Foster Daughter Ch. 2


But she was beginning to have her doubts about Jason Bennett. She had been doing everything she could to tempt him, but he never showed even the slightest interest. She never gave him a direct invitation of course; instead she did small things that could easily be explained as accidents, always mindful of the time, not wanting Margi to be around. She had found that the women of the house were always very quick to catch on to her if she risked her stunts in their presence. Margi ran her own child care center in the city, and so she usually wasn’t home until after 7 at night. Jason owned his own construction company, and set his own hours. Usually he got home in the early afternoon, and when he wasn’t working on a project, he would be home all day. Jason would get home, pull into the garage, and come into the house through the garage door, which was at the opposite end of the hall from the downstairs bedroom that belonged to Sarah. Whenever she heard his car pulling up, Sarah would quickly strip down to only her bra and underwear, leaving her door wide open. When Jason would come in through the garage door, she would be in plain site, pretending to be getting dressed. Because she was pretending that it was accidental, Sarah wouldn’t look in his direction, instead she would make a show of bending down to pull up her skirt, fixing her bra and what not. After a while she would turn to find that Jason had already gone. Where as many of her foster father’s would have made some crude comment, or at least alerted her to their presence, Jason would leave without saying a thing, Sarah never knew exactly how long he watched her, or if he even did. There were other things she did to try to get to him, but all of them seemed equally ineffective: “accidentally” brushing against him when she passed him in the house; leaning forward when she spoke to him to let him get a look down her shirt; practicing yoga in the living room where he could see her stretching and twisting in her short shorts and tight tank top, even though she had more than enough room in her bedroom; pretending to fall asleep while they watched a movie and curling up against him; skinny dipping when she knew he was home and would see her. But he never commented, never even acknowledged that these things happened. Sarah was beginning to wonder what was wrong with him.

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   Maybe he’s a eunuch, she thought darkly. While Sarah was lying on her bed, pouting in frustration, Jason Bennett was driving home with a knot in his stomach. Every day he dreaded being alone with Sarah, the time before Margi got home seemed so long to him. Sarah was such a good kid, well-behaved, polite, friendly, open, and so trusting. He couldn’t believe some of the thoughts he was having about her. But he couldn’t help it! Living with her was hard, particularly because of the many “accidents” that Sarah planned for him. She was so beautiful, and she acted so grown up for a 17 year old, she seemed more like a woman than a teenager to him. But that doesn’t change the fact that she’s his foster daughter, she’s underage, and he’s married! He felt so guilty about it, because he was sure Sarah had no idea. He was totally oblivious to the fact that all of her “accidents” were well thought out plans to try to tempt him. He honestly believed that the times when he saw her changing were completely by chance. Though he knew it was wrong, whenever he walked in through the garage and found her changing, he would pause to watch, his eyes drinking in the sight of her young, firm body as she dressed. Before she turned to see him, he would slip into the living room, afraid that if he watched for too long he would forget himself and lose control. He never mentioned it, partially because he was embarrassed, and partially because he feared if she did she would start being more careful to closer her door. The times when Sarah fell asleep next to him on the couch were pure torture to him; he was barely able to stop himself from taking her as she slept. And when she accidentally brushed against his crotch in the hallway, he would get hard instantly and have to walk away quickly before she would notice.

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   All the while he kept firm control over his facial expressions, never showing any sign that he felt any of these things, sure that if Sarah found out she would be repulsed and frightened. He could never imagine that these were exactly the kind of feelings that Sarah was trying to arouse in him. In his mind Sarah was a wonderful girl, far too good to ever plan something like that. Even though her life had been rough, being bounced from one foster home to the next, Sarah still managed to be a goodhearted person, and he fell for her like a love struck teenager. It wasn’t hard, considering the absence of physical love in his marriage. When he finally got home and pulled into his garage, he sat in silence for a minute, trying to compose himself before he walked inside. Though Sarah was not ALWAYS changing when he walked in, it happened often enough to where he expected it. When he finally felt he had sufficient control over himself, he walked inside. He was surprised, and a little disappointed, to see that her door was closed. For the briefest moment he was tempted to knock and see what she was up to, but he forced himself to walk to the kitchen and start making dinner. He had come home later than usual, and Margi would be getting home soon. Sarah had fallen asleep in her bed while sulking, she never heard him pull up at all. Dinner was finished by the time Margi had come home. When she had been about to wake Sarah for dinner, Jason suggested letting her sleep, saying that she was probably pretty tired, and they could always save her a plate to heat up when she woke up. The couple had their first meal alone since Sarah had come to live with them.

