Big Brother, Little Brother


Topic: Big Brother, Little BrotherBig Brother, Little BrotherI'm a Big Brother to a fourteen year old boy named Brad. We have been together in the programme for about a year and a half. In that time we have developed a pretty good relationship. Things were rather open and trusting between us, you could say we were close. Our relationship got a whole lot closer one hot, humid Saturday afternoon. This particular Saturday was just too hot to do anything so Brad and I just hung out by the pool in my backyard. About every half hour or so one or both of us would jump in the pool to cool off. We of course had several wrestling bouts in the shallow end, always started by Brad. In the rough and tumble play I kept feeling Brady's cock press against me in various places. In fact, I am sure my dick must have pressed him a couple of times too, although I don't recall that happening. So I didn't think anything of it, it was to be expected during horseplay. What I did not expect was that Brad always had a hardon when he did this. This I put down to the raging hormones of a teenage boy. He probably was not even aware of it in the excitement of wrestling. A some point in the afternoon I noticed Brad glancing at my crotch. He wore dark sunglasses but I could still clearly see his eyes.

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   Perhaps I should truthfully say he was looking at the bulge of my cock. You see, I was wearing a skimpy, nylon Speedo bathing suite. It's somewhat revealing especially since I am rather well hung. I often get looks like this at the beach from both women and men which is why I only wear it at home now. So I didn't think anything of this as well. But as the afternoon went on I could not help noticing that Brad was often looking at my bulge. Curious as to what this was all about this I decided to do a little experiment. When I get out of the pool the water makes the Speedo cling to me like plastic shrink wrap. This is extremely revealing so I alway pull on the drawstring to let air into the bathing suite and break the clinging air seal. Well this time I kept the revealing effect. I stood near Brad, drying my hair, where he had to turn his head to see me. Sure enough he turned his head to look. Apparently he was fascinated with the bulge of my cock. Then I noticed, despite his loose swim trunks, that Brad was more than fascinated, he was actively interested. He had an obvious hardon.

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  Quickly I pulled on my drawstring to break the seal and sat down with the towel over my crotch. Wow! My "little brother" has the hots for me. All those wrestling bouts he started were really sexually motivated. He intentionally rubbed his dick on me. No wonder he always seemed to have a hardon in the pool. Thinking back on it I recall a couple of times Brad's hand brushed over my cock. Obviously those incidents were not as accidental as I had thought. Oh man! Brad was sexually aroused my me. This was all a bit confusing. Should I talk to him about this? How do I start? What do I say? What can I say? Maybe I should just ignore this. Pretending to be dozing in the lounge chair I mulled over the issue coming to no satisfactory conclusion. I decided to ignore Brad's sexual interest in me for now and give it move consideration later. Awhile later we went into the house to make sandwiches and refresh our drinks. Brad sat a the kitchen table buttering the bread while I got the cold cuts, cheese and the drinks. As I put the food on the table I notice Brad looking at my cock again.

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   I stood in front of him and he pretended not to have been looking my way. "Brad," I said, "what's with this ogling my dick all day. " He gave me an excellent look of confused innocence. "Don't give me that look. I know you've been staring at my cock every chance you think I won't notice. It's OK, I really don't mind. " Without any consideration I decide to prove that I'm really am OK with it. I pull at my drawstring to untie it and push the Speedo down. My cock flops out and makes a soft smacking noise on my leg. Not to brag but I am rather well hung and judging by the look on Brad's face I think he would agree. His mouth hung open and his eyes were almost popping out of his head. After half a minute Brad looks up at me and his face turns red with embarrassment. He realizes now that I know his sexual interest in me and there is no point denying it. In an effort to overcome his embarrassment, and in an odd way mine as well, I shove my bathing suite down further and let it drop to the floor. Then in a joking tone I tell him to, "Stand up and take your trunks off.


   Fair is fair after all. " Slowly he stands up but does not move his hands. "I know you got a hardon Brad. It's not the first one you've had today either. Off with the trunks buddy. " He complies but as he pulls down his trunks the waistband gets caught on his cock. Brad's dick is so stiff that when the waistband finally slips off, his cock snaps up and slaps his belly. I giggled at this and Brad has a sheepish grin on his face. The ice is broken and there is no more embarrassment for either of us. Now it's my turn to stare. As I look at Brad's cock several things run through my head. One is amazement at how well endowed Brad is. Despite his young age he has a man's penis. I am fascinated at how stiff it is. It points straight up and doesn't sway when he sifts his feet.

