Foster Daughter 3


Jason was sitting behind his desk in his large, corner window office. His construction company owned a large building in the middle of the city; his office was on the top floor, facing southwest. The rest of the top floor held a large drafting room for when he personally worked on the plans for a building, a conference room for dealing with clients, and a simple bedroom that held a small bed and a single bathroom, for times when he had to work overnight. He sat behind his mahogany desk, nervously spinning his pencil in his fingers. He had long since finished his day’s work, but the thought of going home had his stomach in knots. He didn't know how he was going to face Sarah. . . . After forcing himself on his foster daughter he had gotten up and stormed out of the house. He had come here, to his office, spending the night in the small bedroom. He had called home earlier to speak to Margi before she left for work, and she had sounded like her normal cheerful self, only mentioning Sarah to say that she had left for school without her Economics book. Jason didn't know what to expect. His behavior with Sarah had been unforgivable, but she obviously hadn't said anything to Margi. . .

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  yet. He didn't know how he was going to be able to go home and face his foster was leaning back against the elevator wall, one leg crossed behind the other as she watched the screen counting up the numbers of the floors. She had gone home after school, but the time Jason usually came home came and went. It didn't take her long to realize that he was nervous about returning. She wasn't surprised, after the way he had left last night. Figuring that he would have a hard time of it, Sarah decided to go to his office and get the hard part over with. She changed from her school clothes into a short black skirt and a white button up with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. She only buttoned the two middle buttons, leaving her belly button and chest partially exposed, just enough to tease, but not enough to look slutty. It hadn't been hard to find the building; she knew the address by heart. Once in the building she found out what floor from the receptionist in the lobby. The woman had offered to call Jason for her, but she had asked her not to, telling the woman that she wanted to surprise her "dad". The woman, a slightly older lady, had thought the idea sweet, and so agreed. Now here she was, headed up to his office, nonchalantly singing along with the elevator music as she waited. A few men got on the elevator with her at the 2nd floor. They had entered the elevator chatting away, but when they saw her they fell silent, all three of them eyeing her from head to foot until they finally got off at the 4th floor.

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  Sarah had everything planned out. Some of the men she had seduced preferred their girls to act slutty, some preferred that she act unwilling, all men had their different tastes. She was fairly certain that she knew what Jason's taste was. He was attracted to her because she was open and lively and enthusiastic, if she came onto him in an overtly slutty manner it would contradict what he thought of her, and so it would turn him off from her. Instead she would play the part of the sweet, lovesick, but slightly confused girl. She would convince Jason that she was in love with him, and so she wanted him as her lover, but when he had forced her last night she had been frightened. . . but she could forgive him, and perhaps together they could make things right. . . The young seductress was pulled from her thoughts when the soft ding alerted her that she had reached the top floor, just as the doors slid open. She stepped out into the carpeted hallway, going to the right as the receptionist had instructed. At the end of the hall there were two large double doors that led to Jason's office. Sarah knocked lightly before letting herself in, catching her breath when she saw Jason sitting behind the desk.

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   He was by far one of the most handsome foster fathers she had had yet. The clothes he wore could not hide his broad shoulders and muscular form. Jason looked up as the door to his office swung open, expecting to see Kim, his receptionist. Instead there was Sarah, standing there with her long brown hair cascading down her shoulders. He didn't really know what to say. "I'm sorry," he blurted out without really thinking. "What I did was wrong. ""How you did it was wrong, but there was nothing wrong with what you did," Sarah corrected him softly. At Jason's confused __expression she explained. "You love me, don't you?""Well, yes, but-" before he could finish Sarah cut him off. "And I love you too. When two people love each other, isn't it only right for them to show it?" as she spoke Sarah moved closer, walking around his desk to stand next to him. "Of course, but Sarah, I have Margi, I'm married. " Jason meant his voice to be firm, but as the beautiful teen came closer his willpower seemed to drain away. Sarah leaned against his desk, taking one of his hands in both of hers.

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   "I know that. But I also know that Margi doesn't give you the love every man needs. I don't expect you to leave Margi for me. I just want to give you what you need, because I love you. " Her voice was so soft and reasonable. Her __expression was earnest. Jason had no doubt that she truly believed that there was nothing wrong with this. It felt so good to be near her, it would be so easy just to give in and agree with her. . . . "No," Jason stood up and took his hand from her. "It would be wrong for me to take advantage of you like that. Last night I made a horrible mistake, and I hope you can forgive me for it. I promise it will never happen again.

