Forbidden Fruit


Forbidden Fruit
It was a mid week night and all the cells were full, no-one was going anywhere until the morning so I knew I had a quiet night ahead without the usual turn around of prisoners. Being the detention officer this was a rare break in such a busy station. The sergeant said he wanted to make the most of it and asked me to do the regular checks whilst he found an office to do some reports on the computer.
It was all going well until just after one in the morning when the phone rang. The sergeant said he’d just remembered that the man in cell 3 should have sobered up by now and needed to have his fingerprints and picture done.   I went to check and he was sat on the bench. I opened the door and told him  what we needed to do. He agreed and smiled openly.
He followed me to the fingerprint machine, he was about the same height as me, 5’6” and slim. Being African he had short black hair and quite a friendly face. “What time is it?” he asked in a broad accent “About quarter past one” I replied. “Oh my gosh! I have been here for a long time” I glanced at the main board where the detainees' details are written. “Yes since four in the afternoon” He laughed “I was very drunk” I chuckled and said “You must have been to take so long to sober up. ” He just laughed the usual loud African way and shook his head “Too much whisky” and held his hand to his mouth as if drinking from a glass.
As I began to take his finger prints I noticed that his fingers were very thick and their ends were unusually wide with big flat broad nails. They were so wide that often I couldn’t roll them and get the prints completely in the box.

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   It took several goes on his middle fingers. He laughed “Thick fingers tell the girls I have a big dick” I laughed with him and eventually got his set done. Then after his picture I put him back in his cell. As I closed the door he asked “What will happen to me now?” I checked the board and said “you will be spoken to in the morning and then we will decide” he nodded and went to lie on his bed.
Within minutes he rang his buzzer. I opened the hatch in his door and he said “If I am to be here until the morning can I have a wash or maybe a bath?” It was a quiet night and so I said "There is a shower but I will have to check with the sergeant. " I then went to the phone and called the sergeant and he agreed but told me to take him to the shower and get the large paper towels for him to dry off with.
I took him out of the cell and down the corridor. At the end was the small shower room which was in fact a shower cubicle with a fixed shelf in it. I gave him the sachets of shampoo and soap and told him I would bring the towels. He thanked me and began to get undressed. I went to the store cupboard and got a pile of large square paper towels. Like giant hankies, for him.
I returned to the cubicle door and called through it “The towels are outside for you” The door swung open and he pointed to the shelf and said “Please put them there” I looked at him. He was naked.

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   His clothes on a pile on the floor outside the shower tray.
In a split second I had looked him all over. The water ran over his taught black skin which was stretched over small but defined muscles. His shoulders were rounded and his stomach flat. He had strong almost hairless legs and then I registered his cock. It hanged there limp and about 6 inches long. He was circumcised and his purple/brown helmet was large. The phrase “Baby’s arm holding an orange” sprang to mind.
I tried to make it appear as if I hadn’t noticed when he said “See what I mean about having  thick fingers?” he joked. I took this as an invite to look again and momentarily stared at his cock. “Yes I do” I replied jokingly. “The girls love it, I am a very lucky man” I nodded “Yes, you certainly are”
I looked again and saw it was starting to harden and raise its ugly head. “It is quick to react which is also good” he said standing unashamedly in front of me as his cock rose, getting harder and harder. I felt frozen to the spot as I watched it grow. It ended up at a 45degree angle to his stomach and pointing directly at me.

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   At a guess it was a good 10 inches long and thick. He was huge.
“See how quick I am to be ready?” he asked. “It is like blowing up a balloon” I just nodded. His bell end was taught and seemed darker. It shone and his whole length pulsed. “You like looking at it” he said “It’s hard not to” I stuttered. “Everyone says that” he replied proudly.
“Perhaps you want to touch it. ” It gave a mighty pulse and bobbed upwards. I could feel my face flush and I felt like I was overheating. I could hear the blood rushing in my ears and thought they must be burning red. The sight of this perfect cock on such a slim fit man was turning me on in a way I’d never felt before. “Go ahead if you want” he said and I felt myself move towards him.
I reached out and wrapped my hand around it.

