Becoming Rich Part 3


I received a message that Mr. Ortega was coming to the hacienda tomorrow with papers to sign transferring all my uncle’s assets to my ownership. My uncle had already given him power of attorney to sign everything over to me in the event of his death. Because of his forethought, I had only one paper to sign and I would then own everything my uncle had in all of the countries where he did business. I found out that I am also a citizen of Venezuela. My uncle greased a few palms and everything became possible.
Mr. Ortega arrived the next morning for breakfast. He was a large man and would be making over 7 million dollars for this one little trip. That was his fee to get everything transferred where I would not have to pay any inheritance taxes or go through a probate court where the courts would wind up owning about ¼ of everything. He left a small folder with me that contained a listing of all the businesses I owned and the country where the business was located. It also contained the names of all the officers in the company and profit/loss statements. Any bribes needing paying he said would come out of his fee. He then left.
The time had come to go on a cruise with the little ship. Aurora had stocked the galley with enough food for 20 people for a month.

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   We had enough fuel to go around the world without refueling. The fresh water-making machine was producing more water than the 10 of us could use, so it was time to go. We had a load of fresh fruit and vegetables from the plantation for the Marines at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba on board. Lewis and Jonesy had been on board for two days checking out everything to make sure nothing would go wrong. Jonesy was really in his element. He said the machine shop had enough tools and equipment that he could fabricate anything under 6 feet long. He was like a kid in a toy store. Lewis was checking every item against a check list he had drawn up with help from Snake and Pole. The arms locker had enough firepower to hold off a light cruiser.
I asked why we needed all the firepower and Snake just said, “You never know when you might need it. ” Pole said it would be useless to fight unless you had the wherewithal to win.
Aurora decided that two of the maids should also come along. They would sleep in the crew quarters while she, as head of the staff would sleep in guest quarters with her daughters. I, of course, would be in the owner’s quarters. I told Jonesy and Lewis to take the cabins next to the stairs to the deck level.

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   One of them would always be on watch in the bridge unless I was there. We shoved off about 7:30 in the morning in a 3 ft. sea. It was a great day to go to sea. The temperature was about 72 degrees with a 5 knot wind. Perfect conditions. As the day progressed, Jonesy, Lewis, and I were in the bridge and Jonesy exclaimed, “Holy shit!”
We looked where he was looking and Aurora and her three daughters were lying on mats on the foredeck on their backs, naked! It was a mad scramble with all three of us grabbing binoculars. It was a sight to behold. Aurora with her full figure, and her daughters, each smaller than the other, and all four with bald pussies.
“My word, John,” Lewis said. “I’m sure glad you talked me into taking this job. Beats the hell out of the foredeck of a Coast Guard cruiser. Boss, I think we’re going to get our brains fucked out tonight. ”
“Not me,” I said. “I’m going to be on the bridge until 0200 hours.

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Dinner was fabulous. We caught a 42 pound halibut and Aurora prepared it for us. At my insistence, we all ate together at the same table. We set the proximity alarm on the radar units and ate in the bar behind the bridge. We had a good time and enjoyed everyone’s company. I noticed Aurora was very friendly with Pole and knew he was in for a good time tonight. I knew that look on Aurora’s face. She wanted quantity, not just quality. The two maids were very shy, having never eaten with the boss before. I told them while at sea with just us, they were one of the family. Linda, the smallest of the maids, set her sights on Lewis, and Theresa had her eyes on Jonesy. I knew that somebody was going to be disappointed as there were more women than men available with me on watch. After dinner we relaxed and I took a nap in preparation to the long night. I awoke about 9:30 and took a shower. Dressed in shorts, a t-shirt and sneakers.

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   I arrived in the bridge just before 10 and found Pole and Aurora on watch. Pole had a strange bulge in the front of his pants and Aurora had a smile as she rubbed Pole’s ass. I relieved them and they took off in a hurry. I made a pot of coffee and settled in for watch. Lara came into the bridge about 10:30 and climbed up on the bench behind me. I was afraid she was going to come on to me, but she just watched. Soon she slid into the chair next to me and asked questions about the instruments.
“Señor,” she said, “Mama said you did not want to make love to me. Is there something wrong with me?”
“No, Lara. There is nothing wrong with you. You are a beautiful young lady but you are very young. I am concerned, that is all. Your mother wants this for you, but how do you feel about it?”
“I have talked to my sisters and mother and they all tell me that there is nothing better than having an orgasm with a man. I have brought myself to an orgasm with my hand, but they said it is nothing like with a man. I am ready and want you to give me the same pleasure you gave my mother.

