FINDING KRISSY - Chapter Part 4 - Settling In


The bedroom was aglow with bright glaring sunshine from a new dawn teasing my eyes to wake, stirring with her young body pushed back against me, her back sweaty as she clasp my hand to her belly whilst still fast asleep.
We had both slept long through the night, myself enduring some lovely dreams that I could vaguely remember only to say they left me feeling very happy.

It had been a long time since I last dreamt and sleep so soundly and now as I cleared my eyes to look upon young Krissy an overwhelming joy re-filled inside, feeling as if I needed to pinch myself to make it all true and smiling broadly with love as I looked down.

She was uncovered from the waist up, her tiny breast squashed under her arm as I traced the back of my nails over the smooth unblemished skin of her shoulder and back, bending to kiss the nape of her neck before laying back down to pull the covers back over her and protect against an early morning chill.

24 hours earlier I had no idea of what would eventuate, only knowing how keen I was to finds her again online. The remarkable circumstances that lead her to me still having me shake my head in wondrous amazement.
My dick half aroused as I remembered the last days and evening’s events.
I lifted the covers to look under at my semi-hardness pressing to her panty covered ass cheeks. There was a strong whiff of old sexual scent emanating from below that filled my senses. I smiled again, dropped the covers back then stretched arms above my head before slipping from the bed to go shower, leaving Krissy to exhaust her sleep to the maximum.

Shaving as I washed under the refreshing hot jets with a desire to sing from the happy state I was in, deferred for now as I groomed with the razor once more over my pubic area and balls, holding a stiff erection out of the way before stepping out to dry.
With a towel tied to my waist I went back into the bedroom to dress. Krissy was awake, wide eyed smiling with the covers pulled cozy to her neck.

“Morning daddy. ” She said in the sweetest affectionate voice, hiding the tougher sounds of maturity the girl had adapted to using in the streets and her former environments.


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   You okay baby girl?”

“Yes Max, very okay. You haven’t changed your mind? I will understand if so?” she asked feeling suddenly insecure again with thoughts that I may have seen the situation as impossible over night.

“Yes Krissy. I am more then happy young lady. ” I said sitting beside her on the bed, a hand combing her hair as she grinned back snuggling into the pillow.

“So long as you are okay. This is so new and so very real to us both. I think it may take a little getting used to Kristen but I want to. I want you to stay with me okay?” I assured then added;

“Oh, that is if you want to of course? Please never feel obligated to this old man Krissy. I have to insist on that understand?”

“You are not old daddy and yes I understand. I just want to be with you forever, to be your girl. I cannot remember when I have felt so safe, slept so well or ever felt so happy and wonderful about things. I love you Max, daddy. ” She said coyly not used to saying such a powerful sentiments to another.

“What about what happened last night Kristen? Do not get me wrong but I felt terribly guilty this morning.


   You do not have to do things like that to be my girl you know?”

Kristen sat up in bed, the sheets dropping to uncover her small tits with out modesty as she reached for my hand to squeeze.

“Max, we covered that right? I am not the innocent here. I think you know I have had to, um, do things before, and my role-playing surely tells you that I like that stuff. I like sex Max, everything about it okay. So I am young but I promise I am not a baby when it comes to being naughty. I have experienced many things, forced to experience them and you know what? It made me feel terrible. As much as I hate what happened to me in the past, something inside me enjoyed doing it, being naughty. I developed sexual feelings a lot earlier because of what happened and I could not ignore them. That is why I let my adopted sisters play and teach me things, only because I did not understand okay? I cannot deny that I did not like or enjoy it though. I loved it. Forgive me Max. I promise I hated them all, my mothers, fathers and brothers. But we all had to do it, all the girls I ever knew as sisters had to do as told in time and that is why I am so worried about Amy. She is so sweet and so naïve Max. They will hurt her for sure, especially Johnny.

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  ” She told keeping a firm grip on my arm.

“Krissy. You have nothing to be ashamed of I promise. I really do understand and I cannot, would never judge you on anything from the past okay. ” I re-assured.

“Can you be brave Kristen and tell me exactly what you were forced to do? I know it is not my business but it will help me understand all this a little I reckon. It is not every day a man my age falls in-love with a 14yr old girl you know. ” I said smiling as I confessed.

Kristen reached up to hug, kissing my lips hard with intent and appreciation pressing her tiny nipples flat to my bare chest.

“Oh wow, you really do love me? I am so happy Max. God I love you too, so much. ” She said tearing up again then went on;

“I never let them fuck me Max. I do not think they ever wanted to. I just had to learn quick how to suck dick. I was 8 when it first happened.

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   My step-dad then was a man called Ollie, a real mean prick that slapped everyone around, even his wife. She knew he was coming to my room at night but was to afraid to stop him. Once she even told me to just let him do it and then no-one would get hurt. The selfish bitch. I cried all night after the first time and then for about the next month while he did this. Suddenly I was moved to another home and it was not long before Ralph my new dad was into me the same only this time he was kinder and was affectionate at least while I, you know, sucked him. It was about then that I began to like how I felt, how it made me excited down there. ” Kristen explained pointing between her legs.