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   Margi was very happy that Jason seemed to have taken a liking to Sarah, and had yet to suggest sending her back. Margi was also quite taken with the teenage girl, though not in the same way as Jason. Margi enjoyed having another girl in the house. She took Sarah shopping often, they went out to see a movie at least once a week. Margi found in Sarah the type of female companionship she missed from her days of being single, when she had shared an apartment with a few of her girlfriends from college. Sarah didn’t like Margi, but she didn’t dislike her either. Normally she despised the woman of the house, seeing her as competition, but things weren’t that harsh with Margi. Maybe it was because she didn’t really see Margi as competition, since she knew Margi and Jason weren’t having sex. Besides, she had learned that it was easier to keep the wives in the dark if she gained their trust. After dinner, Jason and Margi decided to turn in, both heading to the master bedroom. A large, king size bed took up the far wall, directly across from it was a large bathroom that held a hot tub big enough for at least 5 people, and a large shower beside that. To the right of the bed were glass double doors that led to a balcony that overlooked the expansive backyard. The double doors were covered by two sets of curtains, one a sheer white set, and the other a thicker blue. Tonight only the sheer curtains were closed, the bedroom was illuminated by the ghostly moonlight. After changing into a long, spaghetti strapped nightgown, Margi quickly got into bed, turning off her bedside lamp and rolling on her side.

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   Jason slid into bed behind her, putting his powerful arms around her and pulling her against him, spooning her from behind. Margi was nearly asleep when she felt Jason kissing the back of her neck. She tried to ignore it, figuring if she pretended to be asleep he would stop. Recently Jason had begun to pressure her a little more about her no sex rule. She had no idea it was because of the fact that their foster daughter had him in a constant state of arousal. Jason didn’t believe that Margi was asleep, but even if she was, he didn’t care. He needed some release, but more importantly, he needed to be close to his wife. He wasn’t a bad man, he loved his wife, and under normal circumstances, he would never even look at another woman. But being deprived of sex was weakening his sense of fidelity, and he knew it. The poor man thought that if he could somehow redirect his feelings for Sarah to his wife, he would be able to stop thinking of his foster daughter in that way. He brushed her blond hair away from her neck, leaving a trail of wet kisses from her neck to her bare shoulder. He bit gently into the soft curve of her shoulder, leaving a faint imprint of his teeth that he could barely see in the moonlight that shone in through the glass doors. Moving his mouth slightly, Jason began to suck gently at the skin at the base of his wife’s throat, not letting up until he was sure that he had left his mark. At the same time his hand slide down her side, over the silky material of her nightgown until he reached the hem that fell below her knees. Once he felt he had reached the end of her nightie he caught the hem with his fingers and began to slowly hike it up her leg, caressing her thigh as his hand moved.

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   While this was happening, Margi was struggling to keep up the pretense that she was asleep. Though she couldn’t deny that she enjoyed it, she knew that if she gave in a little she would end up letting him go too far, and she wasn’t willing to do that. She hoped that once she didn’t respond he would stop. Despite what Margi was thinking, Jason had no intention of stopping. If the only way he could fuck his wife was while she was unconscious, then so be it. Once he had pulled her dress up to her waist, he slid one hand up under the front, grasping her breast in his hand and squeezing hard. In a way he was daring her to acknowledge the fact that she was awake, but she made no move. He began to move his other hand down the taut skin of her belly, down below her navel and under the material of her underwear, his hand cupping the smooth skin of her cleanly shaven cunt. At the same time his thumb circled the sensitive nipple of her breast, tracing around it with a feather light touch to tease her. His fingers inside her underwear began to slowly trace up and down her slit, slowly delving between her vaginal folds. As his fingers continued to skim along her slit, just barely inside her, he paused at her clit, rubbing it in a gentle rotating motion. Whether she wanted it or not, Margi’s body was responding and she was becoming wet, making his fingers glide with ease along her now slick pussy lips. Her excitement was feeding his own, and he slid his pajama pants off to give his hard cock the freedom it demanded. Margi couldn’t keep up the pretending anymore, it was obvious her husband was going to continue even though he knew how she felt about this. She could feel his arousal against the back of her thighs, and she feared if she didn’t stop him now she would be unable to stop him at all.