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   Two days ago my mother helped me break my maidenhead so it would not hurt when you make love to me. And, tomorrow I turn 14 and want to come to your bed after my party. ”
She came over to me and gave me a kiss on my cheek, pressing her small breasts against my arm. As she turned to leave, she brushed her hand against my crotch and smiled. She then left the bridge leaving me to think of tomorrow. About 2 am Jonesy came into the bridge. He looked like he had been run over with a truck.
“Did you get any sleep, Jonesy?”
“Nope. Got thoroughly fucked, tho’. ”
“Listen, I have a full pot of coffee, I’m wide awake, so go get some sleep. ” Just be sure I’m relieved by 0800. ”
“Okay, Captain. I am beat. I appreciate it very much. ” And, away he staggered.

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   I got comfortable, turned on the satellite TV and switched to CNN for a while. Later, I checked the Weather Channel and the weather looked good, so I started channel surfing. Nothing worth watching on the premium channels, so I settled for a COPS marathon. After about 3 hours, I had enough of COPS so I turned off the TV. I was feeling tired, so I set the proximity alarm and put my feet up and drifted off to that place somewhere between sleep and awake. I could hear what was going on around me, but I also had dreams.
“Want some breakfast, sir?” I looked around and Christina was standing there with a breakfast burrito and some homemade cinnamon rolls. I sat up and said I was very hungry. As I started to eat, she made another pot of coffee. She looked cute moving around the bridge and when she stood in front of a window I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra. She moved up to me and asked me if I was looking forward to tonight. When I asked her what she meant, she said she meant the birthday party, and then with Lara. I explained I was apprehensive about making love to a young girl. She moved up against me and started unbuttoning her dress. When she had about five buttons opened, she dropped the dress off her shoulders and it dropped to her feet.

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“How about making love to me?” She took one of my hands and placed it against her breast as she leaned over to kiss me. As I said earlier, “She knew how to kiss. ” I could feel my cock stirring and she moved her hand to the inside of my thigh. She moved her hand up as she continued giving me a kiss that was making me a little dizzy. When her hand reached my crotch I pushed her back and buried my head in her chest kissing and sucking her breast while massaging her other breast. I pulled on her nipples and nipped them with my teeth, swirling my tongue around and sucking on her breasts. She was working my cock through my shorts like an expert. I cupped her Venus mound in my hand and let my middle finger move up and down her slit. I could feel how wet she was as I slipped my finger into her. I worked my finger in and out as I rubbed her clit with the heel of my hand. I stood up and pulled her to me. She yanked down my shorts and boxer shorts letting them fall. My cock was against her stomach and she moved back and forth against it. She grasped my cock and started stroking it. She pulled back and took my cock in both hands rolling it back and forth between here hands, then went down on her knees and took me into her mouth. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

   She knew how to give head and was showing me her expertise. I stood her up, turned her around, bent her over against the bulkhead and grasped her breasts from behind as I slipped my dick between her legs moving back and forth. She reached down and held my dick against her pussy lips as I moved back and forth fucking her labia. She backed up and bent over further. It was time to do some serious fucking so I placed my dick against her vaginal opening and started pushing into her. She was pushing back as I was pushing forward. Although she was tight, she was very wet so it only took a few thrusts until I was all the way in and that beautiful, young ass was against my abdomen. I started thrusting slowly holding her ass in both hands pushing her away and pulling her back. I could see our reflection in the side glass, her breasts swaying and her head pulled back. I started to thrust in earnest gaining speed with every thrust. She was moaning and grunting and suddenly she yelled something I did not understand as she pushed back against me. I could feel her pussy muscles twitching as she came. I was pumping her as fast as I could as I exploded into her 15-year-old pussy. My dick twitched and jerked as I continued to spew seamen into her. Finally our orgasms subsided and I pulled out of her.

