Gentle Journey Part 4


Topic: Gentle Journey Part 4  
Gentle Journey Part 4
Mika awoke spread-eagled on the sofa; Kit was suckling her pussy his tongue penetrating so deep inside her snaking in and out, at the same time he was squeezing her prick-clit tugging it and rolling the nub in fingers. Stars and shards of light erupted yet again in her mind, the feeling of utter ecstasy invaded her every being, she felt his fingers inside her getting deeper and wetter from her constant seeping pussy.
He pulled his fingers from her pussy, grabbing her thighs he pulled her to the end of the sofa, his huge member erect and menacing pushed at the opening of her pussy lips. Glaring glassy eyed at her, Kit said to her now my little princess here comes your king’s gift, with that said, he sank his massive cock deep inside her soaking wet pussy. Mika’s pussy swelled has his massive girth pushed the walls of her pussy wider, Mika no longer felt any pain but a huge sensation of fulfilment and sheer lust pervaded her whole being once more, she pushed herself further onto his throbbing member, and at the same time she squeezed the walls of her pussy gripping and squeezing his turgid cock, she saw his eyes widen as he felt her muscle power.
Not to be out done Kit began a relentless stabbing into her pussy, shoving his cock up to the hilt into her deep tunnel of love, as he bottomed out inside her he felt his cock push through her cervix.  Kit was tweaking her clit from behind, with his hand wet from her love juice, he coated his fingers with more of her creamy come juice and he found the small ring of her anus and pushed one finger fairly easily, Mika bulked and grunted has she felt his finger in her arse, then suddenly has he shoved his engorged cock further inside her pussy. Kit inserted another finger and forced them up inside her bum hole, Mika trembled both in shocked pain and enhanced feelings of sheer lust and enjoyment at what Kit was doing. Dragging his fingers free from her bucking bum hole, Kit grabbed her clit and pulled and pinched it hard, Mika immediately pushed back harder and kept up with his thrusts one for one until both of them yet again exploded into massive orgasms, Mika shrieking like a wolf, Kit clamped his mouth over hers to make sure she was not heard by the neighbours.
They both split apart, Mika totally surprised at what she had experienced, Kit on the other hand stood in front of her and lifted her chin with his hand looking directly into her eyes, he said and that was just a sample of what i can give you whenever you are up for it my princess?
Mika blushed and got up from the sofa, she began to walk towards the stairwell, her pussy a little sore as was her bum, she went upstairs and into her room, she grabbed a towel and headed for the shower, once inside and under the torrent of hot steamy water cascading all over her tired yet satisfied body. After her shower she went to her room and collapsed into a deep satisfying sleep.
She awoke to the twilight of the day, darkness was creeping over the house, the traffic outside had subsided from the daily rattle and shaking which was normal for around here.   She heard her name called, Kit was calling he seemed distant, then she realised he was outside in the back garden, she walked to the window and looked out he was in his shorts and holding the phone towards her. Mika opened the window and caught his conversation, my friend Carly is coming over and bringing a takeaway, do you fancy some Indian Balti?
 Mika loved Indian, food yes thanks she said waving and closing the window. Mika found that the heat from the day had not subsided, and it was muggy in the house, she dressed accordingly, pulling on a bright yellow micro thong and decided to forego her bra once again, loving the freedom of her pert breasts gently swaying, she was so proud of her perfect boobs she was a full 34” c cup size and they certainly were her best asset. Then her favourite wrap around skirt a blushed yellow print, which she decided to top  off with her new orange strappy top, tied gently just above her perfect breasts.

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   She checked herself in the mirror her long red hair was held up in a French knot and she looked very fresh and so sexy, she realised she was dressing for Kit and almost immediately she felt her nipples begin to enlarge and push at the material of her top showing up like to nub ends.
Mika went downstairs and found Kit still in the garden, who is Carly she asked him tritely, oh a young woman who does our picture titles and graphics, you will like her she is one of a kind. What do you mean one of a kind? Mika asked. Wait till you meet her and you will see. With that the door bell chimed, that’s her now, oh by the way you look so sexy, I am impressed. The colour rose in her cheeks, her whole body reacted to his compliment.
Mika stepped back into the kitchen, where she met both Kit and Carly walking into the kitchen from the hall. Carly was stunning, she had short tight cropped blonde hair, thrusting breasts, trim sensuous figure, all tipped into a tight silk black dress, which stopped well above the knees, whatever trick she was using to hold her dress up, Mika would love to know. As she glided across the kitchen, she went up to Mika placing her hand on Mika’s shoulder lightly and then leaning forwards kissing the side of her cheek. You are so beautiful Mika.  Kit, why have you never brought me here before to meet this wonderful gorgeous woman? From Mika’s view Carla was also a very sexy beautiful being and her bright deep blue eyes contrasted with her almost white blonde hair.
Thanks Mika stammered, she saw that Kit had the carrier bag on the glass dining table and was looking for dishes to place the food on, Mika went straight to the cupboard selecting the right serving bowls and dinner plates, she pulled up besides Kit handing him the bowls and she placed the plates around the glass dining table where they were going to eat. She moved up to Kits side and tentively asked him if she could help and serve the food. Kit placed his hand on her pert bum squeezing and needing her flesh, his other hand turned her around by her shoulder so she was facing Kit and her back was to Carly, he placed his free hand on her breasts, grazing her nipples, great idea I will pour us some wine. Carly what would you like? Could I have vodka orange with loads of ice and crushed mint, like the drink Petra made when she came to my house warming?
Ok what would you like Mika? Not sure if I should drink alcohol, to young still she said meekly.