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  "Sarah gave an inward sigh, a bit irritated. Apparently it was going to take a little more effort to help Jason get over his fear of doing something so taboo. But remembering how good it felt when he pounded into her last night, remembering the feeling of his hard prick plowing into her. . . that was enough to give her the patience she needed to wait for him to come around. "It's ok Jason, there's nothing to forgive," she said with a sweet smile. "And if you don't want me anymore, that's ok too. But I still love you, and maybe one day you will change your mind about this. " With that said, Sarah stepped closer to Jason, cupping his face in her hands and kissing him gently on the lips and then moving away before he had time to react. Jason had to fight the urge to moan at the feeling of her soft lips on his. His hands had instinctively moved to wrap around her, but before they could touch her she had moved away. He watched, emotions in turmoil, as his foster daughter walked out of his office. He sat down with a heavy sigh. The girl was so sweet and naive; she actually believed that because she loved him it was ok for her to relieve his sexual frustrations.

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   Part of him was dying to take her up on the offer, but his conscience held him back, saying it wouldn't be right to take advantage of the girl's naive way of thinking. In the elevator, Sarah was smiling smugly at her reflection. Maybe things hadn't worked out just as she had planned, but she knew that it had been hard for Jason to turn her away, and she also knew that he would be struggling with himself from this day forward, until he finally decided to give into his urges and take what she the weeks that followed, life went on as normal, as far as anyone could tell. Jason made up with Margi, taking her out on the town and promising that he wouldn't pressure her like that again. Margi was happy to forgive him, and things seemed to be peaceful. Everyday Jason would come home from work, Sarah would already be home. She would act normally, and so would he. When Margi got home they would all have dinner together, making small talk and chatting about the day. On the surface everything seemed to be quiet. But everyday Sarah carefully chose what outfits she wore, knowing that Jason would see her. She carefully planned where she would be when he came home. Every time she accidentally brushed up against him, every time she showed him some innocent affection, it was all carefully thought out and planned, designed to weaken his resolve to not touch her again. Jason gave no outward sign of the internal struggle he suffered. He once came home to find Sarah laying on her stomach on her bed, her beautiful long legs held in the air, causing her skirt to ride up to expose her tan thighs and white panties. Sometimes, when they did something particularly nice for her, Sarah would hug first Margi and then him.

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   Just a quick, innocent hug, but it took all his willpower not to grab her and hold her in his arms. As it was, every night, after he and Margi had been in bed for a while, he would let himself out of the room and go downstairs to beat off. Sometimes he would go to the garage; sometimes he would go out to the pool house. Every night he went, sometimes Margi was asleep; sometimes she was only pretending to be asleep. She didn't mind him going, she knew what he was doing, and she was glad that he was taking care of himself rather than trying to force her into sex. She never raised a fuss about it, because if she did she was sure that he would argue that he wouldn't have to do it if she would do her duty as a wife. Both Margi and Jason thought that Sarah was asleep by these times, but they were wrong. Sarah knew all about Jason's late night masturbation sessions, and in them she saw a window of opportunity. Sarah was lying awake in bed, her arms folded behind her head. She glanced at the digital clock on her nightstand; 1:03 in the morning. Normally Jason would have made his escape by now. She was beginning to think he intended to skip a night when she heard footsteps carefully making their way down the stairs. She smiled to herself as she thought over her plan in her head. The sound of footsteps on the stairs ended as Jason reached the bottom step, and then there was a long silence as he soundlessly made his way across the marble floor. Sarah held her breath, straining to hear where he went.