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   “J-Jason…please stop that…”Jason ignored her plea, groaning into her ear as he pressed his blood-engorged cock against the naked flesh of her thighs. His fingers paused in their exploration of his wife’s cunt as he took a moment to force her underwear down her legs until they finally slipped to her ankles. “Jason, stop this,” Margi said, her voice more firm and forceful as she attempted to hide the fact that she was starting to feel a tinge of panic. The times when Jason had tried to talk her into having sex, he had done just that, talk. He would touch her, and beg, but he never went this far. His boldness was beginning to worry her. Grabbing a fist full of his wife’s blonde hair, Jason pulled her head back at a sharp angle. “And what if I don’t?” he asked, his lips brushing against her ear as he spoke. He meant it to be teasing, but his voice sounded harsh even to his own ears. He slid his free hand down between her thighs, forcing her to lift her leg as he positioned his lengthening cock along her cunt lips from behind. He began to rock his hips back and forth, sliding his dick through the moisture that was gathering there, though he didn’t enter her yet. “You can’t do that, that’s rape,” Margi whispered fearfully. She tried to force her legs closed again, but Jason was stronger than she, and he easily managed to keep her legs open for him. “Rape?” Jason repeated. “Rape?!” he began to get angry.

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   He got up, shoving his wife underneath him, pinning her flat against the bed as he forced his way between her legs. “You’re my WIFE! My fucking WIFE!” he hissed, his face contorted in a mask of anger. “This is my marital right!” As he ranted down at her his cock was pressed between her wet vaginal lips, but he still held back from forcing his way into her. His wife began to cry beneath him, not even bothering to resist. She began to shake violently as her body was racked with sobs. Her hands went up to cover her face. “H-h-how c-could y-you?” she stammered through her tears, sounding for all the world like a hurt child who was struggling to stop crying. She gasped and hiccupped between words, her chest heaving wildly. “I thought y-y-y-ou lo-oved me! Ho-ow c-could you do somethi-ing like this to s-someone you LOVE?!”Unable to speak anymore, she continued to cry helplessly, tears streaming from her eyes and down the sides of her cheeks. Seeing his wife, the woman he loved, in such a state finally got through to Jason. Neither his anger, nor his arousal diminished, but the feeling of guilt was greater then both. He would never be able to forgive himself if he raped his wife. But at the same time he resented her more than ever, for pushing him this far. Without a word he got off of the bed, pulling his pajama pants back up, and stalked out of the room. He would sleep downstairs on the couch tonight, leaving Margi to cry herself to sleep.

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  Sarah awoke and was instantly alert, without any traces of grogginess. She lay still, listening for what had woken her up. Above her she heard the sound of heavy footsteps crossing the second floor, and then the louder sound of someone coming down the stairs. She knew immediately it was Jason, only he was big enough to make that much noise as he walked through the house. She got up slowly, trying not to make noise. She changed quickly into one of her old oversized t-shirts that she liked to wear to bed. As she got older the oversized t-shirt seemed smaller and smaller. When she had first got it, it had reached just below her knees. Now it fit more like a miniskirt, barely reaching mid thigh. Once the sound of Jason’s movements in the house stopped, it sounded like he had gone towards the living room, Sarah peeked her head out of her room, thankful that the door didn’t creak loudly. The house was still dark, the only light was the moonlight coming in through the windows, which was enough to see by, so she cautiously made her way out into the hall. She walked slowly towards the living room, not seeing him in there, and so she went passed into the kitchen. “What are you doing up?” a strained voice came from behind her, making her jump. She turned to see Jason sprawled out on the couch. She hadn’t seen him at first because the back of the couch had hid him from view.

