Gentle Journey Part 3


Topic: Gentle Journey Part 3  
Gentle Journey Part 3
Kit held her to him; his hands sweeping up and down her back, Mika felt a multitude of sensations has his fingers rolled across her shoulders down her spine, sending evermore electrifying shocks through her body. She could now feel his huge snake like cock pressing urgently against her belly; it throbbed and seemed to continue growing up between them.
His hands lifted her face to his lips and he crushed her lips with his, his tongue sliding like a python into her mouth entwining and sliding over hers, her legs gave way slightly as he continued his onslaught of her whole being. She felt him push her away slowly as is eyes savoured every inch of her body, she could feel her nipples pushing out against the material of her shirt, and he passed the back of his hand across her left nipple, causing flashes of light in her eyes and tremors racked he whole being once more. “Oh you are so gorgeous,” he said in a vibrating sexy tone that filled her full of expectation, “and your tits are to die for,” he said has he cupped and caught each nipple in his hands twisting and pulling them. They were rubbing in the material of her shirt enhancing the tingling she felt in her pussy.  
The feelings now erupting throughout her body became so unbearable she felt her inner centre erupt with a massive sensation, which totally engulfed her, she also felt her pussy explode with juices and gushed down the inside of her legs. Kit caught her as she keeled over; he was taken aback with surprise. “Whoa!” He exclaimed as she folded into his arms, he scooped her up and carried her to the sofa in the lounge and laid her gently down on her back.
He noticed as her denim skirt rucked up, that her red thong was soaking from her love juices, which were glistening in the light of the room. He realised, she had just had probably her first full climax, hence her sudden collapse, he rubbed his now slightly softer cock gently, looking and thinking about her luscious body, marvelling at her as she lay there. Almost instantly his cock was once more rampant and thrusting through the towel.
Mika stirred, her eyes opened and she saw Kit standing over her looking concerned, and at the same time she saw his cock making a big tent in the towel, he seemed to be pushing it down, but it grew ever bigger. Mika’s whole body felt as if it had been on the best of voyages she ached wonderfully all over, but she felt so content and she wanted more. She reached her hand out touching his massive cock, as she touched the towel, the towel spread apart releasing his rampant member into full view, it was enormous and so thick. She very quickly grabbed his rugged turgid member in her small hand, which could hardly encircle its massive girth.

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   Has her small hand felt the hardness and thickness of this solid rod of muscle, she felt it as it throbbed and grew even larger as she squeezed her hand around it.
 Kit’s mouth turned into a snarl, as his lips pulled back over his teeth, when she grabbed his cock in her small hands squeezing his now massively thickening member he was thrilled at the feelings coursing through his now electrifying body. He pushed forward allowing her hand to pull his foreskin back, his bulbous purple helmet appeared with a glistening drop of precum peeking out of the hole in his cock. Her finger gently touched the slimy droplet and she brought it to her tongue tasting it, she was pleased with the taste, she pulled his turgid member close to her mouth and brazenly licked the big purple head almost like a lollypop. Kit pushed his throbbing monster forwards to her mouth, it stopped up against her teeth.
Mika, as if in a trance licked the head and allowed more of his cock inside her warm succulent mouth. Kit obliged her by pushing his cock into her mouth, Mika kept her hand gripped around its girth, Kit told her to let it rest gently in her mouth and for her to start sucking it and moving it in and out till she felt that she could take more of him. As she pulled and sucked his cock, Kit’s eyes became more fixed and devil like, he began to push his turgid cock harder into her soft yielding mouth, she seemed to be accommodating him easily, he picked up speed thrusting further into her mouth and hitting the back of her throat, Mika gagged and her eyes bulged, as tears sprang out dripping in volumes down her cheeks, but she continued to suck his cock harder each time he increased his thrust, she seemed to meet every thrust he gave!
Suddenly Kit’s balls began to tingle and he could feel his juices begin to generate their way on an eruption pathway from deep within his gut. Then without warning he thrust his cock deep into her mouth and up against her throat, as she gagged again his juices erupted into her mouth and straight down her throat, almost choking her with the ferocity and suddenness of his massive ejaculation, she pulled his cock from her mouth to gain air and he continued to blast his seed across her face and in her hair. Mika grabbed his cock again and licked his cum thoroughly off his now wilting member, Kit’s eyes were all glassy and he was totally mesmerised by what had just happened to him.
His towel now at his feet, Mika was looking at him with expectation, her small body restless with anticipation, Kit sat on the side of the sofa with her and his hands gently caressed her shoulders, bringing his hands down over her thrusting breasts. He undid the buttons of her shirt giving him access to her unfettered breasts. He pulled the material aside and pushed his hands in and around her upturned breasts, cupping and moulding them. He bent down and sucked her left nipple into his mouth nipping the erect bud with his teeth. Mika sighed and her hands went to the back of his head pulling him onto her breasts wanting more sensations like she was experiencing now.