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   I couldn’t close my fingers it was that thick. He groaned as I took hold. “You have a strong grip” he smiled. I held onto it and squeezed slightly feeling the hardness within and the strong throb which opened my fingers slightly. Absent mindedly I began to stroke him and felt the skin slide up and down the ribbed bone inside. He looked into my eyes and said “Good isn’t it” I gulped “Fantastic”
As he stood there I began to stroke the whole length and listened as his breathing increased. “ You are good at this” he grunted. “I’ve been practising” I replied beginning to relax and savour the experience. I moved in closer to him as he stepped out of the shower and turned my grip so that my palm ran along the underside and began to stroke him firmly. “Oh yes that is good” he acknowledged.
After a few minutes I stepped back and looked down at it. It seemed bigger and an overwhelming urge dropped me to my knees. Then without thinking I sank my mouth over the end and tried to take as much in as possible. When it hit the back of my throat I still had 7 inches spare to rub with my hand. “Now you will make me cum” he said and I just nodded.

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   I set about sucking and stroking him and he placed his hands on the back of my head to help me time my stokes.

    His cock slid in and out of my mouth, my saliva poured out onto the floor as I fought to suck as much as I could into my hungry mouth his shaft hardened in my fingers and I felt the hot saltiness erupt in my mouth. “Oh yes” he grunted as he filled and overfilled my mouth, I tried to swallow but the tide was too strong. I yanked at him and pulled every drop out before letting it go. Then wiping my mouth I stood up. My legs were shaking and felt weak. The floor was awash with saliva, spunk and hot water off his body. “That was one of the best ever” he applauded. I smiled meekly. He stepped back into the water and I stepped out of the cubicle without a word.
    He soon finished his shower and I put him back in his cell without saying anything. I walked back into the main custody room to see the sergeant sat at the desk looking down beneath the wooden surface. Panic flooded over me. “Impressive show” he said “CCTV is a wonderful thing” As soon as I’d seen him I remembered the whole place except one or two areas was covered by CCTV and displayed on a bank of monitors beneath the desk.
    I wanted the ground to swallow me up, no escape, total humiliation, the gossips would have a field day, and my career was over.

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       He stood up and walked over to me “I think we need to have a chat, follow me”
    He led me to the doctor’s room, one of the few places not covered by the cameras and where the most severe telling offs were done. I stepped in, he closed the door behind me. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” he demanded “Giving a prisoner a blow job in the shower in the fucking nick, on CCTV with it all recorded, are you out of your fucking mind? Where the fuck do you think that puts me?” I waited quietly for him to finis, head down. Then I noticed it. He had a hard on. I could clearly see the diagonal outline of a hard cock under his dark trousers. I looked up at him. He paused mid flow “WHAT?” he shouted. I just looked at his groin. “Oh you want some more do you, you really take the biscuit. ” He paused as if I had an answer. Then he reached for his zip “Go on then do your best” and pulled his flies down. He reached inside and scooped his cock out. It was average to say the least. I looked at it and thought of the big black monster I had just tamed and looked him in the eye.

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       “I’m not sucking that” I said defiantly. I pulled down my zip, undid my trousers and pushed them to the floor. “You can fuck me instead. ” Turning away from him I reached around and pulled my knickers to one side . Bending over the examination bench I gave him a full view of my wet, inflamed pussy and said “Come on do it” He moved behind me and grabbed my waist. With one hand directed his cock to my eager cunt. Within a flash he was inside me and I felt the filling of his cock. He began to thrust at me driving himself home as hard as he could as I pushed back. Within seconds he started to cum, the hot blasts hitting my inner walls. I reached below me and rubbed frantically at my clit trying to get off before he pulled out and only just managing to achieve a small trembler of an orgasm.
    He pulled out and I turned to see him pull the wetness of his cock with his hand as if ringing out a flannel. He looked me in the eye and said “Don’t you ever cheat on me again, now get that CCTV tape or we’re both fucked” I complied, he was my fiancé after all.

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