“Then Jasmine my older step-sister at the time confronted me. She was jealous I think because I was getting all the attention. She called me a little slut, the first time any of them did in fact. So that night I made myself sick. I ate salt and pepper and made it look like I had a bad case of the flu. I was coughing and throwing up so bad that I was put to bed and left alone for two days. Sure enough Jasmine came in to boast that she had been looking after Ralph.

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   So I asked her, “Don’t you feel bad doing it?You can do it all the time I don’t care. ” That is when she admitted to me that it made her pussy feel good, like it did me. So I stopped feeling bad and told her the same. Then she said she can show me how to make myself feel wonderful down there and well, the rest is history. She taught me how to masturbate. Remember I was only 8. Then she touched me there. No one, not any of them ever did that to me, touched me you know. So I began to make her happy as well and we become great mates telling each other what it was like to play with our daddy of the time. We made up stories and played so many naughty games, sleeping in the same bed naked as she played with me and made me happy. I am terrible yes?” Kristen finished.

“No, not terrible at all Krissy, just your way of dealing with the abuse I reckon and certainly not disgusting to me honey. As much as I want to bash the crap out of those men and Johnny, I am pleased it never got further for you. If anyone ever hurt you, so help me God I would kill him or her I reckon. So this continued right up till now? And Amy? Has she been abused?" I asked laying back down on top of the covers to hold her close.

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“Thank you Max. No. I am sure Johnny has not touched Amy but I have warned her to be careful. Like you, she asked me many times to tell me about myself. She is such a curious girl. She reminds me of myself much younger and once when a boy asked her out from her school she came to me worried she’d not know what to do and had no idea what to expect. I practically had to tell her the facts of life Max. She never did go out with the boy. Hell she would have been beaten if they ever found out. But I did show her Max. Showed her how to feel good, about her pussy and such I mean. ” Kristen informed with a sheepish grin as she rolled her side onto my chest.

“Oh, do tell me more naughty girl. You can’t stop there. ” I laughed.

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“Why Daddy, is it turning you on? You smell so nice Max. “ Kristen asked as her hand slipped over the front of my towel to feel my tented cock.

I watched as her small hand an-wrapped the towel, laying it out to the sides displaying my nakedness in full as she rested her head on my belly looking down. Those same small hands causing me to suck deep as they grasped my hard shaft before she continued her story.

“Lovely cock daddy. So smooth and. I like it all clean like this, so sexy Max. ” she commented with a hum stroking softly.

“So anyway with Amy. I really love her Max I have to tell you that first. She is like a real sister to me Daddy and the only one that I have ever really wanted to look after. So anyway it was about a month after I told her a few things and explained why her pussy might get a nice funny feeling sometimes. She kept bugging me a little more each night until I finally laughed and asked her. “what do you want sis, you want a lesson?” And she just stood them dumb-founded so I told her to strip, to take all her clothes off right now and she did. She stripped naked in front of me and stood there waiting.

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  ” Krissy told feeling my cock jerk in her hands.

“Good daddy. I love making your dick jerk. ” She giggled.

“This is a true story Krissy?”

“Yes Of course! So then I told her to lay down on my bed and open her legs which she did. She has no tits daddy but wow she looked sexy and her pussy is beautiful. I stood up and walked about the room ordering her to do things, to touch her self and show me, to open her little cunt and poke her finger inside. It was so hot and she damn well came daddy. She loved me telling her, instructing her. I had to masturbated watching her of course. Seeing her face screwed up all contorted for the first time made me wet my pants. Literately, I pissed my PJ’s. ” Krissy giggled using a thumb to wipe pre-cum over my cock head as she related her tale.

“That was only about 3 months ago and since then she has just been like glue to me. Always coming to my room for her lessons and practice.

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   I told her about Johnny, what he had me do and what he wanted from me. That really freaked her out bad. Originally I promised her to take her with me when I ran away but it was just impossible and I know she will think I have deserted her now. I did not know it would all happen this quick and she was away this weekend with the school on excursion. I love her Max and I do not want that Johnny fuck touching her. I wish there was a way to. . ” her voice drifted off, smothered as she began to suck my swollen shaft.

My hand reached under the covers feeling for her backside as my fingers searched under her cotton knickers, plucking and pinching her firm ass cheeks as she gobbled enthusiastically on my bulbous cock head so expertly.

“My daddy’s cock liked hearing about me and my sister yes Max? Hmm, so nice. I love you Max, I love your dick so much. ” Krissy whispered back concentrating as her free hand fondled my bald ball sac playing with the marbles of seed.

“Fuck Krissy I am going to cum honey. ” I called out feeing my balls crinkle tight in her hand.

She squeezed gently burying her mouth down to my pubic bone taking all my shaft perfectly without it chocking her throat.

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I erupted violently with hips lifting to fuck up, pumping my cream cum inside as my fingernails scratched across her ass cheeks.
Krissy did not stop sucking. Loudly and sloppily till my cock stopped blowing my seed.

“Hmmm, that was nice daddy. I love feeding from your cock Max. It is just the right size for me. I love it. ” Kristen said kissing back over my belly and chest to my mouth, letting me taste my own cum still on the edges of her lips.
I pulled her petite body onto mine so her pussy could grind to my softening hardness but she pulled away, jumping up to run to the bathroom.