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  “I thought I heard something,” she explained in her normal soft tone, a sweet voice she reserved for when she was in Jason’s presence. “It woke me up, so I came out to look. ”Jason took one look at her and then forced himself to stare up at the ceiling, pulling one of the couch pillows into his lap.
    With his erect cock straining against the confines of his pajama pants, the sight of Sarah was torture, standing there in nothing but a shirt that was barely long enough to cover her underwear, her long brown hair framing her beautiful face. It was almost enough to make him cum in his pants. Almost. “I’m sorry, Sarah, I didn’t mean to wake you,” he said to the ceiling. “Me and Margi kinda had a fight, so I came downstairs to cool off,” he explained, figuring that she was 17, more than old enough to know that in real life, couples fought. The teenager could easily deduct what the fight had been about. Though he had been quick to hide his obvious arousal, he hadn’t been quick enough to stop her from seeing. So they had an argument, and here was Jason, all worked up with no one to fuck. It was too good of an opportunity for Sarah to pass up. Pretending to be oblivious to his discomfort, Sarah moved to kneel down on the floor beside the couch. “Is there anything I can do?” she asked kindly, resting one hand on his naked chest. Yeah, you can pull your little panties down and bend over the coffee table, a voice whispered in Jason’s head, the part of him that was sick of this frustration and simply wanted release.

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       It was the same part of him that had dirty thoughts about Sarah so often, the same part of him that had nearly been willing to rape his own wife to get the pleasure he needed. The voice was louder than usual, stronger, and more persistent. “Thanks, but you should go to bed,” Jason said quickly, his voice sounding weak and hoarse. He was afraid of what he would do if Sarah didn’t leave soon. Though he had been able to stop himself from hurting his wife, he didn’t know if he could do the same for his foster daughter. Sarah sighed. She didn’t know about the internal struggle Jason was having with himself. She was getting tired of this rejection. “Ok, if you say so,” she said, keeping her voice even and pleasant. She took the pillow he had put over his groin and placed it behind his head, without ever looking at the tent his stiff cock was causing in his pajama bottoms. “Goodnight,” she said, leaning forward to give him a soft goodnight kiss on the lips, her hand ‘accidentally’ brushing the tip of his sensitive cock head. It was the last straw, Jason couldn’t hold himself any longer. As Sarah moved to stand up, he grabbed her roughly by her upper arm and pulled her back down to kneel on the floor. He put a hand on the back of her head and forced her lips to his, kissing her roughly, his tongue forcing it’s way into her mouth. Pulling back slightly, he looked at her with a half crazed expression, “You want to make me feel better?” he demanded in a low voice.


       “I’ll show you how,” he growled. He slid off of the couch, easily lifting Sarah with his hands, positioning her so that her stomach was resting on the couch cushions while her knees rested on the floor. He savagely tore at her underwear, pulling them completely off and leaving them crumpled on the floor. He shoved his pajama bottoms down just enough to free his raging hard on. Jason spit in his hand, rubbing his saliva into the folds of his foster daughter’s pussy. He knew she couldn’t be wet, and he wasn’t interested in foreplay, so this would have to do. “You wanted to make me feel better?” he asked in a sneering voice. Sarah knew that Jason was not himself. If she wanted him to stop, all it would take was a little forceful resistance to get him to come to his sense, she was sure of it. But she didn’t want him to stop; this was what she had been waiting for all these weeks. “Yes,” she answered in a soft, breathy voice. Any other day, Jason would have been startled by that answer. He would have stopped and wondered why she said yes when he was forcing himself on her. But this wasn’t any other day, and today, Jason wasn’t thinking properly. He barely registered that she had answered at all.