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   She turned around, went down on her knees and cleaned my cock with her mouth. She smiled as she picked up her dress, put it on, and walked to the door.
“Coffee’s ready,” She stated, as she left the bridge. I got dressed, got some coffee and sat down exhausted.
“Lara will be even better,” I heard Aurora’s voice say. I spun around and she was leaning on the door to the port side of the bridge.
“Have long have you been there?”
“Since Christina walked in. It was nice seeing how you enjoyed my daughter. Tonight you will make Lara a woman, but Angelina will be in your bed overnight. That is the way they want it, so that is the way it will be. ” She turned and walked away.
I could not believe what has been happening. I could not even dream about this situation, but I am damn sure enjoying it. About 3 pm the party started. Lara looked very pretty wearing a short skirt, tube top, and had her hair fixed with curls.

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   We had fresh fish caught this morning by Lewis and Jonesy, rice with mushroom gravy, a green vegetable medley with cheese sauce and fresh fruit salad. The cake was simple with little decorations around it. Everyone had a good time. After the party we relaxed and drank coffee. Some members had brandy or beer but no one had more than one. Aurora walked up to me around 5 pm and asked me accompany her below. Surely it can’t be that time in the middle of the afternoon! We went to my cabin and sure enough, Lara was waiting in a peach colored negligee that hid nothing. Standing, her breasts looked larger than when I had seen them when she was sunbathing. Her Venus mound was protruding, and she had a look on her face that was pure innocence, but also had desire and apprehension. Aurora said it was time for Lara to become a woman and she sat down on a chair.
“Are you going to stay and watch?” I asked with some apprehension.
“Oh, yes. Not only is she going to learn what it is like to be pleasured by a man; she needs to learn to give pleasure as well. I will be giving her instructions. Does this make you nervous?”
“Well, yes it does,” I replied.


She stood up and started taking off her clothes. “Then I shall be a participant. That should make you more relaxed. ”
With that statement, she finished removing the last of her clothing and said to Lara, “A man likes for a woman to be a little aggressive. Come over to him and kiss him pressing your body against him. Be sure your pussy presses against his crotch. Keep kissing him and pressing against him until you feel his cock start to rise. ”
Lara did as she was instructed. She felt so small in my arms, but with her body against me and seeing Aurora totally naked, it did not take long for my dick to start to rise to the situation.
“His cock is stirring, mama. ”
“Good. Now move your hips to massage his cock. Left to right, that’s perfect, baby. Now, reach down with your hand and rub his cock through his trousers. ”
Oh, she followed directions well.

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“A man loves for a woman to undress him, so undo his pants and let them drop to the floor. ” I stood there while this 14-year-old girl was undressing me with her naked mother giving instructions. It was a dirty old man’s dream. Before Aurora could say anything else, Lara pulled my polo shirt over my head leaving me standing there with my pants and shorts around my ankles. I pushed off my sneakers with my feet and stepped out of my pants. I took her breast in my hand and started to massage it. Her nipples were hard as rocks and she gasped when I rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I picked her up and carried her to the bed. I lay her down and started untying the belt of her negligee. When the gown was open and her body was totally exposed to me I leaned over and took her breast in my mouth while massaging the other one. I felt the bed shift and Aurora was lying on her stomach next to us watching her daughter’s response.
“Take his cock in your hand while he continues to arouse you, “ Aurora instructed. Her small hand reached between my legs and took my dick slowly squeezing it and tracing the length of the shaft.
“Stroke it, baby,” Aurora said. Lara starting moving her hand back and forth on the shaft.

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   I moved down kissing her abdomen and swirling my tongue in her navel. I approached her pubic area and felt her push up against my hand and lips. I slowly moved my finger down separating the lips of her slit. She gasped again as my finger brushed her clit. I parted her lips and brought my tongue down flipping her clit back and forth and felt her stop stroking my dick but tightening up her hand around the shaft. She brought both hands down to the bed and gripped the sheet pushing against my caresses and moaning. I continued licking and nibbling her inner lips and clit while I slowly pushed my finger into her hole. I pushed in until I could go no further and moved in and out while moving sideways, also. She was getting very wet and I inserted a second finger trying to stretch her a little since she was so small and tight. As I was pushing into her with my fingers, I remembered they had ruptured her maidenhead two days previous so Lara would have no pain today when I made her a woman. Aurora was very close and I could hear her breathing hard as well. Aurora reached over and started to rub her daughter’s breast while massaging my balls with the other hand.
Suddenly Lara had an orgasm causing her to yell and pull back from me, then suddenly she started bucking hard against me yelling, “MORE! MORE! MORE!”
As she started coming down from her orgasm, I noticed Aurora shaking with what appeared to be an orgasm. I looked around and she had removed her hand from Lara and had been fingering herself.
I moved around to position myself for penetration, but Aurora said, “Not yet.