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   Oh Mika try the VOM, vodka, orange, mint drink Carly said it’s really cool you will handle it I am sure.
Kit dispensed the drinks all with crushed ice in long glasses, Mika tasted hers and found it was very nice and she could hardly taste the vodka, they sat down at the table Kit sat to Mika’s right and Carly almost across from her, Carly’s eyes were so mesmerising to Mika, she could not gazing at them. Carly saw she had an effect on her and smiled at Mika, it’s ok Mika I know you are like so many my eyes seem to capture  many peoples attention that on occasion I wear contacts to stop the people staring at me. But I quite like you staring, it feels nice. Mika felt Kits hand on her thigh, he lent near to her and said, her eyes are not her only captivating feature either, as he whispered that into her ear his hand crept up her thigh brushing her billowing wraparound skirt aside, he brushed his fingers across her pussy covered thong, hooking the small piece of cloth in his little finger and stretching it away to the side of her clean shaven pussy. His finger, sought out her prick clit. Mika suddenly startled by his moving hand, and feeling it flick her clit lent forward suddenly her eyes directly in contact with Carly she looked right back at Mika, what’s up dear  are you feeling ill? Mika choked suddenly, No she blurted, the food went down the wrong way, and she pulled Kits hand away and crossed her legs to stop him trying any further. Gulping half of her drink down, she calmly finished what was left. Putting down her empty glass on the table, Carly got up from the table holding the jug of freshly made VOM and walked around to where Mika sat, proceeded to fill her glass to the top again, Mika’s thirst was unabated, she picked the glass up and drunk half immediately. Carly topped it back up to full, steady girl it is a nice drink but one too many can put you on your back. Mika thanked Carly and touched her shoulder she leaned forward and whispered, you will look after me wont you Carly? Carly nodded and walked back to her seat, Mika could now see that she had a sexy split right up the back of her dress and the dress was scooped down almost to the top of the cheeks of her bum, in fact Mika wondered if she was wearing any underwear? After a short while Carly stood up, I need the little girls room she said, straight out the door to bottom of stairs and it’s to your left Kit rasped out the directions. Carla set off and no sooner had she turned the corner of the hall, Kits right hand was back in her lap pushing her legs down and he was deftly seeking her panty covered pussy, his other hand leapt around her shoulder pulling her face towards him, he crushed her lips with his lips his tongue grappled with hers. His hand had now found her pulsating pussy and he was pulling her thong to one side, when he heard the unmistakeable  sound of the toilet system flushing he pulled back from her and grabbed his drink sitting like nothing had happened. Mika totally wound up by his sudden attention was flushed and she also grabbed her drink and was almost emptying it as Carly arrived back at the table. On cue Carly proceeded to refill Kits glass and then slid behind Mika and filled her glass once more, as she bent over Mika’s shoulder to pour the drink into her glass she lent her hand delicately on Mika’s shoulder just over the slope of her up turned breasts.