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   Then she heard the unmistakable sound of the sliding glass door of the backyard being slid open and then closed. She got lightly to her feet and crept to the window that looked out into the backyard. Being careful to stay in the shadows she watched as Jason made his way across the lawn and to the pool house. She watched him until he disappeared inside; once he was out of her sight she turned from the window and walked to her full-length mirror. Tilting her head she studied the reflection before her. She wore an oversized white t-shirt that covered her to mid-thigh, and it was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra. Reaching up, she pulled the hair tie from her hair and watched as it cascaded down around her shoulders in long, silky waves. The girl in the mirror looked sweet as a child, with the body of a woman; her expression was the picture of innocence until her lips formed a sly smile. Sarah had been doing this long enough now to know when she had a man trapped, and tonight, Jason would be hers.
Jason had already begun his nightly ritual, wasting no time in opening up his robe and freeing the erection that strained against his pajama bottom pants. The pool house had several small changing rooms and two showering rooms for guests to rinse off. The main part was sort of like a small living room, with a couch, two smaller chairs, a coffee table and a TV set equipped with a VCR and DVD player. It was the wonderful thing about being in construction; he had been able to design ever aspect of his home.
Sitting down on the couch, he idly stroked his cock with one hand as the other picked up the remote control and turned on first the TV and then the DVD player. The porno that he usually watched was still in place, he trusted that Margi would have no reason to come out to the pool house since they had not guests.

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Hitting play, the movie began. A teenaged girl was the first image to appear on the screen; wearing a pleated skirt, white thigh-high stockings, a white button up blouse that was only partially done up, her long blonde hair put up in pigtails. It was a very stereotypical outfit, but it was the girl’s face that attracted Jason the most. Her face still held a childlike quality that all women eventually lost.
The girl was posing for the cameraman in several positions meant to show off her firm young body. She tried to look serious and aloof, the way so many models do, but the girls face kept breaking into a smile and her laughter escaped her lips.
The next scene showed the very same girl, leading the cameraman through the house. It seemed as though it were a mock game of chase, the way she would run ahead a little, squealing with playful fright before turning to look teasingly at the camera, calling out “Come get me, Daddy. ”
Hearing those words was enough to make Jason groan as he squeezed his fist up and down his hard shaft. For a minute his eyes fluttered shut as he imagined that another young girl was on that screen; one with brown hair and piercing blue eyes…
“Hold on, sugar,” hearing the man’s voice brought Jason’s attention back to the screen. The camera was focused on a large bed, the young girl was laying on her back, propped up on her elbows watching as the man appeared to be setting the camera up on some kind of stand. When the jiggling of the camera finally stopped a man who appeared to be in his late 30’s backed away, making minor adjustments with the zoom before smiling into the lens and turning to the girl on the bed.
The man, who was wearing only a pair of boxers, moved to the side of the bed and beckoned for the girl to come to him. He pulled his boxers down just enough to allow his already growing manhood free, stroking his hand up and down the length while the girl crawled across the bed to kneel in front of him.
“Suck daddy’s dick for the camera, sugar,” he ordered in a strained voice.

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The girl took his cock in her hands, stroking it with her fingers while her tongue teased the tip. One hand grasped his ball sac, squeezing softly as the other hand jerked up and down at the base of her father’s hardening cock.
Her tongue could be seen flicking out to caress the cock head in slow circles. At first she took in only the head, sucking until her cheeks caved in. She began to pump her head slowly, taking a little more cock into her mouth with each downward stroke, looking up at the man’s face the entire time.
Daddy was obviously getting impatient with this slow teasing; he grabbed onto the girl’s pigtails and used them to drag her head down hard, forcing his hard dick down her throat.
Jason groaned when he saw the girl start to gag on the huge dick being forced down her throat. His hand began moving faster, his head fell back against the back of the couch as his eyes closed and all he heard was the wet sounds of the girl slurping and her muffled cries and moans.
He imagined Sarah, kneeling before him, between his legs, taking his cock the very same way. He imagined feeling her gag on his manhood while she looked up at him with those intense blue eyes. “Sarah…”
The mental image was enough to make him cum, and he would have had a voice not come from behind him just then.
Sarah had walked in several minutes ago. The door was behind and to the left of where Jason was sitting, but he had been too focused on the screen to notice her enter.
She had slowly made her way to stand behind him so that she could see what he was watching as well. It didn’t take long for her to figure out what the movie was about, and she quickly lost interest.