“I need to pee Max. Be right back. ”

I lay waiting, listening to her intimate privacy as she piddled with the door open. Then I heard the shower realizing she was washing. She stood in the doorway totally naked, her hair still dripping wet with a shinny, wet sheen all over her young teen body looking so very sexy.
It was the first time I had seen her naked and my eyes quickly dropped from her small aroused breast to the thin tuft of black silk hair above her pussy slit.


   She turned about using one hand to pull her ass cheek open, giggling as she quickly let it go before running to the bed.

“Lift, no towels in there for your girl Max?. ” She laughed tugging the towel from under my ass to dry as I watched.
Finished she stopped, held out her arms and dropped the towel to the floor letting me see her close. Watching with a grin as my eyes perused up and down her nakedness.

“You like daddy? Am I okay?” she asked with a sense of foreboding.

“Oh fuck Kristen. You are so beautiful, so fucking sexy young girl. I love your body very much. ”

“And my little tits are okay? I am sorry I do not have real boobs yet? Kristen asked pressing her meager cleavage together.

“Superb baby girl. Extremely sexy honey, I love your boobs just how they are darling, promise. See, look what you are doing to your daddy’s cock naughty girl. ” I laughed feeling my dick respond.

“What about my cunny then.

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  ” Kristen asked standing with her legs wide. She used her fingers to pull back her lovely rounded vulva lips. She was enjoying this showing-off. I could see it was arousing her when her small clit poked free and her inner lip petals glistened with a fresh shinny wet secretion.
Suddenly embarrassed with modesty, Kristen jumped on the bed beside me and curled into a ball facing away.

“Come on baby girl. I know you were enjoying this old man look at you. My little baby girl tease huh? I said tickling under her sides making her scream and kick out.

“Stop, stop please. ” She laughed resting on her back to lay naked.

I sat up on my elbows.

“May I Krissy? May I touch you?”

“Yes Daddy. I want you to. You’ll be the first man to touch me naughty. ”

I sat up on my shins, my cock wavering about semi-hard once more, drooling pre-cum as I shuffled over her left leg as I gently urged her right to spread wide.


My frame seemed so huge over her tiny body as she let her hands drift wide at the sides and her other leg opened up.
Krissy looked hard at me, searching anxiously on my face for a sign of approval as I peered down into her virgin sex.

“So damn sexy Krissy, honestly, so fucking gorgeous you are baby girl. ”

Her under thighs so soft, relaxed and smooth in my palms as I pushed them wider and up so her knees buckled to the side exposing all of her untouched innocence, watching as her pussy lips parted sticky, peeling open to allow her inflamed clit to once again feel the cool of the room.

“Touch me daddy, please!” she hissed closing her eyes.

My hands caressed up and down her thighs from her bent knees to the vertex of her body, short of her pussy in a tease unintentional, more just in admiration.
Kristen’s breath gasped loudly as one finger trembled and skirted around her thicker rounded vulva lips in soft gentle laps, gathering her slippery residue.
Her hands palming down over her small chest across her belly pushing my finger way as hers parted her pussy lips to finger press wide, folding then open as her tiny bum lifted in need.
I let her hear me draw a deep breath through my nostrils to suck in her young virgin aroma then exhaled, bowing softly across her wet exposure making her moan.
It was the tip of my nose that was first to “touch” her, dipping between her restrained valley to slowly rub up through, over her swollen clit nub and back as she whimpered biting her lower lip.

“Yes daddy, hmmm. ” she gasped as I rolled my nose tip again and again over her clit. Krissy’s public hair sparse and soft, silky against my chin as she lifted her bum to press herself to me in eager need.
I tasted her sweet scent with my tongue lapping out flat to press up through her young open slit, savoring her virgin flavors, letting my mouth spread wide to capture her fingers and her entire pussy slit before drawing lips closed over her clit.
A long sustained groan of pleasure escaped her open mouth, deep from within her throat.

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   My hands now slipping under her small ass cheeks to lift and hold her sex to my mouth as I hungrily devoured her aroused sex. I curled the tip of my tongue to poke inside her heated tight vagina with my nose buried hard to her slit enjoying her sweet nectar scent.
Kristen lifted her knees back using her hands, opening and offering her young teen sex to my mouth as her ass lifted from the bed.
I could feel her trembling, close now as I continued to suck, poke and lick. Lower, driven by my own perverted sexual desire allowing my tongue to sweep up through her ass crack, over her small crinkled anus and back before her thighs clamped to the sides of my head and her pussy sent a new wave of heated girl juice to my lips.
Kristen’s orgasm was intense as she grinded her virginity to my face, her voice a whispered, panted and gasp as she called out in pleasure.

“Yes Daddy, yes! Oh hell, fuck yes!”

Her thighs relaxed, falling to the side as a hand pushed down between forcing my mouth from her sex in need of rest.
I sat up looking down at her tiny waist and chest heaving in ecstasy, her little bud tits swells proudly firm with small, aroused eraser nipples hard on top, perky and succulent to look at.
My face was sticky, glistening with her wetness as I witness another small gush of girl fluid, flush from her open pink pussy hole.
I wanted to fuck her there and then but had already decided there was no such rush. My cock stiff, swaying about in need again as I began to jerk off.

“Cum on me daddy. Please? I want to feel your cum on me Daddy. ” Kristen pleaded through thin half closed eyes as her hand began to masturbate over her clit.

