Jason was still sitting there, looking confused.   I pulled my clothes back off and went and sat down beside him.   I reached over and grabbed his cock and started pumping up and down on it.     "Man, you got kind of a raw deal there," I said to him as I jacked him off.   He just moaned in response, making it obvious that he liked what I was doing.   I kept going, speeding up as I went along.   He started breathing heavier, and I knew that he was going to cum soon.   Teasing him, I stopped, and began lightly fondling the very tip of his dick.   As he moaned, a little bit of cum started dribbling out, at which point I grabbed the shaft of his cock and started pounding as hard as I could.   All of a sudden, cum was flying everywhere.   I stopped stroking him, and he sat up.     "Fuck, man, you sure know how to give a guy a handjob.

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  "  "Man," I said, "It was the least I could do after a got your sister without you".   "True," he laughed.   "But, you know who else got a raw deal?  Emily.   She came late, so she didn't get to have even a single orgasm.   We should do something for her when she gets back"Meanwhile, at the party. . . .     The van containing Katie, Rachel and Emily had just pulled into the driveway.   As they got out the woman driving them called out "Well, I'll see you girls later," and pulled right back out.         Just as she was driving away, the host of the party came running out of the house.   Kennedy, who was the same age as the three other girls, had red hair and only the absolute beginning of budding breasts.   However, at the moment, she was wearing a long, loosely fitting sweater that completely hid them.   It also hid her ass, which was the most squeezable ass ever.   She was used to guys, especially older guys, noticing it though, and it was almost ritual for any guy who was near her to grab her ass as a greeting.

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    They never meant anything specifically sexual by it though, but it sure was nice.         The four of them ran through the house and out to the back where the huge pool was.   Because the house was quite a ways from town, not only was there almost nobody around, there was plenty of space for a huge backyard with a pool, which was exactly what was there.     As the girls expected, everyone in the pool was naked.   Kennedy pulled off her sweater, revealing absolutely nothing underneath.   Katie, Emily and Rachel followed suit, and pulled off their bathing suits.       "Fuck," said Emily, "I'm SO horny, and this isn't helping.   Somebody fuck me, now. "  Only Katie and Rachel knew why, but Kennedy was happy to oblige her wishes.   As Katie and Rachel ran off to the pool, Kennedy and Emily headed off into the grass.           They sat down together on the grass, and Kennedy started rubbing Emily's pussy, which was absolutely dripping wet.   Without any hesitation, Kennedy stuck a finger in, then two, and then got three whole fingers inside.   She began ramming them in, while Emily screamed in ecstasy.   It wasn't long before Emily had a huge, gushing orgasm that sprayed fluid all over Kennedy.       Now, to the casual observer (and probably most people reading this story as well), this would have seemed incredibly odd, the fact that these two girls would so willingly sit down and start fucking.

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    However, there's a bit of background you need to know.     These are four girls (counting Kennedy) who have known each other just about forever.   They went through everything together, and at this point, were going through puberty together.   Part of that process, however, involved learning about themselves, something that began one day in Spring.     That day, it was incredibly cold outside.   The four of them had been planning to hang out outside for a while, but soon discovered that it was far too cold.   So, they headed inside to Rachel's house, where they were.   Since nobody was home, they started talking about the things that girls often talk about: guys, their bodies, etc.   Soon, the conversation came to breasts.         They talked about breasts for quite some time, and eventually, they started comparing.   Of course, this involved removal of clothes, so that everyone could get a closer look at each other.   This soon lead to touching and feeling breasts.       Kennedy, being the one who was always the most outgoing, was the first to mention the vagina.   Earlier that day, in school, they had been learning about the female reproductive system, and although they always had their own to examine, there wasn't anything that could provide the same level of realism of seeing someone else's pussy up close.       So, before you knew it, they were all completely naked, essentially having a spontaneous all-girl orgy in the middle of the floor.

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    Although they didn't really mean it in a sexual way, it was at that point that they became extremely comfortable with each other naked.
        Ever since then, they took all chances to get together, and eventually progressed through various stages of fucking, until they were to the point where any of them would willingly fuck any other member of the 'group'.       Now, at this point, everyone had run into the pool.   There was some 'accidentally' brushing together in the pool, but other than a pool full of naked 13-14 year old teens, not a lot exciting happened.   So let's go back to the house, shall we?    Back at the house, where Jason and I were cleaning up, we were still talking about what we could do for Emily when they came back.   The conversation turned to anal sex, and we wondered if she would be up for something like that.   Willing to try, they finished cleaning everything up, and got all set up in the bedroom with lube, vibrators, dildos, and all manner of other toys.       Time passed, and it was then around 10:00 PM.   We had received a phone call from Jason's parents, saying that they were staying for longer, and that they wouldn't be home until the next day at the earliest.   This was perfect for our plan.     Anyways, just at that point, the three girls walked into the house, and yelled out, "We're home!".   Excited, Jason ran out into the living room, completely naked.   His cock was flapping around as he ran.   "Emily," he said, "Come here for a minute.   I've got something for you.

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      "     Emily followed him into the bedroom, where the lighting was low, and there was a towel lying on the bed.   I was standing there naked as well, and instructed Emily to strip down.   "Listen," I said, "You got a raw deal earlier.   I'd like to make it up to you know, by showing you something you may have never tried before. "     She looked around, confused, wondering what it might be.   Seeing the confused look, Jason supplied her with the answer, "Anal Sex. "I think this part of the story has grown long enough, So I guess I'll end it here.   Although, you now know what to look forward too.   I appreciate all the kind words that have been said about my writing in the past, and I'd appreciate it even more if they kept coming.   When rating, however, keep in mind that the action is yet to come. .
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