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Kit’s left hand moved down her side and onto her hip, on down her leg then returning back up her leg inside her knee, Mika opened her legs to receive his hand working its way up to her thong covered pussy. His hand slipped beneath the thong and she felt him connect to her clit pulling and nipping it as she did. Her hips bucked forcefully wanting more sensations like the ones he was giving her. His mouth was now sucking her whole tit almost inside his mouth and his fingers were pushing inside her wet pussy, he continued like this for what seemed ages.
Suddenly the phone burst into life, making them jump, it was on the wall just above their heads Kit picked it up Hello he said, Oh Hi Petra was not expecting to hear from you till later? Oh it’s ok for some and we have to make do with freezer stuff while you paint the town red?  Hang on let me put it on loudspeaker we can all talk and listen Ok wait, right off you go here’s Mika  she is  right here, Mika felt so guilty, “Hi Mum how did the journey go?” “Great!” Petra’s voice boomed out across the room,” it was very quick dear, sorry about not calling later, but I have to get myself ready we are meeting clients for a meal so will not get back to Hotel till late, which is why I am calling now, what did you get up to today Mika?” Petra asked.
As Mika was talking to her mum, Kit was already continuing where he had left off, licking her pussy, and stabbing his tongue into her swollen labia lips. “I went to the park and messed around “, she gasped a little, as she began feeling another sensation hitting body, and her mind was in turmoil and remorse, guilt chased through her being. She had a problem with her breathing as Kit began sucking her pussy, as she was trying to talk to her mum at same time. “Ok Mika, I will call you in the morning?  Kit, will you be home early tomorrow darling?” Kit lifted his head from Mika’s wet pussy, “yes normal time, if it changes I will text you ok darling?” “Yes fine, love to you both must rush”. Then she was gone, Kit switched the phone off and placed it back in its cradle. He turned and looked at Mika and said to her do you want to carry on where we left off?
Mika looked at him and nodded yes almost like a little schoolgirl, “well we have to even up the odds” he said sitting on the sofa smiling at her, “come and stand here” he said. With that Mika got up from the sofa and stood in front of Kit. Kit ran his hands up the side of her legs under her skirt and up to the waistband of her red thong, “I think we need to get rid of these don’t you think”? Mika nodded in acceptance. Kit pulled her thong down to her ankles and Mika stepped out of them, he stood up in front of her, Mika noticed his cock was no longer fully rigid it hung sort of sloppy without any stiffness, her heart dropped thinking he was spent out. Kit placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed her shirt off her shoulders, as her shirt fell to the floor leaving her half naked and open to his gaze.

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He began by kissing her lips moving down to her neck and on down to each breast he suckled each one, causing the sensations in Mika’s body to flare up again, he continued his kissing spree down her belly, he unzipped her denim skirt which also fell to the floor leaving her totally naked except for her Huggy boots, his kissing trail now came down to her wet pussy his fingers pushing her lips apart as he pushed his tongue into her pussy, Mika’s head explode with immense sensations she had never experienced before, he pulled her to him bending her backwards away from him allowing him to gain deeper penetration of her pussy.  
Mika was simply overwhelmed by the gushing sensations hitting every fibre of her body. After what seemed like hours he pulled her facing him onto his lap, she immediately felt his throbbing cock, which nestled firmly in the swollen lips of her pussy, she was so wet she could feel him sliding into the entrance of her pussy, spreading her lips which were so tight apart she felt the bulbous head pop inside her and he began to lift her up and down on his massive shaft, each new thrust forced him deeper into her very tight channel, suddenly his shaft hit her hymen. She felt a sharp stabbing pain when he thrust her down again onto his throbbing shaft, a sharp pain invaded her whole being, then quickly replaced by the build up of her emotions as her body reacted to the added addition of his throbbing monster cock stretching the walls of her very tight pussy.
He stopped for a moment for her to get used to his invasive shaft, then as suddenly as he stopped, he restarted slowly, the pain now just a minor feeling. All Mika wanted was his big cock deep inside her. He grabbed her tits in both hands pinching and lifting her by her nipples upwards then pulling them down wards forcing her down further onto his now fully engorged cock, Mika’s whole being explode at the same time as he blew a massive wad of hot cum deep into her pussy, Mika vibrated with emotion her head and body exploded with ecstasy, as she experienced her second and by far the largest orgasm of her life.
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