I lent lower using my thick cock head to press up through her slippery slit so the sensitive underside rubbed over her baby bud clit.

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   She let her hands draw back to her tiny tits to squeeze and massage as I began to rub and masturbate up between her legs, Kristen’s sexual irritations gone as she searched again for another orgasm.
It only took another minute before my cock head exploded as I fucked up through her slit, spitting a long first string of spiraling cum over her small tits and hands, another landing over her navel as she began to rub the warm cream into her skin. My balls pressed to her virgin hole feeling the flood of another orgasm from the girl as she reached down to assist in milking my cock over her skin.
Her hand holding my throbbing shaft as it pulsated, spilling the final throws of orgasm as I lent down to kiss my new girl passionately, her mouth hungry to receive my lips as one sticky cum covered hand pulled the back of my head to her mouth.

“Oh daddy that was so wonderful. It never felt so good. My whole body is still trembling. "

“Your whole body is just so sexy hot my girl. I can do this forever, love you always baby girl. ’

“Oh daddy yes. Love me forever. Am I a good naughty girl for you daddy?. Do you like me being your dirty little baby slut?”

“Yes Kristen. I love my little dirty slut, my naughty baby girl. You have no idea how hot you are, how much I want you honey.

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“Why didn’t you fuck me? You could have. I would not have stopped you daddy. ”

“I know honey, I could have so easily, wanted to badly I promise. Bur we had not discussed that part and I was not sure you were ready. I could have been very selfish honey and just did it but I want you to feel right about me taking your innocence away. ”

“I think I have long lost my innocence daddy but you are right. Halfway through I was worried you may fuck me and I was a little scared so thank you. I do want you to you know? I am just afraid some and will just let it happen whenever okay? Can you be patient with your baby slut?”

“Of course I can honey. I am sure your daddy’s cock will not miss out until then right?”

“No daddy. I promise to suck your cum many times a day. I love it. I so want to be so naughty for you. Anything daddy. I feel so safe here and I know I can trust you to look after me now. I owe you so much daddy.

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“Owe me? Now Kristen we’ll have none of that. No obligations. I want you here with me only if you want to be here. I do not want you thinking you owe me a thing understand? You will live here as my lost daughter, in a family. We will play and fuck naughty but only if that is what you want. ” I said sternly to remind.

“Yes daddy I do want this I love you so much. I am sorry if it sounds like I am just being grateful. I am I suppose but it doesn’t mean that is why I love you so much. It is just a little part of it Max. I just want to make you so happy is all. I would do anything for you, absolutely anything. ”

“Well for the time being just be my little teen baby fuck Kristen and let me love you more then anyone ever has”

“Oh daddy, I love it when you say that, call me those names, ‘baby fuck”, I love it. Could you ever imagine our role-play becoming real Max?"

I laughed.
“Maybe with an older woman but certainly not with a 14yr old street wise girl like you honey.

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   That was all fantasy and enough to see me jerk off, fuck, now I am living a dream. ”

“I love you daddy so much. What are we doing today? I am hungry. ” Kristen sighed snuggling her naked body close.

Kristen showered again as I got breakfast and was soon back down stairs wearing just a long oversized T-shirt and still with a leaning limp on her left side.

"Show me that bruise baby. ” I said as she stood watching me set a place for each of us at the small bench table.
She lifted the side of the shirt high over one hip showing me that she was naked completely underneath. The brown colored bruise was about as big as a tennis ball and sat just below her naked backside at the top of her left thigh.
She gasped as I pressed two fingers over the mark.

“Sorry honey. I think it will clear in a day or two. Nothing broken baby. ” I said kissing her wound then standing to offer her a chair to sit.

We chatted about the day as we ate.

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   I was taking her shopping for some new clothes when the conversation was interrupted by the sound of her cell phone ringing.

“Oh fuck. I bet that is them trying to get me to answer. ” Kristen said jumping up to run into the lounge for her backpack. Coming back she sat reading the latest message.

“Shit Max, this is the 20th time they have tried to reach me. Listen to this, “K get your ass bck home. The cops are looking for u and so is DOC’s. Dad is wild. You are in big shit silly whore. ” That is from the lovable Johnny but there are some more much the same. All from Charlie fuck and Johnny, oh and one from Amy?’ Kristen reported going quiet as she read the message from her sister.

“Krissy I am so scared. Johnny keeps threatening me. I think he knows you told me what he has been up to.

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   Please let me know you are okay. I miss you so much. Amy. ”

“I, I better go back. Oh I don’t know. I just feel afraid for her Max. She is really so sweet and innocent in all this crap. ” Krissy shook as her words quivered with emotion.

I went to her, lifted her to her feet and hugged her tight, soothing with my hand down the back of her silky black perfumed hair.

“Lets not rush anything Krissy. This Johnny and Charlie do not sound all that bright. Let me think and see if we can not come up with a plan. ”

“What do you mean daddy? A plan for what?”

“I am not sure baby girl. Damn, so much has happened so quick in the last day and a bit. I just want to help Kristen, somehow.

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   Hey, I thought Amy was away with the school?”

“She is, or was. I don’t know. Her message was not from her cell. She does not have one. She used her friend Sally’s but how is Johnny threatening her in that case unless he has somehow gotten Sally’s cell number. It is all so weird. ” Krissy said sitting back down calmer.