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   She needs to pleasure you first. This is why I am here, to give instruction. ”
“Now watch baby,” she said to Lara. She looked at me and told me to lay on my back. “He is hard now and this is the best time to give him the most pleasure,” she said. “Take his cock in your hand and slowly lick the head of his cock, swirling your tongue around the head and the underside of the shaft. When you lick the shaft, put more pressure with your tongue as you slide your tongue up and down the shaft. ”
She was learning very fast and it felt wonderful.
“Now stretch your lips over your teeth so you won’t hurt him and put your mouth over the head and push down as far as you can. Then come back up taking his cock completely out of your mouth, but when you come up, press your tongue against the underside of his cock and bring your lips together, just like you do when you eat an ice cream cone. ”
Oh, how she was learning. Lara tried to take all of me into her mouth, but gagged when my dick hit the back of her throat.
“Here baby,” Aurora said. “Watch me. ” Aurora took me into her mouth and pushed down until her chin was resting on my testicles, then came up as she had instructed and went down all the way again.

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“You see, baby. Tip your head back, then concentrate on relaxing your throat, like when the doctor asks you to say ‘Ahhh’. ” Lara tried again, but gagged a little. She moved up and down and suddenly I felt her chin on my balls and knew she had me in all the way. I warned them that I was going to come if they kept this up. Lara looked up at me with a mischievous look and started moving up and down on me while Aurora moved around. I had to have something to hold, so I grabbed Aurora by the ass and pulled her around. I started rubbing her clit and finger-fucking her while Lara kept up her work. I started moaning and trying to hold back, but exploded into Lara’s mouth.
“Drink it all, baby,” Aurora said while humping my hand and I knew her climax was coming quickly. Lara kept moving up and down but taking only about half my length but was working my dick with her tongue and lips, occasionally dragging her teeth up the shaft. Aurora yelled and climaxed dropping down onto the bed trapping my hand under her and in her. Lara looked up and saw what was going on and started laughing. When we saw her, she was holding my dick in her small hands and watching us. We started laughing, also.

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Lara said, “Now I want you to make love to me. ”
“Baby, that is what we both have been doing. It is love that lets us give you pleasure. Lust plays some part, but mostly love. Let him rest a little and he will give you the best part,” Aurora said.
We lay in each other’s arms for a few minutes relaxing and talking. Lara started running her fingernails up and down my thigh. She moved to the inside of my thigh and I started to respond.
“Oh, look. It’s coming alive again. I want to watch,” she said as she continued to drag her nails across my testicles and underneath. I continued to get hard as she watched, fascinated with how it was getting hard and larger. She pulled a fingernail up the underside of the shaft and it jerked which delighted her. She continued teasing me and watching my dick jerk.
I sat up and reached down for her pulling her up onto me grasping her hips and holding her against my now-hard cock.

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   I moved her into position and moved my dick between her pussy lips and moved up and down dragging my dick across her clit and across her opening. She started getting very wet, again and started matching my movements with some of her own. I rolled her over and pulled her to the edge of the bed. The bed was just the right height for what I had in mind. I slid off the bed and stood up putting her legs up over my shoulders. I pushed her knees apart and told her I was going to go into her but if it hurt to stop me. I placed the head of my dick against her opening and slowly pushed. At first I made no headway. Aurora told me to wait a moment and she took me into her mouth and left a lot of saliva on my dick.
“Okay, now try it. ”
I again placed the head of my dick at Lara’s opening and slowly pushed. Her pussy slowly opened and I slipped in about two inches. I could hear Lara panting like she was in labor. I asked her if she was okay, and she grunted and shook her head yes. Aurora told me to go on, and I pushed in a little further.

