Cinema sex.


I didn't know about kinky sex then. . .

Yeah,I had sex on my mind alright. As a young horny hormone driven youth I made a habit of going to the local cinema that put on the most smutty films of the day. Unlike now sex was taboo as far as films went and TV hadn't been available way back then. A film advertised the first full frontal pube pussy shots. I was there like a shot. . . In passing it was about young women being taught how to marry rich old men and subsequently fuck them to death after the will was scribed in their favour. Not a bad story line,well the bit I saw anyway. This is what happened!

Having got my ticket I headed with the attendant towards the auditorium entrance. A bloke alongside was greeted as Sid by the usherette, - "You'll love this one Sid,got a new mate with you tonight then" - Great I thought,I'm in and the bloke had been a distraction as the usherette had binned me once before as underage for the type of film being shown. - "Here that,pussy all the way by the sound of it,wanna fag?" - I mumbled as I took his fag and having sat alongside me,he offered me a light. We lit up and I thought no more about it.

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   Being an afternoon matinee,the place was only sparsely populated. Sucking away on the cigarette,my new mate stood and asked to get on the otherside,I noticed he had his fag in his left hand and thought,left handed for no other reason than I being right handed realised our fags may burn each others hands now he'd changed sides.

Putting his head in towards mine, - "Ashtray" was all he said, - this cinema had only one ashtray every other seat. So I thought,that makes sense especially for stubbing the cigarette end out. The film started and in minutes the first pussy came into view,getting a nudge from the right,I grinned and felt a bit guilty as my cock was already stiffening at the sight. I just excepted that that was bloke to bloke reactions. How nieve I was back then.

With cigarettes disgarded we sat watching the film until with a start, down from the corner of my eye my mate was putting his hand in his lap and clearly under the dim emergency lighting I saw him trying to adjust what was obviously his hardon. Getting trouble it appeared,he opened his fly and with a finger or two he was hooking his cock into a more manageable position. I even got a glimpse of its bulbous head,but it sunk back into his fly. As my cock was also bent double I was tempted to open up my fly but as he obviously had a far bigger knob than mine I didn't, but at the same time watching him had given me a trembling feeling.

This was because I thought he may realise I was watching the goings on. More pussy distracted me until I felt his hand come onto my lap. The trembling came back. Not being an idiot,I had a choice,move or wait to see what he was at.

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   I waited,not for long,he felt over my trousers and I knew he was feeling where my cock was placed. My hormones started playing tricks,with the touching not being me,my cock responded and as it stiffened,he must have felt it and I was now holding my breath as he fumbled with my fly. One,two,three,four,the buttons opened until I felt his fingers feeling around inside until he touched my cocks head.

He didn't pull it out immediately as I strained my eyes in his direction to see what he was doing. My eyes moved downwards as I had seen him looking at my lap and now looking at his lap I saw him pull his hardon out. It stood white and hard with the foreskin half back off of his helmet. It was at least twice the size of my young cock. He held it with his right hand and it dawned on me,this was why he'd changed sides. His left hand was now in my lap and realising how wanking only works well with your most used hand,he had his left hand in playing with my cock. Looking down to my own lap,in no time,my cock was now exposed and stiff inside his clenched fist.

My cock was getting excited as he slowly wanked up and down my shaft,he was doing the same with his own. The slow movement was pulling his foreskin right back from its helmet and it shone in the dull light as did my now wet knob as he pulled my tighter skin off of my helmet. - I felt for the first time the asshole muscles twitching and I thought, I wonder which will shoot off first. His hand stopped on me and went in searching for my balls. They now rested comfortably around the base of my shaft as his other hand left his own hardon and so matter-of-factly reached over and took my spare hand and brought it into contact with his hot hard shaft.

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   I felt him start wanking me again and he jerked his ass towards my hand.

I realised he wanted me to wank him off at the same time. I did as he wished and started wanking him in time with his movement on my cock. The film was left behind as I could feel myself tightening towards an orgasm. It must have been happening to him as well,as now he gripped me tighter and moved on me quicker. Just before it happened to my cock,I felt the warm sperm erupting from his cock and gathering around the circle of my fist,it was a lot and dribbled over the back of my hand towards his waiting ball sac just as my more volotile sperm shot up and around his hand,like magic he pumped me expertly until my follow up cum shots shot all over his clenched fist as he brought it to a standstill.

Squeezing up to the end of my penis,he gathered all my spunk he could and brought his hand up to his mouth and sucked it into his mouth and swallowed it. I wondered if he expected me to do it with his but I didn't,then he pulled my spunk covered hand to his mouth and sucked his own spunk off of it. - "Best place for that" was all he said. I watched as he put his cock away and in turn put my own now soft cock away. The film had just got too the first randy old gett conking out. - "Fag?" - I took one and he lit it with his lighter, - "Always need one after cumming" - he said, - "Me too" I replied. - Come here often?" - "Most weeks" - "I'll look out for you" - "Ok Sid,thanks"

The film ended and we parted like that!