“So we are not sure that returning a message to this Sally girls cell will be safe. ? Can we trust Sally even? I mean if she was to know where you are and hell, with whom, she may tell everyone?” I pondered aloud trying to figure this out.

Why was I? It struck me just then that I may have inherited a lovely affair, a love, and as taboo as it was. I was now contemplating putting more risk into the whole scenario in my wishes to help my gorgeous baby girl.

“First things first Krissy. You run up and put something on. We will go over to Cronulla to shop, well away from here okay? Do not send any messages until we get there just in case this Charlie and Johnny are telling some truths and the police are involved. They can do a GPS tracking through your cell phone.


   At least narrow down what suburb you are in. Off you go baby. Oh and which school does Amy attend? ” I asked smacking her backside affectionately as she past me.

“Balmain High. ”

Kristen flicked up the tail of her shirt showing her cute young tight ass giggling cheekily before she ran off.

While I waited for Kristen to get ready I made a call to the school that Amy attended pretending to be a parent. The excursion had not returned and no students had come home early. The only way Johnny could have made a threat was to have found this Sally’s Number in Amy’s room, which showed just how desperate and ruthless this young boy was. Something I had to be wary of.

I spoilt Kristen badly spending hundreds on new clothes, almost a complete wardrobe of the latest teen fashions as well as underclothes.
It was Krissy that lead me into a lingerie shop in the mall with a sudden tug of my hand.

“No, no baby girl. This is one place I should not be seen with a young girl, even with my daughter okay. Here, you take your time and find something nice. I need to go find a bathroom.

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  ” I lied handing her a few hundred dollars.
Krissy pouted and pretended to stamp her foot making me laugh as I left her in the shop with the mall trolley full of trademark shopping bags. .

God damn! I loved her. She looked so cute and sexy in the new jean shorts and tank top she had insisted on wearing as soon as paid for.

Other girls her age fluttered by alone or in groups and I found myself comparing them to my girl. Ashamed as I eyed over their young tight bodies but pleased they did not seem to arouse a sexual desire within me.
I did not go to the bathroom and instead visited the “Optus” shop and purchased a set of two new cell phones both with 12 month plans linked to the other and billed to me.

Later after meeting back with a very happy Kristen, we sat for a break and some lunch.

“Okay Kristen, send this Sally a message and we’ll see what happens. Asked her if Amy is close by and if you can call her right now or sometime soon in the next hour or so. ”

Kristen fished Charlie’s cell from her pocket and sent the text message and we waited, Kristen sipping a milk shake and myself with a frothy cappuccino. We both jumped when Charlie’s phone rattled on the table indicating an incoming text.

“Hi sis. So happy you are safe.


   Where are you? I get back tomorrow morning. Johnny has been through my room already and found something I wrote about us. I am so scared. Yes call me in ten minutes if you can. We are almost back from this bushwalk. Love you so much and miss you. Amy. ”

“Okay good. We’ll know more when you talk to her but at this stage do not mention me understand? Here, give her this number to put in Sally’s phone. Tell her not to write it down anywhere okay?” I said passing Kristen a box with her new phone.

“Oh wow Max, really? It is mine?”

“Yes Kristen. I know how important Amy is to you and you need to stay in contact. We will dump Charlie’s phone later. ”

Kristen showed all the nous of today’s young generation quickly setting up her new cell in no time. She was in the process of entering my number when Charlie’s phone alerted her to a new text.

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“Call now. Amy”

“Hi Amy. I love you Sis. Are you having fun?”
“No I am fine Amy and quite safe I promise. I have a good place to stay. I can’t say where just yet okay. Better you do not know for now. ”

“I see, yes, and what exactly has Jonny said or messaged to you?”
“The fucking prick, did he? Listen, in my room, you know that old tape deck I have? Yes that one. Play it too him and tell him I have the original tape with me as protection. If he wants to try anything I will fucking fix him good. Yes, that’s right. Same if he tries anything on you okay, you tell him that Amy, be strong. That should keep him away from you for now at least till I figure something else out Sis. Oh hold on a sec Amy. ” Kristen said covering the mouthpiece as she read a massage I had written.

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“Ask Sally if I can have her address. I want to get something to you there. A new phone so we can stay in touch. Yes I know, cool huh? No I would love to meet you Amy but it is not safe. Johnny or Charlie will be watching you like a hawk I am sure. It has to be Sally. Is she okay with that? Great! She catches a bus to school right? Okay bus 773 got it. Tell her to look for me in her street Monday before school and away from her house. If I miss her I will try in the afternoon when she gets home okay. Yes Amy I am fine, seriously, I have never been happier baby, I promise. Yes, I love you too Sis, Bye!”

“She had to go, they were being called. ” Kristen told me putting the phone down.

On the drive back home Kristen played with and set up both new cell phones, entering her new number in the one for Amy and Amy’s number in hers under mine.

“She’ll have to be careful with the charger and make sure Johnny does not find it. ” Kristen said as if to remind her self to tell Amy.

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“Maybe it would be just best to leave the phone at Sally’s place for now?”

“No I will tell her to charge it in the laundry. She will have to do all the washing on her own now damn it. The others never go in there and there is a power point up high where the dryer used to be that is never used and hidden on the top shelf, yes that will do. ” Kristen said triumphant with her new plan.
Halfway home I detoured and parked at the interstate bus terminal.

