Britany's Further Adventures


   Britany and Linda continued to enjoy Maverick and each other. But Britany noticed Lynn, Linda’s mom, was paying a lot of attention to her. She gave her a ride home every day while Linda was in gymnastics, and she would often touch Britany’s hand or shoulders when they were talking. She even started giving her neck rubs. Of course this was having an effect on Britany, her pussy would get wet when she thought about Lynn. Lynn was a very pretty lady she had light brown hair, full 36C breasts and to top it off she was seven months pregnant. Britany thought that made her extra sexy.
   As the days passed Lynn became more affectionate. She would rub Britany’s thigh and she always wanted a hug. Britany wasn’t sure if Lynn wanted her sexually or if her being pregnant was making her more affectionate. Then one day Lynn asked Britany to join her in the hot tub.
   “I’ll have to go home and get my suit. ” Britany said.
   Lynn grabbed her arm and said. “Why? We’re both girls we can just go without suits. It’s not like we have anything the other hasn’t seen.

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   Britany felt her nipples harden and her pussy twitch as she watched Lynn remove her top then her jeans leaving her in just her black bra and panties. Britany was biting her lower lip as she stared at the beautiful mother of her best friend. Lynn unhooked her bra revealing her large breasts. Her nipples were large, dark and very stiff. She saw Britany just standing and staring still completely dressed. She smiled and said. “Aren’t you gonna get undressed?” Britany quickly removed her top and skirt then she removed her bra and crossed her arms in front of her small breasts.
   Lynn laughed and moved Britany’s hands from her chest so she could see her small breasts. “Why are you hiding them? They are just beautiful, so perky with little pink nipples. ” As she spoke she gave each breast a little squeeze causing Britany to moan.
   “But they’re so small compared to yours. ”
   “Of course they are sweetie, you’re much younger and I have one child and another on the way. ”
   Lynn removed her panties and Britany gasped when she saw her pussy. “WOW! You don’t have any hair!”
   “Yea, I keep it shaved. Rick likes it that way.

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  ” She blushed slightly as she spoke.
   Britany slid her panties down her legs and stepped out of them revealing her small light brown bush. Lynn smiled at her and said. “You have a lovely pussy. But I think it would look better shaved. ”
   “Do you think so? I’d be afraid I’d cut myself. ”
   “Well I could help you or even do it for you if you want. ”
   Britany’s mind was racing. Could she stand to let Lynn touch her pussy? What if she got wet and Lynn noticed? She thought for a moment then almost whispered. “Thanks, I’d like that. ”
   Lynn’s heart was racing as she led Britany to her bathroom, she wanted Britany in the worst way but what if she tried something and Britany refused. She helped Britany onto the counter and placed a hot wet wash cloth on her crotch. Britany loved the warmth then after a few minutes Lynn removed the cloth and covered her pussy with shaving cream, gently rubbing it in. Britany shuddered when she felt Lynn’s finger slide over her erect clit. Lynn grabbed the razor and carefully began shaving Britany’s teenaged pussy; she could feel her own pussy twitching with every stroke.

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   She carefully shaved along her lips and as she did her finger “accidentally” slipped inside. She smiled when she felt how wet Britany was. She removed her finger noticing how it glistened in the light and said. “Oh I’m sorry sweetie, my finger slipped. ”
   “That’s alright, I don’t mind. ” Britany moaned as she felt the finger slide out. Then she swallowed hard and decided to test Lynn’s reaction so she smiled and said. “Actually I liked it. It felt really good. ”
   Lynn couldn’t believe her ears, Britany wasn’t upset she was giving her permission to finger her. As she finished shaving her she grabbed the wash cloth to wipe away the excess and slowly slid her finger back into Britany’s waiting pussy. Britany moaned as Lynn began sliding her finger in and out.
   “Oh Lynn that feels so good, I love your finger in my pussy. ”
   “I love it to Brit; I’ve wanted to do this for so long. ” She pressed her lips to Britany’s and they both moaned as their tongues went from mouth to mouth.

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   Britany slid her hands down Lynn’s sides and took a breast in each hand. She began squeezing them then pinching the nipples. Lynn moaned and gasped as she pulled her lips from Britany’s. “Oh Brit that feels wonderful. ”
   Lynn licked down Britany’s neck then took her right nipple in her mouth. She gently sucked as she licked it with her tongue. She could feel Britany’s pussy gripping her finger as she nursed her tiny nipple. Not wanting to neglect anything she moved to the other breast then kissed down Britany’s smooth stomach, and then she kissed the top of her freshly shaved pussy. Britany was moaning and pushing her head lower, she was dying to feel her lips on her pussy. Lynn gently spread Britany’s lips and ran her tongue the length of her slit, all the time staring into Britany’s eyes. She slid her tongue as deep as she could scoop out the sweet nectar from Britany’s pussy. Britany’s hips were moving as Lynn licked all her hidden places. Her tongue moving from her tight little hole up to her clit then back again and down lower to her puckered ass.
   “MMMMM, Lynn that’s great. Eat me! Lick my pussy! Make me cum! Oh it feels so good!”
   “Yes Britany, cum for me! Cum all over my tongue! Come on do it! Cum!”
   Britany’s legs were shaking and she was pinching her nipples as Lynn’s tongue swirled around her clit moving her closer and closer to an earth shaking orgasm.