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   Oh, she was tight! I pulled almost all the way out and pushed in again going in about 4 inches. I continued pulling out and pushing in until I finally felt my balls against her skin and I knew I was all the way in. I could not believe I was all the way into this little 14 year old girl. I stopped and asked her if she was okay.
“Let me rest a minute,” she panted. As she became accustomed to me inside her she looked over at her mother and said, “I feel so full, he is stretching me inside and it is the most wonderful feeling. ” She looked up at me and said, “I’m okay now. Do it. ”
I started moving out slowly until only a little of the head was in her and pushed back in a single stroke going into her. I could feel my dick striking her cervix and was afraid I would hurt her. She pushed against me so I continued stroking into and out of her watching the action. Since I was standing, I could see my dick entering her young body. It was a lovely sight. Aurora was lying next to her daughter slowly massaging Lara’s breasts while I fucked her. I was glad I had a climax a few minutes earlier or I would not have lasted long with this sight. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

   I could sense a change in Lara as her orgasm neared. She brought her legs down and wrapped them around my waist as I started to pound her pussy with harder and harder strokes.
“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she started yelling. Her vaginal walls were twitching and squeezing my dick as I continued pounding against her. I could feel my orgasm building from deep inside and I shoved as deep into her as I could get pulling her hips toward me with my hands. I came with a powerful orgasm, continuing to cum again and again.
It was over. I stood there with my dick still in her watching her as she came down and her mother caressing her stomach and face. I leaned over and gave her a kiss, then turned to Aurora and gave her a kiss, also. Slowly I pulled out of her and stood still panting with the exertion. Aurora said we should bath and we all three got into the shower together. We washed each other and were becoming aroused again. Aurora said we had enough bathing and I needed to rest for Angelina later tonight.
I had forgotten about that.
Suddenly the telephone rang.

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   I picked it up and it was Snake.
“You better get up here, boss. We have visitors. ”
I pulled on a tee shirt and a pair of shorts, slipped into my sneakers and headed for the bridge. When I arrived, Pole and Snake were there with Jonesy and Lewis. They were all wearing a pistol belt and a . 45. Jonesy was carrying a fully automatic M-16 and Lewis and Pole were carrying RPG’s.
“What the hells going on?” I asked.
Snake pointed at the radar screens. “That large return is a ship about this size. They have been on an intercept course about an hour. We changed directions twice and they continue to change to intercept us, also. I stopped just now and the ship is stopping about 3 miles away. ”
As we watched, three smaller blips separated from the ship and were coming towards us at about 45 miles an hour.

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“Let’s show them our stern,” Snake said. We came about and went to full throttle. Snake, Pole, Jonesy, and Lewis went to the sun deck. I saw Snake mount a 50 caliber machine gun on the rail and saw Lewis and Pole arrange two rocket-propelled grenades on each side of him. The fast boats were catching up to us and the first boat shinned a light at the stern of our ship.
“Attention Motor Vessel Mary Sue,” the radio squawked. “This is the Cuban Navy. You have entered Cuban territorial water illegally. Stop your ship and prepare to be boarded. ”
As I reached for the microphone to reply, I heard Snake on the radio. “This is the Mary Sue. We have not entered Cuban waters, we are in international waters and not subject to your orders. Further, we do not believe you are the Cuban navy. Third, any attempt to stop this vessel will be answered with deadly force. Go find someone else to intimidate.


“Mary Sue, if you do not heave to, we will open fire. ”
“We have women and children on board. We will defend them with every resource we have. If you fire, we will contact the authorities at Guantanamo Bay to tell them where the wreckage is and hope your bodies will still be afloat. ”
The boats held back for a bit, but the lead boat fired an automatic sending about 5 rounds against the hull. With no hesitation, Snake opened up with the machine gun and Lewis and Pole fired the RPG’s at the other two boats. Two of the boats exploded and the third stopped on fire. I slowed and Snake stepped into the bridge.
“What are you doing, boss. ”
“I’m going to search for survivors. ”
“Not a good idea. Their support ship is just 4 miles away and they can come get them. I would suggest continuing for Guantanamo Bay at full throttle. That other ship may have more fast boats on board and if they come again, it will be fully prepared for us. ”
Good Advice.

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   If there are survivors, I’m sorry. They knew the game they played. I turned and set course for Guantanamo Bay and pushed it up to full throttle. I was surprised how fast this little ship could go. The pirate’s ship turned and gave chase, but we were pulling away rapidly. Either they had no other fast boats or decided to give up and they turned back toward the wreckage we left of their other boats.
“How soon do we reach Gitmo?” I asked. Jonesy estimated about 7 hours at this speed, so I went to the galley for some coffee. Snake and Jonesy stayed in the bridge. I gave my pistol belt to Snake and he said he would put the weapons in the weapons locker. Although we had just killed several people, I felt strangely exhilarated. As I was drinking some coffee, Pole and Lewis came in.
“How do you feel, boss? Are you okay with what just happened?”
“Yeah. They meant to steal our ship and kill us. Maybe rape the women.