“Why are we stopping here Daddy?”

“I am going to make an enquiry Kristen. I want you to sneak onto one of those inter-states and hide Charlie’s phone. Probably in a back seat if you can and it will not matter if a passenger finds it so long as the bus is well on its way first okay?”

I went to the ticket office and made a useless enquiry while Kristen found an empty bus. She was sitting very pleased with her self when I got back.

“Seems like I have left on a bus to Tasmania. ” She laughed.

As we left she slid over to me and kissed my cheek with a hug.

“Thank you daddy, thank you so much Max. You are so wonderful to me. ”

“I love you silly and no-one fucks with my girl okay?” I chuckled.

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On the freeway she took my hand and pressed it to her lap, between her legs.

“Hmmm, hurry home daddy. I want you to touch me again and make me such a naughty girl. ” She hushed in my ear as her hand felt across my lap and the swelling of my cock.

“So tell me Kristen, what is on these tapes you have?”

“Oh that, nothing really but enough to freak Johnny out. I only have the one tape but Johnny will never know. It is just his last conversation. When he told me he was going to fuck me this weekend. He’d hate Charlie or Clare to ever know their boy was such a fiend. If I did not get away yesterday I had intended to play it through the speakers while they partied with friends. That would have shaken the place I reckon. ’ Kristen laughed loudly as she squirmed her pussy against my hand through her jean shorts.

At home we unloaded the many bags of new clothes, shoes and other attire and I left Kristen upstairs to unpack it all in one of the spare rooms.

“You have to set this room up as yours Krissy, just call it your dressing room if you like? Just in case. We have to show you at least have your own room okay?” I had told her and enjoyed seeing her so happy knowing I had overindulged but as I looked at her gleefully go about unpacking, admiring her purchases, I was full of emotion.

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The girl had uncorked something deep inside I had not felt since my first love way back as a teen and I liked the feeling and intensity. Having someone you really care about and feel the same emotions in return empowers a man. I felt like a dad as much as I was her lover and it made me shake my head in wonderment as I went back downstairs.

Sitting in the lounge to catch the early edition news I was distracted. Listening to Kristen who sang happily from her room and I wondered just how far this might go and was I dreaming. Could this change in life be real? I loved her more then I wanted to let on. Feeling foolish to a point and knowing I had to keep my head clear to make the right decisions, so easy to let emotions rule.
What of Amy? She was so important to Kristen and I was allowing that relationship become part of my concerns. Recalling Krissy’s past I did not want this Amy to endure similar but how could I do anything to get her away from that environment?
I could simply call DOC’s but that would only draw attention to Kristen’s absence and have the whole department of Child Welfare plus the Police looking for her. What about schooling? For Kristen and or for Amy should I somehow find a way to get the girl out of there.
What was I thinking? ”get her out of there”. This is getting crazy and dangerous for all of us. I needed advise, legal and compassionate.
I called Ken.

“So can you mate? Talk to your sister and find out.

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   She would know the proper procedures I need to take right? I know, I am crazy Ken but I am done with chasing women and I want family, kids. Surely Marcy’s department can see I am a genuine role model/parent for such a proposal. Yes, I am serious mate. I want to be a foster parent. ” I told Kenny once I had explained a little about Kristen and how I knew her since she was 5yrs old. The only lie was I told him I had found her vagrant in the mall, recognised her as homeless and gave her a bed for the night. The coincidence that we new each other came later.

“Okay, leave it with me Max I will call Marcy now and see what her opinion is. You realize that if they allow this that your home will be open for inspection anytime of day? That this girl and the other will have to endure probing interviews and that you will be scrutinized no end mate? Your life and history turned upside down as they look for reasons to deny this?” Kenny warned.

“Yes Mate I do but I want to take that risk. It is the only way I reckon. ”

“Tell me the truth Max. I have never known you to be so determined, desperate about anything. Am I missing some detail here my friend?”

“Read into it what you want Ken. I am sure the Department will think the same but I assure you there is nothing untoward here.

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   I seriously am going through a change in life. You have kids Kenny surely you can understand what it means to have a family of your own? I know you hate it when they miss a visit to your place or when she, your ex takes them away for a period of time etc? Believe me, I am too old to start at the beginning with a new born. Instant family is the only way I can contribute and enjoy what it is like to have family. Am I crazy?”

“No mate, I do understand Max. I will do what I can and call Marcy now. I will call back ASAP okay?” Ken said in a quieter tone of sympathy.

So I sat there pondering what I had just done, announced to the world that I had Kristen here with me. I felt guilty but only because I had put it all at risk and not told Kristen of my plans.

She ran to me jumping on the couch beside to hug my mid-rift.

“I am so happy Daddy. I love my new dressing room and all the clothes. ” She said snuggling barefoot to me.

“Loved all the clothes huh? So why have you just got that old T-shirt back on then Miss Cheeky?” I asked seeing her bare thigh disappear just before her backside.

“Cause I am feeling naughty daddy. ” Kristen giggled as she climbed onto my lap, straddling over my crotch as she squirmed her backside to nestle comfortable.

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Instantly my dick jerked to attention as my sexy young nymphet grinded her self to my hardening shaft.