   Instead, she focused on the man in front of her. She couldn’t see anything but the back of his shoulders and head, but she didn’t need to see it to know what he was doing. While he was absorbed in watching the movie, she watched him. She didn’t care what the man on the screen did to his daughter; she only knew that she wanted Jason to do those things to her.
He seemed to be on the verge of climax, judging by the way his pace quickened and his breathing began to grow erratic. As he leaned back against the couch, he moaned out her name, “Sarah…”
It was too good an opening for her to pass up. “Yes?”
Jason’s eyes flew open wide as he struggled to turn around and face the intruder. Sarah stood before him, her expression showing nothing.
“Sarah…what are you doing out here?” he demanded, though there was no real conviction in his voice.
“I heard something, it woke me up, so I came out to see who was back here,” she explained calmly, her eyes sliding from his face and down the length of his body that was exposed by his open robe. His firm chest, his flat stomach that showed a hint of the six-pack beneath…his raging hard on.
Jason noticed the trail of her eyes and quickly tried to close his robe. Even with the fabric pulled back into place, his straining cock made the robe tent outwards. “You shouldn’t be out here, it’s late, and you should be asleep. ”
“So should you,” she said matter-of-factly.

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   “What are you doing out here?”
“Nothing, I was just…watching a movie and I-“ Jason tried to sputter out an explanation, his face growing warm.
Sarah gave him a small smile, “Jason, I’m not stupid, I know WHAT you’re doing out here, but I don’t understand WHY you’re doing it out here. I don’t understand why a man like yourself is having to sneak around in the middle of the night to do what a woman who loves you should be doing for you. ”
Jason’s expression hardened at the mention of his wife, his anger quickly flaring, “That’s between Margi and myself, it doesn’t concern you. ”
Seeing that he was starting to get angry, Sarah began to move around the couch. She didn’t want him to get angry; it would make it easier for him to resist her. “Of course, but I’m not talking about Margi. ” She pressed herself close to him, cupping one cheek in her hand. She could feel his firm jaw line and the muscles moving under her fingers as he clenched his teeth.
At her touch, Jason’s cock twitched. Her hand was soft against his cheek, her breath warm and sweet on his face. After just imagining her on her knees in front of him, and knowing he had already taken her once, it made it extremely hard for him to resist her. “Sarah, please, I told you…I made a mistake, and it won’t happen again. I had no right to force myself on you. ”
”And what if I give you the right?” she countered softly.

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   “It’s not considered forced when you’re only taking what I would give you willingly. ” As she spoke she put her other hand on his chest, inside his robe, slowly tracing the contours of his muscles.
Her words startled him at first, but then he shook his head, “No, you’re only saying that because you’re too young to know any better. It’s my fault,” he tried to move away from her caressing hands before he lost all control again.
“I know that I love you,” she said, stepping with him to keep him from getting away from her. “I know that I want to show you how much I love you in every way I can. Isn’t sex one of the most intimate ways? Isn’t that why it’s calling making love?”
Her constant moving forward forced Jason back until his legs hit the edge of the couch, forcing him to sit down. “Yes, but Sarah-“
“You love me too, don’t try to deny it, I can see it in your eyes every time you look at me, or try NOT to look at me,” her voice held a tinge of amusement as she began to lower herself down in front of him.
Jason closed his eyes, knowing she was right, “But Sarah, even if I do love you, things can’t work out between us, I’m married. ”
“I know that,” she slid on hand up his thigh, forcing him to spread his thighs wider so that she could kneel between them. “I’m not asking you to leave Margi for me, I don’t want you to change anything in your life. I only want you to let me love you. ” As she spoke she tugged his robe open again, revealing his manhood that still stood hard as rock.
He sucked in a quick breath, feeling his resistance crumbling, “But Margi—“
“Won’t even let you touch her,” Sarah cut him off. “She denies you what you need the most.