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   Don’t know, but they needed killing. ”
“Sounds like a Texan: “They needed Killing”. ” Everyone laughed. We were still laughing when all the ladies came in.
“Pirates?” Aurora asked.
“I think so,” I replied.
Teresa and Linda started shaking. They were nervous and on the verge of tears. Lewis told them not to worry. We had stopped them and they wouldn’t be bothering us any more. Teresa went over to Lewis and hugged him and started crying on his shoulder. Linda went to Pole, leaned against him pressing her full breasts against his chest, and whispered something in his ear. He laughed and they disappeared below. Teresa and Lewis went to the sun deck and sat at a table with a couple of beers and were talking.
“Angelina,” Aurora said, “Are you ready to take the Patron below?”
“Si, Mama,” she answered with a smile.

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“In a moment. I’m hungry and want to wait for a bit to make sure those thugs don’t come back,” I replied.
Aurora called to Teresa and they went to the galley on this level and started making something to eat. They made some beef, sliced some tomatoes, chopped some onions and peppers and grated some of the cheese made on my plantation. They then heated some flat bread and we had some soft-shell tacos (sort of). Except the beef was flavored with something absolutely delightful, and it was sliced very thin. Angelina took a plate to the bridge for Snake and did not return. After we ate, Aurora told Angelina to take me below and she would clean up.
Angelina took me by the hand and we went down the steps to the owner’s cabin. When we entered, the bed had been made, the lights were set on low, the air conditioner was on, and it was perfectly clean. No one would know that just an hour ago there had been an orgy going on here. I went into the bathroom and it was just as spotless. I couldn’t believe it. I relieved myself and washed up, brushing my teeth, and stripped. I put on a robe and went back into the bedroom.

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   The bed was turned down and Angelina was in bed (or actually ON the bed). She lay on the bed with both pillows behind her propping her up. She was naked. She is 14 years old. Small breasts, bare pussy, and reaching out for me. I’m glad we are in international waters. This could get me into prison in the States. I went to her, dropped my robe and stepped out of my slippers as I crawled onto the bed. I lay next to her and kissed her fully. She opened her mouth and her tongue was alive in my mouth as she pulled her small body next to mine. She pushed against me rolling me over on my back as she crawled up onto my chest. I could feel my dick rising to the occasion and as she felt it creep along her thigh, she brought both her legs together trapping my dick between her legs just above her knees. She worked her legs like hands stroking and massaging my dick expertly. I got very hard. I reached for her breast, but she kept herself pressed against my chest and she continued to work her magic with her legs.

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   She started sliding down my chest towards my feet. As my dick got even with her pussy, she stopped and started moving up and back against my erection. It slipped into her slit and she moved down a little more letting it move against her clit. Again I reached for her breast, but she still kept me away from them. She continued moving against my dick with her clit. She was very good, and soon I felt the stirring of an orgasm. She was breathing heavily now and moving faster and I knew she was coming to an orgasm, also. She started grinding her pelvis against me moving faster and faster until she climaxed, mewing like a little kitten as she experienced the pleasure. I could not stop myself and I emptied myself against her spewing seamen against her stomach.
She relaxed a little, but never completely stopped moving. She started moving back and forth again, and my erection, which had not gone completely down, was rebuilding again. She slid upward on the slick juices and spread her legs sliding back down until my dick was at her vaginal opening. She raised up and bushed back until my dick was completely inserted into her. She sat upright and slowly milked me with her vaginal muscles. She slowly moved in a circle with her hips, fucking me with all the experience of a professional.

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   It was wonderful. I reached for her and this time she leaned forward letting me touch her. I sat up and leaned her backward sucking her breast into my mouth. Her breasts were very sensitive, I found. It only took about a minute of sucking, licking, and massaging her breasts until she came with a shuddering orgasm, but I was not ready to stop. I rolled her over until I was on top. Raising myself up I pumped into her going faster and faster as I felt another orgasm building. My dick was sore from all the sex I had today (after all, I have had 4 orgasms today and I never had more than three. Now I am working on number 5), but it still felt good, so I continued pumping. It seemed like my orgasm was never going to come so I pulled out and turned her over. I pulled her ass up and took her from behind. This always is the best feeling for me, but since I prefer it standing up, I pulled her back towards the edge of the bed and stood up.
Just as I was about to reinsert myself into her, she said, “Please put it in my ass. I have been wanting to try it and some of the women at the hacienda say it is very good. ”
Always wanting to pleasure the ladies, I spit on my dick and tried to get it as wet as I could.