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   Secondly, I am astonished at myself to be looking at Brad's hardon. Except for my own, I have never seen a guy with an erection before. Finally, I am utterly shocked to discover that this is turning me on. Seeing Brad so naked and sexually aroused with his cock so hard was surprisingly erotic to me. So much so that I began to feel a stirring in my own cock. I'm still hanging but can feel myself beginning to swell. I know I should turn away before Brad sees what's happening but don't. Slowly but surely my dick begins to move. No doubt Brad notices I'm getting aroused. Brad takes a step toward me, I look up to see him with a huge grin on his face. I almost backup but he does not approach any closer but close enough that I smell the pool chlorine on him. Looking down again I see what I already can feel, my cock is rising up. Then I realize my cock is long enough that it is going to touch his if I don't move back. Once again I'm immobile except for my dick rising. Before I know it my cock has stopped moving up.

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   My dick head is caught in Brad's balls. Oh my God! My cock is tingling, I feel a rush through my whole body and I begin to tremble. I am at war with myself for feeling intoxicated with pleasure and at the same time feeling incredibly guilty about it. My glans is between his testicles there is no other point of contact between us. It's like my whole body has been dipped in some kind of joy juice. Brad is oozing clear precum making his whole cock head glisten. I'm fascinated as I watch this liquid seep out of his piss hole. Then without warning a stream of cum erupts of Brad's cock. His cum shoots straight up like a white rope then falls down on both our dicks. With no movement other than a twitch of his cock he shoots another rope of cum this time it lands on my belly. Again and again Brad's cock spews out cum, getting it all over both our cocks, bellies and the floor. Finally, as the last gobs of cum ooze out my cock slips off his balls and springs erect. Now I can feel the warmth of his cum as it dribbles down my cock onto my balls. It's at this point that my mind and body split into separate entities. My body is physically consumed with a sexual craving so intense I vibrate with nervous tension.

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   My mind or rather conscience is immersed in a flood of guilt and shame. I'm disgusted with myself for feeling so aroused. But that same arousal is pushing me to spread my feet apart to lower myself. Knowing what my body is going to do I'm screaming inside my head, "NO! Don't do it! Can't allow myself. It's Wrong! Wrong! No. I’m suppose to be his big brother and he's just a kid. Can't do it, don't do it! Noooo!" I move closer, press my cock against Brad's then reach around grabbing his ass. "Don't! No!" Our bellies and cocks are slippery with cum. This slimy feeling sends me over the edge. Suddenly I pull Brad tight against me and I begin humping fast and furiously. All thought is gone from my mind. Nothing matters now except the feeling of Brad's cock against mine, the pressure of my cock against his belly and the slippery feel of cum. I'm banging on him so hard that his cum, and now mine, creates a wet smacking sound. After an eternity of pure sexual gratification I realize what I've done. "I just fucked a kid, Oh, My God!" I am still pumping on Brad, slower now but I can't stop just yet.

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   I'm disgusted with myself, I feel like a copulating animal you see in a nature film. But I feel sooo good!Finally, mind regains some influence over body and I quickly step away from Brad. Despite the shame, I was able to look Brad in the face. He clearly had absolutely no conflicting emotions about what just happened. He was smiling from ear to ear and much to my surprise he still had a hardon. “This should never have happened Brad. ” I said. “What we did is wrong. No, what I did was wrong. I know better and should not have allowed it to go so far. Don’t misunderstand me, the gay part is not my problem, even though I’m not that way, it’s that I am a mature adult and you’re only fourteen years old for God’s sake. I’m sorry, I . . . , What .

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  . . I . . . ”“Don’t sweat it. Lets clean up and have some lunch. ” he says. “Yes, right, well . . . We need to talk about this . . . .

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   later. OK?”We never did talk about it but I sure thought about it. During that week I would replaywhat happened and how it happened. When I did I found myself getting arousedby the image of Brad naked, fully erect in front of me. As soon as I felt the pressure ofmy swelling cock I would quickly do something else, anything to distract myself from thearousal and guilty feelings. Then one night in the shower I played the whole incidentthrough to the end in my head. Should have known better because without restrictive clothing I developed a full blown hardon before I realized it. Feeling ashamed of my arousal but needing some relief I closed my eyes and started to jerk off visualizing my girlfriend. It was not long before I was close to cumming as which point my visual image was suddenly of Brad’s erection. I could clearly see every detail of his cock. Blue veins, foreskin stretched back revealing a purplish glans with clear precum dribbling down it. In slow motion I saw a white stream of cum rising up out of the hole and as that floated in the air another rope of spewed out. More and more came out until finally it just oozed out to dribble down Brad’s cock. Awareness. Just like that, in an instant I became conscious again.