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   Lynn slid a finger into Britany’s pussy and wiggled it back and forth looking for her G spot. When she found it that set Britany off like a Roman candle and she squealed and her hips jerked as sweet juice gushed from her pussy into Lynn’s mouth. Lynn swallowed fast but a lot ran down her chin and onto her breasts.
   As Britany was calming down they heard a noise at the door and Britany almost died when she saw Rick, Lynn’s husband standing there. “My, my what do we have here? Looks like you got your wish Lynn. ”
   “Well not completely yet, I haven’t felt her tongue on my pussy or seen her sucking or riding your big black cock. ”
   “We’ll have to see if we can fix that. ” He said as he quickly stripped. “What do you say Britany, do you want some of this?” Britany’s eyes were wide this was the first real human cock she had seen and it was a monster. It was small compared to Maverick but for a human wow. It was ten and a half inches long and really thick. Her mouth was watering as she thought about sucking it and swallowing his cum. She wondered if it would taste different than Maverick’s.
   “Oh yes I want to suck your cock and feel it stretching my pussy. ”
   Lynn moved out of the way and he picked Britany up like she was nothing and carried her to the bed.

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   He kissed her as he sat her on the bed then he stood in front of her with his black cock sticking in her face. She wrapped her hand around it, her fingers were not even close to touching, and started stroking. She could feel his pulse through it and it jerked as her hand slid over the head. She was amazed though his skin was dark the head was a lighter color, almost pink. She held it up and licked the underside from his balls up to the head, causing him to shiver. She opened her mouth and slid his cock in as deep as she could, she could only fit about three inches in but she was working her tongue continuously.
   Lynn sat next to Britany and started licking Rick’s cock then sucked each ball into her mouth. He had his hands on Britany’s head and was humping trying to push more of his cock into her mouth. As it hit the back of her throat she gagged and had to pull her mouth off. While she was catching her breath Lynn took him in her mouth and all the way down her throat. Britany couldn’t believe she could take it all and she stared as Rick fucked his wife’s face. Britany started licking his balls then she took one of Lynn’s swollen nipples in her mouth and began nursing and to her surprise she was getting a small amount of milk.
    MMMMMMM she thought this really tastes good and she started sucking harder as she squeezed her large breast.
       Lynn pulled her mouth from his cock and moaned. “Yes Britany my tits, drink my milk baby.

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       “Fuck that’s so hot watching her drink your milk. Shit I want to feel her pussy on my cock. Get up here on the bed. ”
       Britany lay on her back her legs spread wide, she wanted him inside her and she wanted him now. Rick got between her legs and Lynn moved his cock up and down Britany’s wet slit. When she had it lined up He pushed forward sliding three inches into her. She was no virgin; if you’ve read the other stories you know I fucked her with a seven inch dildo,
    But she was really tight. Her pussy gripped him like a glove as he moved in and out giving her a little more each time.
       “Oh Rick it’s so big, you’re tearing me apart. Please, oh please don’t stop. I want to feel it all the way in me. ”
       “Yeah baby fuck her little white pussy with your big black cock. ”
       He had seven inches in her then he pulled out then shoved it all the way in. Britany almost passed out from the combination of pleasure and pain. Her legs went stiff and her eyes were wide as she struggled to breathe.

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       He stayed buried in her just gently rocking his hips. Lynn was kissing her cheek and running her fingers through her hair then she whispered. “It’ll be alright baby, just breathe. In a few moments you’ll have the most wonderful feelings. There’s nothing like a big hard cock sliding in and out of your pussy. ”
       Britany was getting used to being so full and she started moving her hips and moaning. When Rick felt her moving he started slowly fucking her. Just short stokes at first but soon he was giving her every inch with every stroke. When Lynn saw Britany was enjoying herself she straddled her head and pressed her pussy against her mouth. Britany grabbed both of Lynn’s cheeks and pulled her tighter as her tongue worked on her pussy. Then she moved her hands around Lynn’s body and stroked her extended belly. Britany loved the fact that Lyn was pregnant and she enjoyed rubbing her belly. Rick could feel the cum churning in his balls and he started fucking her harder. She was lifting her hips matching him stroke for stroke. She started to cum when she heard him yell.

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       She screamed into Lynn’s pussy as she felt his cum coating the walls of her pussy and as she did Lynn squealed and a flood of sweet nectar covered Britany’s face. She licked as much as she could and even though she had eaten pussy before something about Lynn being pregnant made her taste sweeter and pushed her orgasm to new heights. When Rick pulled his cock from her well used pussy Lynn quickly locked her lips to it sucking out his huge load.
       They wanted to continue their fun but Lynn looked at the clock and saw she had to pick Linda up. She kissed Britany letting her taste Rick’s cum then dressed and left. While she was gone Britany gave Rick a quick blowjob swallowing a huge load just before Lynn and Linda pulled into the drive. They quickly dressed and were sitting on the couch when they walked in.
       In the days that followed she had sex with Lynn and Rick together and separately and also with Linda. She was trying to think of a way to get them all together because she really wanted to watch Linda with her mom and dad. But that is another story.
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