Fun with Eric Part 2


Part 2
When I reached Lisa's house and let myself in with the key she had given me for special occasions, I could smell the sex. Lisa's sex was easy to pick out. . . hot and sweet. Just having Lisa's sweet aroma caress my senses, made me moist and alert, but I also picked up on another aroma. . . one more masculine. It was a thick and heavy aroma, a man's aroma, but Lisa told me that she was fucking a 15 year boy not a man.
As I crept towards her bedroom, my pussy was getting wetter with each step and started to throb. My nipples were already hard, erect and straining at my thin blouse. When I had reached her door and peeked in, my eyes were filled with an awesome site. Lisa and Eric were in a 69 position, with Lisa on top. Her tight, fine ass was facing me and I could see Eric's tongue probing into Lisa's hot pussy. Lisa had been telling the truth.

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  . . there was a 15 year old boy underneath her but as she sucked on his massive cock and he tongue fucked her cunt like he knew his business. . . he was all man from what I saw.
I was getting so horny and turned-on by watching, that I undressed myself right there at her door and plunged 3 fingers into my aching pussy, while twisting and pinching my nipples with my other hand. Within a minute I had my first orgasm and knew it wouldn't be the last.
Watching Eric's tongue works its magic on Lisa's sweet nectar made her ass all more inviting. I had brought some toys for us to play with and I knew Lisa loved toys but I wasn't sure how Eric would feel. That would change soon enough. I reached down and from the bag I brought, took out one of two 7" strap-on's. After securely tightening it on me, I walked into the room and straight up to Lisa's ass.
I reached down where Eric was engrossed in his work and stuck 2 fingers into Lisa's sopping pussy and coated my hand. Neither one was startled or budged from what they were doing.

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   I then coated Lisa's tight, puckering ass with her own juices, finger fucking her hole to loosen it up. She didn't need much persuasion and Eric even helped by reaching up and spreading her ass.
As if on cue, I rammed the 7" inch strap-on into her ass, sending her body into convulsions. Eric continued his tongue fucking, Lisa continued to suck and lick Eric's long shaft as I fucked Lisa's tight, firm ass. By the way Lisa was bobbing up and down on Eric's cock, I knew he had to be big and I knew I wanted some and I also wanted some of his young, hot cum.
I could tell Lisa was about to explode because she was humping Eric's face and my strap-on with frenzy. Sure enough, within minutes her juices were flowing freely. I stopped fucking her ass and after turning her on her back, helped Eric lick her clean. When we were done, I looked at Lisa and said “thanks for the invite and would she mind if I joined in”?
She pushed me on my back and stuck her tongue down my throat. After a long, deep kiss, I asked her who her new friend was. After introducing him, I reached up and grabbed him and gave Eric one of my own long, deep kisses. When I was done, I watched his eyes as they checked out my body. Both Lisa and I have similar shapes and I was getting turned-on by his eyes staring not only at me but Lisa also. Lisa asked him if he liked what he saw and his answer was a resounding, "Hell Yes". He said, "He had never seen such two beautiful, sexy women and he was in heaven".

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   I said, "not yet, but you will be".
I then rolled Eric on his back, letting Lisa and I position ourselves on either side of him so both of us could access his beautiful 7" cock, which was still rock hard. For only 15, he was thick and was always hard. His balls were huge and even though I knew that Lisa had probably already drained him of his young, virile cum. . . he seem to have more to share, which I wanted badly. Both Lisa and I love the taste of young cum, especially her son and the amounts that they produce and I knew Eric would be no different.
I started by licking his swollen head, slowly circling the tip, spreading the hole with my tongue. I continued by licking long strokes up and down his shaft. Lisa was licking and sucking on his massive balls. Watching her take his sack in her mouth made me jealous so I started deep-throating his rock hard cock, sucking faster and faster. I was impressed with Eric's stamina because most men would have exploded way before now. There were times when Lisa and I were sucking and licking in unison and our lips would meet up at the base of his cock and we would stop just for an instant to savor him and each other.
Eric was trying the best he could to hold on but with two expert cocksuckers, he didn't have a chance.