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   I centered the head at the small brown opening. The difference in size was apparent and I did not think it would fit, but I pushed. She grunted and pushed back a little, but it hurt. I told her to relax and concentrate on something across the room, but totally relax her organs. I could feel the pressure of her sphincter muscle relaxing and I pushed some more. I was surprised when the head of my dick disappeared into her ass. I spit on the shaft and pushed some more. She pushed back, although she groaned in pain. I was in about half-way and knew I would only give her pain if I continued to push. I pulled out until only the head was left in her and pushed back again. She said it felt like going to the bathroom when it came out, but she could feel me with her pussy when I pushed back in. We continued fucking like this and she had another orgasm. I could feel mine coming and picked up the pace. When I came I realized I had pushed hard and was almost all the way into this virgin asshole. She cried out some, but continued to push back against me. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

   I was cumming and it felt good and I had her by the ass with both hands and she pushed again and I pulled and suddenly I was in her all the way. I relaxed and my orgasm was over. I slowly started pulling out and this movement brought her to another orgasm. I continued pulling out very slowly as her orgasm continued until I finally pulled out of her completely. There was blood on her and I and I knew I had torn her since she was so young and small and I was pretty big. She slid off the bed and turned around. She pressed her small body against me and gave me a long kiss.
“Thank you, señor,” she said. You felt very big inside me when you took me in the front, but when you took me in the rear you filled me. It was wonderful. It hurt some, but my climax was very powerful. Thank you. ”
We went to the head with the Jacuzzi tub and filled the tub with water as hot as we could stand it. While the tub was filling, we relieved ourselves. When the tub was full, we climbed in and started the air.

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   The massagers were working and the hot water relaxed us to the point I was almost asleep. She stood up and stepped out of the tub. I was still sitting and it was a wonderful sight as she had one leg over the edge of the tub and me looking up at her naked crotch. As she was drying she bent over giving me a look at her beautiful ass and her breasts swinging. I could feel the familiar stirring.
“No way. ” I thought. “Not again. I need rest and there is no way I could have another orgasm. ” I climbed out of the tub, started it draining, and dried off. I went to the bed and Angelina was already in bed, asleep. She looked so innocent, and I had just fucked her in the ass. I should feel so guilty, but somehow I didn’t. I crawled into the bed and went to sleep right away. When I awoke, she was snuggled up against me with one leg thrown over me.

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   It was very comfortable, so I just lay there. About 30 minutes later, Aurora came into the room.
“Wake up, sleepy heads. Breakfast in 30 minutes. ”
“Where are we?”
“About two hours from the Marine base, señor. ”
Aurora just stood there, so I got up. She handed me my robe and I headed for the shower. When I finished and was dressed, I came out and Angelina was gone, the bed made with fresh linen and the room freshly vacuumed. As I headed for the door, Aurora stepped from the other head and asked me if I did what Angelina wanted.
“Well, I’m not sure. What did she want?”
“Señor Kelly,” she laughed. “She wanted you to take her in her ass. And, from the look on your face, I believe you did. You can do that to me on the way home. Okay?”
I went topside and had some pancakes and ham and coffee.


   After breakfast I went to the bridge and Lewis was there talking on the radio. I looked at the radar screens and could see we were approaching Gitmo.
“What’s up XO?”
“Just getting clearance to dock, boss. It seems somebody shot up some cigarette boats and killed 7 people about 150 miles from here. Marines wanted to know if we saw anything. I told them it must have been pirates. ”
We all laughed and made preparations to dock. After docking, we unloaded the fresh fruit and vegetables for the Marines. All the ladies were in bikinis relaxing on the beach and was the center of attention of both officers and enlisted, alike. The Marines invited us all to have dinner with them in the mess hall at 1800 hours. We agreed and had an enjoyable evening. After dinner, the ladies entertained the majority of the personnel. We went to the Base Commander’s office with him. While we relaxed with Cuban cigars, coffee and drinks, we filled in the commanding officer concerning the pirates.
“Fuck ‘em! They got what they deserved.

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Ya gotta love the Marines.
This ends the adventure of John Kelly becoming rich.
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