“Oh Daddy likes that? I can feel it on my bum Max, so nice. ” She said with a flushed face as she slowly masturbated her pussy over my shorts.

“I have something to tell you baby girl. ” I said concerned but she did not want to know and sat back straight, lifted her arms and took off the shirt.

Kristen was totally naked underneath. Her little tits already aroused as my hands lifted to fondle softly. I began rolling my thumbs and fingers over her tiny pink nipples as she lent to my hands sighing, her eyes closing as she felt the pleasure and her small hands covered mine to encourage.
Drawn with distraction now, I kissed along each shoulder, down to her supple perky breast to lick those sweet little nipples and suck her tiny cones one by one into my mouth as her hips dragged her soaking pussy back and forth over my crotch against my needy cock.

“Mmm daddy that feels so nice. ”

“You are a very naughty girl Kristen. Damn, so sexy baby girl. ” I said suckling on her young immature swells as a hand slipped down her stomach. I used my pointer finger, making circles through the tuft of pubic hair above before pressing down her slit to roll over her clit as I continued to suck her tiny breast.

“Oh yes daddy, touch me there hmm.


   Play with my pussy Max, I love it. ”

My shorts were stained wet from her leaking arousal as I moved her, laying her to the side then pulling her ass back to my lap. I lifted one leg open, up the back of the couch to rest against my shoulder exposing her young sex.
Kristen moaned as my hand and fingers examined her open sex.
She took my other hand back to her tits urging me to fondle, pluck and pinch her nipples, her hips lifting as fingers explored up and down her slit.
When I began to simultaneously pluck at her nipples and clit the girl began to thrash her head side to side.
My finger fucked inside her virgin hole to the second knuckle where I found the thin veil of her hymen, the first time I had penetrated my girl to any extent and pleased to discover her virgin proof.

“Oh daddy, daddy yes. Fuck me, fuck your naughty girl slut daddy. ” She cried out in that sweet girly young voice as her hips began to move in rhythm.

I knew she did not mean it literately and continued to finger fuck her sweet almost bald pussy hole as my other hand stretched her tiny tit between fingers, her own hand taking care of her neglected breast doing the same.
It was amazing to see this sexy young creature laid out so sexily exposed, invited to abuse with out protest with my cock stabbing under her bum desperate to be released.

I stopped briefly, enough time to shuffle my shorts to my knees so my dick sprang free. My hand returned to finger fuck her now sloppy wet young cunt as I positioned my cock to slip up between Kristen’s ass cheeks already wet with pre-cum as my swollen cock-head began to slip up and down.

“Oh yes, wow daddy yes.

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   That feels so sexy and naughty. Don’t stop daddy, fuck your little sluts naughty cunny, hmm. ” Kristen called in panted breaths, her tiny frame beginning to sweat and glisten all over.

She came hard, her ass lifting high making her pubic mound arch up as orgasm struck. Her balancing leg trembling as she held with the spasms shivering through her body. My hand covered in her shiny cum secretions, down over my wrist as my thumb pressed to her clit and my pointer looped inside her tight virginal canal until her ass collapsed on my cock.

“Oh fuck, fuck daddy. I love you Max. ” Kristen hushed catching breath. She lay for a minute then slipped to the floor tugging away my shorts to kneel between my legs, her hands immediate in arresting my throbbing cock shaft.

Kristen’s eyes were glazed as if in a spell as she began to jerk, her fingers smoothing over my cock head gathering pre-cum to lubricate, then she spat spittle, looked up at me with aroused needy eyes and said almost pleadingly;

“I want to see it happen daddy. I want to watch my daddy’s cock cum. ”

Looking down at her small tits jiggling, her face full of concentration as her hands massaged my veined engrossed shaft was so erotic, so wrong but so fucking sexy.

Kristen’s small hands worked faster, gripped stronger as she masturbated my dick, her mouth open in amazement when the first long stream of cum swirled like a helicopter up over my shirt followed as quick by another and another.

“Yes baby girl.


   Oh fuck yes!” I called out in a gravelly voice as she milked more from my cock until the last seeds pumped and oozed down over her knuckles.

Kristen looked at me, licked my cum from her fingers then still looking up, gobbled my cock to suck clean, her tongue lapping out as she crawled up between my legs wiping clean to swallow the messy goo over my belly and on my shirt till she was back in my lap letting my softening penis shrink under her pussy.

“Awesome daddy. That was so cool. Am I a good daughter slut Max?”

“Yes honey, the best. Such a naughty little fuck you are Kristen. ”

“Good! I am your naughty little fuck daddy. ”

“Yes baby girl. Daddy so loves his filthy little cocksucker. ”

“Hmm, yes daddy. I would have let you daddy. God it felt so wonderful when you were fingering my pussy. It has to feel that good with your cock right?”

“Yes Krissy but I can’t yet. I can’t afford to complicate this any further and get you pregnant now can I? I would love nothing more then to bury my cock in that sweet young cunt of yours Kristen. ”

“Oh you said “cunt”.

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   That is so sexy. What about a condom daddy? I want to feel my daddy’s cock inside my filthy cunt daddy. ”

“Damn you sound so hot when you talk nasty Kristen but lets not over do it okay. I hate condoms honey and I want you to feel it proper when I do it. We need to get you on the pill I reckon. I can wait much longer. ” I laughed just as the phone rang.