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      He gripped her left thigh, lifting her leg slightly away from her other, effectively spreading her cunt open for his invasion. His other hand held his stiff manhood, positioning it at her entrance. Once he had his position he let go of his cock and moved his hand to the back of her head, forcing her face into the couch cushions. He didn’t know if she was a virgin, and if she were to scream he didn’t want her cries to disturb Margi. Before his mind could protest, before he could lose his nerve, Jason entered her with one hard, bestial thrust, plunging his stiff dick fully into her tunnel until his balls pressed against her body. Sarah winced slightly, but managed not to cry out. Though she was excited, her body hadn’t had enough time to prepare yet, and so she was still dry. Jason’s cock had torn through her mercilessly, and even though it was what she wanted, it hurt a bit. She managed to squeeze one of her hands between her body and the couch she was pinned to, working her hand between her legs. She began to rub her clit, hoping to help encourage her body to get wet quick so that she could better enjoy this. Jason held his position for a long while, afraid that if he moved he would explode before he really got the chance to get going. Now that he had made the choice to do this, to fuck his foster daughter, he would have to deal with the consequences afterward. But until then he was going to enjoy it as long as he could. If he was going to be punished for this later, then he was going to fuck her for all he was worth. Once he was sure he could move without blowing his load, Jason pulled out nearly his entire length, until just the head of his manhood remained inside of Sarah.

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       Looking down at the pole of flesh connecting him to his foster daughter, he could see his cock glistening with the moisture of Sarah’s natural lubricant as her body had finally begun to catch up. Jason took this as a silent sign of consent, not knowing just how right he was. He lunged forward again, his cock gliding into her with ease as her inner walls became wet. Her tunnel was tight, it felt as if her vaginal muscles were squeezing his cock like a fist. As his hips began to hump forward in a set rhythm, Jason slid his hands up the front of her shirt, cupping and squeezing her breasts and he drilled into her. “Oh, Sarah, you feel so fucking good,” he whispered to her as he leaned close to her ear. “You’re making me feel so much better,” he assured her as his hips continued to rock forward, his cock hammering into the tight tunnel of her cunt. While his hands played with her nipples, he fucked her in long, slow, deep strokes. Each time he would pull out nearly the entire length of his cock out, and then slowly sink back into her wet folds, inch by inch until he felt himself pressing up against her cervix. Sarah was on the verge of cumming herself. Her hand had effectively worked it’s magic, and now the feeling of Jason’s slow thrusts was driving her insane. As he entered her slowly she felt every inch of his cock throbbing inside her. When he would pull out, her cunt felt so empty, and then he would slowly sink his entire shaft back inside her until she felt she could take no more. The pleasure of it all was almost painful, and she had to bite into the cushion of the couch to keep from crying out as her orgasm crashed upon her. As Sarah’s cunt muscles began to contract around Jason’s hard cock, he could feel his pleasure mounting, and he knew that he would not be able to last much longer.

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       Abandoning his slow fucking, Jason began to pound away at her pussy with quick, hard thrusts. He was panting from the excursion, the only other sound was the muffled sound of his skin slapping against his foster daughter’s backside. Jason was so close to his climax, and he knew he would have to cum inside Sarah. If he pulled out he would only make a mess on the couch, and how would he explain that to Margi? And besides, he had already damned himself by fucking Sarah, might as well go all the way through with it. His strokes became harder as his excitement rose to a frenzied level. He barely pulled out at all now, he simply thrust his cock as deep as he could get it. He pulled his cock back just enough to have room to thrust forward again, and then he would lunge forward, drilling his cock into the teenage girl. His hands come out from the inside of her shirt, and instead held on tightly to her hips, pulling her back to meet every one of his thrusts. With an animalist grunt, Jason buried himself into the deepest reaches of Sarah’s cunt, as his hot cum shot from the head of his cock. He pressed himself against the entire length of Sarah’s body, resting flat against her back while his hips made slight humping motions as he continued to deposit his load into the smaller form beneath him. He sighed contentedly, still breathing hard as he rested his weight on his foster daughter. Of course the guilt of what he had just done would come, but for the moment Jason was safe in the glow of the massive orgasm he had just had, and he wanted to relish it as long as possible. ~Chaos.