First Guy Sex with Dave


Very few people know this about me, mainly those who were directly involved with it, but by the time I hit high school I had more sexual experience with other boys than with girls. It started one hot summer day when I was 11, inside an old abandoned RV that was parked in the back yard of my best friend Wes. We made it into a makeshift fort and playhouse and me, Wes, and his cousin David, who was 14 and was spending the summer with his family, would spend our days, hanging out and doing all sorts of stupid things that typical young guys do. One day David figured out that we if we ran an extension cord to the power supply of the RV from the garage, that the lights and power would work in it, which meant that we were no longer limited to staying out there til dark, but could camp out there too. So we rounded up an old tv and vcr, old school I know, and we pretty much lived out there during the day except for when we were out playing baseball or something. So late one afternoon I showed up at Wes’s house like always, but he wasn’t there, just David, who told me they went out of town for the day, but would be back in about 3 hours or so. He told me to come to the fort that he wanted to show me something cool. So after entering, locking the doors and pulling the shades, he sat next to me on this little bench sitting area and said, check this out. He clicked the remote of the vcr and seconds later a porno movie came on the screen. My face lit up because I’d seen a few Playboys and Hustlers before but nothing on screen like this. As we watched and he made numerous comments about how hot the big tittied brunette on the screen was, I became aroused and my prepubescent penis became fully erect and I began to massage it a little through my thin red shorts. All of a sudden David stood up and said look at this, and dropped his pants revealing his rock hard penis which I thought looked huge compared to mine at the time. Wow, I said, you have a big one Dave. Then he told me to touch it and I was hesitant at first, but he assured me it was ok for dudes to do stuff with other dudes since there were no girls around. I was uncertain, but did as he asked and grabbed it with my hand and began to feel and stroke it. We’re going to play a game, he then said, you’re going to play the girl in the movie and I’ll be the dude.

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   He walked over in front of me and said, open up, I did and he pushed his dick into my mouth, all the way to the back of my throat, nearly gagging me. I was scared at first as he slid it in and out of my young mouth, but after a few minutes I started to get into it and liked it.
Several minutes later he grunted loudly and pushed his dick deep into my mouth again and I felt hot little spirts of liquid hit the back of my mouth. He withdrew from my mouth and rubbed my head and told me that I was an amazing little cocksucker. He sat down again and told me to pull my pants down and lay over his lap. I complied, and he started rubbing and massaging my hairless little butt. He slowly ran a finger down my crack and began to run it around my little hole. As I lay there watching this hot babe get pounded by this hung guy on the screen, he played with my asshole, gently and carefully easing his middle finger inside me. It hurt some, but once it was in and he started to finger me, I liked the way it felt and when he asked me if I liked it, I quickly answered yes. So the screen went blank and the another scene started up, with another hot babe and guy and man were they going at it and David slowly kept at it with the fingering. Then he stopped what he was doing and told me to not go anywhere, that he’d be right back. I said ok, and after he left, I stood up, feeling more horny than ever before and went to the little fridge they had in there to get a drink to wash the taste of his semen out of my mouth. He returned several minutes later and was carrying a small bag. He undressed completely and instructed me to do the same and as I got naked he went into the bag and pulled out a small pink vibrator. He then told me to lay in the floor and he got down there with me and after spreading my legs as far as they could go, he began to lick and suck all over and on my asshole.

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   He then turned the vibrator on and buzzed it all around the entrance of my little virgin hole. Then with a quick thrust it put it inside me and I yelped a little when he did because it hurt, but he assured me that it was on and turned it on full blast and worked it in and out of me, fast, then slow, fast then slow. I was really liking these new found feelings and sensations and began to rub my balls and moan a little too. Then Dave looked down at me and said that I was ready now and told me to flip over onto my hands and knees. The vibrator was still inside my butt when I got into position like he asked and he pulled it out and began licking my newly stretched out hole again. Then Dave positioned himself behind me, put his hands on my little boney hips and slid his hard boner inside my 11 year old virgin ass. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, I exclaimed as it felt it go all the way in, ohhhhhhhh Dave, Dave you’re fucking me. Don’t stop doing it to me Dave!! Well, he didn’t, Dave pumped my little ass in and out, fast and slow and every which way but loose. I was loving the way it felt, but a part of me felt weird about it a little bit because I was only 11 and I was getting screwed doggy style by my best friends cousin. Oh my god, you have the best little ass ever, Dave said as he started thrusting it was far in as it could go. He thrust and thrust and thrust then let out a deep sigh and I knew he’d just came inside me. When it was over we laid in the floor together and he talked to me about it and asked me if it was all ok with me, I guess feeling out whether or not I was going to tell on him and I assured him it was fine. About that time we heard Wes and his family pull up in the driveway, so we scurried around and got dressed in record time, hid the evidence and the porno and by the time Wes figured out where we were and came out to join us, it was as if nothing happened, and we all camped out that night.