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   I love you, I don’t want to be your wife, I just want to give you what your wife refuses to. ” With that, Sarah bent forward slowly, her eyes never leaving Jason’s as her tongue snaked out to lick the tip of his dick.
“Oh, God, Sarah…” he groaned loudly, his eyes closing as his head fell back and his muscles tensed. All resistance was torn away with a single flick of her moist, warm tongue.
Seeing that he would object no more, Sarah began to run her tongue up the underside of his manhood, starting at the base. Once she reached the head she sucked it into her mouth, teasing it with her tongue, coating it with her spit.
Jason’s hips jerked up involuntarily, his dick instinctively wanting to bury itself in the warmth of Sarah’s willing mouth. His hands squeezed the couch cushions underneath him as he tried to hold himself in check. He wanted to fuck her rough, without holding back; he wanted to work off all of the tension Margi’s little chastity vow had caused him, work it off using Sarah’s throat and then her tight little cunt.
Sarah took as much of Jason’s cock into her mouth as she could without gagging herself, her hands jerking off the rest of his length that could not fit. Her fingers felt how hot his dick was, traced the veins that traveled up the length of it. After a moment of mentally preparing herself, Sarah deep throated him, feeling Jason’s cock hit the back of her throat and continue slightly farther. She couldn’t stop herself from gagging.
When he felt Sarah gagging around his meat it was almost too much for him, Jason knew that he had to blow his load soon. He used her long hair to gently pull her head back, “Sarah, stop before you make me cum in your mouth,” his voice breathless.

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“That’s kinda the idea,” she said when her mouth was off of him, her smile warm and teasing. “I want you to put your cum in me. ”
The animal inside Jason demanded that he dominate her, this teasing little girl who thought she had so much control over things.
    He didn’t want to hurt her, just to show her who was in charge; prove his dominance.
    “Oh don’t worry sweet heart,” Jason’s voice was more controlled now as he leaned towards her, “You’re taking this load whether you want it or not, but I have a different way in mind. ” With that he lifted her and placed her on the low coffee table in front of the couch. He positioned her so that she was laying on her back with her butt close to the edge, so that her feet rested easily on the floor.
    He moved between her open thighs. When she tried to rise slightly he used on hand on her shoulder to force her back down, “My turn, darlin. ”
    Sarah’s heart was racing as Jason forced her onto the coffee table. She strained against his hand, but was no match for his strength. She could only lift her head and look down at the space between their bodies. She could see Jason sliding her underwear off and dropping them to the floor, holding his cock in one hand as he guided it to her entrance. She could feel the wet head pushing against her, forcing its way inside of her. She was already wet, and so was his dick from her own spit, and so it slid in easily.

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    Jason did not thrust inside of her; instead he sank into her inch by inch. Sarah watched as his stiff dick disappeared form her sight, as if by magic. But she knew it was still there because she could feel it as it slowly made it’s way up inside of her. For a minute she thought it would never stop, but finally she felt his balls pressing up against her, and she knew she had taken his entire shaft.
    “Oh, God,” Jason moaned out as he hilted himself inside of the young girl beneath him. Sliding into her was like sliding into warm silk. Her pussy felt like a glove around his dick, squeezing the length as her inner muscles contracted. He lifted her t-shirt up to expose her breasts, bending down to suck one of the nipples into his mouth, keeping his hips perfectly still as he remained buried in her.
    Lifting his head, he looked down into her eyes, completely lost in the lust filled moment. “Whose pussy is it?” he asked in a commanding tone.
    Sarah could barely catch her breath. Feeling Jason’s cock pulsing inside of her was all she had ever wanted, but now to have him taking control away from her was more than she expected. For a moment her shock caused her to remain silent.
    When he didn’t get his answer right away, Jason jerked his hips forward as much as he could, trying to force himself deeper without pulling back at all, trying to hit her cervix. “Baby girl,” his words were slow and deliberate, “Whose.

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       Pussy. Is. It?”
    Though his voice was soft, it was also demanding, and his eyes told her he refused to accept any answer but the one he wanted. “Yours,” she replied in a gasping breath as she felt her cunt being stretched.
    Satisfied with her answer, he pulled back until his dick was completely out of her. Then he sank into her once again, this time going a little quicker, but still taking his time so that he could feel it as every inch of his cock slid into her slick warmth.
    Once he had hilted himself again, he repeated his question, “Whose is it?” He began to slowly pull back out again as he waited for his answer.
    This time her reply was immediate, “Yours, Jason, it’s yours. ”
    “Call me ‘Daddy’,” he commanded harshly, this time he pounded his cock in with one quick, brutal thrust.
    Sarah gasped at the pain mixed with pleasure, “Daddy! It’s yours, it’s yours Daddy,” she quickly corrected herself, though her voice was strained as she could hardly keep her mind focused on anything but the hard cock between her legs.
    Hearing her call him daddy in such a lustful voice snapped the last strand of any form of control Jason had been holding onto.   One hand slid down between their bodies, his thumb easily finding the wet little nub he knew would give her the most pleasure. He began to piston his hips into her, his thumb grinding against her clit in time with his thrusts.
    “Ohhh,” Sarah’s eyes rolled back when she felt the direct contact with her clit. “Oh, Daddy.