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   He shot his cum with the force of a canon. He almost caught me off guard with the amount of his load but I only allowed (on purpose) some of his sweet honey to drip down off my chin onto my body. The rest I swallowed like a kid in a candy store. I was amazed that he had so much and it tasted so hot. I always compare men’s cum with my dogs cum in the quantity and quality and most men rarely measure up to how much cum my dogs can produce when I suck them but Eric was different. His load came pretty close to what my dogs can do but what surprised me the most was the heat of his young cum. It was hot to the touch and even hotter going down my throat.
After Lisa and I shared his cum in a deep kiss, I asked her "where did she find such a fine young man as this" and "if he had a younger brother"? Lisa just smiled her wicked little smile. Eric just blushed, which made Lisa and I want more of him and to try more things with him. Lisa wiped up a little of the cum that dripped down my chin onto me and smeared it on both of our nipples. She then told Eric to lick it off both of us. He went right to work licking and sucking our tits, making sure to take turns as to please us both. When he was finished, I turned on my back and with the strap-on still on me; I took the rest of his cum and coated my "cock".
Lisa then told him to help her lick my "cock". You could tell Eric was hesitant but he also knew he was having too much fun to stop now.

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   Lisa leaned down first and licked the side of my 7" cock with Eric following suit. After he tasted his own cum, I asked him if he liked it and wanted some more, which he agreed he did. With a little encouragement from Lisa, Eric started sucking me like we sucked him. He was licking and sucking my fake cock like he was sucking a real one. He even got on his hands and knees to get between my legs to suck me even harder. As he sucked, he used his hands to explore my body especially my tits and ass. I started fucking his mouth as he sucked
me harder.
While Eric had his mind (and other parts) concentrated on me, Lisa had her own ideas as to what she wanted. Lisa came up from behind Eric and started finger fucking his ass, while she reached around and started stroking Eric's semi-erect cock. Within a minute, she had him fully hard again. Eric didn't seem to mind having Lisa finger fuck his ass. In fact, he was pushing his ass into her fingers like he wanted more.
I could already read Lisa's mind as she reached into my bag and pulled out the second 7" strap-on. After putting it on and making sure it was secure, she coated Eric's ass with some K-Y jelly and started teasing his tight, puckering asshole. After sticking just the head into his ass, allowing him to become adjusted to it, she slowly pushed more into him.

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  . . with each inch, Eric let out a soft moan and pushed his ass backwards wanting more.
When she had about 5" in him, she slowly started to fuck him. When she did, his dick pulled in and then shot straight out as erect and swollen as it would go. I thought for a second that his cock would be ripped from his body. Eric could sense it too because he reached underneath himself, grabbed his cock and started stroking himself to the rhythm of him sucking me and Lisa fucking his ass. When Lisa picked up the pace of her thrusts, Eric stroked his cock harder.
I don't know who was enjoying themselves more but I knew Eric wouldn't forget this for a long time. Just thinking about that made my pussy twitch and I knew it was time for me to have this young cock fuck me silly. I had Eric stop sucking my cock, got myself on my hands and knees and told Eric to fuck me like he fucked Lisa. Lisa pulled out long enough for Eric to stand up on his knees and ram his massive cock into my throbbing pussy. The first thrust had all of him in me with his balls slapping against me.
Eric was a natural fucker and pounded my cunt with everything he had. My pussy suctioned itself around his cock like an octopus.

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   I had him stop after a few minutes so Lisa could get herself adjusted behind Eric's spread legs. When she was in place, she rammed all 7 inches of her "cock" into his ass and started fucking him. He then picked up where he left off and started pounding my pussy, matching Lisa's thrusts in his ass.
I could feel Eric's cock expand in me as Lisa fucked him. I knew neither one could hold out much longer and soon Eric was pumping me full of his hot cum, just like he did my mouth. I still couldn't believe he had so much in him. As he continued to pump his seed in me, I had my own earth shattering orgasm that racked my body.
After we all collapsed and rested a few minutes, we started up again. This time with Eric fucking Lisa and me fucking Eric. We spent the next few hours introducing Eric to all kinds of new experiences, each one better than the one before. Before Lisa took him home that night, we both fucked his ass for an hour straight. Eric was raw but had experience heaven that night like never before.
Lisa always had the talent of picking out the hottest young studs and this time she had outdone herself. Eric was everything Lisa and I craved in young boys and I knew this wasn't our last time with him.
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