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   Mika from the corner of her eye saw that Kit had suddenly moved his hand up Carly’s leg between the split of her skirt. Leaning back to see more, Mika felt Carly’s hand slip down off her shoulder and was now covering her right breast, Mika could see that Kits hand had got to Carly’s hot spot very quickly, because as Kit played her, Carly’s hand reacted by a suddenly tweaking Mika’s nipple and squeezing her breast firmly. This caused Mika’s insides to turn almost inside out, Carly, realising her predicament stepped back and moved back to her seat, she shifted her chair more towards Mika than before.
Mika noticed suddenly that she could now see Carly’s through the clear glass table top, seeing her gorgeous  legs and waist through the clear glass top of the table, she raised her eyes towards Carly and saw Carly staring intently at Mika, the tip of her tongue peeked slightly from her voluptuous lips. Once again Mika felt Kits hand smoothing her thigh, gently dragging her hem upwards as he sought out her centre. Mika now feeling the effects of the VOM looked across at Kit and saw him smile and a snarl of enjoyment crossed his face, Mika looked back at Carly and she saw the lust and yearning in Carly’s eyes, looking down through the clear table top she saw Carly spread her legs and her tight dress slid upwards revealing her almost hidden treasures, Carly’s hand slipped up and under her hem and Mika could see she was playing with herself. Glancing back to Kit she could see he was looking at the same tableau as Mika, Kits hand had now pulled the micro thong away from Mika’s shaven pussy, his fingers were now strumming her highly engorged clit, which Carly could see perfectly well. Carly’s reaction was a deep intake of breath as she saw for the first time Mika’s wet shaven pussy lips distorting from Kits fingering, Carly’s tongue licked her lips with such gusto and her deep blue eyes filled with such sensual passion. Mika stretched her hand across Kit’s leg feeling his enormous bulging cock through his shorts; she deftly unzipped and freed his throbbing member into the air. Kit sucked in his breath has he felt the grip of Mika’s hand on his cock, he slid his chair closer to Mika’s so she could get a better grip of his bulging cock, and also so that he could get his other free hand under her top and feel those amazing tits. He could see Carly through the table top was now fingering herself heavily beneath the dress, her eyes and face contorted with passion and lust.
Kit nodded to Carly calling her forward to them; Carly was kneeling in front of Mika in a flash. Kit withdrew his hand from Mika’s thong and pulled Mika back to his chest enveloping her succulent breasts, he pulled her top up over her head and threw it across the room, Carly pushing both of her trembling hands up the sides of Mika’s legs she followed her hands with small kisses licking her skin as she got near her goal, pulling the ties on the skirt it fell apart revealing her micro thong. Carly licked her thong covered pussy with her rasping tongue. Mika breathed a gasp and her legs spread wider to receive more of the same.

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   She was straining with her hands behind her back gripping Kit’s monster cock with both hands sliding up and down his moist throbbing member. Carly reached and pulled the tie strings to Mika’s micro thong opening her hairless pussy lips to her stabbing tongue.
Kit said suddenly lets go into the lounge or better still lets go to Mika’s room she has a massive bed where we can all be more comfortable, Mika staggered to her feet supported by Carly and Kit and they led her upstairs to her room. Once inside her room you could see the big Extra king size bed, which Mika had all to herself. It was bought for Petra and Kit but they could not get it into their room so Mika had been given it. Mika was laid down onto the bed Kit quickly spread her legs as Carly began kissing the insides of her thighs until she could get free access to her beautiful shaven lips. Kit stood back he slipped his clothes off, he knelt on the bed with his enormous cock waving in front of him, he turned Mika’s head towards him and pushed his turgid member to her lips. Mika grabbed his cock and stuffed it into her mouth, she could feel Carly’s tongue drilling her wet pussy sending electric shocks down her spine and setting her nipples on fire with explosive sensation. Kit began shoving his massive cock further into her receiving mouth, she gasped and choked a bit her eyes flooded with tears but she wanted to swallow this man’s cock whole. Kit had only one thing on his mind and that was to empty his cum laden sack down her throat, her lips were almost strangling his cock as he pushed harder and faster into and out of her grasping sucking mouth, suddenly his fountain exploded inside her mouth, her eyes bulged as she tried to cope with what felt like gallons of liquid pouring down her throat at high pressure it was so hot she thought she would be burned by the heat. Kit fell away from her mouth he lay back on the bed exhausted.
Carly now seeing the way clear crawled up Mika’s body, she sat straddled across Mika’s tummy, now young lady lets show you what real sex and real bodies can do for each other, with that Carly shrugged the top of her dress free and she presented to Mika an almost perfect pair of tits, big brown areoles and nipples like small trees standing straight out from her tits. Mika’s hands gently took hold of them, she was amazed at the stiffness of Carly’s nipples, when she twisted them and pinched them similar to the way Kit had done, they simply harden more and grew yet again, Carly lent down and placed her lips on Mika’s and her tongue snaked inside Mika’s mouth seeking and enveloping Mika’s own tongue like smooth warm snakes sucking and tangling with each other.
Carly’s hands slipped down to Mika’s breasts and she caressed then as only one female would or could do for another.   Her hand travelled further down across her flat belly and down into her wet and sensuous pussy, her fingers penetrating her silky wet cunt nipping her clit as she explored her tight wet chambers.

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   Mika not to be outdone began to caress Carly’s breasts feeling another woman’s breasts was new to her, she then continued sliding her hands down Carly’s sides, she found the hem of her silky black dress and the split seam at the back she pulled the dress up her body and she found her tight pert bum cheeks, pulling her hands around to the front she began to seek her Mons Venus as she had done to her, her hand crept further into the gap between her legs and she realised that Carly indeed had not worn any panties, further more she received an even bigger shock when she found her hand was holding a rampant hard cock similar in size to Kits. Carly’s hand clamped over her mouth shhh baby, don’t fret I am a woman but I am blessed with both women’s organs as well as a male organ. Feel behind my cock and you will find my pussy, i warn you its leaking like a tap and needs a lot of hard cock to satisfy it?
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