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      ” As she moaned out daddy she noticed he pounded even harder, driven on by the word. “Fuck me, Daddy,” she encouraged, her hands moving to grip his shoulders, her legs wrapping around his waist and her ankles locking behind him.
    Her soft, moaning voice drove him over the edge. He pulled his thick cock completely out before plunging it back in as hard as he could. He used his free hand to lift her ass off of the coffee table while his other hand continued to grind against her sensitive nub.
    The deep fucking was more than she could take. Sarah came hard on Jason’s pumping cock. The wave of warmth washed through her cunt, coating Jason’s dick even more. She trembled as her orgasm washed over her, and Jason’s continued contact with her clit made her gasp each time his thumb touched her.
    Feeling Sarah’s muscles clench around him, Jason knew he wouldn’t be able to hold back any longer. He pulled back until only the head remained inside of her, “Beg me for my cum, baby. ” It wasn’t a request.
    Sarah was quick to oblige him, “Daddy, please cum inside of me. Please? I want to feel your cum shooting up inside of me, I want to feel my Daddy’s hot cum deep inside of me—“
    Her words were more than enough. Jason drove himself in as deep as he could.

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       When he was balls deep inside of the willing teenager he felt the first spurt of cum shoot out into her. He continued to thrust into her without pulling too far back, each thrust of his hips depositing another spurt of warmth into her waiting pussy.
    Finally, when he knew he was done, Jason propped himself up on his arms, looking down on her, his shrinking cock still buried inside her depths. “I’ve really got to stop doing this,” he said with a sigh.
    Sarah’s eyes had been lazily half closed as she enjoyed the after-orgasm glow. At Jason’s words they snapped open. “What? Jason, I already told you I WANT this and—“
    Jason laughed at her near panic, “I didn’t mean stop this,” he thrust his hips forward slightly for emphasis. “Now that I’ve gone this far, this isn’t going to stop even if you wanted it to. ” He laughed at her relieved expression. “But this is the second time I’ve cum inside you without protection…”
    “Is that all you’re worried about?” Sarah smirked. “Jason, I started taking the pill when I was 14, now I just get the Depo shot every three months. ”
    Jason gave a small sigh of relief, but then his hand moved to grip her chin and make her look at him, “That’s good, I’m glad, but that is the last time you call me ‘Jason’, understand?”
    “But Ja-“ Sarah began to speak but stopped when she saw the warning look in his eyes. “But Daddy,” she corrected herself, “what about when we’re with Margi, or anyone else for that matter?”
    Jason thought it over. “Fine, I’m willing to let that go, but when it’s just us, I don’t want to hear you call me ‘Jason’ again, understand?”
    Sarah gave a teasing smile, “Yes, Daddy. ”
    Jason smiled back, “Good girl,” he murmured before bending to kiss her tenderly, his tongue slowly exploring her mouth.

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    When he finally broke the kiss, Jason picked up her discarded underwear. He eased himself up and out of her and then quickly replaced her underwear to make sure that if any of his seed spilled out it would remain there. He may not want to get her pregnant, but there was something extremely erotic about knowing that his cum was inside of her, his sperm were swimming in her womb. A part of him would be inside her always, he would see to it.
    After straightening their clothes they made their way out of the pool house. Jason led Sarah into her room, where he tucked her into bed and kissed her passionately before moving away and drawing the sheer curtains closed around her. “Goodnight, baby. ”
    “Goodnight, Daddy,” was the sleepy reply that floated out to him as he turned out the lights and closed the door.

    Note: I'm sorry it took so long for me to write the third part, and I hope anyone who was waiting for it gets the chance to read it. I'm glad people seemed to like the first two parts, and naturally I'd like to hear what you think of this one. I do plan to write more on this particular story, as long as there are those who wish to read it.

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