coaching volleyball part 8


Coaching volleyball part 8
Sorry its been a while…. Heres the next chapter
I recently started to see a girl my own age for once. This cut into my fucking time with Alissa, but she also moved on to boys her own age. So no hard feelings…. Or at least I thought so.
My new girl heather decided to come to one of our volleyball tournaments and watch me coach. The whole time I could see my entire team glaring at her. Normally after a tournament I would meet up for the team sleep over. Which was always a good night of fuckingbut I promised heather I would spend the night with her. My team was not happy
We had my apartment to ourselves tonight so I had a long night of fucking planned with heather, when I got to the door I realized I didn’t have my keys. Pissed as fucked for thinking I lost my keys I tried to open the door anyways. To my surprise it opened. Right as we walked in the door shut behind us. All the sudden 7 nude girls came out of nowhwere where bunny masks and a few holding knives.
I recognized each of their bodies immediately. The entire team was their except for Rebeccawho I haven’t seen naked since I fucked her in the ass.

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Heather had no idea what was going on. You could see the look of fear on her face. I looked over and saw my keys on the table. Now it was making sense on how they got in.
“Take ur clothes off you fucking whore” Mindy was obviously the ring leader of the group. Her perfect curves moved across the floor as she stuck the knife in heathers face.
Heather not knowing what to do started to rip off her clothes. Heather was 5’4” with perfect C tits. Not much of an ass but she couldn’t weigh more than 100 pounds, probably one reason while I liked her so much cause she was play size just like the girls on my team,
“what are you looking at. Get ur clothes off too” She commanded me. I tried not to smile in order to avoid heather from figuring out this is staged.
Mind ran the knife softly over heathers body. She reached out with her free hand and shoved her fingers into heathers pussy. “What a whore. look at how wet this bitch is”
Each and every girl walked over and took turns shoving their fingers into her pussy.

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   Each one only did about five thrust and pulled out for the next one in line.
Mindy positioned her cunt right in front of Heathers face. “lick me u whore” Without have to be asked twice she started to suck on Mindy’s perfect little cunt. I started to reach for my hard cock but was yelled at to keep my hands off. So I just sat there and watched.
Of course one of the twins was holding up her trusty video camera. I swear they never go anywhere without that thing.
“O yea u fucking slut lick my cunt. OH SHIT THAT’S IT YOU CUNT FUCKKKKKKKKK” Mindy erupted in to an orgasm. Before heather could catch her breath, chloe’s cunt was shoved into her face. One of twins, I couldn’t tell which one, shoved a dildo into heather pussy. She let out a moan. She was fucked hard by the dildo which lead to an orgasm. her orgasm lead chloe having one at the same time.
I couldn’t wait any longer.

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   I wanted in “Where do you think ur going. ” Mindy held the knife on my balls. “you get to join once everyone her cums”
Great “Heather make these girls cum fast please” She took Alissa in her mouth and one twin with each of her hands. Beth moved the dildo in and out of Heather pussy. The room was full with moaning. The twins, as always, orgasmed at the same time, followed by another heather orgasm, followed by Alissa.
Before Beth could move into position to get licked, Heather pushed her over licker her cunt furiously. This time Stephanie worked the dildo. Come on come on. I couldn’t wait any longer. Another10 minutes passed before Beth and Stephanie were done cumming. Finally its my turn.
“Lay on the ground” Mindy straddled me “Hey bitch watch me fuck you boyfriend” Mindy forced herself all the way down engulfing my entire cock “Fuck” was the only word that would come out of my mouth.
I had been hard for about 30 minutes watching each of the girls cum I didn’t no how long I could hold. “U like this you fucking slut” This time she was talking to me.

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   She took the knife and put it to my throat. “Tell me that I have a way better cunt then your fucking whore over there”
It was easy to do as I was told. She did have a way wetter tighter cunt then any girl I have ever been with. “your way better. Tighter UGH wetter UGH sexier UGH” That was it, that was all I could handle. I shot my cum deep into her wet cunt.
“O yea fuck that feels good, shoot that cum into my pussy. U like to watch u whore. Ur boyfriend just shot his load in me. ” She moved off my dick. Cum gushed from her pussy. “Like up his cum. And remember it came from my pussy you slut” she did as she was obeyed.
“Hey I didn’t say you can get soft on me” She pointed the knife towards me.
“Im sorry I just came I need a minute”
“I don’t think so” I had six girls hands all over my cock, rubbing and massage it.

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   I was hard in no time. Mindy pulled heather by the hair and positioned her front of me. “shove it in her ass”
“NOOO please I never had anal before”
“O all the better” She took the camera “After he cums in your ass i will let you watch the look on your face. Start fucking”
I started to work it in slow going inch by inch “damn it that’s not good enough. Plow it now” She held up the knife. I knew she wasn’t really going to do anything but heather didn’t. I forced it all in. getting the whole thing in. I fucked her hard
Tears were rolling down her face “Please stop. It hurts so much. ” I could see a little blood around her asshole. I was literally tearing it. “Cum please cum I want it to end” I came but not after another two minutes of furious ass fucking. At first I was concerned that I hurt her bad but her ass was fine just a little blood nothing serious. Before Heather could catch her breath the girls shoved a viberator one into her pussy the other into her ass.


   She came two more times before passing out.
While she was passed out I talked to the girls “Nice show. That was awesome” They giggled “Its not over. We are gonna show you just how big of a whore this girl is”
An hour passed. I forced to sit there and not do anything as I watched the girls fuck each other with dildos. Heather finally woke up.
“good your awake slut. Your gonna make some money now. I have 20 virgins coming over to use your pussy. All paying 20 bucks each. ” Heathers eyes widen. But she had more of an excited look than a look of fear.
The boys started to arrive in the next 5 min. all of them had tents in their pants immediatelyas they walked in.
“Alright here we go one after another” the first boy mounted Heather.

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   He came in less than 2 minutes. So did the next boy and the next. It was funny watching the surprised look on each of the boys faces as they released their load into heather. The nine boy got a treat. Heather started to orgasm screaming as loud as she could. She came again on the 13th boy. The 17th boy pulled out his cock. It was huge at least 12 inches long. He started to fuck her hard and fast. Heather came hard on is long cock. Alissa was enjoying the show. She started to rub herself. I knew that she would find this guy the next day and fuck him. She was all about size. I went over behind her and bent her over.

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   I shoved my cock deep in her and fucked her hard. The last boy was about it put his cock in Heather
“Hey virgin, I bet I can hold out longer then you can” I taunted the boy
“Your on” He started to fuck nice and slow but couldn’t continue the pace. Three minutes passed and he came deep in her.
All eyes turned on me and Alissa “O SHIT IM GONNA CUM FUCK ME HARD COACH FUCK ME HARD” she came hard. I was oblivious to the fact that she blew our cover but I thrust her hard shooting rope after rope in her tight pussy.
All the boys in the room were hard and jacking themselves off. Even the one that just finished with Heathers pussy.
“Alright boys dirty this bitch up. Make her shine in cum” All the boys took there positions around Heather and shoot there load all over her body. Her face, hair, tits, stomach, legs were all covered in cum.
With that all the boys left. “We need to clean this slut up” They ordered her to the bathroom and into the tube. Mindy mounted on top and started to piss. Each and every girl took their turn pissing all over Heather.
As heather lay in the bathtub covered in cum and piss the girls put their clothes on.

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   “Bye coach, we will send you a copy of the video, one for you one for your whore”
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