I pushed Kristen off to the side affectionately and stood up to get the portable phone from the coffee table. As I began to talk Kristen got down on the floor on her knees again and began to suck my limp dick and lick and tongue over and under my shaven bald sac.

It was hard to concentrate but I did not push her away.
“Great Kenny thanks. So I will expect her around noon tomorrow? Excellent. Oh man, this is huge. Thanks so much mate. Bye.

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Kristen had a questioning frown on her face as she looked up sucking my soft phallus for no other reason then she wanted to.
If anyone ever discovered us I would die. Right then looking down at her pathetic longing look I decided that even if we were denied I would try my best to illegally have her with me, even if it meant we both ran away somehow. I need her now as much as I have needed any female in my life and not just sexually. Kristen had become embedded in my heart.
Her wet fingers played with my sagging cock as she looked up licking her lips to ask:

“What’s up? Who was that?”

She curled in my lap as I explained and soon moved to lay on her belly with her face over my cock playing as she studied closer, feeling a right and freedom to do so.

“So as you see Kristen, I have taken a huge risk that could ruin it but I feel we must if this is to work out. I so do not want to lose you and if they say no, then plan “b” comes in to play. ”

‘I understand daddy but I am so scared. What will this woman want to ask me? Will she make me go back there? And what is plan B?” Kristen asked kissing the top of my cock now finished with her play, rolling over with the back of her head resting in my lap, the back of her fingers on one hand causally flicking the nipple of one tit.

“You are so beautiful Kristen. Marcy is my friend Kenny’s sister. She works at DOC’s honey but I think we can rely on her to be fair. She will ask you many questions to determine that what you are saying is the truth. Just be honest baby.

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   Oh, except if she asks about what we might be up to. ” I chuckled before continuing.

“We can do this baby girl, make it all legal but it will take time before it comes official. I just hope they let you stay with me in the interim, that you have to literally beg for baby. If they say no, plan B is to run away. I don’t know. I have a holiday home up the coast and if anything should go wrong that is where you will go and hide. I would come up every weekend and in between where possible but you’d be safe and comfortable and at least I will know you are there. Lets just hope that plan never has to eventuate. ”

“What, what about Amy? This won’t mean they will move her away again, to a new family?”

“That is something possible we have to consider as a consequence Kristen, sorry. The hope is however, that Amy can come live here, that is my first plan. Is that okay? Would you like that?”

“Seriously? Oh Max do you mean that? I would so love to have Amy safe here with me. It, it makes the risk all so worthwhile. ” Kristen sang sitting back up to hug my neck.

“I don’t want you to worry baby girl but it depends so much on this interview with Marcy.

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   She is apparently looking over your file as we speak but I will tell you this, your last case manager has long since left DOCs so she will see it all fresh. She went in specially this afternoon to start on your case okay?”

“Okay but you said to be honest and that part is easy because it is true Max. I do love being with you. I have never felt safer. She has to see that. ”

We did not bother to dress and had a light dinner of pasta then shared a bath, washing each other to another orgasm before crashing to sleep in my bed.

I woke the next morning to Kristen under the covers sucking my cock into life.

“Morning daddy!” she giggled as I threw back the sheets then gathered her, turning her around so she lay over me in the classic “69” position.

Her baby pussy already glistening wet as I began to lick and toy with her sex. Perfection not complete as I blew a fresh load of cream premature in my girl’s hungry mouth and as soon as I recovered, I was able to concentrate teasing her aroused young pussy.

I had Kristen sit up squashing her sex to my face as I devoured her, her hands reaching backward for support on the bed head as I drew her orgasm to paint over my cheeks and mouth. The moment intensified for her as a finger fucked inside her tight little anus making her cry with new joy.

“Oh my God daddy that was so intense, so naughty. You fucked my bum hole?”

“Yes and I think my filthy girl liked that right?”

“Oh yes, it was wonderful. I am such a filthy little slut daddy.

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  ” Kristen teased sucking the finger that had only moments before, been jammed inside her ass hole.

It was Sunday and we stayed dozing and playing in bed till mid morning. At one stage when I needed to use the bathroom Kristen came with me and insisted on holding my soft cock as I peed, then sat with legs apart to let me watch her do the same before she let me wipe her pussy with a tissue.

“Hmm, daddy likes looking after his little dirty slut. ” Kristen laughed running back to jump into the covers of the bed.

Kristen dressed in her most conservative outfit for the big meeting. It was a simple orange and white patterned sundress and sandals.

“Baby, did you not buy a bra or two?” I asked as we sat waiting noticing her tiny tits when she lent forward to a drink soda through a straw.

“I don’t have big enough tits yeah? Besides, I like you looking at me. I have never had a bra daddy so I was not sure what I needed. Is that okay?” she sniggered cheekily.

“Well you just make sure Marcy sees none of that honey or she will maybe see it as somewhat naive and be afraid to let you stay here with a man my age. ” I warned looking at my watch impatient and anxious.

“Okay daddy and I will call you Mr. Wellsford yes?”

“Yes baby.

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   Okay, game on Kristen. I love you baby girl so much. ” I said kissing her cheek to go and answer the doorbell.

~end chapter~


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