   There is cum all over the shower wall, my legs wobbling from weakness and my hands are shaking. God help me! I just whacked off to a fourteen year old boy! What’s wrong with me? My balls are aching because I got off on a fantasy of a young, naked boy. If it was a fourteen year old girl it still would not be right but I could understand it. But a boy!?! Even as I’m feeling disgusted with myself I know I want to see him naked again. Talk about being confused. I have not been so emotionally conflicted since I was fourteen. After cleaning off the wall and drying myself I am very clear on one thing. I must not act out this fantasy in real life. As long as this all remains a fantasy in my head I’m safe and so is Brad. With this resolved I feel better but still confused about why Brad gets me so horny. I have never had a thought yet alone did anything gay in my life. Until now. The next time we met I took Brad to a Senator’s hockey game in Ottawa. That is nearly a an hours drive away. This usually means we end up coming back rather late at night.

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   So rather than wake up Brad’s Mom he would stay over night with me and go home in the morning. On the drive I kept thinking I should say something about “the incident” as I referred to it now. Nothing was say, I was just to confused in my own mind to think of anything meaningful. When we got back to my place it was late so we both quickly got our pyjamas on and had a snack of chocolate milk and a couple of cookies in the kitchen. Talk of course was nothing more serious than the hockey game. Finally I say, “Getting late, guess it's bedtime for both of us. ” Immediately I thought, “that did not come out right. ” Brad made nothing of it but my guilty conscience misinterpreted my own innocent statement. He goes straight to the quest bedroom and I check on the doors, shut off the lights. Going to my room I pop my head in Brad's bedroom door to say a final, “Goodnight. ” There he is laying full length on top of the sheets absolutely naked. Needless to say he had his amazing erection. I'm stunned, caught like a deer in headlights, I could do nothing but stare at his beautiful body. Regaining enough composure I manage to say, “I know what you have in mind but it's can't happen. It's not right for a whole bunch of reasons.

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  ” Brad glances at my crotch and smiles. It's no use denying my own arousal, the bulge in my pyjamas could not be ignored. At this point he starts to fondle himself, stroking his shaft with finger tips. “Show me it. Please. We don't have to touch each other or nothing. I'd really like to see your massive, hard piece of meat. ” Brad asks as he takes his cock in hand. I walk over to his bedside and watch him slowly masturbate. With that smile on his face, he knows I'm not going to refuse him. Against my better judgement I drop my pyjama bottoms then take the top off as well. “What harm can there be in just looking, eh?”, I say in a weak attempt to justify what I am doing. Standing there completely naked I feel defenceless and guilty at the same time. Somehow I enjoy this sinful feeling, it adds a layer of pleasure on to my physical arousal. Brad wiggles his body to the edge of the bed as close to me as he can without falling off.

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   This means I am looking down at him which gives me a feeling of dominance over Brad. Although, truth be told Brad has been the one manipulating the situation so far. My eyes began to wonder over his body. First I notice the thin, barely pubescent hair at the base of his shaft. Beyond that Brad was completely hairless, his skin pale white and smooth. The body of an innocent fourteen year old boy. Next thing Brad is spreading his legs then lifts his knee wide apart. Without a doubt this is a slutty, raw sexual invitation and at the same time the open, exposed posture made him look submissive and vulnerable to me. At this point I am actually trembling with tension. Precum is oozing out, dribbling down my cock, tickling my balls. I promised myself when I took off my pyjamas that I would only let Brad have the pleasure of masturbating while looking at me naked. In no way was I going to participate sexually other than as an object of arousal for Brad. Somehow I convinced myself of two things. One, there was nothing wrong with 'look and no touch'. In the back of my mind I knew this was only self justification.


   Two, I could control myself. Wrong again. By now Brad's mouth is opened wide, he's breathing heavily with eyes riveted on my cock. One hand stopped fondling his balls, just held them, the other hand is pumping his cock in a fast blur. Suddenly a white stream of sperm explored out of his cock. It reached his neck, laying a continuous rope of cum down to his navel. Just as he began shooting a second load my body betrayed me. My cock began to eject cum into the air, arching and falling on Brad's belly. His ejaculation triggered my orgasm without my having touched myself. As his hips did a spastic thrust so did mine. We are both spitting gobs of cum at exactly the same time like we are having the one and same orgasm. Thrust shoot, thrust shoot, one spasm after another. When I finally became conscious of reality again Brad is covered in cum from neck to cock, his and mine. Not a drop of it on me. My legs are trembling and so weak I drop to my knee so as not to fall down.

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   I feel so shameful and guilty that I put my forehead on the edge of the bed to hid my face from Brad. Yet I feel so wonderfully good that I have a few tears of joy. Our relationship as big brother, little brother changed. In deed there was no doubt of it next morning when Brad crawled into my bed to lay on top of me with his stiff cock pressing my belly. We had become, however illicitly, lovers. .

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